callie's apartment 7:00 am

jake was sleeping and callie is sleeping on jake's chest then callie wakes up then she yawn and she look at jake and said to him

callie: "jake. Jake. Wake up"

then jake did wake up then he look at callie

jake: "hey, morning callie"

callie: "morning jake, last night was great"

jake: "i know right"

callie: "i am so glad i'm with you, even if you're not razor"

jake: "i'm glad too callie"

then jake look at the clock from alarm clock

jake: "i hate to break it to you, but I need to get to work right now"

callie: "alright jake, i'll see you next time"

jake: "you wanna go out like I dunno the next day"

callie: "sure thing jake"

jake: "alright thanks, gotta go"

callie: "bye jake"

so after that jake gets to the salvage yard and he see chance working on someone's car

jake: "hey chance"

chance: "hey jake, so how's the night with callie"

jake: "i love it chance, and she loved me"

chance: "really, why did she love you?"

jake: "you're gonna believe it"

chance: "i'm all ears"

jake: "callie, knows who we are"

chance: "like what?"

jake: "she knows that we are the swat kats"

and chance is shocked

chance: "what!?"

jake: "yep, she knows"

chance: "wow"

jake: "yeah I know"

chance: "but how did she know?"

jake: "well chance, remember that mission with dr viper last weak"

chance: "yeah"

jake: "well she tells me that when I save her from a monster I was beat up and bloody, she use a cloth to wipe my blood and when we leave she still have it so she takes it to dr greenbox and she ask if she can use the machine that tells someone's identity he don't know what is for but he allows her to use it, the thing is she loves me as razor and she always want to know who I am so she place the cloth on the machine and scans it and relieve my identity and she is happy about it then a weak later she ask me out on a date with her, so that's the story"

chance: "wow, she is one lucky girl"

jake: "i know right, but don't worry she can keep it away from everyone"

chance: "well I guess you're right, callie is a great she kat"

jake: " I know right, so what you do when I was gone?"

chance: "i meant a girl who also knows out identity"

jake: "really? Who?"

chance: "felina feral"

jake: "what?!"

chance: "yep"

jake: "first callie and now felina"

chance: "of course jake"

jake: "you know at this point, everyone can see our identity"

chance: "well not everyone jake"

jake: "oh good"

chance: "but I gotta say, felina is a great girl, and I love her and she love me"

jake: "well, are you gotta tell me a story about it?"

chance: "maybe next time jake"

the end for now and up next t bone's night with felina feral"