I do not own any of Jurassic Park; this includes characters and story line. I have however made some characters for this fic, so please nobody take my idea. Also, this fic combines parts of the movie with parts of the book, so if something clashes with the two, I want it clear why it's that way. Also this fic depicts what would happen if the first island hadn't been destroyed, but the second island had been discovered. So basically, all three movies have happened, just book parts have been added.

Jurassic Park: Return to Isla Nublar

Twelve years ago, Alan Grant among other scientists and workers escaped from the island Isla Nublar, which was the planned site for the island theme park, Jurassic Park. This park was to revolutionize the field of cloning by genetically recreating dinosaurs. But the power went down, due to a mishap caused by a man named Dennis Nedry, who was paid by the Biosyn Corporation to steal priceless DNA strands. These samples were lost, though due to a roadside accident, and the type of dinosaurs known as Dilophosaurus. Ingen, the company which created the park, greatly lost money due to the deaths that happened on the island. One of the survivors, Tim Murphy, one of John Hammond, the founders', grandkids has been planning to go there. His reasons: To make money off his grandfather's creations. The company that is paying him: Biosyn.