Chapter 2

Hermione returned to home which once belonged to her parents who were now sadly passed away. Hermione opened her front door and stepped into her hallway, which was painted pure while. Hermione kicked off her nude heels and shrugged off her black mac coat and hung it on the hooks.

Hermione placed her designer Mulberry bag on the chair, which was placed in the hallway and walked, down to her kitchen. Hermione grabbed a wine glass from the cupboard and opened the fridge to find a bottle of wine. Hermione poured herself white wine and leaned against her kitchen side.

By now Althea would be halfway through her journey to Hogwarts Hermione thought. Hermione hoped Althea had found some nice children to sit with on the train and was eating her packed lunch that Hermione had lovingly made. Hermione thought back to her first train journey where she had met Harry and Ron. She hoped Althea would make as good friends as she did all those years ago.

Hermione walked in to her living room and fell onto the grey sofa. Hermione placed her wine on the small nest of tables next to her and sat back and closed her eyes.

'Do you think Hermione will be alright?' Ginny Potter said as she placed a plate in front of her husband.

'I'm sure she's fine.' Harry replied as he picked up his sandwich, which, his wife had prepared. 'She probably wants some time on her own, you know what Hermione is like.'

'We should do something special for her birthday.' Ginny said as she sat down next to her husband.

'The big 3-0 this year.' Harry said as he took another bite of his sandwich.

Ginny nodded and picked up her sandwich. 'Do you think she'll want a party?'

'Probably not Gin.' Harry replied. 'Maybe a dinner or something.'

'Maybe.' Ginny replied.

Hermione woke up to the sound of knocking on her window. Hermione shot off the sofa and opened the kitchen window. Hermione recognised the owl, it was Althea's new owl Hazel.

Hermione stroked the owl and then took the letter from Hazel. She grabbed a treat for the owl and ripped open the letter.

Hermione scanned the letter quickly hoping to see what house Althea had been placed in.

Hi Mum,

Hogwarts is amazing, more amazing than the pictures you've shown me.

I met some people on the train and luckily they're in my house too! I know you'll be eager to know what house I'm in and I know you said you wouldn't be upset and I really hope you're not.

The hat placed in Slytherin.

The hat said some interesting things to.

I'm currently writing from my dorm room. I'm sharing with two other girls who seem nice. The head of Slytherin, Professor Zabini seems nice too. He asked about you, apparently you went to school with him?

I'll write tomorrow after my first day of classes.

Hope you're okay mum.

Love you



Hermione froze.

Professor Zabini. Blaise Zabini? Blaise Zabini was Head of Slytherin. How did she not know this?

Hermione dropped the letter and ran to her fireplace, which was connected to the floo network. Hermione grabbed the green powder stepped inside the floo without any shoes on and shouted 'Potter Residence.'

'Hermione!' Ginny shouted as she sat up on the sofa having been woken up from her nap.

Harry ran into the living room after hearing his wife shout. 'What wrong? The baby?' Harry said as he looked at his wife.

'I'm fine, it's Hermione.' Ginny said looking at a pale Hermione who was standing barefoot in her living room. 'What's wrong Hermione?'

'Blaise Zabini is the Slytherin Head of House.' She stammered.

'She was placed in Slytherin then.' Harry said as he sat on the side of the sofa.

'Yes.' Hermione mumbled as she sat down on the two-seater sofa. 'I thought she would be. She's like him.' Hermione placed her head in her hands and covered her face.

'It's alright Hermione.' Harry said as he walked over to Hermione and sat next to her.

'I knew I should have sent her to a muggle school, I should have insisted.' Hermione said as she looked at Ginny.

'And she would have insisted that she went to Hogwarts. You know she would Hermione. She's a witch and you can't stop her from being who she is.' Ginny replied.

'Do you think he'll know? Hermione said as she looked at her two friends.

'How could he not.' Harry stated.

And with that comment, Hermione crumbled.