Chapter 8: Steven's Will

Peridot just sat down on their couch petting Pumpkin, just watching Camp Pining Hearts, the show Steven introduced her to. Steven, her hands tightened at his name, and what happened to him. She couldn't wrap her mind around it, this feeling made her wish to be shattered to just be broken into a thousand pieces. So, she wouldn't have to feel this unknown emotion, this sadness. She glanced over at Lapis who had her head buried in her knees. Gentle sobs could be heard and Peridot frowned finally turning the television off and heading over to her friend.

"Hey Lapis," Peridot said cautiously knowing when Lapis was upset she had been known to lash out. Losing Steven the very person who freed her from her imprisonment and offered her nothing but friendship was probably shattering her as well.

"What do you want Peridot?" Lapis sobbed not even looking up.

"Look, I am not good at these things but you know who once told me if you are upset, it is good to talk about your feelings to someone, it might make you feel better," Peridot said gently, trying carefully not to say Steven's name. When Lapis fused with Jasper, just mentioning her name to Lapis sent in a state of anger, Peridot could only imagine what saying Steven's name would do to Lapis.

"You know who, oh I see," Lapis said finally looking up at her.

"Yeah the um S word," Peridot said looking away.

"There's nothing to talk about he's gone, I wasn't there to protect him. Why didn't they ask us to go? We would have helped did they not trust us?" asked Lapis balling up her fists.

"I assume that Garnet figured they could handle things like they done before, but not even she can see everything," Peridot said taking a chance and placing a hand on Lapis's shoulder.

"I'm just angry Rose Quartz gets to walk around after causing so much trouble for everyone and finally Steven cleans up her mess, poof he is dead and can't enjoy anything but she does, it's not fair," Lapis cried hot tears down her face.

"I know it is not fair but we can always remember the good times, remember when Steven took us camping?" Peridot asked.

"I remember you being chased by that raccoon and Steven had to throw marshmellows at him till he ran away," Lapis said with a chuckle.

"Yeah that filthy beast almost bit me but we had a lot of fun, so try and remember that," Peridot said trying desperately to make Lapis happy.

"How do you feel Peridot?" asked Lapis looking at her.

"I um well honestly Lapis I wish I was shattered so I wouldn't have to feel anything, it is painful, even imagining him being gone, just hurts," Peridot said a tear falling down her cheek. Suddenly Lapis hugged her and Peridot was shocked but hugged her back both crying but neither let go of each other.

"Hey guys," Greg said rubbing the back of his head when he came upon the crying gems.

"Salutations Greg," Peridot said wiping her tears away and releasing Lapis.

"Mr. Universe, what brings you here?" asked Lapis, like Peridot wiping her tears away.

"Um well Andy and I found a video that Steven made and you guys have to be there so we can play it. Mainly if anything happened to Steven, he wanted to leave you all something to remember him by," Greg explained trying to not cry. The gems exchanged looks of shock but then had a serious expression on their faces.

"Please let's go and see this tape," Peridot said and Lapis taking her hand nodded.

"Um okay follow me," Greg said and led them to the van. Once inside the van, they saw Connie and both nodded to her yet, the rest of car ride was silent. Soon they reached the Beach House and went inside where all the gems including Rose were sitting down. Lapis and Peridot shot Rose a mean glare but remained silent and sat away from her. They sat on the floor with Connie and Pearl sat with Rose on Steven's bed as Ruby and Sapphire just stood wondering what was on this tape.

"Okay everyone Steven has left a will, if you don't know what that means it comes down to this, if someone knows they will die soon, they make a will a binding document over dividing their possessions amongst loved ones, so Steven wants to leave you all something, let's um see what he wanted to leave you all," Andy explained as he put the video in the VCR.

Steven was sitting on his bed a camera recording him, and he looked up with a serious expression. "Hello everyone if you are viewing this then that means I, Steven Quartz Universe have died. Now I know for gems losing a loved one is difficult and with everything that has been going on, I decided to make a will and leave each of you something to remember me by, let's being with my dad, Greg Universe", Steven began.

Greg stiffened upon seeing this, he had no idea how mature and grown up Steven had become in the last few months. He bit his lip to keep himself from crying as the video continued.

Dad, I know at times you thought you were not the best role model, but to me, you were the best dad a kid could ask for. You taught me how to play my ukulele, how to always see the bright side of things, like you always say if every pork chop was perfect then we wouldn't have hot dogs. You were always there for me whenever I needed you and taught me how to be human, and when things got too tough how to be a kid, I give you Lion, so that he can keep you safe and you will have a companion so you will never be alone, I love you dad and never forget that," Steven said wiping a tear away from his eye.

Greg was already in tears sadly Lion was with Pink Diamond though Greg knew it was the though that counted.

"Now for Pearl" Steven said regaining his composure.

Pearl's head snapped up when she heard her name, just seeing her baby on the screen brought her to tears.

"You were like a mother to me, keeping me out of trouble, teaching me all about gem stuff. I know at times you missed mom when she was gone, and if anything happened to me, I didn't want to leave you with nothing, so I give you my entire collection of Lonely Blade movies, I know they aren't accurate but I know you will take care of them. You are one of a kind gem Pearl, never forget that and please continue to live and teach others for you make an excellent teacher. I love you and hopefully one day we will see each other again, or at least mom can come back so you guys won't be lonely," Steven said with a small chuckle.

Rose's eyes widened shocked that Steven thought that if he died, she would come back. Pearl was covering her mouth tears just streaking down her face, as Greg placed a hand on her shoulder. She smiled at Greg, which made Rose even more surprised for Pearl and Greg never got along, it appears a lot has changed.

"For Garnet, I leave you my ukulele, I know like myself you love music as well. You were my mentor, giving me advice when I need it, even though I made a lot of mistakes you were patient with me and allowed me to learn from them. I am sorry I had to leave you but please know this is not your fault and Ruby, Sapphire please don't blame yourselves, nobody is at fault things just happen," Steven explained.

Ice covered part of the bed as Sapphire cried and Ruby held her tears down her face as well, but they stayed together to hear what else Steven had to say.

"I'll always be your cutie pie and I love you, now Amethyst the wild card. You were like my big sister, you were up for any adventure I planned. Whether it was running away, or playing with me in a band. You were there and if anyone tried to harm me, you showed them who was boss, I leave you my cheese burger back pack with some joke books. You are truly amazing Amethyst, perfect the way you are please keep being yourself and remember all the fun times we had," Steven said smiling again.

"I will Steven, I promise," Amethyst said firmly wiping tears away from her face.

"For Peridot, I know we had our differences in the past and at one time you viewed me as an enemy," Steven said frowning a bit.

Peridot blushed with a sad frown on her face.

"Yet with time, you became a great friend, even standing up to Yellow Diamond that took guts, and Peridot, you are truly the bravest gem I know, and I hope you will be happy on Earth. Please help keep it safe and know that whenever you look up at the sky I am watching over you, for you I leave you my television, so you can watch Camp Pining Hearts on a better television. Hope you like it Peridot," Steven said gently.

"Wow thanks," Peridot said then began to cry.

"For my Beach Summer Fun Buudy, yep I am talking about you Lapis," Steven chuckled with a grin.

Lapis watched the video with intense eyes trying to keep the tears back.

"Like Peridot, you were not a fan of the Earth and I know you made mistakes, but I have made many mistakes as well. I am proud to call you a friend, fusing with Jasper for so long and then standing up to her, Lapis, you are truly strong, I admired that about you. Being trapped in a mirror took a heavy toll on you, I am sorry that happened to you. I don't regret releasing you and I am proud to call you my friend. I leave you my sea shell collection, treasure them and remember all the good times we had together. I love you and Peridot very much and I will live on in your memories," he told them.

"I love you too Steven," Lapis said the tears falling.

"Lastly Connie, I would never forget you, I wanted to thank you for being my friend. I know at times things got dangerous, but you pulled through, you are an amazing person and I am happy to have known you. I wished we could have grown up together and gotten married, sadly that may not have happened, so hopefully you become a great president and meet someone who will love you and want to be by your side. I always loved you, I am sorry I never told you. If I did die, I am unsure what will happen. So in case my death brought mom back, before anyone fights over my mother's weapon, Mom, I am sorry but I am giving your sword to Connie. She is a great swordsman, um swordswoman, no swordperson? Anyway I know it is your weapon but the sword has been mine for a while and I give it to Connie, please respect my wishes on this and don't take it from her. If mom doesn't come back then guys please respect my wishes.

Connie's eyes widened at this as she held the sword tighter. Steven literally just gave her the sword it was offically hers and he was in love with her like she loved him. "Oh Steven," she whispered wiping a tear away.

"Well that is it, hopefully you will never have to see this tape but if you do, these are my wishes. I love you all and thank you for being my family and hope to one day see you all again. So, this might be the last time let me play you the first song I've ever written I made some changes hope that's okay, enjoy," Steven said grabbing his ukulele, he began playing a familiar tune they all besides Andy and Rose knew well.

If you're evil and you're on the rise

You can count on the seven of us taking you down

Cuz we're good and evil never beats us

We'll win the fight and then go out for pizzas!

We, are the Crystal Gems

We'll always save the day

And if you think we can't

We'll always find a way

That's why the people of this world

Believe in







And Steven!

The song ended and Steven placed down the instrument looked at the camera and formed a heart with his hands. "I love you all goodbye," then the screen went black.

Rose looked around and saw everyone was in tears and she knew what she had to do. Somehow, some way she had to bring Steven back.

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