JP Chapter 12: The Pursuit and the Escape. (Wow, last chapter was long, and equally long to make up for all the time I've taken to get things back together to continue this. Hope you like it. This maybe the last chapter, with the possibility of another, if this gets too long. Enjoy and keep reviewing. One last thing, for something I left out, since this is a PG rated fic, is more than just sleep went on isndie the cave that night.)

Tim and Jessica ventured out into the early morning mist. They had heard gunshots in the woods, near the visitor center the night before. Tim had suggested that there was a rescue possibility underway, and that they may be off soon. He had hoped his assumption was right. They walked for an hour until they reached the center. Suddenly, the doors swung open, and a tall man ran out. In pursuit were to very familiar figures to Tim.

"Oh my god, they came!" Tim exclaimed, "Dr. Grant, Lex , over here!"

Lex turned at the sound of her name and looked.

"Timmy!" she screamed.

Allen was still in pursuit of Turner, and kept going, to assure he wouldn't take the boat. They two kept running through what seemed like endless amounts of trees. Finally, the ocean was visible. Turner seemed to be home free. He laughed at his luck. He turned to Grant, who was on the edge of the boat staring at him.

Suddenly, the leaves behind Grant began to rustle. Grant dove out of the way, just in time to see a Tyrannosaur emerge from the thicket. It looked down at Turner, almost like it remembered him. IT moved slowly forward, and with out second thought, grabbed Turner up into its powerful jaws. He screamed painfully for help, but Grant just stood at a distance, and watched the horrific death of the former hunter. The dinosaur turned and moved back into the thicket, seemingly satisfied with its catch it had just devoured. Meanwhile, behind Grant, Lex and the others emerged. Tim and Jessica looked towards the boat, and with wide smiles, ran for it. Grant and Lex followed, but their joy was short lived. A pack of raptors burst from the other end of the trees, and ran for them. They pounced on Tim, and began biting him. Jessica screamed for them to get off, but it was too late for Tim. Jessica and the others ran for the boat, and jumped aboard. Grant pushed off, and Lex gunned the motor.

Jessica lay back, on the deck crying at her loss. She thought back, to just a few hours ago, and the time she had shared with Tim. She wished it could have lasted forever. She almost wished she was back their, with Tim alive, than here, without him. She saw his sister was in her own torment over the loss. She was glad though, on one thing Tim had left her. He had saved her, and gotten her off that forsaken place. And also, he left her one more thing, which was unexpected. He left her, a child.


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