Mechwarrior-Stray Character Index

Main Characters

Captain Raylan Vickers- A former member of Clan Wolf, Raylan has entered self-imposed exile after his run in with the Star Remnants on Misery's End to avoid bringing their wrath on his rebuilding Clan. Fiercely loyal but internally conflicted, Raylan now wanders the Inner Sphere as a stranger with Kain's Cavalry. Having lost his beloved Timber Wolf, Tala, on Misery's End, he now pilots a customized Cauldron Born he calls Ghira. Although surrounded by allies, Raylan finds himself lost and alone torn between knowing he made the right decision and wanted desperately to return to the only home he has ever known.

Sergeant Clara- The other former Clanner to join Kain's Cavalry, Clara is an accomplished pilot in her own right, but never stepped outside her superiors' shadow within the Clan. Specializing in indirect and artillery fire, she formerly piloted a Mad Dog in tandem with Raylan's Timber Wolf providing covering fire for the brawler, her 'mech was savaged on Misery's End as well. She now pilots a Hellbringer, moving further into a role alongside Raylan as a second brawler. Clara is much more comfortable leaving Clan Wolf behind, finding it too far changed to be her Clan anymore and viewing the mercenary life as a wonderful opportunity to start over and show her true skill.

Colonel Cassie Kain- A career soldier, Cassie has fought for almost two decades in conflicts across the Inner Sphere. Cassie has served with the LCAF, Grave Dancers Mercenary Corps, and finally founding her own unit of Kain's Cavalry, a Quick Reactionary Force and Raiding group specialized for urban operations. She comes from a warriors lineage, her father having served in the LCAF for his entire career with a number of storied units, and feels the weight of that history on her shoulders. Cassie's highly customized Axman, Brynhildr, is the perfect show piece of the Cavalry's way of battle, charging forward with berserk fury and overwhelming fire power. Cassie is well liked and respected by her unit and normally carries an easy going, if prideful, attitude that seems infectious.

Chief Medical Officer Sara "Doc" Winters- A member of Cassie's graduating class and former mechwarrior herself, Sara often comes off as sarcastic and harried but genuinely cares for those in her charge. Sara has seen the worst of what war can do and strives to keep the Cavalry in fighting form at all times. Often seeming psychic, Sara has an uncanny ability to guess what people will ask and dissuade them from making foolish decisions whenever possible, the running rule on the Dropship Blackstone is "If Doc ain't happy, ain't no one happy."

Lieutenant Colonel Marisha "Mustang" Hart- The Cavalry's X/O and infantry unit leader, Marisha often takes people off guard when they meet her. Happy-go-lucky, cheerful and with an obsession with the next rush, she is the epitome of an adrenaline junky. Marisha gained her nickname from a habit of "riding" enemy battlemechs and detonating explosive charges on their joints, rumors swirl about how exactly she came about these skills but no one dares to ask and no one questions her orders.

Lieutenant Milo Barret- By far the youngest member of the Cavalry, Milo is a young hotshot aerospace pilot who found he had a talent with VTOLs that was almost unheard of. He and "Mustang" Hart have an ongoing contest to see who can pull off the best stunt under fire. New members of the infantry squad are often advised to bring a vomit bag as Milo's favorite "trick" is to spin the VTOL completely around as well as steep nose dives. Veterans, however love the ride, saying it gets their adrenaline flowing, a welcome boost pre-combat.


Kain's Cavalry

Leopard Lance:

Colonel Cassie "Queen" Kain -Axman "Brynhildr"

Sergeant Taushikage "Tau" Hoshiro- Atlas "Gasha"

Sergeant Brett "Valentine" Hart- Black Knight "Lionheart"

Corporal Angela"Mercy" Santos- Warhammer "Heartbreaker"

Panther Lance:

Captain Raylan "Viper" Vickers- Cauldron Born "Ghira"

Sergeant Clara "Copperhead"- Loki "Hex"

Private Alexa "Adder" Reyes- Catapult "Downpour"

Private Jason "Mamba" Wybjorn- Archer "Eros"

VTOL "Warhorse"


Infantry Squad "Flamehearts"

Lieutenant Colonel Marisha "Mustang" Hart