Credits - Life is Strange OST

What will happen when the old world dies?

What will happen when the universe collapses?

The world we knew, it will be ripped asunder.

And from it´s shards a new one will rise.

A world without crystals and Fal´Cie and fates and destiny. A world without borders. A world without gods.

A world without constants and full of variables.

A world without givens and full of possibilities.

A world of opportunities.

What will it be like that splendid new world, you might ask.

What will it bring?


Where to begin...

Imagine there´s the soothing rays of an early setting summer sun painting warm light patterns on your skin.

The scent of fresh field fowers dancing in the wind.

The soft tug of a gentle breeze.

The rustle of dry waist high grass.

And a perfect cloudless sky.

Imagine there´s the jolly chirps of early birds and the peaceful chirr of crickets hiding among those narrow blades of green.

There´s the taste of morning dew in the air and the sound of a tiny stream burbling in the distance.

And the touch of your skin on top of mine as your arms are wrapped around me in a tight embrace.

Imagine to open your eyes to bright pale blue ones.

While I´m staring into dark warm pools of amethyst .

As you´re looking into mine.

As I´m looking into your´s.

And I´m smiling.

Smiling at you.

Because I can feel your heartbeat right there underneath the palm of my hand resting on your chest.

A steady rhythmic beat.

Not the heart of Chaos.

But your very own.

And you...

You´re smiling back at me.

There always is a choice.

So many choices.

So many possibilities.

The old timelines collapsed and a new one will be formed.

We will create it along the way, as it was always supposed to be.

Yes, we are all time travellers in a sense.

Lost adventurers.

Walking the uncharted plains of this new history together, we´re all journeying towards the future.

One second at the time.

This journey is over now.

It wasn´t exactly an easy one.

Never simple, never straight-forward but never idle either.

Nobody knows what the next world will bring.

Will it be a peaceful one?

One filled with joy, with harmony?

I really cannot tell.

Cannot even fathom.

But whatever it will bring us,

there´s one thing I know for sure.

No matter what.

We´ll be together.

And I´d choose you.

In a hundred lifetimes.

In a hundred worlds,

In any version of reality.

I´d find you.

And I´d choose you.

- Kiersten White (The Chaos of Stars)