"Dexter's Laboratory Log Three Thousand Six Hundred and Forty," Dexter said as the camera he was speaking to began recording. "After weeks of trial and error, I am finally making some serious progress on Project Space Warp. If successful, this experiment may help us in our war against Planet Fusion." The boy explained as he walked away while the camera followed him, locked onto his position.

"Shall I begin starting up the Space Warp Device, Dexter?" Computress asked, standing by the machine that the boy genius was walking toward. It was a circular blue glowing floor panel outlined by some red metal. It looked like a typical Dexlabs warp gate, albeit sleeker and about three times bigger. There were also levers, buttons, and knobs galore, and two computer screens across from each other on the outside of the device.

"Yes, please." Dexter replied before turning to face the camera again. "While Computress begins the start-up procedure, perhaps I should explain exactly what this experiment is, since I haven't given exact details in past logs." As he continued speaking, his assistant tapped one of the device's screens and a holographic keyboard appeared in front of her, allowing her to begin typing information into it.

"As I'm sure anyone who's viewing this knows, Planet Fusion is currently trying to absorb our world, and Lord Fuse is willing to go to any lengths to ensure that happens," Dexter's device made a noise that indicated it was powering up in the background. "So far, we've managed to keep the Earth and most of its citizens as safe as possible, but we have had little to no success in driving him away from our world. Every day, his Fusions injure more people and his Fusion Matter spreads to more areas, multiplying and adapting to our planet to grow even stronger."

"The Space Warp Device is currently booting up as intended." Computress interrupted as a few positive sounding electronic beeps were heard.

Dexter continued to explain excitedly. "My newest invention, the result of Project Space Warp, uses technology similar to the warp gates that you probably use to travel into the infected zones scattered around Townsville. However, this is meant to be used on a far larger scale," The boy put one hand on the machine and gestured toward it with his other hand. "This device, at some point, could be capable of teleporting you as far away as the planet Mars if my calculations are correct. Of course, at the moment we're testing it to make sure that it could even take you to the other side of this laboratory." he admitted.

"The device will be fully operational within the next few minutes." Computress spoke up again while pushing a few buttons and pulling a mechanical lever on the machine.

"I'll wrap this up then," Dexter adjusted his glasses. "I mentioned that hypothetically the Space Warp device is capable of taking you straight to Mars, but there is a closer and more strategically relevant place within that same distance. We haven't had contact with the Kids Next Door's Moonbase since the Fusions arrived on our planet, and have been unable to send any search parties due to most of our space capable vehicles being targeted and destroyed early on in the invasion. Obviously, being able to simply teleport there and back, saving anyone stranded inside and potentially getting access to more reinforcements and equipment would be a very good thing."

Nearby, a low humming noise from the boy's invention was beginning to grow in volume, and some small blue lights lit up across the machine. "The experiment will begin shortly, so I must end the video here. I should have an update ready on Project Space Warp in the next log. Dexter, out."

Meanwhile, in a forest far from Dexter's laboratory, a girl with a red hood and scythe in her hands charged forward. "Alright, let's do this!" Ruby let out a battle cry, but was quickly knocked backwards into the air by a vine-like appendage. "I shouldn't have done that!" The girl shouted as she flew backwards through the air.

Suddenly, a glyph that resembled a snowflake appeared behind her, stopping her and cushioning her impact. "Nice catch, Weiss! That was pretty cool!" Ruby complimented her best friend as she safely jumped to the ground.

"I told you it was a bad idea to just mindlessly charge at it!" Weiss complained as she ran toward her partner with her rapier drawn.

"I'm fine, thanks for asking." Ruby retorted as she picked her weapon up off the ground, before she noticed something approaching them. "Watch out!" The girl used her weapon to slash another pitch black vine into pieces before it could reach her partner. She then did the same to another one that reached for her while her friend used her rapier to cut a third one that was larger and had a few small branches that almost looked like fingers. At least half a dozen more of the dark vines started charging toward both of them. "Weiss! Crescent Propeller!" she called out as she threw her scythe into the air.

"On it!" Weiss pointed her weapon at Ruby's and created a glyph around the latter's scythe before it could hit the ground. A second later, it began to quickly spin in midair much like, appropriate to the attack name, a propeller. The girl in white then moved her rapier, controlling the scythe and sending it flying around herself and her partner, slicing through the limbs that were attacking them. Once the vines surrounding them were cut to pieces, they both ran forward, using the makeshift propeller as a shield as it continued to shred through the plant-like appendages. After Weiss knew she had sliced through all of the vines chasing them, she stopped spinning the scythe and Ruby grabbed it in midair as her friend's glyph disappeared.

"Uh oh..." Ruby muttered as she looked at the monster they were now standing a few feet away from. Its face was black and white, with yellow eyes and red markings that made it clear the creature was a Grimm. The rest of its body resembled a tortoise, with four dark colored scaly legs and a light colored shell that looked like it was made out of rock covering the rest of its body. In addition, about a dozen black vines like the ones that had attacked Ruby and Weiss were connected to it, and they had buried themselves into the ground like plant roots. Unfortunately, more vines were slowly but surely growing out of the back of the creature's shell, replacing the ones that were just cut to pieces. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the Grimm was also about as tall as the tress surrounding the area and several times as wide. "That's a big turtle monster..." The girl in red commented in awe.

"Tortoise." Weiss corrected her. The Grimm started growling, showing off some ugly teeth as it did so.

"...What?" Ruby asked. Both of the girls were watching the monster closely in case they needed to react to an attack.

"Turtles are in the water and have fins. This Grimm is on land and has legs, so it's a big tortoise monster." the girl with white hair replied.

"Why does it matter?" Ruby asked, glancing at one of the monster's nearby root-like vines buried in the ground.

"Because they're different animals and it's important to know the difference," Weiss explained. "Information like that could save your life someday."

"...How?" Ruby replied, shifting her gaze between the Grimm and its appendages still in the ground. "Ugh... Never mind, we've got bigger problems to worry about."

"Fair enough," Weiss conceded, noticing that the tortoise creature's vines were nearly fully regrown and they didn't have time for a biology lesson. "What's the plan?"

"It hasn't attacked us with those plant tentacle things that it still has in the ground. I'm betting there's a reason for that." The scythe wielder also silently noted that the grass in the surrounding area, especially around the vines, looked dry and brown, and there were several small plants in the area that looked like they were dead or dying as well.

"It also hasn't tried attacking us with its legs or teeth," Weiss added. "It's just sitting there and letting us talk right in front of it. That's unusual behavior for a Grimm..." The creature growled menacingly at her, but still didn't attack while she bent over to pick up a particularly ill looking flower.

"What are these things, anyway?" Ruby walked up to one of the buried vines and looked up close, before trying to pull it out of the ground with one hand. She couldn't get it to budge and tried pulling harder as a result. "I don't think... I can move this..." She let go of the vine, sure that even if she tried her hardest, it wouldn't be going anywhere. "The way these are buried in the ground, they're almost like..."

"They're plant roots," Weiss replied, finishing her partner's thought for her. The flower she had picked practically broke apart as she held it in her hand. "It's hurting everything else in this ecosystem to support itself."

"We need to stop this thing before it kills everything else in this forest." Ruby adjusted her scythe and got ready to slice the vine she was standing next to.

"Ruby!" Weiss noticed that there were several more vines lunging straight at her and her friend. "We have a problem!"

"Dexter, the Space Warp device appears to be malfunctioning." Computress informed the boy genius as she read a notification on the holographic screen.

"What?" Dexter activated another screen on the machine and looked for himself. The boy tapped the screen and several virtual sliders and knobs appeared. "Maybe I just need to adjust the settings."

"This is still technically a prototype," Computress reminded Dexter as she continued to look for information on her own screen. "The machine itself seems to be functioning well enough. There may be a flaw with the interface."

"I could have sworn I had fixed all of the bugs, but..." Suddenly, both his and Computress' screen froze and an odd red static effect briefly appeared. "What is going on?"

"Dexter, this glitch could potentially be dangerous," Computress noted, but as quickly as the malfunction began, it ended, leaving the screens back to normal. The two looked at each other in confusion. "I strongly recommend we stop this experiment until we know what exactly is causing these issues."

"But... I've been working on this project non-stop for weeks. How could I have missed a minor flaw like this?" Dexter tapped his screen and began typing on the holographic keyboard that appeared when a thought occurred to him. "Hmm... A minor flaw. And whatever it is, it only affects the interface and not the device itself."

"We don't know that for sure," Computress insisted. "If we delay the test and fully diagnose the issue-"

"The device is fully operational and is running with no problems, that brief glitch aside," Dexter interrupted his assistant. "I just ran a full diagnostic test."

"Within ten seconds?" Computress was skeptical. "Dexter, I-"

"Our screens briefly malfunctioned, but when they did nothing else was affected," Dexter insisted, again interrupting his assistant in hopes of reassuring her. "We have no evidence to suggest that the device itself has a major problem."

"But it's still a possibility," Computress countered, but knew that if her creator wanted to move ahead, there wasn't much she could do to stop him. "Are you certain that you want to continue the experiment?"

"Yes, I'm positive," Dexter answered confidently. "Trust me. What's the worst that could happen?"

"The Space Warp Device could have a severe malfunction and explode, which would have the power to decimate all of Tech Square and the surrounding area." Computress calculated.

"...Well, at least it would take out Mandark Industries too." Dexter commented, trying to lighten the mood after the revelation. "Right then... I'll set the device's coordinates. A portal should open right over there." Dexter pointed to a mostly empty part of the room that had been cleared to make room for the experiment.

"The experiment is ready to proceed," Computress said reluctantly. "For the record, I still feel that this isn't a good idea, Dexter."

"I understand your concern, but it wouldn't be science without a few risks every now and then, would it?" Dexter returned to his screen on the device and began typing on the virtual keyboard that projected out of it. "Prepare for the first test in three, two-"

"-One!" Ruby ran toward the last root in the ground and sliced it with her scythe, causing the Grimm to shriek in pain. "That's all of them. Hopefully that- Uh oh!" She looked back at the monster just in time to see one of its giant feet moving toward her in a stomping motion. The girl dashed out of the way, leaving some rose petals behind as it hit the ground. The tortoise growled again in anger.

"We definitely made it upset," Weiss commented as she slashed through a couple of the creature's vines. "But it looks like that's all we did."

The Grimm shifted its gaze toward the duo and snarled before the appendages on its back started to grow back once more. It then moved another leg forward and began to walk toward them, no longer anchored by its roots. "Scratch that. We actually made things worse." the girl in white added.

"This thing has to have a weak point somewhere," Ruby said as she and Weiss started to back away from the monster. The Grimm continued to move toward them, and it sent two vines that looked very different from the others to attack them. They resembled fly trap plants in a way, but their mouths looked like the kind one would expect to see on a mammalian carnivore. "...Are those teeth?!"

"This isn't good." Weiss noticed that there were at least a dozen other vines getting ready to attack her and Ruby as well.

But as one of the two fly trap plants was about to lunge at Weiss, the sound of a gunshot accompanied a bullet that blasted a hole through it, causing it to drop to the ground. She looked in the direction it came from and saw a girl dressed in black with a bow on her head standing in one of the nearby treetops.

"Hey, ugly!" A blonde girl with gauntlet weapons on her hands jumped in front of Ruby and grabbed the other fly trap by its mouth. "My sister isn't a chew toy!" Yang then pulled the top and bottom of its mouth apart with enough strength that she tore its head in half.

"Where have you two been?" Weiss asked the other two members of her team as she adjusted the setting on her weapon and used an augmented bullet to hit a few other vines and freeze them in ice.

"A pack of Beowolves gave us some trouble." Blake replied as she jumped out of the tree and fired some more rounds at the plant appendages.

"So, what's with the giant turtle?" Yang asked as she added some shots of her own into the mix.

"Tortoise," Weiss corrected her friend. "Turtles are in the-"

"That doesn't matter right now, Weiss!" Ruby interrupted her partner and answered her sister's question. "This Grimm is siphoning the nutrients in the ground and killing all of the nearby plants." She used her scythe to slash through several vines at once, putting another temporary stop to the onslaught.

"Oh. Is that it?" Yang asked, causing Ruby to raise an eyebrow. "I'm not saying that's a good thing, I just would have thought that something this big would be doing something worse than killing plants."

"Yang," Weiss started to explain. "Right now it's just siphoning this area, but when it's done here it'll move on to another area, siphon that area, then move again, siphon, and repeat until the whole forest is nothing but dead trees and plants!"

"Yeah, that's sort of lame. Is it at least going to eat the animals too, or something?" Yang questioned as Ruby face palmed and Weiss folded her arms and shook her head.. "Eh, never mind. I'll kill it anyway." Yang pointed her gauntlets at the monster and got ready to fire a barrage of bullets.

"Yang, wait-!" Ruby tried to warn her sister, but was unable to stop Yang as she began to fire several quick shots at the Grimm's head, all of which bounced harmlessly off it and fell to the ground. The damage done appeared to be non-existent as the creature reacted by blinking, with a look on its face that seemed little more than mildly annoyed.

"We already tried that! Nothing we have is going to break through that shell." Weiss explained.

"We've got more of those vine things on their way!" Blake noticed more appendages growing out of the tortoise's back, along with some more coming out of its sides.

"Maybe the places those vines are coming from are where it's vulnerable..." Ruby thought out loud before quickly coming up with a plan. "Weiss, Blake, you try and get up there! Yang and I will distract it."

"Right!" Weiss summoned a few glyphs that were arranged in a way that they'd act as stepping stones onto the Grimm. "Let's hurry." Blake nodded and both of them began to jump between the hovering platforms. Some vines changed course to try and intercept them, but were quickly shot down by Ruby, who had shifted her weapon into its sniper rifle form.

"Well, I think the distraction is working." The blonde girl commented. She punched two vines and grabbed a third one, tearing it in half. Another couple plants tried to sneak up behind her, but some shots from Ruby prevented their ambush.

"That's a safe bet." Her sister replied. She noticed that more of the appendages now seemed to have either partially formed hands or mouths like she had seen on a few of the vines earlier. Ruby called out to her friends loud enough that they could hear her on top of the tortoise. "How do things look up there?"

"Crowded!" Her partner replied as she held off as many of the plants as she could while Blake knelt down to examine one of the openings for the tortoise's appendages.

"This almost looks like flesh..." Blake said as she stood up. "Let me know if it reacts to this!" She stabbed the area with her sword. The Grimm's response was a loud cry of pain and all of its appendages briefly flinched in mid air where they were.

"It reacted to that!" Yang shouted to her partner once the screeching stopped as she took advantage of the monster's paralysis and fired some shotgun rounds at its limbs.

"Looks like you were right about its weakness!" Weiss found another spot that hadn't started to form another vine and stabbed it with her rapier, causing the monster to emit another shriek. "Great! Now we just need to do this a few dozen more times, and-" Suddenly, the Grimm pushed its front legs into the ground and jumped backwards, briefly standing on its back legs.

"Guys! Are you alright?!" Ruby didn't hear a response, but noticed that the Grimm was coming back down fast, and looked like it was going to land right on her and her sister.

"Move!" She activated her semblance and Yang shot one of her gauntlets behind her to boost herself. In the former's haste to get out of the way, she tripped over something on the ground, but had managed to get far enough that she wouldn't be crushed. The monster landed on its feet, creating some dust that traveled in the air while it growled loudly.

"Ruby! Are you okay?" Yang ran to her sister. Both of them coughed a few times due to the dirt in the air.

"Ow..." Ruby managed to say after the coughing subsided. Yang helped her up, but she cringed a bit as she got back to her feet. "Weiss! Blake!" She called again, still worried that they hadn't responded a few moments ago.

"We're fine!" Weiss called back as she and Blake landed on a glyph nearby before jumping to the ground. "The shell is practically unbreakable, but everything under-" Their leader tried to walk up to them, but nearly fell over again. "Ruby, what's wrong?"

"I think I sprained my ankle or something..." The girl in red stood up again after some difficulty with help from her sister. "I can stand, but moving around is going to be a problem."

"Don't strain yourself!" Weiss said in concern as Ruby tried to take another step forward. "You'll make the injury worse."

"Well, it's sort of hard to stand still when- Ow!" She felt another surge of pain in her ankle, but managed to keep her footing. "Okay... If I move a little slower, I-"

"Just stay back here," Yang told her sister. "The three of us will-"

"Um... Guys." Blake got her friends' attention as the dust settled and pointed at the Grimm. It looked much angrier than before, and also had what looked like two giant green hands with large, almost humanoid fingers. On closer look one could tell that the various smaller vines were wrapping around each other to form the two hands, both of which clenched to form fists.

"We aren't done yet. Let's finish this," Ruby said as she shifted her weapon back into its scythe form. "I can still fight, it's just going to hurt a little bit more than usual." She tried to reassure herself as well as her friends.

"I guess we don't have much of a choice," Weiss replied. All four girls had their weapons drawn and were ready to fight. "You have a plan, right?"

"Working on it," The leader tried to think. "We just have to strike at its weak spots. If we all take turns attacking and distracting it we might be able to keep getting on its back and hitting it until we take it down."

"That sounds pretty boring." Yang complained.

"And time consuming," Weiss added. "I'm not sure that we have enough energy or ammo to do that, especially with your ankle. We might need to fall back and get reinforcements."

"We can't just retreat and leave it here." Ruby countered. "When we come back it might have done more damage. It's up to us to take this turtle down!"

"Tortoise." Weiss reminded her partner once more.

"Whatever it is, it's about to get shell shocked!" Yang declared, causing the others to look at her in disbelief. "You know, because it has a shell..."

"It's a giant plant monster, Weiss," Ruby began to argue, trying to ignore her sister's pun. "Why do you-?" Suddenly, the team heard a strange, loud noise in front of them that sounded like an electronic vacuum of some kind. Their attention was then drawn to a bright blue light that appeared out of seemingly nowhere on the ground close to the monster.

The Grimm also noticed the odd light and growled before trying to stomp on it with one foot. It disappeared for a moment, but as the plant creature turned its attention back to Team RWBY, it reappeared, and the monster began to glow a bright blue. The girls covered their eyes for a moment since it was incredibly bright and heard another loud noise, this one more comparable to energy forming and then dissipating. A moment later, they reopened their eyes and saw that not only was the monster gone, but there was a portal of some sort on the ground.

"What just happened?" Blake managed to ask as her friends simply stood there in silent shock and confusion.

"Dexter, I just picked up some strange readings from the device." Computress informed the boy.

"I noticed. It seemed like a power surge of some kind," Dexter replied as he looked around the room. Despite or perhaps because of the power spike it looked like the device had failed to create a portal. "It looks like I underestimated the device's flaws. You were right, Computress. Well, I suppose we should shut it down so that I can figure out what's wrong with it."He was disappointed that the machine didn't seem to work, but decided there was no use crying over spilled milk.

"Actually," Computress started to say after she received another reading. "The Space Warp Device successfully created a portal."

"Really?!" Dexter asked in excitement as he ran back up to the machine's holographic screen to confirm for himself. "Yes, it has! But if it isn't in the lab..." He looked at the center platform on the Space Warp Device. Normally it looked like just a bunch of clear blue hexagons, but now the boy could see a bright blue sky. He walked onto it to get a closer look and realized what he was seeing. "It looks like the portal was created somewhere outside."

"I'm checking the portal's coordinates now." Computress began to tap some icons on her monitor. "I've already ruled out the Science District and Midtown."

"Let me know when... Hmm?" Dexter noticed someone walk up to the portal and look back at him through it. "Hello there. Can you tell me where you are?" He tried communicating with the girl on the other side. She looked confused, as if she was trying to understand what he was saying. "I'm sorry about this, I was testing an invention of mine and I accidentally created a portal out there. Can you hear me?"

"Um... Hi!" Ruby smiled and waved at the boy she saw on the other side of the portal. She could see his lips moving, but couldn't hear what he was saying.

"Ruby, get away from that!" Weiss cried out in panic. "Did you not notice that thing vaporize a massive Grimm?"

"Okay, good. I wasn't the only one who saw that." Yang, like the others, was still trying to process what exactly had just happened.

"Guys, there's some boy on the other side of this thing," She looked closer and noticed that the picture she was seeing on the other side was cut up into hexagonal pieces and shimmered a little like she was looking into a body of water. "I don't know that this is but- Ow... it's really cool!" Ruby moved her foot to get onto the strange anomaly, but did it in a way that made her feel another jolt of pain.

"Have you lost your mind?" Weiss walked up to Ruby and grabbed her arm, trying to gently pull her back to avoid aggravating her injury. "You don't know what could happen if you touch this thing!"

"Well, the boy on the other side is standing on it," Ruby pointed at him and noticed that one of her feet was now on the portal and nothing was happening to her. "See? It's fine." She moved her arm and got Weiss to let go.

"We should really get you back to Beacon," Blake insisted. "The more you use that ankle the longer it'll take to heal, and we need you in top shape for the Vytal Festival."

"Normally I'd agree with you, but there's a cool blue portal thing on the ground." Ruby took a couple more slow steps onto the portal and crouched to examine it. The boy seemed to be talking to someone she couldn't see and he walked off the platform.

"Hey, wait! Can you tell me what this thing is?" The girl called out to him. "I couldn't hear him talking before, so maybe he can't hear me..." she speculated.

"It's someone's semblance," Yang thought out loud. "That boy you're seeing probably has the ability to make portals. I've seen it before..."

"This seems... different, though. I've never seen a semblance that looks like this," Ruby replied as she felt the ground. "This feels... artificial, in a way." Even though the picture she was seeing almost looked like an illusion, she could feel something other than grass on the ground. She ran her fingers through it and noticed that not only did it feel a bit like liquid, but that touching it had created a ripple effect that briefly distorted the image.

"Dexter, I've now ruled out the greater Townsville area and much of the state," Computress stated. "I'll continue to search for the portal's location, but it's safe to say that it was severely off target."

"Fascinating," Dexter replied. "But also very concerning. If I can't even make a portal open in the state I want it too, it's hard to imagine I'll be able to open one accurately to the Moonbase or anywhere else for that matter." He walked back onto the machine's platform and saw that the girl was still there and waved at him again. The boy waved back, before speaking to Computress again. "Shut down the device, perhaps the interface isn't the problem after all. I'll disassemble it and see if I can find the cause of the problem."

"As you wish, Dexter." Computress began to type into her virtual keyboard, but a strange power charge noise was accompanied by the device's platform changing color to red. The keyboard also disappeared and she was unable to reactivate it. "Something's wrong. The device isn't responding and I can't access the interface."

"The other side looks like a facility or a lab. I think some kind of technology is making this." Ruby commented as she slowly stood up.

"Teleportation is physically impossible to create using technology," Weiss reminded Ruby. "And regardless, could you please get off that thing? I don't have a good feeling about it."

"I'm with Weiss," Blake agreed. "Whatever that is, it's not interesting enough to stick around and risk our safety."

"Aren't you curious to know what this is, though?" Ruby asked. "Won't it bother you if we just go home and never find out what caused it?"

Weiss shook her head and sighed. "It'll bother me if you get hurt messing with it. Now come on, more Grimm could show up at any second."

"Alright, fine, just let me-" The group heard a strange noise and the portal Ruby was standing on suddenly turned from bright blue to red. "-Huh?"

"Okay, red is never a good color for freaky portals," Yang noted. "Let's go."

"Um, guys..." Ruby started to say as she tried to move.

"Ruby, I know it's strange and we don't know what's going on, but that's all the more reason to leave," Weiss was losing her patience. "Now get off that thing!"

"I'm trying!" Ruby grabbed her leg and tried pulling. "I'm stuck, My legs won't move!"

"Oh, perfect!" Weiss ran up to her friend. "I told you not to mess with it!"

"Wait! Don't get on here!" Ruby stopped her partner from stepping onto the portal and potentially getting stuck herself. The leader pulled out her weapon and extended it into scythe form. "Grab Crescent Rose and try to get me off that way!"

"Hurry!" Yang panicked. "We have to get out of here!"

"Computress, what's going on?" Dexter's legs were paralyzed and he was unable to move off the platform.

"The Space Warp Device is critically damaged! A system failure is imminent." Computress reported as the machine started to spark with electricity and a noise made it sound as if it was overloading. "I can't stop it. We must evacuate, Dexter!"

"I can't move! There's no time, get out of here!" Dexter shouted. He looked down at his legs and noticed that they were glowing red and his feet were starting to disappear. "The Space Warp Device is taking me somewhere! I'll survive the teleportation, just figure out where I go and come find me!"

About half of the boy genius' body was now gone and the remainder of it was glowing.

"Weiss, let go!" Even with her friend trying to pull her she couldn't move an inch. "I'm not going anywhere, just save yourself!"

"We aren't going anywhere without you!" Weiss pulled on Crescent Rose as hard as she could, but it continued to be futile. Ruby was practically glued to the portal. "Just hang on!"

She noticed that Ruby's legs were starting to glow red and disappear. "We'll get you out of here! Just-"

"I'm sorry!" Ruby let go of her weapon, causing it and Weiss to fall backwards as her arms started to glow red and fade away as well. She wasn't in any pain, and she could still feel her limbs as if they were still there, but she wasn't sure if she would survive what was happening to her. "I-" The light consumed Ruby and the light glowed bright enough that her friends had to shield their eyes for a moment.

"Ruby!" Yang said helplessly as Blake stood beside her in silent shock. "No... She can't be..."

Weiss ran over to the light. "Ruby..." It was starting to dim enough that she could look into it, and she managed to catch a glimpse of a silhouette on the ground. She was about to breathe a sigh of relief before she realized that it didn't seem to look like Ruby. As the light disappeared, her friends could see that instead of Ruby, there was a boy with orange hair in a lab coat who seemed to be unconscious. Blake and Yang looked at each other in confusion.

Weiss thought for a moment. "He was on the other side of that portal... If he's here, then..."

Computress returned to the test room with a Dexbot to see The Space Warp Device in pieces of varying sizes scattered everywhere. The room itself wasn't much better, and the few other projects that were being kept there looked like they couldn't be salvaged. Even the walls were broken enough to reveal the hallways behind them. However, she also noticed that in the center of it all was a girl wearing a red hood. She seemed unharmed, but was unconscious.

"My scans indicate a heartbeat," the Dexbot said. "She's alive."

"Take her to a recovery room," Computress ordered. She wasn't sure who the girl was, but knew that wherever she was brought from was most likely where Dexter was now. She examined the mess of parts on the ground that were formerly the Space Warp Device. "I'll make some calls."