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Siblings Of The Web – Prologue



"You can't fill your cup until you empty all it has. You can't understand what lays ahead if you don't understand the past. You'll never learn to fly now until you're standing at the cliff. And you can't truly love until you've given up on it."

Satellite (2011) Rise Against

Queens, early morning

"Bye Uncle Ben. Bye Aunt May." Fifteen year old Peter Parker said kissing his Aunt May on her cheek then he plucked a pastry from the toaster oven on his way towards the back door. Peter was dressed in his customary black slacks and buttoned up white dress shirt. Silver wire framed glasses were perched on his face.

"Have fun on your field trip to Horizon Labs young man." Aunt May called after her departing nephew from her positioned seated at the dining room table across from Uncle Ben. Her white hair tied in a long dignified ponytail. Her soft blue eyes shined with kindness from behind her horn rimmed glasses.

"Oh believe me I will." Peter said animatedly. "Less than a month into my sophomore year of high school and I'm already visiting Horizon Labs for the first time, one of the premier research facilities in the world. I can hardly believe it."

"Remember kiddo be on your best behavior." Uncle Ben said gruffly from behind his copy of the Daily Bugle. His steely grey eyes the same color as his neatly close cropped hair, a holdover from his younger days spent as a marine. "I know you're excited but don't lose your head over this thing. Remember what your Aunt and I have taught you. Be respectful, listen and most importantly be mindful of your surroundings at all times. We do live in New York City, one never knows what might happen."

"Ben don't worry the boy unnecessarily." Aunt May chided.

"Forewarned is forearmed May." Uncle Ben said. "Now run off kiddo and have fun." Uncle Ben put down the newspaper. He reached into his shirt pocket retrieving two twenty dollar bills. "My treat."

"Gee thanks Uncle Ben." Peter said smiling as be snatched away the bills.

"Ben you're spoiling the boy." Aunt May said.

"Go out with your friends somewhere nice for supper after the field trip, ok Peter?" Uncle Ben said ignoring his wife's chastising tone.

"Sure thing," Peter said between bits of pastry. Peter shouldered his battered brown corduroy book bag leaving home.

"Peter forgot his field trip pass." Aunt May said frowning she picked up the key card from the kitchen table. "They might not let him inside Horizon Labs without it. Security is so tight there."

"Don't look at me. I'm due at work in fifteen minutes. The Horizon Building is on the other side of town." Aunt May said. "Oh dear, I promise Anna Watson I could take her shopping. He hasn't gotten out much since her hip surgery."

"Good morning Uncle Ben. Good morning Aunt May." Peter's eleven-year-old sister Teresa Parker said entering the kitchen.

The tween stopped to give Ben a kissed on his cheek at his urging. She was dressed in blue overalls, a red short-sleeved undershirt, and red sneakers. Her shoulder short brown hair was styled in a pixie cut. She was the definition of cute although she hated to hear that.

The brother and sister pair came to live with Ben & May following the tragic deaths of their parents in a plane crash. Peter been five at the time and Teresa little more than a baby. Although employees of the Federal Government Ben's brother Richard and his wife Mary Peter left behind no life insurance because government officials would not release the monies. Something about "a classified project". While the family never had much in the way of cash their house was always full of love.

"Tess," Aunt May said. Everyone called Teresa Tess rather than use her full name. "Could you be a dear and take Peter's field trip pass to Horizon Labs. He forgot it."

"But I wanted to go shopping with you and Mrs. Watson," Teresa whined. "You promised Aunt May. It's my only day off this semester that isn't a holiday when all the stores will be open."

"Tess please do this for me." Aunt May said.

"But Aunt May-," Teresa began to further protest.

"Listen to your aunt Tess. We're Parkers. Family sticks together. Always remember that. Take the key card to Peter." Uncle Ben said firmly.

"Fine, I'll take the stupid card to Peter," Teresa pouted. "But I don't have to like it."


Peter reached the bus stop located about a block away in under fifteen minutes his best time yet. Sure he had to dodge a couple unsavory characters along his route but this was New York such things were expected. Two of Peter's three friends waited for him at the bus stop: one was Liz the other his best female friend Gwen.

Gwen was the daughter of NYPD Captain George Stacy. Like Peter she was what most people would term a geek. The blonde haired girl always wore grey cargo pants along with a hoodie of some sort. Today it was orange. A matching hair band and unfashionable chunky glasses completed her ensemble. With her bright blue eyes, well portioned face and clear pale complexion Gwen could easily have been considered good looking if she'd put more effort into her outward appearance.

Liz Allen was Gwen's opposite in almost every way. Where Gwen was reserved the dark eyed, mocha skinned, black haired girl was outgoing. Where Gwen felt comfortable in a thrown together outfit Liz wouldn't be caught dead in anything less than one of color coordinated perfection. Gwen often joked around Liz seldom did although she frequently flashed her dazzling smile to impress. Currently Liz was clad in an airy navy blue dress with matching pumps that bordered on the risqué displaying a tantalizing amount of bust and leg for a school trip.

Liz and Gwen only pretended to get along for Peter's sake. Gwen felt the cheerleader was taking advantage of the lanky boy with the unruly mop of brown hair and soulful deep brown eyes. Using him for own her ends mainly to get ahead in computer, science, chemistry and math classes, Peter had already agreed to help Liz with her homework all year long following a date they went on in summer. A date during which Peter bought everything and Liz left early after making a flimsy excuse. By the first week it had became painfully apparent to all, save Peter, that Liz's definition of "help" entailed Peter doing all her home work along with his own.

"Hello Pete." Liz purred.

"Hi Pete," Gwen said casually.

"Hi Liz, Gwen," Peter said, "Great day for a field trip huh ladies?"

"Please," Liz said. "If they weren't forcing us I'd skip the whole thing. I can think of a million places I'd rather be than a stuffy old science lab."

"Really, because I think it is fascinating." Gwen gushed. "Horizon Labs is involved in cutting edge research. Their findings will help change the world. I know it."

"Why am I not surprised." Liz said rolling her eyes.

"Bet if it were a fashion show or something equally inane you'd be interested." Gwen said.

Liz wasn't exactly sure what "inane" meant but she knew it is bad. "Says the girl who has never been on a date." She fired back.

"Ladies, Ladies please don't ruin this great day by arguing." Peter said verbally inserting himself between his friends. Liz turned her nose up at Gwen who did likewise. It was a rather uncomfortable wait until the bus arrived five minutes later with Gwen and Liz periodically glaring daggers at each other.

Horizon Labs, two hours later

Outside it was a crisp mid-September day. The wind had picked up since morning carrying a distinct chill an early preview of coming autumnal weather. Inside Peter and Gwen happily followed their assigned tour guide while Liz lingered behind chatting with several of her fellow cheerleaders. She clearly wasn't interested in the tour and was instead killing time until it ended. After a lengthy explained Peter had been admitted to the lab even though his key card was missing thanks to the intervention of Horizon owner Max Modell. A gregarious heavyset man with orange hair and a thick beard.

"Gwen you have to be the only girl I know who likes creepy crawlies." Harry Osborn said shivering at the sight of multiple arachnids scurrying through the large transparent enclosure. His hazel eyes avoided the creatures as if merely viewing them would contaminate his very being. Harry absentmindedly ran a hand through his auburn buzz cut as he slowly backed away.

Harry Osborn was the only child of Norman and Emily Osborn. Harry's father was the founder & CEO of Oscorp Industries. Norman Osborn had instilled in his son a strong work ethic from an early age. If Norman had his way he would have deprived Harry of most luxuries a boy of Harry's social standing would enjoy. Harry was thankful that his mother would have none of that. Harry secretly resented his father's tyrannical treatment while Norman viewed his son as a "good for nothing". Needless to say the two were far from close. Unlike his father Harry's mother Emily spoiled Harry whenever she could. As a result Norman often accused his wife of making their son "soft". Although stern Norman always gave into Emily in the end. She seemed to be the only person he genuinely showed any affection. A fact that bothered Harry who felt left out on the cold.

"Spiders and other arthropods are fascinating creatures. My favorite is the Black Widow. You should give them a chance Harry." Gwen said peering inside the enclosure her nose practically pressed against it.

"Don't female black widows eat their mates?" Harry gulped.

"Sure do," Gwen said not taking her eyes of the spiders.

"Maybe Stacy can chow down on Osborn or Parker once they do the nasty," laughed the obnoxious voice of Flash Thompson. Flash's ever present group of sycophants including, the hulking African American youth Kenny "Kong" McFarlane, mimicked his mirth. Gwen turned around scowling angrily at Flash.

The brown haired green eyed Eugene "Flash" Thompson was the son of Coach Harrison Thompson and his late wife Maria a teacher originally from Mexico. Owing to his excellent genetics along with his ceaseless hours of intense exercise Flash was unusually tall and well-built for his age. His father Harrison was an ex-pro baseball player who had struck out in the big leagues in Texas. Returning to NYC Harrison had descended into a spiral of alcoholism and family abuse following the death of his wife. Harrison had accepted a coaching job at his old high school. Harrison pushed Flash hard to succeed and Flash took it out on those around him, especially Peter Parker and his friends.

"Not funny Flash," Peter said.

"Sorry if I offended Frankenstein, his bride and Igor." Flash laughed. "C'mon guys let's leave the weirdoes to their sick obsessions." Flash laughed.

"Hey, Pete," Teresa said suddenly appearing.

"Tess, what are you doing here?" Peter asked confused.

"You forgot your field trip card. Aunt May sent me to bring it to you." Teresa said. "You're so forgetful Pete. Uncle Ben always says you'd forget your head if it wasn't screwed on." Everyone including Flash's group laughed at Teresa's comment.

"Be quiet Tess." Peter snapped his face reddening in embarrassment.

"Don't tell me to be quiet!" Teresa said. "I did you a favor coming here and you yell at me. I was forever getting a taxi. I wasted my day off for you. Some big brother you are Pete."

"Tess shut up," Peter said as the laughter increased in volume.

"No you shut up Peter," Teresa said.

"How'd you get inside anyway?" Peter wondered as security was so tight.

"A nice guy with a beard let me in when I explained you are my brother. He told me he ran this place and I told him what a huge fan you are of this place. I think his name is Max?" Teresa said. She pointed at Max who was some distance away. Max waved at her. Peter wanted to die. "I told him about the shrine you made to him in our basement. He thought it was neat."

"It isn't a shrine!" Peter snapped. There was more laughed even Harry snickered a bit. "Harry, Gwen I need to have a word with my sister in private." Peter said to his friends.

Peter was mortified. He grabbed Teresa by her arm. He pulled her off to a secluded spot where they could be alone.

"I can't believe you embarrassed like this in front of my friends and Max Modell." Peter ranted.

"What's the big deal?" Teresa asked.

"The big deal is you're always embarrassing me Tess." Peter said.

"And you're always being a jerk to me. I'm just trying to help." Teresa said.

"I don't need your help." Peter said.

"Fine Pete, take your stupid card! I'm leaving." Teresa said throwing the card at Peter.

Unnoticed by either sibling a red and blue colored spider descended on a thread of silk. It landed on Teresa's left bicep and bit her. She squeaked in pain. Her shudder tossed the spider off her body. The spider then landed on Peter's right hand and again bit down.

"Ouch," Peter said shaking it off. Without thinking he stepped on it killing the strange spider. "Damn thing bit me!"

"It bit me too," Teresa said rubbing her stinging shoulder.

Neither Parker sibling knew it at the time but their lives would never be the same. The spider that had bitten them was no ordinary arachnid. The creature was part of an experiment to create a new species via genetic splicing. An experiment that was assumed by those at Horizon to have failed. Earlier that day a careless worker had neglected to securely latch the door of the spider exhibit. Because of his carelessness, two new superheroes would soon rise - Spider-Man and Arachne.

To Be Continued

Question -

Who should I pair Peter with romantically in this story? While I have plans for Teresa in that regard I have no such plans for Peter yet. Should I go with a classic choice like Gwen, Mary Jane, Felicia or should I roll the dice and use somebody like a reformed Liz Allen or Betty Brant from the Daily Bugle instead? Please let me know in your reviews or private messages, thanks.

Author's Note One -

I'm using the versions of Liz Allen and Eugene "Flash" Thompson from the Spider-Man movie Homecoming just to change things up.

Author's Note Two -

I took inspiration for Emily Osborn being alive from the old Spectacular Spider-Man animated series. Don't worry Norman will still become the Green Goblin. I also have plenty of plans for Emily, but that would be telling.