Once upon a time... isn't that always how these stories start?

About 20 years ago, Belle married her beast, in front of 3000 of their closest personal friends. Real humble.

Yeah. So, instead of a honeymoon, King Adam united all the biggest royal families and formed the United Kingdoms of Auradon.

He rounded up all the villains and their sidekicks, basically all the really interesting people, and booted them off to the Isle of the Lost, with a magical barrier to keep them there. Forever.

A couples years after that, most of the villains ended up having kids. Which is how I was born.

The Isle of the Lost is my hood. No magic. No wi-fi. No way out. Or so I thought...

But before I can tell you my story... well, really it's our story... I have to tell you this one.


Chapter 1- A Whole New World


Benjamin "Ben" Florian la Bete stood before his parents, awkwardly waiting for Lumiere to finish measuring him for his new suit. He was a charming young man with a pearly white smile and neat brown hair. He looked like just another spoiled Auradonian prince, but if you knew him, you'd know that wasn't true.

"How is it possible you're going to be king next month?" King Adam remarked, looking proudly at his son. He was still a beast of a man, despite his age, but had lost quite a bit of hair over the years. "You're just a baby!"

"He's 16, darling." Belle chided her husband, thinking back to how young most of the kings and queens of Auradon were when they claimed the throne. She had aged gracefully, with few wrinkles, but more than a few gray hairs. It was hard to avoid stress when you were in charge of an entire kingdom.

"16 is far too young to be crowned king! I didn't make a good decision until I was at least 42." While Adam's temper had mostly left him, he was still headstrong and stubborn. His wife nudged him.

"Uh, you decided to marry me at 28."

"Well it was either you or the teapot." The king joked, earning him a glare from his queen. "Kidding!"

Ben was a month away from taking the throne of Auradon's capital kingdom, which had been called Auradon before it was united with the others. He wouldn't be the only ruler of the UKA, of course. Princess Moana, Prince Aziz, and Princess Merida were being crowned as well, just to name a few. But he was still going to be king of the biggest and most important kingdom. It was a heavy burden to bear for a teenager.

"Mom, Dad..." Ben began, not sure how to break this to his parents. He had been debating this for an entire year, knowing that, if it went as planned, it would change everything about Auradon's way of life. For the better, he hoped.

"I've chosen my first official proclamation. I've decided that the children of the Isle of the Lost deserve to be given a chance to live here at Auradon." He said, using his diplomatic voice, like he had been taught in his politics classes. "Every time I look out at the island, I feel like they've been abandoned."

Belle and Adam took a step back from shock, and Lumiere dropped his ruler. "There are children on the Isle of the Lost?" The king asked, making sure he heard his son right. "That's ridiculous! Who would even..."

"Yen Sid told me. He was shocked too." The prince nodded. He had had the same reaction when he first found out.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Ben?" Belle asked. "After all, I can't imagine a villain would teach their child good manners and kindness..."

"We'll start out with just four at first, only the ones who need our help the most." Ben went on, raising his hands. He just knew that his parents would agree with him, if he could give them the whole story. "I've already chosen them, there's no need to worry."

"Have you?" Belle asked, concerned, but paying attention. She always tried to hear everything someone had to say before making a judgment. "Well, I gave your father a second chance, I suppose this could go the same way. Who are their parents?"

"Captain Hook... the Queen of Hearts... Hades..." Ben paused at the last one, just for a second. He knew this villain in particular was infamous among the Auradonians. "And Ursula."

Lumiere gasped and dropped his measuring tape. The king and queen stared at their son in disbelief. "Ursula? She's the worst villain in the lands!" Adam roared.

"Dad, just hear me out!"

"They are guilty of unforgivable crimes!" Adam's beastly side was showing. His veins bulging and his face turning red with anger.

"But their children are innocent!" Ben reminded his father. "They're just kids, Dad. Don't they deserve a chance at a normal life?" He stared into the king's eyes, his natural sweetness and charm washing over his dad. "I've talked with Yen Sid a lot, and we both think these four are the right choice."

"Well, I gave you a chance, dear, I think these kids deserve one too." Belle said, putting a hand on her husband's shoulder. "Ben is right. They're just children."

"I suppose you're right." King Adam said, calming down. He looked at his son and nodded, giving Ben a boost of faith.

"Tell Stella, we'll bring them over first thing tomorrow morning."


Meanwhile, on the other side of the Sea of Serenity, there was the Isle of the Lost.

Aside from the children born there, nothing was actually native to the Isle. No crops would grow there, and there were no natural resources. Everything was cast off or thrown away from some kingdom in Auradon. Occasionally, some fresh fruit and new supplies were sent as a "peace offering", but the kingdoms had been forgetting to do that recently...

The villains had, begrudgingly, created their own society. They set up stores, restaurants, and even schools. Speaking of restaurants...

Ursula's Fish and Chips was busy as usual. Despite the quality of the food, many pirates, huns and other villains flocked to it out of convenience. The sea witch may have lost her powers, but she still had people skills and, most importantly, reputation.

"Welcome to Ursula's Fish and Chips, you'll take it how we make it." Uma, the sole waitress, balanced three plates at once, serving the customers with deadly precision. She did the majority of work around the place, while her mother spent most of her time watching Auradonian soap operas.

Uma was a surprisingly pretty girl for someone so fierce. She had dark skin and waist length, teal box braids, which matched well with her dress and barnacle encrusted hat. There was hardly a kid on the island who wasn't afraid of Uma. She could swordfight as well as any pirate, outdoing Hook's own children on multiple occasions, and always seemed to know just what to say to scare people into doing her bidding.

She would never tell anyone this, but what Uma really wanted was a friend. Someone on her level who could scheme with her, help her pull off pranks, and swordfight just as well as she could. Sure, having a semi-loyal group of pirates following her around was great, but none of them were really her friend. A boss wasn't friends with her employees, after all.

"How goes it, Captain?" Harry Hook asked, scaring Claudine Frollo out of her seat so he could eat her order of gruel. Captain Hook's only son was also Uma's biggest fan, and self proclaimed first mate. He admired her strength, and how easy it seemed for her to stay in control. He always had to fight for everything, growing up with two sisters (Harriet and CJ) who his dad clearly preferred.

Harry was a pretty boy with dark hair and eyes, and a muscular physique he loved showing off. He wore a long, scarlet coat he had "borrowed" from his father's closet, and carried a shiny silver hook. Harriet and CJ both had real hooks of their own, but no matter how hard he tried, Harry couldn't get Tik Tok the croc to bite off his hand. And cutting it off himself would just be silly. So he carried around a hook, in the hopes that he would earn it one day.

"How do you think?" Uma rolled her eyes, setting a plate of warm slop down in front of a young man, who was busy fiddling with a guitar. "Hey, Dante, if your dad comes looking for you, I'm telling him where you are." Uma reminded him. Hades' son rolled his eyes, knowing his father had more important things to do than chase down a teenager shirking his work.

Dante Olympios was not handsome by Auradonian standards. With his pale grey skin, golden eyes, and fiery blue hair, he looked like a teenage version of his father, just with softer features. However, he did have a sort of devilish charm that had landed him more than a few dates. His clothing choice was understated as well. A leather vest, ripped jeans, a choker, and a blue and black striped t-shirt.

"Hadie's covering my shift." He replied, tossing a coin into the waitress' hat. Dante wasn't afraid of Uma, or anyone, except Hades. The former god wouldn't let anyone else lay a hand on his sons, although he had no problem beating them or yelling at them when they disobeyed him. "I've got a song stuck in my head, and I can't work until I figure out what it is."

"That's what you said yesterday." Harry reminded him, strumming the other boy's guitar strings with his hook. "And we all know you were just looking for an excuse to watch Sheng Yu work out." Dante snarled and pushed the pirate out of his chair. Being gay wasn't really a big deal on the Isle, but any kind of romance lead to teasing. Villains weren't supposed to get crushes.

Speaking of romance... "I'm done, Zevon!" Quinn stuck her nose in the air, her heart shaped face twisted in a pout. The Princess of Hearts had just broken up with her boyfriend, which was hardly news to anyone who knew her. While they shared porcelain skin and black hair, Quinn only resembled her mother in the most superficial ways. She was quite cute and petite, and wouldn't have looked out of place in a line up of princesses, if it weren't for her bratty expression.

"What did I do?" Yzma's son asked. Quinn Heart simply huffed and sat down at an empty table. The Wonderland princess went through boys like a gambler went through money, rarely sticking with one for long. She was very proud, and didn't consider any Isle boy good enough for her. Quinn was dressed in her "casual" outfit, which consisted of a red and gold minidress, a long black cloak with gold lining, and a tiny tiara. All with heart and rose insignia's, of course.

"If you have to ask, you'll never know." She dismissed him, snapping her fingers to get Uma's attention. The blue haired girl turned around as Zevon left, grumbling under his breath about how there were plenty better looking girls on the Isle. "Waitress, do you have any tarts?"

"I'm looking at one." Uma replied. Harry Hook fell out of his chair laughing, and even Dante, who was pretending not to pay attention to the others, snickered. Quinn stood up and opened her mouth, about to say a comeback, when the door to the "employee lounge" opened.

Much to everyone's surprise, Ursula herself slithered out of her room, a big smile on her face. She hadn't changed at all in 20 years, aside from the lack of her infamous seashell necklace. "Pack your things, girl, you're transferring out of here!" The sea witch said to her daughter, wrapping a fat arm around her shoulder. Ursula never referred to her daughter by name, which anyone could see bothered Uma. Her face twitched whenever her mother called her "girl".

"All of you are." Hades, Captain Hook, and the Queen of Hearts walked into the restaurant together, standing behind their respective children. The customers all fled, not wanting to stick around for whatever was coming next. "To Auradon!"

Harry, Dante and Uma immediately turned around and tried to make a break for it, only to be grabbed by Ursula's tentacles. "Listen to your parents, kiddies." She said, condescendingly.

"I'm not going to some boarding school filled to the brim with prissy pink princesses!" Uma objected, trying to free herself from her mother's grasp. She hated being manhandled, or having anyone lay a hand on her without permission. Tentacles were especially bad, as the suction cups felt like hundreds of tiny, pinching fingers. Just thinking about it made her shiver.

"And perfect princes!" Dante spat, looking at his father angrily. He hated all kinds of authority, but royalty was at the top of his list. Especially Auradonian royalty, the ones who were responsible for trapping him on the Isle of the Lost in the first place.

"And I don't do uniforms." Harry agreed, gripping his hook tightly. "I bet they're all blue and yellow, and nothing leather!" He couldn't care less about what school he went to, as long as he could be himself. His loud, destructive, flamboyant self.

"I heard that they have animals everywhere in Auradon." Quinn mentioned. "Mom, you said animals are dirty creatures who spread diseases and bite girls who don't behave!"

"Woof." Dante said, leaning over so he was right in her face. The princess squeaked and nearly jumped out of her petticoat. She responded by punching the godling in the nose.

"The four of you are going, so shut it!" The Queen of Hearts bellowed. While she had lost quite a few pounds over the years, she still had her nasty temper, and would blow her top at the slightest inconvenience.

"What Cora means is that you all have an important part to play." Hook said, grabbing his son by the shirt and glaring at him until he stood up straight.

"We want you to steal the Fairy Godmother's wand." Hades explained, clasping his hands in a sinister gesture. "With that, you can tear down the barrier and set us all free. Then we can take over the world!"

"What's in it for us?" The four teenagers said, almost in unison.

"Matching thrones." Ursula replied to Uma, gesturing to the old coral and sea stone throne she kept around for nostalgic purposes.

"Hers and hers crowns." Cora continued, tapping her daughter's dented tiara.

"Your own battalion of ships." Hook told Harry, smiling for once in his life.

"Freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want." Hades promised Dante.

"You kids want to make us proud for once in your lives?" Ursula put it simply. "With that wand and my necklace, I'll be able to bend good and evil to my will!"

"Our will." Cora interjected.

"Yes, yes, whatever." The sea witch waved her hand dismissively. "Understand, children?"

Uma was about to object, but her mother fixed her with a stare, the kind she rarely had to use against her daughter. The girl sighed and gave in. "Fine, we'll do it."

"That's a good girl." Ursula chuckled. The other villains began encouraging their children, in their own way.

"Remember, Quinnie dear, you just find yourself a prince with a big castle and a mother-in-law wing." Cora reminding her daughter of what she considered really important.

"They've got magic in Auradon, kid." Hades pulled his son aside to talk. "You'll finally get those powers Zeus took from you. So make your mother and me proud and try to burn down a few buildings, okay?"

"Don't screw this up." Was all Captain Hook had to say.

"Take my old spell book, girlie. It won't work here, but it will in Auradon." Ursula handed Uma a dusty old book. It was about as big as a dictionary, covered in barnacles, and had a lock shaped like a clam shell. "It seems like only yesterday I was stealing it from my father's library and casting my first spell..." She waxed nostalgically. "And now you'll be making your own memories! By doing exactly as I say."

"Those princes won't know what's coming!" Cora fixed Quinn's crooked tiara and pushed her out the door.

"What's our mantra?" Hades asked Dante, trying to hype him up.

"There's no team in I." The godling repeated.

"You're gonna make me tear up." The villain grinned, shoving his son.

"Don't blow it." Hook reminded Harry, as he and Uma ran out the door.

The four VKs were greeted by two tall men in dark suits, standing in front of a large limousine. The badges on their shirts showed that they were Auradonian royal guards. They stared down the teenagers with no emotion on their faces. "The jackals have landed."

Uma, Harry, Dante and Quinn were unceremoniously shoved into the back of the limousine, which began driving straight into the harbor. "You're gonna drive straight into the ocean!" Harry shouted, trying to get the driver's attention. But he only responded by rolling up the divider window.

Right before the limo hit the water, one of the guards pressed a button on a small remote, which opened a limo-sized hole in the barrier. They shot out of the hole and landed safely on a magical bridge that clearly hadn't been there before. The VKs stared out the window, watching as they approached Auradon, their new home...