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Chapter 10: Epilogue


"Harder! Fuuuck! Yes! Oh, merlin Sev, oh merlin! So good. Ssso good! I'm close, don't stop Sev, please don't stop!"

"You like that? Like when I do this?" and he swiveled his hips as he pounded harder.

"Yes! Ngh! Like that! Oh fuck, you feel so good. I'm gonna come. I'm gonna come!"

"Harry…ahh, Harry…Merlin, I love you like this. Let me see you Harry, I want to see you when you come. So beautiful. Merlin, you're beautiful. Oh…Harry! Oh…Harry I'm coming!" Grabbing Harry's hips tightly and burying himself in the younger man until he was spent, shuttering through his orgasm. Both men trying not to move, trying to catch their breath. Finally, Severus pulls out of Harry and lays on his back covering his face with one arm. "That was amazing Harry."

"Mmm, yes. It always is with you." Harry rolls onto his side to better see and talk to his husband. Rubbing circles over his extended belly. He loves feeling life inside him. He loves how he feels so much love for this baby before it's even born. Being pregnant with Severus' child is the best feeling life has to offer. Just knowing it's Severus that gave him this gift is, at times, overwhelming. He never, in all his life, would have thought that he would be this happy. His life was full of hardship, cruelty, war, and death. It almost feels wrong how blissfully happy he is, but they have been together now for ten years and it's only getting better.


Severus looks to Harry and turns to face him fully. "Hmm," reaching out and placing a hand over Harry's that is rubbing the baby bump. He smiles lovingly and gazes into green eyes, waiting.

"What are your plans for today? Are you still taking the kids to the zoo?" He nods and Harry nods in return. "Good, it will give me time to get everything ready and the house decorated. Lizzy wants to go with you to help with the kids, but I think she really wants to see the zoo. Though she will never admit to that." Harry chuckles and then laughs at the sour expression on his husbands face.

"Merlin help me. She's almost worse than the kids when she gets excited! But the kids do love her, and they do feed off her excitement. This will only make for a very stressful day out for me. I hope you know I expect to be compensated for my troubles." He pointedly states to Harry, tracing a finger around Harry's belly.

"Ha! As if spending time with your kids ever warranted payment, but I will concede the matter of payment for spending the whole afternoon with an excited Lizzy so name your price, husband, but do remember…"

His words are cut off by the older man kissing him, soundly. They're both brought out of their enjoyment by the feeling of baby kicks to their hands. Both men laugh and look at the round belly. Rubbing their hands over the spot in hopes he or she would do it again. "What do you think this one is, Sev?"

"Don't care, just want it to be healthy." He scoots down to place soft kisses on Harry's stomach and then wraps his arms around Harry's waist and uses the baby bump as a pillow. Harry automatically brings his hands to the man's hair and starts running his fingers through it. They both fall silent in content.

"I love him or her so much already. I can't wait to see him…her. You've made me so happy, Harry. Having a family with you has made me the happiest man I have ever been. I wish that I had been there when you delivered our first children, but I'm so thankful that I am here now. Experiencing this with you and raising our children together. Who would have thought that the 'bat of the dungeons' would have a large family with the 'Savior of the wizarding world'." He scoffs and looks up. Yes, he has so much to be thankful for.


Walking up the foot path to the front door, Severus squeezes Harry's hand tighter. He's nervous, anxious, and apprehensive. What if his son hates him? What if he screws this up by being…himself?

"You're thinking too much again." Stopping their forward motion and gripping both of his husband's hands, "He's a good kid and you will do fine. Please stop thinking so loud. Just take things slow. He will love you, Sev, just like I do, and you will adore him. I promise. Now, take a deep breath…Ok, love you. Let's go."

"Ok" Smiling at his husband's motherly instincts, "Love you too."

"Lizzy! We're home!" Taking off his cloak and hanging it on the wall, he turns to the hallway where he hears Jackson running.

"Slow down buddy" he laughs as Jackson barrels into Harry almost knocking him over. "Hey, I haven't been gone that long, what's this all about?"

"Dad! Did you see him? Lizzy said you were going to see my other dad, did you?" He said into his father's side not even realizing there was someone else standing there until he heard a soft chuckle. Looking up to his dad but seeing the stranger, he immediately straightens up and smiles. "Hello, my name is Jackson. It's nice to meet you." Extending his small hand to the older man he remembers from the Alley.

"Hello child. I'm Severus Snape. It's very nice to meet you finally." He says with a little shake in his voice. This is his son! He thinks while taking the child's hand and gently squeezing. Jackson beaming back up at him.

Harry laughs and messes his son's hair. "Come on, let's go into the sitting room." Turning his son around and guiding him on to the couch. "Sev, sit anywhere, I'm going to see where Lizzy is."

"She's in the garden, dad. She's trying to figure out how to save something…I didn't understand what she's talking about." Harry nods and heads outside.

Severus watches the boy and studies his face from top to bottom. Marveling at the fact that he helped in creating something so beautiful and innocent. He envies the relationship between Harry and their son, wondering if he will ever have that with the child. He was bought out of his musings when Jackson started talking.

"Would…would you like to see my room? There's not many toys 'cause we're packing for our move to the States, but I have my exploding snaps deck there." His big eyes imploring the taller man.

Severus looks through the window to see Harry talking to a girl and decides this is the perfect opportunity to spend some one on one time with his son. "Yes, I would love to see your room. I play a mean game of exploding snap, fancy a game?"

A few minutes later they were sitting on the floor in the almost empty room. Severus is watching his son while wondering how to start a conversation he so badly wants to have. He didn't have to worry so much because Jackson started the conversation for him.

"Mr. Snape?"

"Please call me Severus. Mr. Snape was my father and I don't want to think of him when I'm spending time with you." He says gently, and smiles at the boy.

"Sev'rus, are you gonna live with us now? Are you gonna be my daddy too?"

"Would you be okay with that? If I lived with you and your dad?"

"And Lizzy too! She's not going anywhere, I heard her tell dad that." Jackson giggles. "Yea I would be okay with that 'cause that would make my daddy happy. He's been strange since we met you in Diagon Alley. He got real sick for a couple days and now he's better. And Conner told me you love each other, that you made a mistake but now you and dad should be together. So…" looking straight into his father's eyes, "Do you still love my dad? You know, like you did way back then?"

Taken aback by the intensity of the statement and the stare, Severus swallows and realizes that this child has a sharp mind and his protectiveness towards his father is fierce. Feeling a tad jealous, he pushes that emotion aside and decides that honesty is the best policy right now. He wants his family, he's burning to have it. "Yes, I love your dad with all my heart. I messed things up for us years ago and that's why I haven't been around for him and for you. But I want to change that. I would very much love to be here with you and your dad, to love you both and be a proper family. Is that something you would be okay with? Do you think we can be a family? I would very much love to be your papa and have you as my son." He whispers. "Very much…" Glassy eyes beseeching the young boy.

"Oh!" Jackson launches himself at the older man and wraps his arms around his neck and hugs him fiercely. "Do you think you can love me like you love daddy?"

Wrapping his arms around the child. "I already love you so much, a different love. A love a father has for his child. Merlin, I don't deserve this quick acceptance from you. Why child?"

Jackson moves to sit on the floor and put his hands in his lap. "I've always wanted two parents. Don't get me wrong, daddy is a great dad and Lizzy is great too, but I always felt there was something missing, that I was missing something. I think that I was missing you and just didn't know it yet. Then I met Conner. Do you know Conner?" Severus nods and Jackson continues. "He's my twin and I realized then that he was what I was missing. My other brother. And he told me about my papa. Then daddy told me about you too. Did you know we like some of the same things?"

Looking at his hands, "Well, I know that dad doesn't like girls, so I figured I wouldn't be getting a mummy anytime soon but to have a papa that love me for just being me… To be a proper family with two parents and for daddy to have someone to love him and make him happy. If you can do that without making my dad sad then I'm okay with you staying with us. Maybe I'll get a brother or sister someday!"

Severus was floored by Jacksons little speech, especially the part about siblings. Would he and Harry have more kids? Would Harry want to?

"There you guys are! I've been looking for you. Severus? Are you okay? Did you two have a good talk?" Harry asks from the doorway, leaning on the frame.

Jackson jumps up and Severus looks to Harry and smiles. "We had a great talk, right Sev'rus?"

"Yes, very enlightening. Help an old man up will you, don't just stand there." He grouses, and Harry chuckles.

-end flashback-

It's been ten years since their reunion and they have been inseparable. Harry told Severus about Tate and what she did and what they meant as a family to Magic herself. Severus took the news like any typical Slytherin. He didn't like it but what's done is done and it took him a while but eventually he got over the worst of it…Connors death.

He retired from teaching at Hogwarts and moved in with Harry and Company, forming a great relationship with Jackson and a not-so-bad one with Lizzy. He would never come out and say it, but he liked her a lot from the beginning. She didn't let him push her around and he tried everything to annoy her. They acted like typical siblings. Harry always jokes with them that they are long lost brother and sister the way they act sometimes. They moved to the States like Harry planned. His company began to soar once he spent more time there and meeting the clients face to face. They didn't go into all that jazz about the-boy-who-lived crap, which made everything much easier. Severus worked from home and started an order by mail potion business and after only a year it has afforded them a great wealth.

They were happy and a year after getting back together, they renewed their vows to one another. The ceremony was small and quaint, not many people from Britain were invited. Mainly Minerva and Poppy. They decided not to expose Harry so no one else knew. Six months after their renewal Harry became pregnant with their first of three daughters. It seemed every year and a half harry was pregnant. It became the running joke that they would exceed the Weasley family in children. Tate did mention to Harry that he would end up with a big family with Severus. They had tried using contraceptives but for some reason they never worked. Go figure.

Jackson loves being an older brother. When Sabrina was born, he never left her side for the first six months. He tried to do the same for all the other children when they were born but mostly he helped Harry keep his sanity when it seemed he was losing it.

After Sabrina, they had the twins, Holly and Danica, and sons, Noah, and Alexander. Harry is six months along so far this time and like all the others, they chose not to know the sex before the birth. The theory is that this will be the last child, number seven. Seven being a magical number and how ironic it would be with everything that's transpired in the past.

With Severus here now, all the births were simple compared to Jackson's delivery. In fact, everything is simpler because they are together.

Coming back to the present, Severus just smiles into Harry round belly and kisses it before getting out of bed.

"Let's get going, Love. It's going to be a long day and I for one can't wait to see Noah's face when he sees his surprise party." Severus says over his shoulder as he heads for the loo.

"Me too, he has no idea." Getting out of bed, Harry looks to the loo and smirks, "Hey! Don't use up all the hot water!"

"If you want to ensure you have plenty of hot water I suggest you hightail it in here. I might even throw in a treat if you're a good husband." Harry could hear the smirk in his husband's voice. He opens the door to the loo and steps into the steam filled room.

"Hmmm, is that a promise?" Harry says excitedly, as he closes the door behind him.

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