Clint sat absentmindedly fiddling with a loose arrowhead, only vaguely listening to the sound of the water running through the wall.

He flipped the arrowhead over before slipping it back into his pocket and stretching saying as he did so

"Man I hope I was right about this." He muttered to himself.

The sound of running water stopped.

A few minutes later, Lianna slowly emerged from the shower room. She was now wearing the clothes he had received from Wanda, and even though Wanda was small, the clothes still seemed too big for the girl's slight frame. A deep red t-shirt that on Wanda must have been fitted, but on Lianna was loose and baggy. An old pair of black sweatpants (that Wanda used to wear for combat training with Steve) were the only things that seemed to fit properly, but the dark grey zip up hoodie was clearly to big and hung down past her butt to her mid thighs. She was fiddling with the material of the sleeve which hung over her hands slightly and in her other arm she held a small bundle which must have been her own clothes.

Clint got to his feet and smiled at her.

"Feel better?"

Lianna nodded and Clint was surprised when her mouth twitched slightly into a hesitant almost smile.

"Come on" Clint gestured towards the door "Let's go and-"

But he didn't get to finish the sentence as suddenly Fury barged into the room, followed by Maria, Steve, Natasha, Tony and two unknown Shield agents, both of whom had their weapons drawn. Natasha had her hand on the gun at her waist, as did Maria. Tony's hand was encased in armour.

Only Steve and Fury appeared unarmed.

"Miss Cortova, I'm gonna need you to put your hands on your head and get on your knees." Fury said calmly but deliberately.

"The hell's goin' on Fury?" demanded Clint, looking between the group and Lianna who had dropped her bundle of clothes and was bouncing on the balls of her feet like she was preparing to run, fists clenched and trembling slightly.

"You're new best friend talked a big game about 'not wanting to hurt anyone' didn't she? She forgot to mention the two bodies she dropped Kiev."

Clint's head snapped round to look at Lianna, who wouldn't take her eyes of Fury but who bit her lip and blinked in reaction and Clint felt his heart sink slightly.

"Do what he says snowflake!" said Tony, his armour encased hand aimed at the young girl's heart.

Clint could see Lianna trembling.

No not trembling, her hands were shaking violently and the air around them was starting to warp. Without thinking Clint jumped forwards getting between Liana and the guns that were aimed at her.

"Agent Barton move back. Move back now that is an order!" Fury barked.

"I don't take orders from you anymore. Lianna, Lianna look at me! Look at me!"

Slowly Lianna brought her eyes to meet Clints and he said earnestly but firmly

"Tell me what happened. You said you didn't wanna hurt anybody and I believe you meant that. I. Believe. You. So tell me what happened. Just me. No one else is here okay? It's just you and me and I wanna hear your side."

Lianna looked at him with baleful eyes, before saying through a tightened jaw, her accent more pronounced than ever

"They tried to make me forget again. But I couldn't, this time it stayed or he stayed and I-I knew I had to run. I didn't want to hurt them, I just wanted to get out but they fought too hard and I couldn't control it and then they were just...gone."

"They were a little more than 'gone' weren't they Miss Cortova. You fried their brains. They bled out internally."

"I didn't- it was an accident yes. I don't want to hurt people, yes. I would change it if I could, yes. But they were bad men, cruel men. So I am not sorry that they are gone."

And then all the fight seemed to leave the girl in front of Clint. Her trembling hands dropped to her sides. Then with a look of broken resignation she did what Fury had instructed her to do in the first place. She put her hands on her head and all but fell to her knees.

Clint watched as Fury nodded and the two nameless Shield agents moved forwards keeping their guns trained on the kneeling girl. As they did so, Tony moved around her and pulled out an odd looking pair of handcuffs. Instead of just the wrist manacles, there was a domed metal guard that covered Lianna's hands as Tony pulled her arms behind her back and attached the restraints.

"Make sure she's secured. I want a guard on her at all times." Fury said as the two Shield agents frogmarched Lianna past Clint and out of the room.

At once Clint rounded on Fury

"The hell? I was gettin' somewhere, she was openin' up!"

"You were babying a murderer" chimed in Tony and Clint glared at him.

"I am telling you that girl has been through HELL! How can you not see it?" he snarled getting in Tony's face.

"Hell or not, your little experiment is over until we get a better picture of what the hell we're dealing with!" Fury said, clearly putting an end to the stand off between the two. Clint looked between Tony and Fury glowering, before he scoffed and exited the room.

"We sure she didn't get in his head?" Tony said sceptically and Natasha rolled her eyes and followed Clint from the room.

"Ouch. Everyone's a little touchy today!"

"Clint. Clint! Don't make me chase you down Clint!"

Clint stopped and turned to see Natasha walking up behind him.

"If you're gonna rip into me Nat, I'm really not in the mood right now."

"I can see that. First time I've seen you square up against Tony and thought you really meant it. Even defending Wanda didn't have smoke comin' out your ears like I saw just then." Natasha said coolly, folding her arms as she continued "Do you want to clue me in on why this girl has you so rattled?"

"I'm just frustrated with this whole goddamn thing. We took on Wanda and Pietro less than 24 hours after they kicked the ass of everyone on this team except me. Why is no one even willing to give this girl the benefit of the doubt? Or at least as themselves that if she was so goddamn dangerous and an enemy to us, why did she let Barnes go?"

"Valid points" Natasha nodded before quirking an eyebrow "Now tell me why you're really so riled up."

Clint sighed and leant against the wall, while Natasha stood calmly opposite him.

"Mexico City."

This caused Natasha's brow to furrow ever so slightly

"You don't talk about Mexico. You never have. Not even to Laura."

"You want me to stop?"

"Not a chance" smirked Natasha "So. Mexico City. Are you saying she was there?"

Clint shook his head. His eyes had taken on a sort of far away look. Like he was there. But not there.

"Not her. The Mexico op was a shit show from the start. Bad intel, civilian casualties, and... and Ella Consuelat."

Natasha frowned

"That name's not in the files."

Clint shot her a look to which she shrugged unconcernedly and said

"What? I'm a spy Clint. It's what I do. Besides, I checked it before we were friends."

Clint chuckled dryly and shook his head.

"Of course you did. Anyway, I asked Fury to keep it out of the official report. I was still new to Shield, and this..." he swallowed like what he was about to confess was difficult for him to say "this hit me hard."

Not looking at Natasha he continued the story

"There was a cartel running out of the west of the city. los reyes demonios. Drugs, weapons all that but they somehow got hold of information regarding hundreds of undercover agents. They were going to sell it so we got sent in to recover the drives. But Los Reyes? They had an...upgraded security system. Enhanced. Mutants who either volunteered or weren't given the choice."

A quick glance up at Natasha who was watching him with an impassive face.

"We knew they had Enhanced as guards we were unprepared for how strong and how many normal soldiers they had. We were takin' heavy fire. Then I see one of my team, Declan, just go up in flames. Then another one, Ashley. Then another, then another. Fifth time it happened I saw where the flames came from. Saw movement and took the shot."

Clint ran a hand over his face and exhaled before continuing.

"I found her body when it was all over. Arrow, still in her head" he tapped between his eyes "right here. And an electroshock collar round her neck. Turns out Ella Consuelat was abducted from Puerto Vallarta two months before, after word got out about her powers. She accidently set fire to a warehouse in the city, a warehouse owned by Los Reyes. They found her, took her. Told her she could work for them or they'd gut her family. I only found out about all this after. She didn't wanna be there, hence the shock collar. And I killed her. She was fifteen."

"Clint" Natasha said softly "Clint you cant blame yourself for-"

"I can and I do. I've killed god knows how many people but... but hers is the only face I still see when I shut my eyes."

"Cortova reminds you of her." Natasha said with new understanding and Clint nodded once.

"Yeah. Maybe it's the ages, maybe it's the fact their both enhanced."

A steely glint entered his eye and his voice

"Or maybe I just don't want another dead girl in my head every time I fall asleep."

Ta da.

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