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Chapter 1

"Hey buddy, you ready to go?" Harry said as he was pulling on his cloak.

He hated going to Diagon Alley unless it was completely necessary, and he put this off long enough. Looking around their quaint cottage, Harry could admit he was going to miss this place. This has been their home since the final battle, and he loved this place. It is quiet and remote and everything in a home he had always wished for, but it was time to leave Britain. His company is doing well, great in fact, and he is in more demand than ever before, but the face of his company is not Harry Potter it's Ethan Morningside, his public persona now. Harry Potter is missing and has been since the final battle.

It was a difficult decision to leave everyone and everything behind, but it had to be done. Thinking back on it, Harry has no regret for what he did, he took his life into his own hands for once and started living for himself. He purchased his cottage weeks before the final battle, already having established his new name. Gringotts was very helpful in helping Harry Potter disappear and he knew his secret/secrets were safe with them. He did miss certain people like Ron, Hermione, Neville and even Jackson's father. Oh yes, he knew he was with child before the battle, but he couldn't dwell on that, he had a job to finish and he did…finish it. The other father doesn't know about any of this, he broke it off with Harry months before the battle and before Harry even found out he was pregnant. That was a hard time for Harry, he loved him with every ounce of his being, loved him so much that he was all that consumed Harry and that is probably what drove him away. In the end, it was probably the right thing for him to do, Harry needed to focus on Voldemort, but the pain was so awful, so consuming, so painful that it never dawned on Harry that the status quo could change after the battle, that the other father would want him back, that it had been for their protection and that he would ask for forgiveness if they both survived. No, Harry never thought of that, he became introverted, made plans he hoped he could use and distanced himself from the people he considered his family as to not hurt them if it didn't work out right in the end. He did the right thing for his son, who he cherished beyond belief and he would make Jackson's childhood something he could remember fondly and lovingly and without hardship.

That's why they are moving to Salem, in the United States. His company is already established there, and they already spent their summers there, now it would become their permanent home and best of all, Jackson would not be going to Hogwarts when he turns eleven. That's really the gist of it, Hogwarts…where the other father is, unknowing about his son, thinking Harry Potter is gone maybe even dead. For if he saw Jackson, he would know without a doubt that he was his father, Jackson is the splitting image of one Severus Tobias Snape except for the eyes, they are Harry's through and through, the most beautiful shade of emerald green eyes that Severus has ever seen, and he knew that Severus would recognize them anywhere.

"Coming dad! Do I have ta go wit you? Can't I stay wit Lizzy?" His six-year-old whined as he came barreling out of the hallway. His cloak in his hands and his hair, though long, was sticking up in the back indicating he just woke up.

Laughing, Harry motioned for Jackson to come to him, flattening his hair down and summoning a hair tie he pulled it back and tied it. Helping with the boys cloak he said "No you cannot. Lizzy is at the house in Salem preparing it for our move and you are not old enough to stay alone. We won't be long. How about we make a day of it? After shopping we'll have lunch then ice cream? How does that sound hmm?" Smiling down at his son, Harry felt nothing but love and pride. This boy was his whole life and he would do anything to ensure his safety and that he had a normal upbringing.

Jackson or Jack as his friends called him, beamed up at his dad, "Ok, dad. Are you gonna change your face again?" Sighing, he nodded yes to his son and proceeded to the front of the house. Along the way he waved his hand around his head and his features changed to his glamour disguise. Brown hair instead of black, blue eyes not green and no scar on his forehead.

"Come along buddy, let's get going we have a great deal to get done before tomorrow." Picking up his son and holding him tight they apparated to Diagon Alley.

"Where we goin' first? Can we go to the toy store?" His dad might not like coming here but Jackson enjoyed visiting Diagon Alley. There was so many people and stores to explore and he never understood why his dad hated it so much. Visiting anywhere really was a treat, they mainly stayed at the cottage or at the summer house. It's always just been him and his dad with the occasional boyfriend, but they never stayed at the house and they never lasted long.

Looking up at his dad when he put him down and taking his hand they walked with a purpose to the apothecary. Jackson wondered why his dad was this way but figured he would wait till he was older to ask. He was jerked out of his wonderings when his father started talking "No toys today, buddy. I just have to get this ingredient here because it won't be available where we're going, and I need to brew this potion soon. After this we can head over to the restaurant for some lunch. That sound okay to you, buddy?"

Smiling he nodded his head vigorously, "Can I order anything I want? I want some macaroni and cheese!" He started skipping in order to keep up with his dads long strides. "Mm…and then can we get ice cream? Please daddy?"

Harry looked down at his son and smiled. "Of course! We're spending the day together right? When we get to the Apothecary, promise me you're going to behave. I know this isn't your favorite place to visit, but I need to go there."

"Ok daddy"

Upon entering the apothecary, Jackson scrunched his face, he did not like coming in here, it stinks really bad! Being led by his dad, they moved to the front of the shop and waited for the clerk. Jackson was holding his breath, but he wasn't going to make it! Carefully he took his hand out of his dads grip and covered his mouth and nose with both hands. He needed to breathe! Sucking in a much-needed breath he tried to breath normal through his hands, but it still was stinky! He needed fresh air and so looking up he waited until the clerk was talking to his dad and then he quietly and slowly slunk back and headed for the door. He just needed to get some clean air. Slipping outside he sat on the bench right in front of the shop and took in the much-needed fresh air.


Severus Snape was in a hurry. He didn't have time to go galivanting around for the Headmistress when he had things he needed done. School was starting up in three weeks and he still hasn't finished his lesson plan for his seventh years and he was almost finished brewing potions for the hospital wing and now he was here in Diagon Alley to pick up some quills and parchment for Minerva. Really couldn't she get anyone else to run this inane errand?! At least while he is here he would get some ingredients he's running low on. Sighing and harrumphing he made his way to the apothecary but stopped short at the little boy sitting on the bench.

What the hell? Shaking his head to focus better, he looked again at the child of maybe five or six just sitting on the bench breathing in, out, in, out, in, out. What was he doing? Where are his parents? Why does he LOOK LIKE ME?! Severus was just staring at the child not really understanding what he was seeing. Why this little person looked like him at that age he didn't know. He needed to talk to him, to see his facial expressions, to hear that voice, to see his eyes, he just felt the need to engage this little person. Looking around the Alley, he moved to stand in front of the child. Trying hard to be soft, because he is anything but soft, he spoke to the boy.

"Where are your parents? It's not safe to be sitting in the Alley alone." He looked around before looking up through the shop window. Severus squinted his eyes to see if he could view anyone in the shop but was unable to see anyone. It was then that the boy looked up.

"My dad is in the shop, but it smells awful in there and I just needed some fresh air I. I tried to hold my breath, I really did, but I just couldn't anymore." Severus looked down once hearing that voice and almost fell over. The sight of those huge beautiful emerald eyes just took the wind out of him. Staring at the boy he was instantly transported to a time in his life when he was at peace within himself, when he felt loved and loved someone in return, to when he made the most horrendous mistake of his life, and that was saying a lot considering what he did to Lily and James and being a Death Eater. He went from being in a sour mood to a somber one. Thinking of Harry always did that to him. Where was he, did he think of me at all, is he even alive, did he really love me? These thoughts and more would flood his brain. Merlin he missed Harry.

Just then the shop door opened, and Harry was flying out with "Jackson!" leaving his lips. So frantic with worry and fright that he almost ran right into Severus, only to stop when a pair of hands grabbed his shoulders and righted him. Before realizing who he was talking to, Harry blurted out "Excuse me, I'm sorry. I…I'm looking for my son. Have you seen a little boy…"

"Daddy! I'm right here!"

Harry forgot all about the other person and lunged for the boy on the bench. "Jackson" he whispered. "Merlin I was so scared. Don't you ever do that to me again! I was frantic looking for you. This place is not safe enough for you to roaming around alone. Or even just sitting out here on the bench by yourself. There are bad people in this world and you're not old enough to tell the bad from the not so bad let alone defend yourself from them. Do you understand?" Not waiting for a verbal answer, he hugged the small boy hard as soon as he received a nod of understanding from him. "I was so scared Jackson, I love you so much."

"I'm sorry daddy" was whispered in his ear and Harry pulled slightly away from his son. Closing his eyes again to calm himself down he felt tiny hands on either side of his face. " 'm sorry. Please don't be mad at me." Harry looked at his son and felt the sincerity of the apology and smiled.

"Never at you my son only with your lack of thought of the consequences of your actions."

Standing up and gathering his son in his arms at the same time, hugging him fiercely, he turned to leave when he was stopped short by Severus standing there openly watching them. Harry's heart began to beat so fast that he thought it would burst out of his chest. His feet wouldn't obey his brain because he thought he was telling them to run! But he was still standing in front of the one man he thought he would never see again. He really felt the need to get Jackson away before he was asked the questions that he could see Severus wanted to ask. Closing his eyes against the turmoil he tightened his hold on Jackson and willed his body to settle down. Remembering he still had his glamour on and thanking Merlin for that, opened his eyes and focused on the man in front of him.

"Do I know you?" Severus whispered. His face, which usually shows no emotions, showed confusion and …what?...hope?...agony?

It was so hard for Harry to keep his face blank. He loved this man before him still, after all these years and all the hardships. Knowing he wasn't getting away from the situation that easy, he held out his hand "I'm Ethan Morningside, thank you for looking out for my son. I was frantic trying to find him. I never even heard the door open when he left." Scrunching his eyebrows in consternation, shaking his head, and thinking this could have been a lot worse.

Shaking his hand Severus said "Severus Snape. I only just got here. I was just inquiring to the whereabouts of his parents when you came barreling out of the shop. I'm glad to see everything resolve itself." He looked to his hand, the one that shook the other man's hand before looking back to the father and son. "I never forget a face and even though I don't know your face I have no doubt that we know each other. How can that be? Who are you really?" Severus sneered, he wanted answers and he wanted them now.

"I'm sorry, I've got to go. Thanks again." And Harry turned and strolled down the Alley to the apparition point and apparated away. Leaving Severus standing there wondering what the hell just happened.

What is going on here? He just saw a child that looked like him, but he didn't recognize the man with him. Looking down at his hands, his right hand still tingling from the handshake, he began to think too much, that's what Harry would say. No…he's not going to go down that road just yet. Needing to get this memory in a pensieve as soon as possible, he headed into the Apothecary to finish what he started. He wants to get through his errands quickly if he wants to view this memory tonight. His instincts are telling him not to let this go, telling him there's something to figure out. Sounds crazy, and in a way it is, but he's been called worse.

Continuing with his tasks, he thought back to that one horrible mistake, the one mistake that robbed him of his true happiness. He dreamt about having a family with lots of kids with Harry, but he threw that away when he broke Harry's heart. He loved Harry, very much so, but the war was so unpredictable, and Harry was so young. And Severus was so scared, he can admit that now, he was scared to death that they wouldn't make it and the Dark Lord would win. That in of itself was the deciding factor to breaking it off with Harry. If the Dark Lord had won, he would not be able to handle having put Harry in danger, he just wouldn't be able to live with himself anymore. Just the thought of that sends chills down his spine. No, he did the right thing by letting him go and when he saw that they had both made it through, he was prepared to beg for mercy, for forgiveness, prepared to gravel on his knees if he had to to win Harry back. Not in a million years would he have thought that he wouldn't get that chance, for only hours after the battle was won Harry Potter was gone.



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