This is going to be an interesting little diddy, made by the insane mind that brought you everything else under my author name. I am semi- crazy. I teach education through madness, and common sense through violence. I laugh at everything, and make fun of everything else! Deeply philosophical at all the wrong things, and can be creepy or annoying, depending on your mood.

But I'm straying off course here. I finally got a place to place yet another brick of my wall! Jak and Daxter fan fiction! Finally! Now, I never played the game, but I got a good nack for nailing character. This should be simple.

Let the story begin! I will make a cross-over of a videogame loudmouth, and a cartoon loudmouth! Daxter and..Timon? Yes, sports fans, the internet message board, rabid fan debate is finally brought to the battelfield! I have finally made a benchmark for all others to follow in my footsteps! (right off a cliff.did I type that out-loud?)

Erm.sorry. Now let us watch as I type this little thang!

The sun hang low over Sandover Village. The haze of the falling dawn made it too hot to go outside. But still, some want to have fun. The local hotel had an open pool day, and it attracted a lot of people.

Unfortantely, not everyone was having fun. Daxter, the Otsell was one of them. He was having fun before getting thrown out. Apparently the manager didn't have a since of humor. He wandered back to the hut to await for Jak to come back, if he ever did. He dried off and hung his red trunks up. Daxter doesn't hate water, only if soap is involved.

He ran his fingers through his matted bangs, usually hidden by his cap and goggles, and flopped into the chair. Jak's chair.

He turned on the TV and flipped through the channels. He stopped on a show. It was the Timon and Pumbaa show.

"Finally, someone I can relate to! That Timon guy would understand where I'm coming from! He's full of energy, loves to get rich quick, and always helps his friends in the end. I gotta ask Jak if we can meet them! Timon and I could hang, have fun on the town! Jak is more like Pumbaa anyways, especially on burrito night."

Daxter trailed off, realizing he was talking to himself. He heard voices outside.

"Goodbye, Kerria! I had fun!" Jak said, drying behind his ears.

"Sure! We should do it again sometime!" She kissed Jak on the cheek and walked off to her home.

Daxter scowled at the sight of HIS girl kissing his friend. But all that would change soon.

As soon as Jak hit the door, Daxter was on top his head.

"I know something we can do! We can go meet...uh.some friends of mine!" Daxter said. He always made up a lie to talk Jak into doing something.

"What friends?" Jak asked, narrowing his eyes.

"My..uh...famous friends." Daxter said. He knew that he was already in over his head, but couldn't pull out now, he was so close..

"All right. Let me go get dressed." Jak said, still suspicious.

Daxter put on his gloves. It was too hot for his leather cap, so he decided on wearing a white T-shirt and black shorts, to shield the heat from his fur. He knew it would be hot in Africa, and also knew that heat made really nasty split ends. Suntan lotion was too messy in fur, and basically, the world was against him once again.

Now all that was left, was for tickets. 'Big Green' might be able to afford some. Unless, of course, they had a Power Cell. That old guy was worse than Daxter when it came to conning and scamming.

Jak came out in his traditional armor outfit, minus the sword.

"Where are these.'friends' exactly?" Jak asked warily.

"In Africa." Daxter answered quickly.

Jak rolled his eyes and sighed. He knew there had to be some ridiculous catch.