Chapter 9: Saving Steven

Rose looked around at everyone else after the video was played, poor Greg, had tears in his eyes as the man he called Andy placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. Amethyst was hiding in her hair as Pearl, who was sitting beside her, had her mouth covered also shedding tears. The girl known as Connie was hugging the shorter gem known as Peridot, while the other gem known as Lapis was hugging both of them. A pile of ice was forming where Sapphire was on her knees crying as Ruby trying desperately to comfort her.

"Please don't cry Saphy, please," Ruby begged.

"I can't I just can't I want him back!" Sapphire cried.

"I want him back too, I want him in his bed, eating those silly cookie cats, and watching that ridiculous food show, that only he understands!" Ruby cried.

Finally Rose closing her eyes stood up and said in a clear voice," Alright that's enough". She glided over to the door to the temple and waved her hand the whole star illuminated in light and she disappeared inside. Everyone looked on in awe, they never saw the whole star light up before and wondered where in the temple Rose went. After what seemed like forever Rose came out holding an odd object, it looked like a sphere of some kind with a mirror like surface. "I was hoping I would never have to use this but it looks like I was wrong, you all need Steven and this will help bring him back," Rose said.

"What is that thing?" Connie asked wiping her tears away.

"This dear Connie, was called The Gem Placer, during the war Yellow made a unique time device if a gem touched it and remembered a specific time in their life the Gem Placer would take them back to that time, so they could fix any mistake," Rose explained.

"Like a Time Machine?' asked Connie.

"Something like that only there would be no past gem, the machine actually takes the future gem into the body of the past gem, only they remember the future events, but are in the exact same place they were in the past so, there was no fear of time paraddoxes, or past selves getting in the way. Yellow wanted to use it for the war to change how it ended with the Crystal Gems losing and the Earth being destroyed but I stole it from her before she or anyone could use it," Rose said.

"Wait a second, you mean this Gem Placer was never tested? How do we know if that thing even works?" asked Peridot crossing her arms.

"I don't know but it's the only way to save Steven, so who would like to go back?" Rose asked.

"Why can't you go back?" asked Lapis with suspicion.

"Because Lapis, Rose wasn't there Steven was, so if she used it then she would be her but in Steven's body and there's a chance that it would remain that way am I correct?" asked Peridot.

"That did cross my mind," Rose admitted.

"I'll go," Amethyst said as she got up and stood before Rose. "I'm sorry I missed you so much but Steven was just a kid and we do need him too, can you understand?" Amethyst asked looking at Rose with a sad face.

"Of course I understand, I missed you too, now be careful," Rose said hugging her.

"I'm going too," Pearl said standing next to Amethyst.

"You will most likely need my assistance," Peridot said walking over to them.

"For Steven, I would do anything," Lapis said firmly.

"Can I go?" asked Connie.

"I'm sorry Connie, I think this machine only works on gems," Rose said with a frown.

"Don't worry Connie, we will bring him back," Pearl told her firmly. Connie only nodded and finally Ruby and Sapphire looked at each other.

"Are you ready?" Sapphire asked hoping they could maintain Garnet during the trip.

"Only if you are," Ruby said taking her hand. Sapphire nodded and Ruby twirled her around as their gems glowed and finally Garnet was standing before them.

"Let's bring our cutie pie home," Garnet said fixing her glasses.

"Good luck guys," Greg said sadly wishing he could help. Each gem placed their hands on the Gem Placer and focused on the day when they lost Steven and then the Gem Placer began to glow and then a bright light formed and they were gone.

The light disappered and Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst, were standing in the kitchen. Yet, Lapis and Peridot were gone. "Yo, where is Peridot and Lapis," Amethyst asked looking around.

"They are where they were when today happened, I hope," Pearl said. the machine soon sparked and fell to pieces on the floor.

"Guess it was a one way trip," Amethyst said frowning.

"Okay guys, I'm ready to go," called Steven as he came downstairs, he didn't see the flash of light or notice metal pieces on the ground.

"STEVEN!" the gems all called at once. Their eyes grew wide as tears rolled down their faces.

"What?" he asked looking around thinking something was behind him. Suddenly Pearl wrapped him in a tight hug as tears stained her face.

"Oh Steven," she cried as Amethyst hugged him too. Garnet just scooped him up and hugged him as well.

"Guys, what is going on?' he asked.

"We're just so happy to see you, buddy," Amethyst said wiping her tears away. They had to stay focused otherwise they would lose Steven again.

"Um okay, well let's get going," Steven said heading for the warp pad. Just then Peridot and Lapis burst through the screen door panting heavily.

"Lapis, Peridot, what brings you guys here?" asked Steven smiling at them.

"Uh no reason, we were just in the neighborhood, where are you going? On a mission, good we would like to join you right Lapis," Peridot said quickly for she was a bad liar.

"Yes, we would," Lapis said nodding in agreement.

"Um okay, sure the more the merrier, let's get going," Steven said sensing everyone was acting weird but decided not to push. They all crammed into the warp pad and took off.

Later that day

Steven was fast asleep for the mission had gone well. Taking Lapis and Peridot was a good idea, using Peridot's metal and Lapis's water powers the corrupted monsters were all safely bubbled away. He was snoring gently unaware that the gems were watching him.

"We saved him," Pearl whispered softly.

"We sure did," Peridot said proudly.

"What if this happens again?" Lapis asked with fear in her voice.

"We won't let that happen," Amethyst told her firmly as she watched Steven sleep.

"No we won't," Garnet agreed. "Now let's go Steven needs rest, thank you, Peridot and Lapis for coming along, remind me to ask you two, to join us more often," Garnet added.

"Will do, come on Lapis let's go home, before Pumpkin begins to worry," Peridot said as they headed outside. The gems went to their rooms knowing one day, they will have to say goodbye to Steven again, but they would make sure it wouldn't be for a really long time.

The End

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