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Warning: Smut, obviously.

Slumbering in Shioze

Water pressed in stiflingly close, hazing blue eyes, filling lungs. As Kagome floated in the pink current, she tentatively tried breathing in- and didn't choke?

Blinking, she kicked her legs, twisting through the waters and beginning to swim. Sweeping her arms out, Kagome looked up as she swam. No light touched the surface. Nothing felt like before. There was no panic, no fear. She didn't even care about swimming naked in the deep, unnatural waters, feeling the current glide by her bare skin. A part of her longed to turn back and at least say goodbye, but the spray from the waterfall had stolen her from Past Sesshoumaru's side. She'd only had time to snatch her bag.

There was no choice now but to kick forward, trying to propel herself as fast as possible through the pink haze all the way back.

Back to him.

She swam for an unbearably long amount of time. There were no sounds, just the endless sea of pink above and below. Kagome started to grow worried, uncertain. She began to count the minutes, panic steadily rising like her quickening heart once it reached ten. Stopping, she tread water, limbs burning with the effort of constant motion.

What the hell do I do? The current usually pulls me in the direction to go.

Raising her hands, she found them pruney. The dark drop of endless pink water beneath her feet began to terrify her with the threat of the unknown.

Sesshoumaru, I-

Kagome squeezed her eyes shut, beginning to sink a little, motionless. Exhaustion weighed her down after trying so hard.

I'm scared. I don't know what to do.

The image of him waiting alone in that empty penthouse filled her thoughts. If she got lost, he'd have been anticipating nothing but heartbreak and disappointment after being patient for so long.

I can't- Kagome's eyes snapped open. Gritting her teeth, she clawed with a burst of frustration through the waters, kicking manically. This is bullshit. I can't freak out now! It can't have all been in vain! Show me the way, damn you! Open!

Reiki flowed over her skin and Kagome struggled on, feeling the waters get colder. Goosebumps raised on shivering skin, and fatigue chocked fire into her lungs. She continued to swim and struggled even when the chill numbed her bones and chattered her teeth. Tired limbs eventually burned themselves out, and Kagome's head bowed forward, dizziness confusing her thoughts and vision.

The miko hung suspended in the waters, short dark hair floating up to curl around her cheeks.

Out of the gloom, a body disturbed the waters, causing bubbles to bloom around them with the motion of new weight having sunk down.

Silver curled with black. Kagome cracked her weary eyes open- blinking wide when they met honeyed gold.

Sesshoumaru stared, shirt collar dancing with the motion of the waters. Thin lips curved, and utter, palpable relief swamped his inhuman features. Kagome launched herself into his arms, clinging tight as he held her close. He felt warm, solid and achingly real. Instinct made her raise her head- lips crashing to his. She could feel the smile against her mouth, heart bursting with happiness as bubbles flowed up around them. A light she hadn't seen before flowed down through the waters, shining bright and golden.

Their positions shifted as his arm wrapped around her waist tightly. Long legs kicked to propel them up.

Breaking the surface, Kagome gasped, launching into a coughing fit. Her eyes were forced shut as she tried to catch her breath, wet hair plastered to her face. A large hand minded the locks back causing her eyes to crack open, breathing slowly returning to normal. The bottom of the lake raced up to meet their feet until they stood in the waters together, feeling it stop at the waist. Shivering Kagome hugged her arms to her naked chest, gratitude welling up inside her when a drenched coat was set around her shoulders.

Staring up at the Daiyoukai, she trembled. Pale fingers curled in his shirt as her breath shuddered, visible in the air. "...I'm home."

Golden eyes burned, pale lashes lowering until they became half-lidded. His words were a deep, velvety rumble of sound as his claws found her chin, tilting it up to await his mouth on hers.

"Welcome back."

Firm lips made good on their silent promise, finding hers and pressing hard- swallowing Kagome's happy, relieved gasp.

The bright light of the setting sun and humans still walking around prevented them from simply flying back, so they'd called a cab. After absentmindedly apologising to the driver for soaking his seats, Sesshoumaru adjusted the coat around her once more. Kagome beamed, their sides touching as hands kept straying, lips finding the hollows of throats.

No words were spoken until he was tugging her inside the penthouse.

"The water-" Kagome got out in between kisses. "I swam for- mh! Ages," she burst into giggles when his lips found the ticklish spot on her neck.

"Hn," he held her close, hand sliding up into her damp hair as his tongue drew out, dragging over flushed skin before clamping a hot, needy mouth over it, giving a love-bite. "You're here now. Nothing else is of consequence."

Kagome moaned, clinging to him and shivering. Happiness thrummed within her, pulsing in tune with the strong beat of her heart. Her lungs expanded, filling with his natural scent.

Lips grazed her ear, fangs teasing the shell. "Marry me, Kagome," he uttered, sounding like a whispered demand.

"Oh uh-" the miko blushed, biting her lip to stop the smile spreading on her face. Unsuccessfully. "Geeze you could at least buy me dinner first," she teased. "Besides, I dunno...we might be moving too fast-" a hand grabbed her ass, squeezing hard. "Alright, alright-" breathless, she laughed.

"Hn, is that a yes?"

"Of course it is. You didn't need to ask since we technically already are. But it was sweet of you."

Sesshoumaru closed shining gold, bringing their bodies closer until they were pressed flush together, nose finding her hair and inhaling long and deep.

Kagome squeaked, melting in his arms and stroking a hand down the strong muscles of his chest. Surfacing from the haze of pleasure briefly, she rested a cheek against his shoulder. "So, did it work? Is my life-span the same as yours now?"

Palms pressed her closer, mouth crashing to hers as though trying to stop her train of thought.

Kagome noticed, leaning away slightly and bringing her fingers up to touch against his lips. "Sesshoumaru?"

Hot breath hissed out onto her digits. Golden eyes were hidden by pale lashes as he bowed forward slightly, forehead resting against the side of her head. "Nothing else is of consequence."

It was similar to the sensation of being sucker-punched in the stomach. Her ribs ached, failing to contain the deep, consuming swell of sadness welling up inside her like an overinflated balloon threatening to burst.

Sesshoumaru lifted her burned palm to his cheek, face expressionless even as he leaned into it. "That's enough," he rumbled.

"But we- we tried so hard."

With a tug on the coat wrapped around her, suddenly his nose is inches from hers. "Enough," he uttered firmly. "We will think on it more another day and keep searching for a way. But not today."

There's something old and weary in his gaze, a tired sigh underlying his voice. The typically ageless demon showed the true depth of years he'd lived through in that moment.

She understood. Sesshoumaru was tired. He'd been waiting so long to start their relationship properly.

This didn't help the tears stinging her eyes.

She bit her lip when it started to tremble, trying to collect herself. "A-alright," Kagome breathed. She then shivered, backing off a little and holding her arms. "I think I'm gonna go shower. I can still feel that gross lake water in my hair."

Golden eyes followed her as she slipped out from his touch, hurrying down the hallway to the bathroom.

Shedding his coat, shaking hands quickly turned on the shower. Kagome stepped under the cold spray, trembling as it slowly warmed. Pressing a hand to her mouth, a small noise escaped her despite how hard she grit her teeth, trying to will away her reactions. But such things went against her nature, and Kagome sobbed outright, pressing her forehead against the tiled wall. Shoulders trembled violently as she squeezed her eyes shut, whimpering.

A calloused hand slid over her hip, dragging over her stomach- palm pressing into her navel. This brought her back into a warm chest, familiar lips pressing into her hair. Kagome couldn't face him.

He dipped and kissed her neck, just once, nosing at her jaw. She let out a shaky breath, unable to fight against him as she was turned in his arms, opening her eyes to find him stripped bare.

Sesshoumaru's eyes looked like how she felt. Kagome let tears mingle with the spray from the shower, rolling down rosy cheeks. She didn't launch into his arms but rather slid a hand onto his shoulder, leaning into the stability of his chest and feeling the steady thud of his near-immortal heart under her ear. Sesshoumaru's hand cradled her face, fingers sliding into her hair and curling.

His lips pressed to her forehead and she shuddered and choked, releasing the pent up emotions she'd held at bay. Burned palms slide down the plains of his muscular back, pressing herself harder into the security he offered.

After all, Sesshoumaru would always be there. Even long after her.

Remembering how he looked on the beach, so utterly divorced from emotion it had taken gently reminding him of his pain to rouse him out of apathy, she grit her teeth. How long had he'd slept for, in order not to feel? When she died, how long would he sleep then?

How long would he live without her until the mating mark took him?

Kagome lifted her head, breath shuddering. "I'm sor-"

Hard lips pressed to soft ones, cutting her off and swallowing her words. Sesshoumaru grunted, kissing her thrice more in hard succession, fingers tightening in her hair.

"Do not apologise."

"But you..."

Don't you regret mating me?

A wet tongue slid over her cheek, pressing hungry lips to her ear. "We made our decisions. This one is weary of waiting. Now we live, for however long we last for."

Kagome touched his hand in her hair, bringing it to be enclosed within both of hers as she bent to kiss pale knuckles. Her mouth then bent into a pain-filled smile, shoulders sagging with acceptance.

"I want to start living too."

Their bodies then pressed in close, skin touching, hands caressing and re-familiarising themselves with one another. She squeezed his bicep, blinking away the old tears from her eyes and murmuring despite the spray obscuring her words. She knew he'd hear. "Right...I forgot for a sec that you have this back now," she hummed, looking at his left arm.

"Hn," he watched as Kagome kissed the faint scarring where his stump used to be.

Lifting his hand to her breast was all the permission she needed to give in order to feel sharp teeth drag over her shoulder. Sesshoumaru pressed her against the tilted wall. It wasn't so much a tactic for forgetting her sadness, but rather a need to connect with him again. To let him live by his usual way of action speaking louder than words. His mouth closed over her breast, sucking and grinding their hips together.

"It's not even been very long for you," his voice sounded soft like the steam clouding in the air, fogging the glass. "Can't you hold yourself back from me?" He gently purred.

He met her eyes, bangs falling over them, so she pushed them back, running slim fingers through damp silver hair. "You know the answer. I'm pretty sure some of you is still inside me if you curl your fingers deep enough."

A shudder wracked his frame, groan low and muffled as he kissed down the valley of her breasts, teeth sinking in. Kagome jolted and moaned, tipping her head back. He took her up on the offer and slid newly blunt nails to her clit, rubbing- before pushing two long digits inside, finding her already slick.

Sparks raced down her spine, shocks skittering back up. Kagome panted as he thrust his fingers, curling as desired and hitting a sweet spot. Needy walls clenched around them as she bucked wantonly, needing the pleasure. Needing him close. And like this wasn't enough. The miko reached between them to wrap a hand around his cock, marvelling at the weight of it against her palm. She thumbed at the head, swirling through the precum. Sesshoumaru growled when she let go but soon stiffened when she slid the thumb in her mouth, maintaining eye-contact as she sucked.

It had the desired effect as he pinned her back harder into the wall, spreading the miko's legs and lifting- causing her feet to leave the floor as he supported her under her thighs.

Kagome dragged her nails over his shoulder blades, lacing her fingers at the back of his neck. She arched her back to try and edge needy hips forward- to take him inside her- but Sesshoumaru snarled, kissing her throat heatedly. His eyes were hazy when opened them, pausing to pant and stare at her.

The feverish need died for a moment- fires doused by the sober look within his inhuman gaze. He didn't look wholly there.

Kagome made a noise. She then cupped his cheek, slowly dragging her thumb over the stripes and guiding his head down to hers, pressing ardent kisses to the strong line of his jaw- his lonely mouth.

He blinked, wet lashes opening and closing once more with dawning lucidity. He covered her hand with his, relying on her legs hooked around his waist to keep her clinging onto him.

"Forgive me," he muttered within the hush of the shower, forehead resting against hers.

"Don't apologise," Kagome mimicked his earlier words, not entirely sure what he was sorry for. Maybe it couldn't be placed, just like her own feelings of deep loss for something she'd never really had.

Their breaths intermingled and kisses began anew. Slower, languid and more sensual than before. His tongue slid inside her mouth, brushing along her own and coaxing the fires again, sucking on her bottom lip.

"More...please," she begged, as though it were her who had been denied for more than a century. "I want to feel you."

He angled her head back- shoving his tongue deeper just as he rammed needy hips forward, burying his cock inside her slick folds.

Gasping against his mouth, Kagome clung tighter, trying to urge him deeper, squirming. He pressed in close and consuming- suddenly starting to thrust. The steam combined with the sudden pleasure made her breath thin- lighted headed. Kagome squeezed her thighs around his waist, mewling. Sweat rolled down the back of her neck, before she bit into his shoulder.

His mouth opened wide in a silent gasp and she took the opportunity to shift up- drawing her tongue over a sharp fang.

Their movements became erratic, rough, his hips bruising against hers they pressed so hard. At some point, Sesshoumaru lifted her away from the wall- breathing thin as the shower door snapped open. The bathroom and hallways passed in a blur, and soon Kagome dropped back to the bed, fisting her hands in the sheets because it's good, so good and saved them from thinking about anything.

She's flexible, so he had no qualms putting her legs over his shoulders, quickening his thrusts. Long wet silver hair tickled her shins as he bowed over her form, panting harshly. His abdomen rippled with each harsh rut, eyes blazing red as he began to snarl.

Their noises rose to a deafening level, ecstasy building and surging- until Kagome's back arched and she cried out- reaching for him.

Sesshoumaru yanked her legs down in order to bend close, allowing her teeth to latch into his neck just as she came. Sesshoumaru's hips locked against hers as she squeezed him like a molten vice, milking him dry as he released with a roar- biting down into her shoulder simultaneously.

In vain, he poured his youki into the mark. Instinct drove Kagome to do the same with reiki stinging his neck.

Collapsing on the bed in a heap of tangled, soaked limbs, the two panted, hearts thundering. Their bodies remained flush against one another, sweat and beads of water running down their skin. Kagome caught her breath and hazily pressed a kiss to his brow. Combing tired fingers through his hair, she smiled slightly. It was enough just to feel him.

Sesshoumaru caught his breath, resting his head on her chest as his cock softened within her, their combined juices sliding down to the covers. Pressing lazy kisses and swipes of his tongue to her mark, he inhaled.

Kagome didn't pay much attention when he inhaled again and starting sniffing at her bite marks, pressing his nose harder to the flesh. He did that kind of thing. Cute dog demon.

What she did not expect was him suddenly pulling out of her and yanking her up into his arms-blurring into the bathroom again.

"Sesshoumaru, wha- AHHH! SESSHOUMARU!" She shrieked when he pushed her into the shower, turning the running water onto a full blast.

Kagome sputtered, soaked anew. He then snapped the water off and pulled the perplexed miko into his arms again.

"The hell is your problem?!" She growled, shivering when his nose pressed to her mark again.

Sesshoumaru raised his head then- eyes bright and burning, swimming with confusion.

"I do not... understand."

"What is it?" She blinked, huffing when a large towel was wrapped around her- before Sesshoumaru moved again. When cold air assaulted her body, Kagome squeaked, yanking the towel firmly around her. She glanced around, realising they must be standing on the roof of his building. Well, Sesshoumaru was. She was currently in his arms, being supported under her thighs as her arm clung around his shoulders.

When he sniffed her again, Kagome pushed his face back with her hand. "Sesshoumaru! Less sniffing, more talking!"

He shook her off, pressing her closer to him and hiding his face in her hair, trembling. Kagome immediately switched gears, becoming concerned. She pet his hair, stroking it back behind pointed ears. "You can tell me... is it bad?" She asked softly.

"No-" he gasped out, choking on air he kept inhaling so much. He then raised his head, eyes raw.

"Your scent has changed. The smell of death... this Sesshoumaru cannot find it."

Kagome's heart did a flip flop. Her breathing hitched just as goosebumps raced over her skin from the cold air. "W-what?" She stared, mouth agape. "Are you sure?! Sniff me more!"

He did so, pressing his nose to her marks. Sesshoumaru then raised his head, nodding curtly.

Kagome raised a shaking hand to her mouth, touching her own marks on his neck. "Are we- fully bonded?" She breathed, new tears collecting in her eyes.

Her mate's body trembled slightly, expression cracking into hope. Youki raced over his skin, extending his aura out. Kagome understood the prompt and raised her own aura, coating it around them and expanding to mix with his.

"Yes-" he said faintly, eyes wide and hazy with wonder. He lifted her higher with arms wrapped around her legs, causing her to yelp and grip his shoulders, looking down at him. "It's you. Your soul... it was too large. I understand now."

Kagome burst into happy tears, shaking her head. "W-wanna share w-with the class?" She croaked.

"This one thinks it could be many things. Our timelines not aligning. Mating with solely your immortality in mind may have hindered it- but your is so large... I believe it also required multiple matings in order to tie it down to mine."

Kagome gave a strangled laugh. Her tears fell and landed on Sesshoumaru's upturned face. "How are you a-able to talk about it so clearly?"

"I am extremely shocked and confused and currently trying to compartmentalise my emotions to better deal with the situation."

"You're babbling!"

"I am not," he said, breath hitching as he stared up at her with wonder. Kagome continued to laugh and cry, watching with blurry, stinging eyes as his lips slowly upturned. Another shudder wrecked his frame, before he let her height drop, pressing smiling lips to hers and letting out a startled chuckle when she kissed him harder.

Sesshoumaru held her for a long time, pressing his face into her neck and letting out more muffled laughter. They laughed and cried in a way that was most unbecoming for a former Lord and Lady, but they hardly cared. Kagome let out a breathless giggle when he spun them, her hair ruffling in the breeze as she grinned at him and cupped his face.

"I never... have to leave you?"

Sesshoumaru leaned into her touch, lashes fluttering briefly shut, before he gazed at her with wet eyes. "No. You do not."

Kagome's face hurt from smiling so much. Shuddering, she leaned her forehead against his. "I can't believe it. I-I'm so happy."

"Hn," the sigh he released was long and relieved, sounding old and extinguished but full of hope.

After reuniting with Mama Higurashi and her brother, Kagome waited a week before tentatively breaking the news of her want to move out. She endeavoured to run as many errands as she could for her mother, trying to make up for the lost months and worry she'd caused her.

It took a few weeks for Kagome to bring herself to leave, guilt gnawing at her bottom lip. Fortunately, the shrine's finances were covered thanks to Sesshoumaru's aid.

Then came the wedding. In reality, they really didn't need one, but the event presented the opportunity to gather everyone together. Though she felt a burst of consuming bliss to be marrying the Demon Lord- feeling the heavy weight of the ring slide onto her finger and bearing it willingly- she couldn't contain herself at the reception.

The moment the doors of the great hall opened and she spied a familiar face, Kagome tore herself from Sesshoumaru's side and ran into Kouga and Ayame's arms.

"Woah, easy there," Kouga laughed.

Kagome hugged them closer, squeezing her eyes shut so tight she saw stars. "I'm so happy to see you both here," she breathed, forcing back tears. Pulling away, she squirmed as Ayame ruffled her hair.

"Wouldn't miss it. But you sure you're not going to regret inviting the entire wolf pack?" She gestured to the chaos behind her of many wolf demons packed into one space, laughing, brawling or eating the majority of the food.



Kagome huffed at Sesshoumaru's answer, chatting happily with the two leaders. They looked more mature but still held that agelessness about them that made it near impossible to guess which century they were from.

"Ah, Kagome! There you are," Shippo slipped through the crowd, grasping her hand just as Kagome excused herself from the wolves. He gestured to the two women behind him, standing quiet and lovely with pale hair. "I wanted to introduce you to my mate. Do you remember Atsu?"

"Of course I do!" Kagome grinned, hugging the white fox demon, who blushed and smiled shyly. The miko then noticed the woman's older sister standing behind them, staring at her with icy blue eyes.

Her smile didn't lessen in the slightest and Kagome stepped forward, grasping one of her hands within both of hers. "You must have helped Shippo a lot and protected him. I never got to thank you for that."

"Spare me the gratitude," she uttered in a clipped tone.

Kagome could feel the ruffle of agitation coming from the warmth somewhere behind her, but Shippo stepped in, laughing awkwardly. "That's her way of saying; don't mention it! You saying 'thank you' makes me uncomfortable."

The fox vixen hissed at him that she did not mean that, but there was a fondness in her eyes. Kagome didn't notice, too struck by the image of Mama across the room chatting to Inukimi. They sipped red wine together and giggled, seeming to comment on Kaito's suit.

"Never thought they'd get on so well," she murmured to her waiting mate.

"Hn, frightening, is it not? They'll be discussing Grandchildren in no time."

Kagome's stomach fluttered at the thought, but she shook it off. Another sight caught her eye, that of Riza lip-locked with a white-haired young man, his tanned cheeks dusted with a heavy blush. What struck her was the likeness he shared with a certain Hanyou she knew, albeit with shorter hair.

"Katsurou," Sesshoumaru addressed him. "Disengage from the wolf before her father slits your throat."

Riza and the young man blinked owlishly at them, leaning away from the wall. Katsurou caught his breath, grinning as he took the wolf demon's hand. "Sorry, Uncle. We'll go somewhere else."

Kagome jolted just as his violet eyes slid to her, warming. "Good to finally meet you, Auntie," he inclined his head, soon hurrying away with Riza in tow.

"W-was that-?" she chocked, staring up at her mate. Sesshoumaru gave the briefest of nods, offering his arm without comment. Accepting it, Kagome allowed the Daiyoukai to guide her away from the dancing guests and light, flowing music, walking out of the hall and into the gardens. The night air felt cool on her exposed shoulders.

"Sesshoumaru," she pouted. "I understand taking a breather but there are still so many friends inside I want to see-"

"There are friends outside too," he uttered, gaze flicking over her shoulder where a man sat at a table. He rose, fidgeting with his fancy clothes in such an achingly familiar way it made new tears mist her eyes, knees weakening.

Kagome pressed a hand to her mouth, this time needing Sesshoumaru to nudge her gently forward to move. Her limbs didn't seem to want to co-operate.

He'd aged. It's an inescapable fact. There were deep lines under his eyes, face wrinkled with laughter lines. His white hair appeared thinner but had remained long.

Inuyasha stared at her, drinking her in. Slowly, the severity of his gaze softened and he stepped forward just as she willed herself to move. He caught her around her waist, making a muffled grunt as she hugged him close, carefully. He smelled the same. If she closed her eyes she could pretend nothing had changed.

"Keh, you ain't gonna break me. The hell's with this delicate hug?"

Kagome choked out a laugh, squeezing him harder and trembling slightly, burying her face in his hair. She then pulled away, taking his hand and opening her mouth- but no words came out. His hand was gnarled, the skin leathery and pulled taut over his knuckles. It felt wrinkled and heavily calloused within her own, smooth, youthful one.

Inuyasha's gaze flickered, before squeezing her hand. "Quit that. I might look like I've sat in a tub too long, but I'm still the same."

"Yeah, I know." She took a breath, smiling tearfully. "You look good, for an old man."

Inuyasha's ears flicked atop his head. He then smiled broadly, flashing a fang. "Heh."

They sat down and talked, with Sesshoumaru disappearing back inside as Kagome mouthed a 'thank you' to him. Inuyasha hadn't changed much, still as gruff and huffy as ever, but there was a weight to his gaze that hadn't been there before. A calm. They held hands the entire time and she felt that he'd become sentimental in his later years.

"I met your son earlier. He seems pretty close to Riza."

"Hah?! Don't tell me he was cosying up to her again! I've told him to quit messing around with the Idiot Wolf's daughter, but nooo," he grouched.

Kagome laughed, tilting her head. "Who's his mother?"

"Shiori. She's inside somewhere, probably fussing over everyone. She gets worried when we all remove our glamours," he muttered, ears lowering to press against his skull. "She's...the reason I've lived so long. I don't even feel different to when I was younger. Just stiff. Her barrier powers influenced her ageing, I think. So it changed mine. But it uh... took its toll in other ways."

Kagome's brows pulled together, and he blinked, tsking and bumping her shoulder with his own. "Listen to me though, talking about shit from the past! Feh, I don't wanna bore ya on your damn wedding day. Even if it is to that bastard," he said the word fondly.

She shook her head. "No, I want to know. You can tell me."

"Ain't that interesting. Just that we struggled for a long time to have a kid and when we did he was a sickly little thing. Decided not to have any more, since it nearly... took her."

Vague worry clenched her heart, even though it had happened years before. "I'm sorry, that sounds terrifying," she murmured, squeezing his hand.

"Meh," he shook himself, nose in the air. "Everything's fine now. The village doesn't exist anymore in the regular sense but we still see everyone," he looked at her then. "Get to see you now too," he said softer.

Kagome nodded, a fragile thing fluttering in her chest. Gladness, she thought. Not everything had to be lost. Just different. Changed. And maybe that was okay.

Upon seeing Shiori, Kagome hugged her too, smiling down at the little old lady with pretty violet eyes. She was then practically passed around from guest to guest, until the miko found herself dancing inside the hall with them, remembering old faces and meeting new ones. Soon she looked up at a tall man, made taller by his antlers.

"I don't think we've met before," she smiled, dancing with him and allowing him to spin her.

"Oh we have," he said gently, lips curving as he brought her back in.

Kagome blinked, looking at his dishevelled brown hair. "Huh. How do you know Sesshoumaru?"

"Used to live at the Western Keep, before the war," he muttered quietly, eyes grave. "A few years later he offered me a place in the village, despite my parents having burned down Bokuseno."

She jolted, staring. "... Hisao," she said thinly, reeling. "I'm- I mean you- really?" Kagome squeaked as something occurred to her. "Sesshoumaru took you in? What about your mother?"

"She passed away not long after from the effects of the mating mark. I doesn't offend you that I'm here."

"No of course not!" She said quickly, smiling. "I'm happy for you. You're welcome any time, don't be silly."

Hisao's broad shoulders relaxed and he offered a small smile in return.

Feeling herself be spun once more, Kagome found herself brought into different arms. Sesshoumaru glanced at Hisao, who nodded, stepping back with respect as the couple began to sway.

"Didn't think you were much of a dancer," she teased, sliding her arms up around his shoulders, their chests brought together.

"Hn, a woman told me once that I had 'fancy feet,' so this one is confident in his abilities to keep up."

Giggling quietly, Kagome beamed, so close she could count all the lashes fanning his pale cheeks. She shifted her feet, trying to move despite the white dress slightly obstructing her legs. Lapsing into silence, they let the chatter around them fade away from notice.

"Do you'll go away?" She asked softly, feeling his arms tighten around her. "The feeling, I mean; The worry that it's all going to go away again."

Sesshoumaru studied the plains of her face, leaning to rest his nose and lips against her hair.

"It will leave eventually. We will...become used to stability again."

Months continued on. Her nineteenth birthday passed, though her age hardly mattered now. She'd had his traditional red and white silks restored and visited different demon's homes with him, rebuilding connections.

But Kagome was not her normal self, she found, despite what he'd said. In fact, normal had become something distant. Confusing.

The fact remained that she'd become skittish of her own shadow, looking around, waiting, watching. Like an addict, she awaited the next time jump, fearful of it. She didn't want another, but she'd been so switched on for such a long stretch of time it felt difficult to turn off. The feeling of worry persisted like an untreated illness that weakened her body.

Sesshoumaru was not normal either.

At night when they slumbered together, he trembled. The harsh, jagged lines of scars rippled with each coil and flex of tense muscles. He'd flinch and start, panting softly with a damp brow.

Kagome knew his pride ran deep and bent to kiss his hair silently, stroking the plains of his body gently and raising her aura. I'm here. No one will touch you.

Sometimes, he could drift off after that. Other nights were not so short-lived.

She thought she'd been successful in hiding her own fears from him, not wanting to trouble anyone. But when they were out in the city one day, hands clasped- they happened to walk by a fountain that automatically shot a burst of spray up from the floor- and he tugged her back sharply, stepping in front of her before she could even flinch. Kagome's eyes widened, and she gripped his hand, shoulders sagging with relief.

Water had always used to trigger time travel. She thought she'd been slick in covering up her recent aversion to it.

Sesshoumaru's gaze slanted down to hers. "...Are there not places you wished to show me? Favourite stores and such?"

Kagome blinked, brightening like a previously overcast day. "Yeah," she smiled. "I know a cute cafe. We should go now, it's not far. You'll love it."

He gave a put upon sigh, as though it hadn't been his idea. "So long as it is not Wacdonalds. Shippo claimed to see you there often."

"No, silly~ As if I'd ever take you somewhere like that," blue eyes glittered.

Note to self; take Sesshoumaru to Wacdonalds.

In the middle of the night, after tossing and turning, Kagome huffed. Sitting up, she groggily slid her bed companions arm off her waist and got out of bed, leaving Sesshoumaru's sleeping form.

Padding to the bathroom and rubbing her eye, she filled a glass of tap water for herself and drank, feeling it slide down her dry throat.

Without warning- pink waters suddenly engulfed her. Kagome shrieked with surprise and dread, turning in the dark depths. She kicked to stay afloat, raising her head and spying light already playing upon the surface.

Clawing through the water, she broke out just as suddenly as she'd been plunged in, coughing.

Kagome blinked, pushing her hair away from her face and looking around the bathroom she now sat in. It looked completely different from the penthouses. More spacious. The first thing she found odd was the assortment of children's bath toys lining the side of the tub.

Maybe I'm at Shippo's house?

Standing skittishly, she shivered in her soaked tank-top and pyjama shorts, hearing something outside. Kagome cracked the door open, peering out. It seemed like a nice enough house, with hardwood floors and a long hallway that she stepped out into, spying the kitchen in one direction and the living room. Creeping down the hallway and trailing wet footprints in her wake, Kagome picked up on low murmurings. The deep baritone was familiar and she felt her heart flutter in response to it.

Stopping at a slightly ajar door, she leaned down a little, squinting through the opening. The strong line of Sesshoumaru's back faced her, clad in a blue shirt while long wisps of silver hair flowed over his shoulders. Kagome jolted and put a hand over her mouth the moment he turned, holding the cutest little bundle. The baby had a full head of pale white hair. They seemed to be about a year old, staring up at Sesshoumaru intently, making noises.

"She needs to sleep. There's no need to take that tone with me," the Daiyoukai murmured, lashes lowered to smile with his eyes. His tone was one reserved for when they lay in bed on lazy mornings, soft and grumbling. It made her a little weak in the knees.

His version of baby talk is to speak to them like an adult. I love it.

"Would you like a story to make up for it?" He bartered.

The child made a squeaky noise, clapping their hands, before gnawing on a fist with their gums.

"You drive a hard bargain. Impressive for one so young," Sesshoumaru gently pried it away, nails blunt despite his inhuman appearance. Kagome blinked back tears, chest filling with warmth. He cradled the child in one arm, finger sliding over the titles of books within the nursery, perusing them seriously. His bundle made a noise at one particular book.

"This one does not know if reading Sleeping Beauty is wise. It is a false advertisement that presents too much excitement. You did not sleep last time I read it," he uttered, before pausing as though sensing something.


Kagome jolted and turned, looking down at the little girl. She looked no older than about 6, with dark hair and blue eyes, but upon closer inspection, Kagome noted the pupils were silt. The girl blinked, tilting her head and rubbing her eye, dressed in bunny-print pyjamas. Two slightly curled magenta markings adorned her cheeks.

"Why are you all wet?"

"I-I- um...ahaha! I just stepped in the shower and forgot to uh...remove the ole' clothes!" The miko laughed nervously, dying inside. "Silly M-mom, right?"

Oh God, I'm a Mom here. This is real, isn't it? I-I'm going to be a-

Giggling, the girl gave her a brilliant, gap-toothed smile. "Silly Mama! You forgot how to shower!"

"That so?" A silky voice purred. Now Kagome truly wished the ground would swallow her up, turning stiffly to see Sesshoumaru leaning against the threshold. "Perhaps you'd like a demonstration?"

She squeaked, stepping back and reeling a little. "N-no I'm good, thanks!"

"Hn, Miyuki, go back to bed. Your Mother needs to dry off."

Nodding, Miyuki bounced into a skip, black hair dancing and revealing tiny pointed ears as she disappeared around a corner. Kagome watched with wide eyes, turning to Sesshoumaru and swallowing.

"This one did not expect to see you tonight, but we never were sure on the exact date," he rumbled, hand gliding down and finding her waist.

Releasing a breath Kagome didn't know she was holding, the miko leaned into him gratefully, staring at the baby. "Yeah, I can see why dates aren't my priority right now. I don't even know how I got here. Thought all the well's magic had run out and wouldn't, you know- send me forward into the future," she breathed, leaning to inspect the little bundle. "I"

"We called him Touma," he murmured lowly, shifting the bundle into Kagome's frozen arms. She stiffened with shock, soon relaxing and staring down at the boy. A crescent moon marked his tiny forehead, small mouth opening in a yawn, cheeks chubby and adorable.

Kagome blinked rapidly to hold the tears in her eyes, not sure why she was suddenly emotional.

"Hey there," she cooed. Shifting her hand, Kagome smoothed careful fingers over soft white hair. Touma blinked at her with baby blue eyes, small hand raising to grab her finger, gurgling. Kagome inwardly melted.

"He's- I mean they're both-" the miko shook her head, trying to get the words out.

Long fingers shifted her clothing down, exposing a creamy shoulder and bold mating mark. The same look of old relief seemed to dust his gaze, lips pressing to it. "This is what we both sought for so long. Does it please you?"

"Of course it does," she jumped, a little jittery and vulnerable. Cheeks bloomed red, and she gently pushed at his chest. "Hey- Mr." Kagome squeaked. "Quit that hungry look. You have a wife."

"Mn, you. Does it matter?" His eyes danced with predatory amusement while Kagome hugged Touma to her, causing the Daiyoukai to chuckle. "I seem to recall you doing many, many dirty and lascivious things to my past self if we're pointing fingers."

Gaping, she blushed, moving away just as fur wrapped around her waist. Mokomoko dragged her back into his embrace, deep chuckle resounding in her ear-drums pleasantly.

"I've just discovered I'm in the future and we have two children, and you're still flirting?" The exasperated look on her face melted into an impressed one, eyeing him with a grin. "Huh, our mating must still be pretty solid."

"Indeed," the rousing look and pride in his countenance gave him away.

Kagome huffed, feeling Touma start to fuss. She rocked him a little, moving gently and murmuring in a gooey tone. He seemed to settle, eyes closing as she decided to set him down in his cot to sleep, tucking a blanket over him. She then straightened, smoothing gentle fingers over the boy's hair once more.

Wide blue eyes then turned to Sesshoumaru. "Can I see Miyuki again?"

His lips curved, giving a slight incline of his head.

Creeping down the hall, which held many filled photo frames on the walls, she followed Sesshoumaru's silent instruction to turned left. Peering into the room, she adjusted mokomoko around her shoulders, noticing the space was illuminated with the soft glow of a nightlight, Kagome spied the young girl asleep in bed, hugging a toad plushie.

Padding over, she felt her heart melt at the sight. Instinctively, Kagome inched up the covers around her chin, tidying the dark, dishevelled bed hair away from her cute face.

Taking a look around the girl's room, Kagome spied a wooden sword, along with many, many, many demon figurines. Must be her equivalent of a pony phase.

Watching her future daughter sleep a little longer, Kagome then shifted, padding out of the room. She pulled the door slightly, allowing light to still flow into the corner of the room. She then turned to Sesshoumaru, overwhelmed.

"...They're both beautiful."

"Naturally. They are ours," he huffed, levelling her with a flat look.

She smiled and walked down the hall slowly, bare feet touching down on the cool floors. "But why are they full-blooded demons? I thought they'd be like Inuyasha, a Hanyou?"

"You had something to do with it. I do not think a demon and miko of our great calibre have ever produced offspring before, so I could not find much about it."

"Nice way to slip in some ego-stroking there, I like it," she teased, elbowing him lightly in the ribs.

A room down the hallway kept catching her eye, discreet and not far from the nursery. Slight reiki caught in the air, and Kagome couldn't stop her curiosity. Inching almost soundlessly to the door, she peered in from the threshold.

Her breath caught in her throat, looking at the exquisite bedroom.

An almost naked woman lay across the bedding, kimono haphazardly clinging to arms, rumpled and slightly torn. The red and white pattens looked to be inspired by his own old silks, but with added soft green leaves. Kagome found it a shame even while staring at her double. The shioze silk looked like it had been beautifully woven and hardly deserved such rough treatment.

She frowned at Sesshoumaru over her shoulder.

He glanced at her, flashing a fang that looked more fond and cheeky than it ever would intimidating. "We attended a festival earlier. You can hardly expect this one to take all the blame for your current position if you're going to wear such finery."

"Hn," Kagome made his signature noise, smirking. "At least you're taking responsibility after tiring me out by looking after Touma."

Her stomach flip-flopped when he smiled outright. And it wasn't teasing or hungry this time, but genuine, an upturn of his lips and gentling of his eyes. He looked so calm and at ease. As though no worry had touched him in a long time.

It was just as she'd wanted it to be.

The fluttering within her stomach turned into the familiar sensation of a stretched elastic band. Kagome squeezed his wrist, "looks like I need to go. I guess I've used up the last bit of power from the well."

He nodded, guiding her slightly away from the door and sliding strong arms around her waist. Resting her hands on his back, the miko smiled.

"Is everyone else alright?"

"Hn. Riza and Katsurou mated."

Kagome did a fist-pump, grinning. "Aw yis. I totally won that bet! Your mom owes me big time. Were Inuyasha and Kouga upset?"

"They grumbled. But Inuyasha is ultimately happy for what it means for Katsu."

"Right...extended life-span." She touched his chest, smoothing her hand down to his abdomen. "Have I really not aged?"

Firm lips pressed to hers. "No, not one day since that last mating." Sesshoumaru's fingers curled around her chin, reverent gold staring down at her, swiping his thumb over her mouth. "This is your last jump, miko. From here on, I do not know what will happen."

Kagome pressed a kiss to his thumb, the blue of her irises shining. "That's alright, I think we can handle whatever life throws at us, Mr Fancy Feet."

The demon smiled slightly, nodding once and watching as her form slipped through his fingers. She disappeared through the floor without a trace of her left-behind, save for the warmth of his countenance.

Unlike previous times, Kagome barely had time to swim in the waters around her before they opened up below her feet like a burst container. She squeaked and fell through the opening along with the flow of pink waters, landing in her bathtub. She groaned, blinking. The feeling of Time-travel dissipated instead of retreating. She felt as though she'd lost something previously unnoticed, but didn't have a chance to mull it over.

She scrambled up and hurried out of the bathroom. Sesshoumaru lay in the exact same position she'd left him in, cheek resting on the pillow and foot hanging carelessly off the bed.

Kagome hopped onto the bed, shaking his shoulder. "I'm back! You don't have to worry!"

He groaned, shifting and flashing her a groggy, annoyed look. "Gn...what nonsense do you speak, mate?"

"Huh? Weren't you wondering where I was?"

Sesshoumaru yawned, tongue curling as his mouth opened. "This one is hardly so clingy as to fret when you leave for the faraway kingdom of the bathroom."

Kagome blinked, quieting. No time had passed, unlike the previous jumps. All the same, she couldn't stop the buzzing in her veins as Sesshoumaru turned over again, seeming intent on ignoring her.

She huffed, crossing her arms. Recalling the various things she'd seen in the brief leap to the Future, however, she uncrossed them and bit her lip, identifying why she felt squirmy and fluttery.

"You know um, that contraceptive tea I usually drink lost it's effect a few hours ago~"

One golden eye cracked open to stare at the wall. "...Your point?"

Curling some wet hair around her fingers, Kagome gazed at the ceiling innocently. "You're a clever demon. Do I have to say it?" She purred. Wincing when he didn't answer, she sucked in a breath. Nothing like ploughing ahead in the face of uncertainty. "I-I want a baby-" a shriek sounded out when a large force collided with her front with a bit too much enthusiasm. Sesshoumaru grunted, taking the brunt of the fall as they landed in a heap on the floor. Their feet remained sprawled on the bed.

Kagome blinked up at him from her position on his chest.

Sesshoumaru blinked back as though just realising their positions. "Are you certain?"

She grinned, sliding herself forward so that they were nose to nose. "Mhm!"

"And what pray tell brought this on?" He then sniffed, eyes flashing as he curled his hand in her hair. "...You're wet."

"Not in the right places, buddy."

Hearing his unamused snort as he moved them properly off the bed and onto the floor, she cupped his cheek and smiled. "I jumped into the Future. The well's power has completely gone now."

Golden eyes widened as he stilled, braced above her. Kagome slid her knee up, brushing it against his thigh and hooking over his waist. "That's why...I'm eager to meet the people I saw there," she said gently. "We were really happy. And I know we are now...but I'm ready and want to if you are."

"Is that a trick question, foolish miko?" He uttered, the curve of his lips promising wicked and terrible things. Inhuman eyes raked over her form, bruising in their ferocity.

Kagome should probably be concerned about how eagerly she grabbed and yanked him down closer, wanting everything he promised. She'd become strange since being entangled with a demon so often- wanting to feel and give the sensation of teeth sinking into flesh, dragging hot tongues and nails over skin, of sweat-slicked bodies pressing against each other, choked out cries veering on the edge of completion. She was not a pure or dark miko but rather something in between.

She tugged at his hair, angling his head back and he obeyed, opening his mouth for her. Her tongue swiped over his lips, soon pressing to the mating marks on his neck and sucking at the brand she'd left behind.

"Never leave again," he rumbled quietly. "This one refuses to wait for any more time jumps. If I am deprived of you again, dear one...If this Sesshoumaru must exist in purgatory once more..." he panted, digging sharp nails into her hips. "I will cut into the hall of the Kami themselves and rain vengeance and cruelty upon them."

She rocked against him then, a soft keening sound escaping her lips as she grinded against his hardness. "I'm not- gn...going anywhere. You're stuck with me," she kissed at his jagged scars, trying to soothe the shaking madness in his eyes he couldn't always hide from her. The thing he'd tried to sleep away within those caves so long ago.

Sesshoumaru's hands trailed up her thighs, blazing touch raising goosebumps on her skin as he cupped her sex and delighted in her squeak. "They had best hope that when the eventual time for our end comes- a thousand years done the line or so- that they remember to kill this one first," he purred, pressing his lips to her neck, teeth grazing her skin, drawing a hiss from her mouth.

The dance began anew; clawing for control, hips moving, youki and reiki trailing out. Their pale forms were barely visible in the room but every moan and snarl fill it.

She took him, cried out Sesshoumaru's name into the darkness, felt him spill inside her. All of it felt at once divine and heinous. Kagome gripped the silver strands of his hair, clinging to his shoulders and staring down at the twin pools of crimson glowing at her. She captured his hand in hers, twining their fingers together.

When they lay together, spent and nuzzled close and his trembling began anew, Kagome started her personal ritual all over again, stroking his scars.

They were both different. She, the former Shikon Miko shaken by Time, had to learn how to exist in the present.

But he, the former Western Lord torn asunder, would teach her.

Life had pulled them apart and stitched them back together again innumerable times. But she didn't mind kissing the path of thread through rumpled silks.