062. Fingertips



A very long time ago, the devil made a magic mirror and tried to send it to heaven. It would reflect the loveliest things into the worst and ugliest.

On the way up, it fell and broken upon the earth, into millions of splintering pieces, blowing through the wind. The mirror-shards landed in people's eyes and their hearts, allowing them the capability to see the evil in themselves and in each other.

But it was merely a trick, Anna thought as a child. The mirror did not show your true self, as it was.

The floor of Elsa's ice-palace had been a lake once, fragmented on the surface into elaborate, wonderous images she did not understand. High above in the drift-snow, tiered windows, Anna beholds the glowing northern lights dancing.

Her sister, adorned in white, matted furs, with her pale, bluish fingertips dripping icicles glimmering as bright as diamonds, lingers on the staircase.

"Elsa, thank goodness you're here," Anna breathes, peering up in relief. No dangerously coldhearted splinters ever ventured near her eyes, not when it concerned her darling Elsa.

She climbs upon the frosty, slippery steps, ridding herself quickly of her mink-skinned, dyed gloves to clutch the glass-like, spiraling banister.

"We must get you home to break this curse—"

Anna halts, gobsmacked as Elsa's chilly, sharpened nails hover to her lips, her shine-gleaming thumbnail drawing a bead of blood to Anna's lower, weather-chapped lip.

Numbness — it is what she feels as Elsa's powers magnify and surround her, fading the ethereal, blooming lights to a roaring, snowy darkness.

Her sister's heart no longer beats.

It was a trick, and I was no fool, Anna thinks courageously, shivering, fading as well.



Frozen isn't mine. I looooove dark fairytales holy moly and I couldn't resist throwing together a version of Frozen remixed with the classic tales about the Snow Queen ahhhhh the romantic feel is more lowkey than overt so you can kinda ignore that if you so choose! Thanks for reading! Positive comments/thoughts appreciated! :)