Conrad looked around at where he landed.

"What WAS that guy?" Conrad asked himself, rubbing his head.

He dusted himself off and began to walk around.

"I have GOT to capture that orange creature. And now that guy he hangs with is promising too!"

Meanwhile, Daxter was explaining to Timon and Pumbaa about how Jak became Dark Jak and if he is fully transformed he looks like a monster.

"Wow. So they really did that awful stuff to you?" Timon asked Jak, who was now normal again. Jak nodded sadly.

"He really don't like to talk about it." Daxter said in a whisper.

Timon and Pumbaa nodded, understanding why.

They decided to go see a movie, since they were banned from the mall now.

At the theater, Conrad once again appeared, taking tickets.

"Your screen is on the left." He told the four heroes. They followed his direction and walked right into a cage. The door slammed shut behind them.

"VICTORIOUS!" Conrad said to himself, pointing to the air in victory. "Now I, Conrad Quint, shall make a fortuitous fortune off of you four!"

Conrad was so rapped up in his victory, he failed to notice almost stepping on the foot of a certain Mr. Bear.

The four cringed and looked away from the carnage in front of them.

"On the plus side, it is better than a movie." Daxter said. Timon smiled.