Hey guys so this is my avengers story.

Just a couple things to let you know:

- this is kind of au because it's set after civil war but just use your imagination that somehow the people on team cap, were released without charges and the accords were scrapped.

- I haven't actually seen civil war all the way through so if I say stuff that's wrong or doesn't fit it's just how it works in this universe.

- I have changed some of the backstories just because I can and it makes more sense for my story so please don't hate me guys.

- I have tried to keep them in character or how I understand their characters to be but if they seem out of character to you guys then I'm sorry and I hope you can still enjoy it.

With that lets do this!

"On your left"

"Aww come on man!" Sam Wilson groaned as Steve Rogers raced past him, just as he did every time he crossed Sam on a run. He didn't know why the Cap felt the need to let him know he was outpacing him, as Sam was more than aware.

After all there weren't many people who could keep up with Captain America.

Except the guy who tore past Sam a second later.

Except James "Bucky" Barnes didn't say a word.

He just sprinted ahead to catch up with Steve and then falling into step beside him. From behind them, it appeared Barnes muttered something to Steve which caused Steve to laugh, turn and call

"Keep up Sammy!"

"Hey yo, kiss my ass Captain Steroids!" Sam shouted back and he heard Steve laugh before he and Barnes took off running again.

"Go runnin' with Captain America they said" Sam grunted picking up his pace a little.

"It'll be fun they said."

"Rogers leave you in the dust again Sam?" Natasha smirked as Sam walked into one of the many living rooms in the tower where Natasha was curled up like a cat in a leather armchair a bowl of strawberries in her lap and the morning news on the TV.

"Shouldn't you be spying on someone or kicking Barton's ass in sparring again?" Sam shot back as he went to the adjoining kitchen and grabbed himself a bottle of water.

"Pretty sure Clint is still pouting from last time and there's no one round here interesting enough to spy on." sighed Natasha with mock boredom and Sam chuckled. He liked the Black Widow. For a double crossing, side changing, ass kicking super spy with a more than shady past, Natasha Romanoff could take a joke and had a wicked sense of humour.

"Stark gonna come up for air today? Or is he gonna stay in the lab with Banner? Again." Sam asked as he wiped a hand across his forehead and took a swig of the water. A slight frown creased Romanoff's face at the mention of Tony Stark.

Stark had essentially been M.I.A since the team had done battle against each other and he had discovered the truth about Barnes and his parents. Even after finally hearing Steve out about Barnes's brainwashing and his inability to control his actions, Stark was still struggling to come to terms with Barnes presence around the facility especially after T'Challa's resources had been unable to completely remove the winter soldier programming from Bucky's head.

"I don't know. Want me to let you know if he shows his face?" Natasha finally responded to Sam and Sam shook his head.

"Nah. Gonna hit the shower. Don't you go spyin' on me while I'm gettin' undressed now Romanoff." Sam smirked as he joked at Natasha who smirked back and said in a fake simpering voice

"But I just cant control myself around you!"

Sam chuckled as he walked out of the room and down the corridor towards his room and his main focus at that moment, his shower.

As he walked down the corridor he saw Wanda hovering at the end of the corridor.

"Wanda" he said as he approached and she looked up and gave a hesitant smile.

"Sam" she said in acknowledgment and Sam gave her a kind smile. He liked the witch and he for one was not afraid of her powers. It was like Steve had said; she was a kid. A little bit damaged and a little bit lost after everything she had experienced in the last two years. It appeared that losing her brother, the accident in Lagos and her experience on the Raft had sent Wanda Maximoff into something of a drift. She had barely used her powers since the airport battle and usually kept out of everyone's way, only really speaking to Vision, Clint or Steve that Sam had noticed.

"What're you doing kiddo?" he asked and Wanda shrugged saying in soft accented tone


It was then that Sam realised who's room she had been hovering outside of and he gave a knowing smile.

"You know you could just talk to him."

Wanda blushed slightly and shook her head.

"You should" Sam insisted "Miserable bastard actually likes you far as I can tell."

"Mr Wilson" Sam turned to find Vision standing behind him "I see you went out to run with Mr Rogers again"

"Define with" Sam muttered turning his head to find that Wanda had taken the opportunity to disappear from view. Then, when he turned his head to look back at Vision he found that he too had vanished from sight.

"Ok I see how it is" Sam muttered to himself as he headed into his room "guess it's leave Sam Wilson behind day." he may have sounded bitter but he was only joking with himself. He didn't blame Wanda for her distant attitude lately and Vision was, well - Vision.

15 minutes later he had showered and changed out of his running kit and was sat on the edge of his bed scrolling through his phone.

There was a knock at his door.

"Yeah?" Sam called and it was Steve who opened the door and stood leaning in the doorway.

"How was your run?" Steve asked with a knowing smile and Sam cheerfully flipped him off, to which Steve chuckled and said

"Mind if I come in?"


Steve walked in and sat down beside Sam, rubbing his hands together like he was anxious about something.

"What is it man?"

Steve sighed and ran a hand over his head.

"Worried about Buck."

"You're always worried about Buck." Sam said and Steve chuckled tiredly.

"You got that right" he agreed and then shrugged, rolling his neck slightly and continuing "I don't know man. T'Challa couldn't get that stuff out of his head. He's never gonna stop beating himself up over the stuff they made him do. He says he's sleeping but I can tell he's not. I just-" he sighed again "He's my best friend. I need to help him."

Before Sam could answer, Vision suddenly appeared through the wall behind them and Sam jumped

"Jesus man! We have doors you know." Sam exclaimed and Vision merely looked at him.

"My apologies Mr Wilson. But I was looking for Mr Rogers."

"It's Steve."

"Yes. Steve." Vision said the name like it was foreign to him. "You have a visitor Steve. He's in the fourth floor conference room. I left him with security. He and his companion didn't give names."

Steve frowned at the information that Vision gave him and got to his feet.

"You comin'?" he asked Sam who immediately got to his feet also.

"Let's go."

When they entered the room that Vision had told them it was Sam who spoke first.

"You gotta be kidding me!"

Then it was Steve's turn to make a shocked sound that came out in one word


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