Somewhere in Tokyo, Japan~

In the street of Tokyo you can see in the middle of the crowd there was a young man wearing a fedora and a mask showing off his magic trick.

The crowd was amazed by it.

Brown hair with antigravity hair with a doe eyes hiding under the mask.This young man is none other than Sawada Tsunayoshi our Tunafish!

Tsuna seems waiting for his target a man with a briefcase. His target step out from the apartment checking his surrounding.

"Next magic trick! I Need one assistant!"

Some of the crowd shouted 'pick me! pick me!'

But Tsuna went closer to the target.

"Hello sir would you like to be my assistant for the next magic trick?"

Tsuna smile genuine.

The man adjust his glass and said

"NO THANK YOU!" With a simple answer the man left Tsuna.

"Awwww! It seem that he's little shy~"

The crowd laughed.

But the man just ignore it and walk away faster.

"Awwww look at the time it already 12:00,I have to go bye"Tsuna throwed a rose and disappear with pink smoke.

The crowd amazed by it.Watching from afar

Tsuna smirked.

"No thanks to YOU"Tsuna mutter Playing the man's I.D.

Since that day he met that Damn Pedo Bastard. He didn't stop bewitching people it was like a curse or it was really a curse. Using their weakness and a good acting will leave them bewitched. He thirst for it he cannot live without it.


"Tsuna can you hear me?"

"Yes I can hear you Shoichi-chan" Tsuna reply.

"Did you get the I.D?"

Tsuna smirk

"Of course it was too easy~"

On the other line Shoichi sweetdrop

"*sigh* I know your gonna say that"

Tsuna chuckle

"Come on let's start the second step my little minion~"

"Arrrggggg M-my Stomach"

Time Skip~

tsuna was hiding watching from afar observing how and where are the guards are.


"T-tsuna I think this is going to be a b-bad i-idea"

"Oh... Come on shoichi this is going to be fun~" Tsuna smirk evily.

Shoichi shiver

"A-ano S-sawada-san can you really s-save my onii-sama, t-that p-place is heavy g-guarded"

"Kukukukuku don't worry it was a piece of strawberry cake for me ~"

'YOUR THINKING ABOUT CAKE AGAIN!' You can hear in the background.

"*ahem...* So shoichi-chan start hacking their system ~"

'Damn your sadistic personality' shoichi mutter and start hacking there system undetected.

As shoichi finished hacking. Tsuna disguise himself as a doctor,wearing an eye glass and a lot of hair gel. Walk inside the building but stopped by the guard.

"Hold it! Where's your I.D?"

Tsuna smiled.

Take his I.D out and give it to the guard#1. Guard#2 eyed tsuna suspiciously but give it away.

"Here's your I.D sir. you may enter, have a great day."

'oh yes this is going to be a great day!'

Tsuna's humming happily, his eyes gleam orange as he walk by.

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