The rewrite is named "a very thin wire" and will be updated every three weeks. Some continuity, names, characters, and details will be changed from AIM, so be aware that not everything will be the same between the two stories.



[June 29, 1994 :: Day of the Third Triwizard Task]

Callisto Azalea Lilian Potter-Black had killed the "Dark Lord" Voldemort her fourth year in the graveyard, her magic deciding that 'No, I don't like being used in a shoddy half-assed ritual, thank you very much' and putting a rather… spectacular end to that particular "Dark Lord," tearing what remained of his soul and magic into tiny pieces and then burning through every object and person housing any of his magic-including, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective of things) each and every one of his Death Eaters.

It left one fourth year unconscious and still tied to a headstone in a no-name graveyard in a shady town to be found hours later by harried Aurors who took surprised note of the dead Peter Pettigrew ("Merlin, if he's alive, how did Sirius Black kill him?") and the also dead mutilated body of Voldemort ("By Magic, she's saved us again!"), and the deceased Hufflepuff seventh year Cedric Diggory ("May magic surround you, and happiness be with you. Bless you evermore") before taking her straight to Saint Mungo's, to be questioned later, after the poor girl was sufficiently healed and conscious.

Back at Hogwarts, when one polyjuiced Barty Crouch fell dead to the ground after having all of the magic drained from him, eliminating his appearance as Alastor Moody. The anxious Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge had a panic attack and had been taken to recover at Saint Mungo's after Lucius Malfoy fell dead next to him. Amelia Bones immediately sent Aurors to find Callisto Potter, a good friend of her daughter Susan's, while simultaneously trying to figure out just what had happened to every ex-Death Eater or implied Death Eater.

The Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore had gotten incredibly worried and-dare it to be said,-furious, after Severus Snape, his traitorous spy, met an untimely end for apparently no reason. He immediately attempted to stick his pointy, meddlesome nose into Amelia Bones' business (which resulted in her shouting at him and throwing increasingly violent hexes at his retreating form) as he tried to find just where his little tool Potter had disappeared to and what, exactly did she do to his lemon drops!?

Sirius Black cried for his lost cub, and a concerned werewolf named Remus Lupin did his best to help the Aurors with his Defense Against the Dark Arts experience, whilst trying to calm down his best friend Sirius Black and convince him not to get involved.

The two oldest Weasleys and their conspiring twins worried over their adopted sister, hoping she'd be alright, even as Ronald and Ginevra Weasley, accompanied by Hermione Granger, worried over whether or not they would be given the Potter money if Callisto ended up dead this early on.

Luna Lovegood frowned, her usual serene expression replaced by one of concern at Callisto's disappearance, as she clutched at the hand of Susan Bones as they looked around hopefully, worried for their best friend.

So after Aurors returned to inform Amelia Bones of Callisto's location in Saint Mungo's, and Madam Bones announced the death of Cedric Diggory at the hands of a Death Eater and Callisto Potter's comatose state being placed in a secure ward in the wizarding hospital, all of Callisto's friends met together at Number 12 Grimmauld Place (after kicking out Ronald, Ginevra and Hermione, of course) to make sure their little flower Azzie was alright.


[July 6, 1994 :: Office of the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement]

Amelia Bones, seated comfortably in her chair on one side of the desk, held her head in her hands as she bemoaned the sheer amount of paperwork that came with the apparent final defeat of the Dark Lord Voldemort, and the subsequent death of every follower he had.

The Daily Prophet had had a field day with the death of many prominent members of society, the emptying of most of Azkaban, the death of Cedric Diggory, the trial of Sirius Black (she could have done without that particular mutt sticking his paws into the mess after he was freed), the Minister of Magic's utter incompetence, and the hospitalization of the Girl-Who-Lived, Callisto Potter. Well, Potter-Black, apparently.

Just then a knock came at the door, and her nervous assistant, a recent Ravenclaw graduate of Hogwarts, Janie stuck her head in to peer warily at her boss.

"Cornelius Fudge is outside, Madam Bones. You had a meeting with him?"

Amelia sighed, they better have good news. "Send him in, Janie." It wasn't often Fudge came to her office instead of asking her to come to him, but even he was wary of Amelia's ire with her being as exhausted and annoyed as he was.

"Oh, Amelia!" Cornelius Fudge started nervously, as he took a seat, "How is the investigation into Y-you-Know-Who's sudden appearance and… ha… the terrible deaths of some of our noble citizens."

"Terribly," Amelia replied with a bit of scorn, "we won't know anything for sure until Miss Potter wakes up, though the healers believe that she had an act of extremely violent accidental magic after being tortured."

"Is there anything I can do as Minister to speed the investigation up?" Fudge harried.

"Not with this, but" Amelia paused as her eyes narrowed, Fudge better not back out of this, "it would be incredibly useful of you to find a way to divert the attention of the public and the press, as well as finally do something about our relations with magical creatures."

"Oh, but Amelia! The creatures can't be trusted, of course-"

"Does it look like I want your opinion, Cornelius?!" Amelia interrupted, the frustration that had built up over the past week spilling over, "They could possibly help with our investigations, and it would greatly help the DMLE to have better relations with them! Magical beings are as much a part of our society as witches and wizards are, so figure something out!"

"Amelia! I am the Minister of Magic! I must protect the populace-"

"No! You trying to lynch magical beings isn't helping! It's my job to protect our citizens, and yours to improve relations!" Amelia nearly shouted.

"Well… how about this," Cornelius threw out the first somewhat feasible idea that came to mind, "Once our dear Girl-who-lived recovers, hopefully in time for the next Hogwarts year, of course, we can do an exchange program!"

"What?" that definitely wasn't anything Amelia was expecting.

"We will send 20 of our dear Hogwarts students-5 from each house, of course-to that one school, Tair? Air? All-air?" - "Altair." Amelia interjected absently, still wondering how the absolutely incompetent Minister had come up with a halfway decent idea. - "Yes, yes! Altair! We can send 20 students there with the mission to ingratiate magical creatures to Britain, we can't have any of them coming to Hogwarts, of course, that would be terrible, but with the Girl-who-lived there, they will be sufficiently protected from the bloodthirsty creatures!"


"No! Oh, this is perfect! The press will love to know that I am trying to improve relations, and, oh! The magical creatures will feel indebted because I will have graced them with the Girl-who-lives presence… Oh!" Fudge stood rapidly, chair nearly falling over, and bustled out of the room, hat clutched desperately, "I have to go consult Albus Dumbledore! He will love this! It'll be perfect… perfectly safe, too for our citizens… selecting students…"

Amelia stared at the open door in surprise and growing worry, this had better not end up giving her more paperwork! But it was a good idea, and it would help magical being relations… and maybe her Susan would get to go to that incredibly selective Altair school…


[July 10, 1994 :: Office of the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry]

From a glance at the clock on the wall, Headmaster Albus Dumbledore turned to Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge, who sat across from his desk on a plush red chair. The silver instruments in the room whirred and buzzed as their long limbs spun absently.

"It is 5:52, Cornelius," Albus Dumbledore began jovially, "the Altair Institute representatives should be arriving shortly. I am sure they will agree with our idea, especially when we reveal that our Girl-who-lived will assuredly be joining them."

Callisto Potter had awakened a day ago, though only for a few hours, just enough to answer the questions of Amelia Bones, before being given a sleeping-draught for her body and magic to heal. Though the Head of the DMLE hadn't yet informed the press of what had happened, she had seemed much more relaxed after the conversation.

Cornelius Fudge nodded happily, concealing his nervousness, green bowler hat placed firmly on his lap. "Of course, of course. They would be fools not to, Albus! We are generously suggesting a chance for these magical creatures to enter our good graces!"

"Yes, yes," the Hogwarts headmaster agreed, "they will no doubt agree, rest assured. After all, we, in Magical Britain, are very important allies to have." His eyes fell on the fireplace, "They are here!"

The extravagant fireplace flared green once and a figure stepped out gracefully, with another person following not a second later with another flare of green. The first figure was obviously female, though not at all human. She had curly, nearly black dark-blue hair, ears curled into a deft point, and dark bronze skin. Her eyes were a dark blue and her confident smile showed off a set of rather sharp teeth.

The dark purple dragonhide outfit she wore showed off a multitude of weaponry, all sharp knives and pointed throwing stars, her high black boots adorned gracefully with enforced buckles. The top went down to her wrists, where her hands were covered in elbow-length leather gloves, with silver bands laying on top of them. She was also wearing a silvery-gray cloak decorated with a coiled golden red ashwinder set in front of a blazing icy blue fire, laying in a nest of swords and knives.

It was the same cloak her companion wore, though his was over a blood red top that contrasted with black dragonhide pants. He wasn't wearing any visible weapons, but it was him who looked more fierce. His tanned skin seemed to glow golden, but the two humans thought it was a trick of the light. His eyes, however, were a glorious gold, his hair a light silver and blood red lips were pulled back to bare long fangs.

In a word, they were beautiful. It was more accurate, however, to say that they looked so incredibly inhuman, with their breathtaking looks and otherworldly aura, that Cornelius Fudge was incredibly intimidated, and Albus Dumbledore frowned, surely, he thought, they didn't leave a vampire and a fae in charge of a school? A recipe for disaster, that was!

But they did, they definitely did.

And they had a lot of ulterior motives, and it just so happened that Albus Dumbledore and Cornelius Fudge played right into their hands.

Oh yes, the vampire thought with glee, fangs glinting in his gleeful grin, this will be a very interesting year at the Altair Institute of Magic. Very interesting, indeed.