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A literal superhuman effort had been put forward by the Underworld, everyone who could be rescued and treated was. The arrangements, money, and housing were all covered by the Gremory and Sitri families even as new housing was being put up around Kuoh.

Ichigo found himself having a moment to breathe, time to think and consider, just what his mother had told him. What it would mean for him to live his life, to be with so many amazing women. They had considered his feelings and had left him be so that he could spend the night with his family… his whole family. By the gods, he loved them, he loved them so much for that and for everything else they did and were doing for him. So starting early in the morning he has gotten up with two goals in mind, one of which was far more important to him.

Tsubasa was up and he simply had to follow his bond to find her. This was no time for a morning run and she knew it, but old habits died very hard. She was currently stretching in the backyard, the morning dew and fog working together to make sure the skin-tight running outfit she wore was damp and clingy. He took a moment to just admire her, the strength of her long legs, the way her taut ass stretched out her… bloomers. He blinked a few times before shaking his head, why was that so hot?

He focused his gaze up, at her face, perfect, cute, tomboyish, and, most importantly, it was her face, her lips. As his gaze swept down he saw a few scars marred her flesh, trophies from the battle, looking as perfect on her as makeup on Akeno. She was currently in a long stretch, her legs spread, her body bending to touch the ground. As she slowly stood up he moved behind her, catching her off guard and pulling her against him. The Rook started for a moment, half struggling for a second before her mind caught up. That changed her tune right away. "Well, hello you." She said as he turned her around and leaned down to kiss her. The Rook molded her body against him and they kissed until the need for air forced both of them to break away. "I am so glad you are ok." He whispered. "What you all fought, what you all did…thank you so much."

He ran his hand over her scars and an uncharacteristic blush of nervousness crossed her face, "You're so beautiful," He whispered, holding her close, "Every part of you."

"You're going to make a girl melt if you keep that up, lover boy." She leaned her head against him. "I will admit I was terrified in that fight, but we all made it out ok." She smiled at him. "A chance to grow stronger." She moved a hand to where his mark was. "I can use the power you have given me a little better now and I think I am growing stronger on my own, too. These fights, these life or death struggles. The me of just three weeks would get her ass kicked by the me right here." She shivered as his hand ran over her back. "Ichigo," She said, her tone warning, "Keep that up and you're not going to be able to stop what happens next."

"Whatever you want, Tsubasa Yura. This time, right here, right now, is yours. We do what you want."

"Oh good," She said, taking his hand, "Then come on, let's just go on a normal run and see if we can find a quiet spot."





The word interrupted the Rook's thoughts, which were mostly focused on what she had been doing with her Boyfriend just a short time before. Taking out her earbuds she stood up, sweaty again from her Taekwondo practice. Her legs were sore as all Hell from the weight she had been wearing. Her ass felt like it had been spanked by a giant, and she did not recognize the voice.

She turned, a smile and a polite 'hello, how can I help you?' on her lips until she saw who was speaking. Suddenly her confident smile and posture vanished as she looked into the kind brown eyes of Masaki Kurosaki, the mother of her Boyfriend. So to her mortification, she only let out an "'ep!' sound. "Hi!" Her voice was way too high-pitched. As moved her hands behind her to cover the parts of her red bottom peeking out from under her bloomers.

"Tsubasa, right?" It was so odd. The body she was looking at was a girl her age, but the eyes, the tone of voice, the way she spoke. There was just no denying that she was talking to a woman, or perhaps it was all in her head and she was just a girl talking to someone she hoped would be her future Mother-in-Law.

"Yes." She replied.

Masaki laughed. "Child, you can calm down, I am not here to test you, to see if you are worthy. I am here because I want to talk to one of my Son's…" She paused, "He called you his harem, is that how you want to be referred to?"

"Uh," She scratched the back of her head, "He did that to get a point across to, well, your husband. Uh," She scratched the back of her head again, "Let's just say I get why Ichigo was so dense."

Masaki leaned back and laughed. "Gods, that sounds like him."

"Ya, he is our Boyfriend and we are his Girlfriends, though I get it if that is weird."

The woman nodded and handed her a towel and gestured to a pitcher of what looked like lemonade. "Can you take a break and we can just talk a little?"

She nodded. "Yes, Mrs. Kurosaki."

"Masaki," The woman corrected, "Just Masaki." She poured two cups and handed one to Tsubasa, the Rook took a sip and shivered at the sweet and sour taste.

"Wow." She whispered.

The woman made a sound of pleasure. "Nice to see I still got it, I have been worried that my little Yuzu would be a better cook than me by now...Speaking of which, do you know why she wants to be a maid?" Tsubasa shook her head. "Huh, I really need to pin that answer down." She laughed. "My children have changed so much, my shy Ichigo now has such a unique relationship."

"That he does," Tsubasa said, feeling more comfortable, "Want to hear how we met?"

Masaki let out a loud sound ."Gods, yes."

"Well then, I will start from the first time I saw him…"




Next on his list was a certain Neko. He found her in his room, she was lying on his bed, belly down, her butt elevated with an ice pack on it. Guess those were the consequences Rias had spoken of. Still, she looked adorable with her ears twitching and tail swaying. She wore a black shirt and tight black pants that had to be uncomfortable on a well-spanked behind.

"Hey." He said, sitting down and running his hand through her hair, she made a grunting sound. "Hey, at least it's over now."

Koneko shook her head. "She said she was going to take as many sessions as she felt necessary to make sure I got the point."

"Well, you did scare the shit out of all of us, but still…Thank you Koneko." He moved her over so he could lay on the bed beside her, her yellow eyes so bright in the darkened room. "You did what you did for all of us and for that I thank you. I am pissed that you very nearly died, but you did not and you are here." He kissed her on the forehead before pressing her face into his chest. "Gods, Koneko I was so scared for you, I…" His voice shifted to that of the Hollow, "I was ready to tear that world apart in your name." His voice went back to normal. "You hold my heart, you know."

"Some of it." She corrected.

"No, each of you holds all of it, every bit, with nothing left behind."

She grumbled something into his chest that he did not catch. "I'm sorry I scared you all, I didn't mean to, I was just acting on instinct. I love you, I love Rias, I love you all." She turned her head and sniffed. "I saw it, I saw what it had planned, what it was going to do. It took all of us to beat it, everything we had. We had it outclassed in power, yet it almost killed us all."

"I believe you," He whispered, "Rias does too, but there were ways we could have dealt with it. Hell, our Peerage hunts rogue Devils for work, hunting a Hollow would just be an extension of that." He laughed. "I know this is rich coming from me, but you don't have to take everything onto yourself."

"Ya," She said grumpily, "We just have to let you take it all."

"Damn straight." He snarked back. Koneko gave him a glare and bit him on the pec, the pain was sharp enough and unexpected enough to make him gasp. His hand moved in response, giving her firm ass a solid spank, making her yelp.

He could not help it, he laughed at her offended expression, at the pain in his pec, and the way her expression morphed as he began to gently rub her bottom. "I deserved that."

"Mmm," She groaned, "Not fair."

"I love you Koneko, just as you are, I hope you know that by now." She nodded, letting out a sound between a hiss and a moan. "You are cute, beautiful, and perfect. Thank you for even wanting to be with someone like me."

"Hey," She mumbled, "You have good points too."

"Thanks." He laughed.

"Keep touching me like this and I won't be responsible for what happens next."

"Why do you think I am doing this?" He responded

The Neko gave him a glare before pushing herself up so that their lips could meet, as for what happened next well...she was not responsible.




It was a sore and very satisfied Koneko that finished her shower, Ichigo had finished before her and taken off. She could guess that he was going out of his way to make sure he… rewarded all of them. Now wrapped in a towel she held up her pants, smirking at the rip in their backside. He had been quite eager and just that thought alone made her happy. She walked out into his room, intent on stealing one of his shirts, and did not notice the other person in the room until she was about to drop her towel and there was a quiet, but insistent cough.

Koneko frowned, turning to see who it was, then let out a sharp yowl of shock as Masaki Kurosaki gave her an embarrassed wave. The act caused Koneko to throw her pants up in the air, which, because the universe hated her, landed right in the woman's hands, the large pant rip obvious and visible.

Koneko fell back on old habits, her face draining of all emotion, but her ears and tail were lashing and showing her true horror.

"Timing," Masaki said, shaking her head and walking over to her, handing her the clean and folded Kuoh Uniform, which belonged to her. "Thank you," Koneko said woodenly. Before walking back to the bathroom and dressing faster than she ever had in her life. She was tempted just to hide in there until the woman went away. But that would be rude and, given that her son was Ichigo, it probably would not even work.

So Koneko returned to the room and almost bristled as the woman looked her over with more than considerable alarm. "Hello, Koneko," her voice was calm and soothing, "I am Masaki."

The Nekoshu nodded as the woman took a seat on Ichigo's bed and after a moment patted the spot beside her. There was a moment of hesitation, but Koneko obliged and she let out a long breath. "Please don't take this the wrong way, but how old are you?"

She really wanted to take offense but… "Fifteen."

Masaki nodded. "You look very young for your age."

"My kind age in a very short time," Koneko replied, "But I don't know when that will happen."

"Right," Masaki shook her head, "Well," She glanced at the pants on the floor, "He," She sighed, "He is not too rough with you, is he?"

That question taxed Koneko's emotional state. "I am a Rook," she said, "Not a child."

"That… was not a no." Masaki let out a long breath. "What does being a Rook mean?"

"I am much tougher than I appear." Her control broke as she forced out the next words a luminescent blush coloring her cheeks. "So we can do things how I like."

The woman made a loud sound. "Teenagers." Koneko looked away, her ears twitching. "Oh, hell, can I pet you?" She said as if something had broken down.

Koneko froze up for a second before nodding, the woman made a sound of pure happiness and pulled Koneko's head down to her lap as her fingers moved with expert precision sending sparks of pleasure through her body. "Ichigo likes doing this too." She mumbled as the assault on her ears just melted away any resistance she had left in her body.

"I can see why," Masaki said. "I am going to have to get a cat, I've always wanted one, but kept putting it off because I thought I had more time." Koneko lifted her chin and the woman began to scratch her under there as well.

"So, tell me about yourself Koneko, you're one that I have not had a chance to observe, though I do know that my son and that Rias girl love you dearly."

"Nothing much to say," Koneko mumbled, her eyes closed. "Buchou saved my life, she took me in when there was nothing. I have a sister, but we have...issues and differences." She shivered. "But I have a new family and I thought that was going to be enough. Until he walked into my life and I knew for the first time I wanted something more." She purred as the woman's hands continued to work on her ears and chin. Her tail slowed down so that it only waved from side to side. "You know that feeling when you see someone and your whole world changes." Koneko sighed. "Perhaps it was not as strong as that, but something like that happened, something about him that I did not understand at the time."

Masaki blinked at the words of this little Neko bringing up old, but strong memories, a vision of strong arms pulling her out of a Hollow's corruption, holding her body against his, like she was the only thing that mattered in the world. "I do understand that." She said.

"As I got to know him, as he got to know me, as we learned about each other, our pasts, what we were, what we are, I figured out that if I wanted him I would have to tell him." Koneko closed her eyes, her whole body relaxing. "So I did, I told him directly, and well, here we are now and I have never been so happy."

Masaki sighed. "I know, I can tell."

Koneko nodded. "I know what I look like, Mrs. Kuro…"

"Masaki, call me Masaki...or Mom if you want."

Hearing that word, thinking that she would be able to say that to someone, she felt her eyes water. "Really?" Her word was too quiet, too small, but something about it must have resonated with the woman.

"Yes, Koneko, you can."

"I...I know what I look like….mom." She said that word as quietly as he could, it was such a foreign word. "And I cannot wait until I grow until someone can look at me and think, yes that is the kind of woman I can see at his side. But for now, people will stare and people will judge, but he does not care. Do you know how that feels, to find someone who loves you for you, who wants you? Not because you satisfy some fetish, but because he knows who you are, what you want to be."

Masaki shifted in place. "Yes. My Isshin looked a great deal older than me when we started dating, even when we married I was still at a, perhaps, scandalous age." Perhaps she was looking at this all too hard, if she could sympathize with Koneko like this, well then it did not have to be a big deal. "Tell me about your family. I will listen, I am quite good at that."

Koneko hesitated, but she was too relaxed now and the words just spilled out of her mouth.




Ichigo found Orihime and Asia where he knew they would be. Oddly enough it was not the clinic. Both girls had gone above and beyond in their efforts to save the people of Karakura. Not a single person who had passed through the clinic doors died. At some point, the worst injured had been shuffled their way, as word of the Saints had spread. Idly he wondered what the Church was going to do. There were literal Youtube Videos of Asia putting someone's innards back inside them. There were just as many videos of Orihime healing, thankfully none of her bringing people back from the dead, though she had done enough of that. She had revived Keigo's and Mizuiro's parents even though their bodies had been disintegrated. She had found the lower half of a child, caught in a collapsed building, and from that had restored them to life. She had walked the streets calling back those who had lost their lives, even if it was just from a piece of them. Rumors were rampant of Amaterasu walking the streets.

So it was no wonder he found the two of them in a bathroom. Asia looked to have been in the middle of changing her gloves, but halfway through had decided the wall looked very soft. She was hanging on to a coat hook and snoring. It was something only a person stronger than a human could have done, Orihime was on her knees, her head resting against a sink, the water still running her hands still soapy.

Ichigo turned off the water and dried off Orihime's hands, and took the gloves off of Asia, then he picked them up and made use of Flash Step to leave unseen. He decided to move both of them to Orihime's apartment, it did not have power, but it was undamaged and empty. Neither of the girls had woken the whole time.

He sent a message to Akeno though Peerage Communication, letting her know where Asia was, as he vacillated in trying to decide what to do. Neither girl was in a good state for conversation, should he leave or should he…?


Inoue blinked tired eyes open, her words making Asia stir as well. Despite the exhaustion, both clearly felt their Devil physiology coming into play as their minds focused on him. "Hey, you two."

"What?" Asia looked around the unfamiliar place.

"You two fell asleep in the bathroom of the Clinic, I brought you here so you two could get some proper sleep."

He smiled at them. "I was trying to decide what I should do for both of you, but you woke up."

Asia swayed in place. "But my patients."

"Rias hired over a thousand medical workers, though I doubt you two noticed." He put a knee on the bed and pulled them both into a hug. "You two did amazing." He thought about adding it was going to be a pain because they were becoming minor celebrities. But that could come later. "Not a single person died under your watches, thank you both so much for what you did."

Orihime froze up a little, but Asia just returned the hug with a peaceful smile on her face. Orihime followed suit, wrapping her arms around him too. "Well, since you two are awake I suppose sneaking away is not going to be an option?"

They both shook their heads. "Well, if it is ok with both of you, I would like to reward both of you."

They both were more than happy with that, though they had not expected him to give them baths, taking his time to wash them of the nearly twenty-four hours' worth of dust, dirt, grime, blood, and everything else they had been exposed to.

By the time he had them soaking in a tub filled with hot water he had created out of his Devil power, both looked like they were about to fall asleep. Having been scrubbed to within an inch of their lives, he had dumped half a pack of epsom salt into the water as well. "I heard you defeated a God Orihime," He said gently then nodded to Asia. "And you were the one who made the Vasto Lorde flee."

Both girls blushed cutely. Granted, they had been blushing the whole time he had been cleaning them, even though he had mostly been careful not to make it too sexual. He had not quite managed that, both girls were just so beautiful his body had reacted. But now it seemed fine, he was sitting with his back against the tub while both girls relaxed.

"I," Orihime said, "I just helped, I undid what happened to him." She put a wet hand in his hair, gently running her hand through it. "You made it possible, your gift changed my power, made it stronger, strong enough that I could pull those who had died back to us. Even without their bodies, or only a little bit of them. So many faces, so many tears of joy, that is what I find amazing. I just helped, that's it."

"Me too," Asia said, "I did not want to fight, but he was trying to kill everyone, I hated every time my arrow struck him."

"From what I hear, that was the only reason it worked."

Asia shrugged. "I don't want to think about that." She smiled at Orihime. "What I did for people, for the ones hurt, that is what I think is amazing, that is what I thank God for."

"You two are far too good for me." He said. "People are calling you Saints, you know. The people you saved, they remember." Both girls were silent at that statement. "You two made a difference." He closed his eyes. "I love you both, I love you both so much, I want you both to know that." Little was said after that, nothing else needed to be said.

As he lifted them out of the bath he moved them to the bedroom. He had gotten pretty good at back massages at this point, but did not think things would move beyond that….turned out he was wrong and very happy to be so.




It was evening when the two of them arrived back at the Kurosaki House, just in time for an amazing dinner courtesy of Masaki Kurosaki. Orihime found herself drifting towards the clinic, but a hand touched her arm stopping her.

"M…" She started to say.

"Masaki," the woman said, "Call me Masaki," Her smile was so bright and warm, "Would you sit with me please?"

"Oh." Inoue looked around and nodded. "Ok." A sudden thought occurred to her. "Are you hurt?"

The woman blinked, a confused expression crossing her face. "No," She shook her head, "I just want to talk, I know we never got the chance to, but I do remember seeing you when you were little."

Orihime nodded and took a seat next to her Boyfriend's Mother, nerves and embarrassment flashed across her mind as images of what she and….well and Asia and Ichigo had been doing. "What did you want to talk about?"

The woman smiled. "Well, how did you meet my son? From what I hear you were his friend long before becoming something more."

"Well, yes." She clasped her hands together. "I mean, I liked him for a long time, but I never had the courage to do anything." She laughed a little. "I had to have someone else push me into it, but yes, the first time I met him he defended me from a bully. He had two black eyes and a busted nose, from something else, but he fought three people and won. Then he turned around and helped me out of the mud." Her vision dimmed for a moment. "He said I won't let them do that again, if you need help, I am here now."

Masaki nodded. "That sounds like the man he has become."

Orihime flushed. "He was not a man then, he was well…" She paled and closed her mouth.

"Oh, it was right after my death?" Orihime nodded.

"It is ok child. I lived my death, I learned to cope." She put a hand on her shoulder. "What I wanted to tell you was, thank you. Thank you for being with my son, for making his life better, for supporting him through all the crazy things that happened in his life." She leaned forward. "I want to get to know you, I want to hear the stories of my Son being a normal boy. What did he do for fun, what did you all do for fun? How were you all friends, what are your best memories of that?"

She sounded almost hungry for that knowledge and Inoue was more than happy to give it to her. After all, she had questions of her own.




"Oh, that is so romantic," Akeno whispered, "We were a bit...less romantic."

Asia smiled. "I was not in much shape to be helpful, so he just did it all for me."

"After he bathed you, massaged and oiled you up, I doubt I would be able to stand, let alone participate."

"Excuse me?" Both of the girls jumped from where they had been hiding, or rather, sitting in a darkened corner of the yard. Akeno looked at the person who interjected, her eyes going wide for a second. "Oh, I guess it's her turn now." She stood up and bowed. "I'll give you some space." And hurried off, her footsteps clattering against the bricks.

"Hmm," Maskai clucked her tongue, "I do believe I scared the poor girl." Asia looked at her, her eyes very, very wide. "Oh I'm sorry, I don't know what I did." Her tone said otherwise, but Aisa was more than willing to take it on Faith, rather than prod someone who made Akeno run away.

"You're Asia, right? Please call me Masaki, or mom, whatever you want to call me." Asia nodded rapidly, as the woman looked her over. "Wow, you are adorable."

"Thank you." Cue blush.

She laughed and took a seat beside the former Nun. Her posture and expression were so kind it was disarming. It reminded her of her short time at Vasco's Orphanage, he and the several Nuns had been the kindest people in the world. She had the same look, and Asia found herself relaxing. "That's better," Masaki said. "Now, I have been asking this a lot, but it helps get things started, how did you meet my Son?"

She brightened. "He saved my life. I was homeless and starving on the street after I got abandoned on a train platform. He picked me up in his big strong arms and got me food, water and shelter, then Buchou made me a member of her family." There was a moment of silence as the woman took that all in.


Asia nodded happily. "Then when the Church wanted to kill me, they all stood up for me and protected me. Thanks to him and Akeno and everyone else I have had a burger, I know what money is, what good touch, bad touch is." Masaki's expression was morphing through many different emotions as the Nun just ran through the huge amount of horrible things that happened to her, how she ended up on the train platform, how the Church had treated her and how good everything seemed in comparison.

By the time she was done Masaki had her arms around her, was patting her head, and the expression on her face was very similar to her Son's as he had held onto a being of Pure Light and Joy who had to be protected at all costs.

Asia felt by the end that she did not see in the woman what had frightened Akeno so much, Mrs. Kurosaki was great.

If anything, it was Masaki who was scared, by a sudden burning hate for anything in the world that would bring harm to such a being as Asia Argento.




"I will be kidnapping you for about an hour." He told Akeno before sweeping her off her feet and moving with Flash Step. They appeared on the top of his old school, which was relatively undamaged, but empty as was most of the town by now.

Akeno had finished blinking by that point and a small smile crossed her face. "You've kidnapped me. Ara ara, whatever are you going to do to me?"

"I was thinking we could both have lunch." He said, gesturing to a cloth and two boxes of food he had set up. "Yuzu helped me, so it should be good," He smiled a little, "if not quite up to your standard, because I was the one who made it."

Her expression told him all he needed to know. It was something almost embarrassed, shy even. This woman could walk around a mall in shorts that showed every curve of her ass, she could effortlessly dominate himself, Rias, and Asia in bed. She was smart, she could perform all the little things that a being like Rias required to function as a King. And yet, if you showed her just a bit of romance, suddenly she was a shy, awkward girl, who was tapping her foot behind her nervously. "I know it will not make up for the fact that we have not had our own private date but…"

"N-no, it's," She blushed as he led her by the hand and sat her down on the cloth, "I mean, I didn't, my hair."

"Looks perfect….is it a Devil power that I almost never see any of you not looking hot, or just a lot of work that I don't see?"

"Both?" She squeaked as he held onto her hand.

It would have been fun to poke her a bit more, but he left it at that, busying himself with setting up the picnic and giving her time to find her bearings. When he looked back up she was giving him a look. "You're not fair, you know that." She pouted.

Ichigo nodded and using his chopsticks held up a rice ball to her mouth, she stared at him for a time before opening her mouth and accepting the food. "It's good." She said after swallowing.

He nodded. "Yuzu checked them over for me, but I am glad you think so." The poor Queen seemed at a loss as he slowly and gently fed her. "Akeno," He said, "Thank you, thank you so much for helping to protect my city, our family, everyone. You work so hard all the time, we all see it, you know. We all respect you for what you do, for who you are."

Her cheeks were pink as he spoke. "You don't need to be Super Sexy Akeno all the time, you're sexy enough as it is and I'm fine with both sides of you."

"But I like that," She replied, her voice soft, but serious, "I enjoy it."

"Good, I am glad, however, you can just talk to me, just hold my hand and tell me what is on your mind. You've fully begun to use your Angelic Heritage, and I want to make sure you are ok."

"Oh," She rolled her shoulders, "I decided that…" She paused. "Well, as you said, it's my power, it's not the strength of the man who abandoned us. It's mine and unlike him, I will use my power to protect my family." Ichigo put his arm around her and just nodded.

"Once I had that thought in mind, it was not anywhere near as traumatic as I thought it would be." She tapped her heart. "Or perhaps it was, but it just does not matter anymore." She leaned over and picked up his box, her eyes gaining a bit of that sexy sparkle, and took a rice ball from that holding it up to him.

"Thank you." He said and accepted the offer, they were leaning back in the shade provided by the roof access, the sun warming their legs.

Her smile was beautiful. "This is nice," she said, "I almost feel like a pure girl right now."

Ichigo waved a hand. "We decide if we are pure, no one else, and," He tapped her on the forehead, "In some ways, you are the purest girl of all."

"Bullshit," she said.

"I could still have you blubbering all though picnic. I let you recover. Even Asia would not have needed that."

"Hmm, are you trying to make me mad?"

"No," He said, "I just don't think you're not pure. You are Akeno Himejima, you are pure to me and will always be, and fuck what anyone else thinks."

The Queen tilted her head back and laughed, the sound was pure and joyous. "You are too much."

"I will take that as a compliment."

"And I will take that as a challenge to show you just how impure I can be."

Ichigo paused and deadpanned. "Oh no." Before she tackled him. "Damn, I love you."





Akeno was feeling rather good, almost lightheaded, that lunch, that time, and what followed had been a release of so much stress that it almost felt giddy. So at the sound of a greeting, she turned her expression bright. Until she saw who it was, Masaki Kurosaki, who was looking her up and down.

Naturally, she had to change after the fun she had, and feeling rather full of herself and sexy at the time she had thrown on a pair of shorts and a long sleeve, but tight, shirt with a generous plunge from the neckline. She had...forgotten that her Boyfriend's mother was here, and had been doing the rounds. "Uh," she said, "Give me a second." Before stepping into the closest door, which turned out to be the closet.

By the time she stepped out she was back in her more conservative Shrine Maiden clothing, something she could make out of magic with hardly a thought. It still made her chest noticeable, but given her size, hiding that was nearly impossible. "Hello, Mrs. Koro…"

"Masaki," She said, "Call me Masaki." Her expression was odd and Akeno was not sure what it meant. "Do you have a few minutes, just to talk?"

"Yes," She managed to get her voice back under control, "Of course." She followed the woman, who looked like a girl, into the living room of the Kurosaki Residence. She noted that Rias was missing from the table and Sona had an excited look in her eyes, her Boyfriend must have been through here already.

"So, how can I help you Mrs…" Akeno caught herself. "Masaki?"

The woman tilted her head. "You can breathe easy, you know. I am not here to do or try anything. But now I am curious as to what is making you so nervous or why you think you need to change clothing when you see me."

That...that was a good question, why did she feel the need to have this woman and only this woman see her as someone proper?

"Do you feel like I am judging you?"

Yes, she wanted to say, even though she had no evidence. Hell, she even doubted the woman was looking. But something in her, in the core of her being, was curled up in a ball, repeating the words, like me, like me, like me, over and over again. Dealing with someone like Rizer was easy, spending time with the Ultimate Queen was a cakewalk.

Masaki reached across and took Akeno's hand in both of hers. "Breathe," she ordered, locking her eyes with the Queen, "It will be ok, I am not some Yokai here to steal your happiness. I just want to get to know you, and I think I will like what I find."

But what if she did not? That was the thought going through Akeno's head. "Ok, what do you want to know?"

"Tell me about yourself," Masaki said, "I want to listen."

Perhaps it was because she was so nervous or perhaps it was something about the woman herself, but Akeno just began talking. What she remembered of her childhood, what happened to end that, her 'family's' actions. At some point during that her head was on Masaki's lap as the woman gently ran her hand through her hair. "I am so sorry Akeno, those were not the actions of a family."

"I know." She replied, blinking a few times at the angry, sad face above her. It looked so much like her Son. "But things got better, Buchou found me, Asia found me, Ichigo found me, they all helped me, I helped them." She let out a long breath. "I'm better now, even if I have some distasteful sides."

Masaki muttered something. "Well then, tell me about those."

And she did…..gods help her she did.




"Mmmm," Rias mumbled as her boyfriend gave her the scalp massage she so desperately needed.

"The whole city is almost evacuated, everyone that can be saved has," Ichigo said. "You helped perform a miracle."

"Money, Money, Money," Rias mumbled. "That part was not hard."

"You and Sona planned the rapid expansion of a Japanese city, got the homes under construction, zoning approval, and whatever else is required."

"We used lawyers," Rias said.

"I did not see any lawyers running the rescue operation."

"Ok, I will take credit for that darling." Ichigo smiled down at her beautiful red hair, it felt so silky and perfect as his hands moved through it.

"You're a good Buchou, the best for sure."

"Yes," she sighed, "Praise me more."

"Greedy, Greedy." He teased.

"Devil," She said, "Got it in one, It's in our nature."

"You seem pretty generous to me Rias Gremory, I hardly ever see you act greedy. You give and give and give and give. Money, home, a place for family, you give away so much. Tell me, to what does your greed drive you?"

"To have my family." She said. "To have people who could look upon me and love me. To make myself powerful. After all, you are strong, you all are strong, and will be stronger. Upon your power will I rise and by our love, I will truly live."

Ichigo leaned his head back and laughed. "You're greedy for a good life?"

"Oh yes." She purred as he moved a hand to her back and began slowly pressing into different points along her spine. She heard something pop and relief flood her body. "Ohhhhhh that's the spot."

That meant he was doing a good job, give him a few more years and he would be amazing at this. "Well, be as greedy as you want, take whatever you want from me, it's yours."

Rias turned around so that her eyes were on his, he moved his to massage her neck, but she stopped them and moved them down to her breasts. He took the hint. "I am going to need more of you in the future, with this summit and everything else. I just got a message from my Dad, he says that I am now strong enough to have something unsealed."

"Oh?" He said.

"It's going to be a surprise, but when we get back to Kuoh, things are going to get interesting." She arched her back and let out a gasp. "Fuck, you're good."

"Or you're just sensitive."

Rias laughed. "That too."

"Well I, for one, can't wait to see your surprise. And now I will answer your greedy request," He leaned forward, "Thank you my King. Thank you for protecting everyone I love. What more do you need of me, my King? What can your servant, who loves you so much, do for...or to you?"

"Oh, I can think of a few things." She replied.




"It's Masaki that you prefer, right?" Rias said as Ichigo's Mother made her appearance. It had been all over the Peerage Communion and so she was a bit more ready than she would have been.

"Yes." The woman laughed. As Rias kept one eye on the map on the table, Sona was busy right now as Ichigo had swept her away once they had gotten back so it made a good time for her talk. Akeno had found some reason to be out of the room though, something Masaki seemed both amused and concerned by.

At Rias's raised eyebrow the woman smiled. "I think she told me more about herself than she planned." She shook her head. "It's not like I am a prude, me and my darling's love life was, and now is again, very active."

"Akeno is calloused in many ways, but has a few points of pressure from which there is no defense," Rias paused for a moment, "Mother."

"Oh, you're going to be a handful, aren't you?"

"I like to think so." Rias sat down and waved her hand moving two cups from the counter to sit down in front of her and Masaki. "Akeno made some tea for this, at my request."

"Thank you." She took a sip. "It's delicious."

"My Queen is an amazing cook."

"About that," She said, "Tell about this Peerage System, I've heard mentions of them being servants or slaves."

"Some of my kind would do that." Rias shook her head. "But they are not to me, they are family and besides, I am decently sure any of them that have been bonded are resistant to my commands, anyway. Your Son was from the beginning. But to make things simple, the Peerage System was created in response to the War of Three Powers. That battle killed most of our kind and we needed new blood, so to speak. It was a way for chosen Devils to reincarnate other willing beings into Devils and thus get new blood and new ranks. Even now our population is fairly low compared to other Pantheons, but it is becoming better."

"Hmm, what is the point for someone like you to be a King then, if you were already a Devil?"

Rias nodded. "It's a way to advance, its a way to have war, to test our rivals, learn strategy and not have anyone die from it. In time, those in my Peerage will perhaps become Kings in their own rights and gain Peerages of their own as they advance." She smiled. "In fact, Ichigo has acquired the Rank of Prince."

"He has?" Masaki said. "He never told me that."

"It would be like him not to think it's a big deal, but that should tell you how well he is doing."

Masaki closed her eyes and took a sip of her tea. "Well, by many standards, not so much in others."

Rias leaned forward. "What do you mean?"

The woman nodded at the concern in her voice. "Nothing I want to speak of yet, but when I do, it's going to be to all of you. After all, you love him, all of you do, I am sure of that now and he does need help."

"I," Rias blinked, "I did not see anything, what did I miss?"

Masaki tapped her head. "It's something a Mother would see. You are all teenagers, mature ones, who have seen and done much. But I know my Son, he has changed so much, and yet he still is My Ichigo. His Father had and...well must have picked up the same problem as him, but I have already set him straight on that." She clapped her hand. "But enough of that, tell me about you, I think you're the first Pure-Blooded Devil I have talked to like this."

Rias shook her head. "It's going to sound pretty normal compared to what you might think, but ok, let's talk, Mom."




"So, So-tan," Ichigo teased, "You take a break from a mentally taxing activity to play a mentally taxing activity?" He moved a Pawn on the chessboard.

"You're cute." She said. "Perhaps if this was mentally taxing I would agree."

"Ouch." He put a hand over his heart. "Are you saying I'm bad at chess?"

"I could have beaten you when I was two." She replied.

"That tracks," He looked down at the board, "Though I am a little annoyed that I can't lean over and touch you."

The poor girl blushed. "P-perhaps I am telling you to."

"Hmm," Ichigo looked her over starkly and nodded, "You are very sexy right now, I can see it."

She wiggled a finger through her dark hair. "You think so?"

He laughed and took her Knight, the first piece he had taken all game, Sona stared at the board. "Y-You distracted me."

Ichigo shook his head. "No." He took off his shirt. "This is distracting you." He even flexed a little as he did so. He, of course, was not a bodybuilder, but his athletic form made for more than a pleasing sight.

A flush started at Sona's neckline and ran up to her cheeks. "T-This won't let you win."

Ichigo paused, considering her words before nodding. "True." She gulped at whatever she saw in his eyes. "Thank you, Sona, thank you for protecting everyone, thank you for giving so much of yourself. You and Rias, are giving everyone here a second chance, and I am so thankful that you are in my life. That you think I am worthy of someone as amazing as you."

She made an embarrassed sound, a combination of the compliments and his bare chest, it was enough to let him take one of her Bishop's. "You," She said, "This is cheating."

"I don't remember there being rules against stripping." He unbuckled his pants, making her eyes go very wide at the sight of him only in his boxers. He took a Rook and this time she did not seem to notice. "What I want to know is, how are you doing?" He tapped his bare chest. "I feel it, you know, your Soul stirs like an ocean storm."

Sona moved a hand over her own chest. "I don't know, I truly don't know what is going on. Just that," She frowned, still half-distracted by his body. "It's something old, older than me and I don't know what it is, or why it's there." Ichigo walked around the chess set and picked her up, holding her against him.

"I know a thing or two about that. Will you let me help you?"

"Yes!" She squeaked.

He nodded. "That sounds like something for a few days in the future. As for right now, I have a few things to do to the woman I love, any objections?" She shook her head.





"I do hope you all are using protection," Masaki said kindly.

Sona stiffened and moved a hand to her hair which she found was still quite mussed from where he had held her head down against the table. Somehow her calm voice came out despite the panic. "There are certain Spells that take that function, we all know them by now."

"Good." Masaki nodded. "From what I hear most of the logistics of what has been happening can be attributed to you."

Sona nodded. "It's one of the things I am good at."

"One of them." Masaki shook her head. "I hear you are good at a lot of things."

Sona made sure to look her in the eye. "I do everything I can to the best of my ability, no matter what it is."

Masaki laughed. "I have heard that you're a very earnest girl too, that you plan on building a School and becoming a Teacher. Forgive me for asking, but why? Why choose that path?"

"Ideally, because I seek the equality of all those who bear the race of Devil. The structures of the past have no place in an emerging new world." Sona shook her head. "That said, we barely survived a bloody revolution and the people on top now are better than anyone could have hoped for. Right now, my actions will make our kind stronger, make us all better, and, in time, perhaps lead to the outcome I desire. But I have time to wait, time to learn, to become better, and I have more allies than I could have ever hoped to have. More love and joy and family than I dared to dream."

Masaki shook her head. "It is always the quiet ones with the most passion. I am glad to see that someone is thinking ahead."

Sona sighed. "Someone has to, might as well be me. I am the best at it...at least out of the people my age."

"Hmm." Masaki leaned forward. "Have you chosen your wedding dress yet?"

"A W-wedding is very far off." There was a moment of quiet. "I'm still looking, it...it's something I do for fun."

Masaki tilted her head back and chuckled. "Good for you girl, my hopeless son is going to need someone like you."

Sona pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and smiled just a little.

"So, tell me about yourself, and don't say it won't be interesting. Rias tried that and it turned out to be a lie. Perhaps you could start with your parents, is it true that your mother has a harem, not your father?"

Sona hesitated. "More like two relationships, but it's more complicated."

Masaki leaned forward. "Do tell and after this we can talk about how someone like you ended up with my boy."

Sona gave her a serious look. "That is not hard, he is the best, he is what I wanted and what I got."

"Ara ara," Masaki said with great irony, "Then instead we can talk about him, I have a few concerns that I wish to clarify."




"Thank you, Mori."

"You're welcome, master."

There was a pause and Ichigo opened his mouth to speak, but she shook her head. She did not want or need to hear what he would say. She knew and that was more than enough for a maid and her master. Instead, she turned and leaned over the bed lifting her long skirt. "Does the master need any relief from his maid?"

"Mori," he said

The woman paused looking at him and for a moment the way she held herself changed, her smile was real and knowing "Ichigo" it was the first time she had said his name "This is my Fetish" then after a moment she nodded "And I know, I love you too, why do you think I am doing this?" He blinked a few times "Now does the master need any relief from his maid?"

As it turned out, he very much did.




Maski did not know what happened in her conversion with the maid, just that, out of all of the girls she had talked to, that one was the only one she had come away from feeling intimidated by. Which was rather odd as she was not anywhere close to the strongest. Furthermore, the woman showed a worrying degree of deference to her son. A belief in him as unshakable as the foundations of the world itself. What in the world had her son done to earn such fanatical devotion and what the hell did she do about it?




It took him some time to track down Tomoe, the knight was working hard with her wooden blade, seeming almost bored.


She blinked a few times. "Oh, Ichigo" her expression tried to shift back to her normal happy smile but about halfway she just sighed. "What can I do for you?"

Ichigo pursed his lips looking at her and then walked over to pull her into a platonic hug, the girl shivered but the wooden blade clattered to the ground. "Sorry," she said.

"What for? I came because I wanted to thank you."

Tomoe snorted "Sona did that yesterday."

"Sona is a better person than I am"

"Prettier too"

She sighed and they let go, both of them sinking to the ground their backs to the wall "What's wrong" Ichigo asked.

"I feel lonely," she said with a shrug, then added "In a romantic sense" she tapped her heart "It hurts and I don't know what to do." She closed her eyes said "You and Issei make it look so easy, where is my Harem of cute lesbians? Hell at this point I might accept traps"

"I don't know," Ichigo said "You and Issei seem to be getting pretty close"

Tomoe sighed "Is this the part where I say we are just friends" she shook her head "I don't know, it feels nice being around him, Momo and Ruruka." she tapped her chest "This would be a lot easier if I was Bi. But if I think about it hard, I just want his company right now….I think"

"Hmm" A thought occurred to him then he shook his head and mumbled "no"

"What?" Tomoe raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing, stupid thought."

Tomoe flicked him on the side of the head "Tell you what you came here to thank me, thank me by telling me your stupid idea?"

"I know a girl who would be more than happy to...be physically affectionate and is in the same boat as you. But physical affection is all it would be, so I don't think that is a good idea."

Tomoe closed her eyes "You know what, right now that sounds amazing, who is it?"

"You might have met her already, but if not have you heard of Chizuru?"




"Nel." Ichigo said

The Former Espada looked up at him, she was in her child form, but at his look, there was a swirl of her Spiritual Power that resolved itself into her adult form. Her transformation was becoming easier and easier. He made a motion with his head and they both took to the air, their movements carrying them far outside of Karakura and landing within the forest therein.

"What did you want to talk about, Itsygo?" She had to be slipping into that lisp on purpose, but he did not mind. It felt right, and he owed her far more than he could say.

"Ever since we met, you have been doing far more for me than I have for you." He said seriously. "You saved Asia, you saved my sister, your power helped save Kuoh, you defeated a Vasto Lorde in one-on-one combat. Gods, I feel bad that you're my familiar, that you have to listen to me when you do so much."

Nel tilted her head. "It is the nature of Hollows to either fight for the title of strongest or follow those who are. I spent a good chunk of my existence following Aizen and I do not mind following you. Ichigo, you have done much for me, you defended and protected a little, Hollow girl. You knew I could be a trap, a trick, a distraction, and yet you did so anyway. You marked me, you changed me, I am not quite an Arrancar anymore, I have no need to feed on Souls, no desire to do so." She tapped her impressive chest. "You made me something else, something more."

She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him. "Do you know what the thing inside you told me?"

Ichigo blinked a few times and spoke his next words in a whisper. "The White God?"

Nel smiled. "He told me that I was human enough, that because I could love, I could fight with the gifts given to them."

"Nel?" He said gently, the word itself was a question.

"Hollow's do Mate, you know. At least if they can, but there is nothing beyond pleasure and control. With the ever-present threat of being attacked during the act, violence and sex intertwined with every breath in that place. Out of all of us, Tier was perhaps the only one of the Arrancar who had something close to what I feel now. Even then, her followers were absolutely dependent on her for protection. But you Itsygo, you don't expect anything for your protection, you give because you think you should. You gave to a little Arrancar you had no reason to, you bled in her defense and now you give her a new life, you changed her, let her see a world of stories, people, food." She laughed. "And now, I get to give back, I get to protect you. Those you love, those I love, those I like, because I can choose to." Her eyes locked on him. "Tell me Itsygo, do you think you could love me back? I don't need you to, I have a lot of time to change that if you say no." Her smile was so bright, so perfect. "I love you, and that is enough for me if…"

He kissed her, leaning her head back and pressing his lips against hers. Out of all things that Nel had ever done, he doubted this was one of them. His hand slid around her waist, his other hand slid into hers. She made a sound of pure joy, pressing herself into him as much as she could. "Mmmmmm!"

They pulled away for a second. His eyes were glowing yellow, her eyes were glowing green. "Nel, how in the world could I not love you?" She pulled back and when his hand locked in hers pulled him onto her, her chest making an amazing cushion as they hit the ground, locking lips again, their Spiritual Power rising, clashing and mixing above and around them in swirls of gold and pink.

….it made the Onmyou Agency mages following and spying on the two really uncomfortable as things progressed and clothing was torn off.




Masaki stared down at the toddler-looking Arrancar in her arms. "You're mocking me somehow, I know it." She told the supposedly ancient, absolutely cute toddler.

"I wuv you." Nel replied, hugging her. And that was it for Masaki.




"You had a meeting with the Gaberial Godspeed," Serafall said, pausing for a moment before pouting at him, "And you did not invite me?"

"I needed to make sure she understood that I owed her for saving my sister. And I would point out I am telling you about it the same day it happened."

"Yes, yes," She sighed, "I swear, every time I have to go off and do something, you get involved in a more important event that I should be there for."

"Any chance I get you to just stay by my side forever then?" He asked.

"Don't tempt me…" She pouted. "Of course, we will have a meeting as soon as possible...with Sirzechs close enough to intervene if something bad happens." She shivered. "Michael is the only Angel which I would not stand a chance against. Hell, the combined forces of me, Akuja, and Falbium would not be able to stop him...in the same way that we three would not be able to stop Sirzechs in a direct fight."

"The Sun of God, Bearer of the Grace AIDN and the sole reason that the Angel Faction has not come under attack by other Pantheons," Ichigo said. "Kokabiel showed us the fight between the White God and the first generation of Maou. Part of that was seeing just how many Powerful Devils and Fallen Angels it took just to hold him in place."

"Yes, only Sirzechs is a match for him...and I don't even know who would win, just that if they did, the destruction would be catastrophic."

He put his arm around her. "Well, that makes for a Hell of a conversation starter."

"Ohhh, is it my turn to get pounded?"

Ichigo blinked. "I...I mean, I wanted to thank you."

"By pounding me?"

"If you want, but I have more to say."

"Tell you what," Serafall said, "You can tell me all of those words after we are sweaty and tired ok?"

"Yes Ma'am."




"Hey future mother in law, welcome, welcome" Masaki was welcomed into her son's room by a short but bubbly young woman in a pinstripe suit. It did not match the winning smile, and Masaki assumed the buttons opened at the top were not meant to show a cleavage you could lose your head in. The woman walked over to her and pulled her into a hug "I'm Serafall and I hear you're talking to all of us?"

"Well yes" The girl waved her hand and a couch just appeared in the middle of the room, a love seat which Serafall plopped down upon cushion, her legs spread in a most unladylike fashion….but then again she was wearing pants.

"So it's my turn for an interrogation"

"I prefer a conversion," Masaki said "I have questions and as a mother, I would like answers"

"Well fire away, Miracle Girl Levi Tan is ready"

Masaki nodded "From what I understand you are quite old by human terms correct?"

"Six hundred give or take a few dozen years" The Maou agreed.

"You are also a queen in all but name, a lord or your people"

"Kind of"

"Why then, did you decide you wanted my Son"

"If you are asking if there was politics to it, then no, I mostly started by testing him, to see if he was worthy of my So-tan. Your son is different than you remember, he is stronger, he is more focused, he cares for others so much. He believes in power and that it has a purpose, that it has to be used for the benefit of others." Serafall leaned her head back and laughed "He took me out for ice cream on our first date. Me a Maou, out for ice cream, and it was not like I jumped his bones right after I saw him.

"We got to know each other, to understand each other, what he liked, what I liked, what we shared in common. The desire to protect, to make things better, to love and be loved for who we were." She met Masaki's gaze letting her see her emotions, holding nothing back "I have loved and lost, loved and been betrayed, but I believe in that, I have to. Love gives meaning to the world, love of family, friends, and now of a man, a man who would never betray me, who would fight for me, who would die to protect me just as I would for him. And to top that all off, he protected my sister when I could not, he fought and helped defeat a being he should not have been able to survive. Because of his actions, my sister is alive, my sister is strong, how could I not love him. We keep giving more and more of ourselves to each other, and it makes my heart dance, my legs tingle. It makes me want to rise off the ground because my heart is so full, so light."

Maskai felt tears in her eyes, as she saw into the depth of love an affection this woman had for her son, the will to love. A fire that would burn the world if anything would happen, this was not a girl, she was talking to a woman and she better start speaking to her like one.

"I believe you" she said "And despite what some of the girls seem to think I could not take my son away from them, then I could move a mountain. But I worry, I fret, I wonder if he could do right by all of you. I wonder what having lovers in two powerful families and a Queen of devils is going to do to him. I mean I know a little about family policies but you are the leader of a race. What is in store for him, how can I help, how can I make sure you and all the others help. Because you are right, he does give of himself, he gives too much. From what I hear you have a tv show, you have hobby….what does he have that is not training, school, peerege work and sex?"

Serafall blinked a few times "You know, when you put it like that…that does sound bad."

"Unhealthy, just as his undeserved guilt, we need to help him, you all do, he needs to take better care of his soul, not just his body."

Serafall leaned forward, her expression serious "Well then Mother in Law, let me see what I can do, and first I will answer your questions."




"You know," Issei said, poking at the scar on his chest, "I feel like I should hate you right now?"

Ichigo blinked. "What?"

"Just a feeling that you have been doing things that I want to do and am very jealous."

Ichigo gestured a hand to the two other girls in the room wearing sexy nurse outfits, which both Momo and Ruruka wore really well. He felt bad for interrupting whatever fun they were having, so kept his gratitude quick. However, he did have a question. "Why did you keep the scar?"

Issei tilted his head. "Scars are sexy, right?" He laughed at his own joke. "It felt right, I got beaten and I wanted a reminder. Speaking of which, when are we going to get training?" His voice was calm and focused. "I have a feeling that I will be fighting her again, and I want to be ready."

"When we get back to Kuoh." Ichigo held up a fist. "Thank you man, I want you to know that now you have my respect." He paused. "That can be lost, just so you know."

Issei smiled. "The fact that you had to caveat that, tells me just what kind of person you saw me as." He bumped his fist against his. "Thanks, I'll try to keep it."

Ichigo turned to leave. "Are you going to tell Kiba thanks too?"

"His girlfriends made it quite clear he is busy, something you two might have done to save an awkward situation." They just smiled at him and he noted Momo was sneaking up behind Issei, slowly taking off her tight nurse top, so that when he turned he would be face first in her breasts. "Saji does not want to talk to me and I will respect that, I just have one other person to see tonight." He gave them a two-finger salute. "Have fun you three."




"Been looking for you." Rukia glanced at Ichigo as he came to sit beside her. "I mean, I knew you wanted to be alone for a while, but it is almost night."

Rukia nodded. "I think I am still kind of in shock. Now that I have time to sit and think, to wonder at the ripples my actions have had. My Brother and I were becoming close, this ruined that, I am sure. There was talk that I might one day be a Captain, that is also gone, one hundred and forty years of my life gone." She put a hand on his and squeezed, hard. "The future is just a blur of possibility now."

"I know I thanked you already, but Rukia, what you did? I can never repay you for that. I don't know how I could. I know how much you gave up, even if I could not understand it as you do."

"Sacrifices have to be made. The fact that you are thinking about what you are going to do, means it was worthwhile, at least from the perspective of Soul Society." She leaned against him. "Have you decided anything?"

"No, I have been busy. I have had many people to thank for what they did, and that includes you." He let out a sigh. "I kind of have an idea of talking about it at the Conference coming up." He paused. "Right, you would not know. The Pantheons of the Bible, the Devils, the Fallen and the Angels are meeting to turn this truce we have into a Peace. The fact that Soul Society attacked me…" He held up a hand before she could speak. "Do they or do they not represent Soul Society?" Rukia had to nod. "So while I push for a war, I cannot promise anything about the idea of consequences. By making sure whoever the hell is in charge up there, understands that they can't just do this." He closed his eyes. "If they still push me though. Well Rukia, there is hardly a button that has not been pressed in me."

"That is good. Thank you, thank you for staying your hand."

"I did it for you." He said simply. "Because you asked me to. Do you understand that, to understand what that means?"

She chuckled, the sound was quiet and tired. "I know fool, I know."

"I'm not going to let you go, not unless you tell me to."

"You're stuck with me," Rukia said, "I have nowhere else to go."

"A person like you could make their own way," Ichigo said. "You're too strong not to be able to do so."

"Bah, that sounds like too much work, when I can just mooch off of you. Your closet is much more comfortable than my room was anyway."

"Only because you're so short." She bopped him fondly on the head."You might be more comfortable in my bed." He said, feeling a slight hint of embarrassment at saying something that he never would have dared to just six months ago.

"You know, it's nice you managed to find your balls."

"I think so too, it makes things much easier, and the worst you can say is no, and we can keep this." He leaned his head against hers. "I mean, I do want more, you were, and still are, the first person I fell in love with."

She laughed again. "Says something about your intelligence, doesn't it?"

"At least I'm tall."


They were both quiet for a time. "You're surrounded by people far more attractive than someone like me."

"Bullshit," He said simply, "I would pair your beauty with any of them."

He did not see her face; It felt like she heated up a bit. "You would tell that to any of them though."

"And it would be true."

"You greedy little Ryoka," She teased, "Going to make me a member of your Harem?"

"I would understand if that was a dealbreaker."

She waved a hand. "I might have cared a few months ago, but the world is in flux, my old life is over." Her next words were so quiet that he almost did not hear it. "I would not mind starting over with you."

"Is that a yes?"

Rukia looked up at him. "It should be close enough for you, fool."

She blushed at the smile that stretched his face. "It is." He agreed.

"Good." She stood up suddenly and with an easy motion undid the belt at her hips. "Then you're going to help me forget everything tonight." Her pale naked shoulders shone in the moonlight as she turned her head to look at him. "Given how many you have, you should be decent at that right?"

He stood up, his voice rough with desire. "Yes, I think I can do that."





The aftermath of how this battle has came out is kind of weird in my opinion. We keep hearing Ichigo shouldn't attack but I feel like that his opinion is just a piece of the pie at the end of day. First, Soul Society not only attacked Ichigo and blew up a whole city, but it also involved a Maou (two if you want to count Sirzechs' apperance) and the siblings of two of them. Regardless of what Ichigo wants, that can be an argument for an act of war and wouldn't be surprising if other entities outside of the Maou would use this to their advantage for whatever reason. Second, what we've been told is the Fallen Angels have a weaker image right now so attacking Soul Society for whatever reason could possibly be a great way to rehabilitate that image (this justification has happened in the past remember). Third, a minor God in the Hindu pantheon was revealed to be a Vasto Lorde, and it wouldn't be surprising if the Hindu would want answers why that happened and if somehow Central 46, Squad Zero, the old Squad 12 or whatever Soul Society science organization was involved thus making it harder and harder to juatify not to attack Soul Society because if they were involved, who knows what other shady stuff they did towards other pantheons. I don't know, I'm just rambling but a terroist attack that catastrophic and being so public wouldn't just fall under the revenge of one person with little to no political power and instead would be much more complex in terms of politics, power grabbing, economically, future resources, questions on the current treaty, possibly strengthen any neutral alliances, etc.\

You bring up a lot of good points, it is my plan to have some of this addressed in the meeting of the three powers as that seems like a good a time as any to hash things out. Also, Ichigo does have political power, he can influnce the siblings of the Maou and Serafall directly, he is connected to two of the most powerful families in devilkind. There is a great deal of power there, power he is making an effort not to use. Thank you for your input though you did bring up a few points that I did not consider.





Looking forward to the interaction with other pantheons that seems to be coming soon, looks like Hindu and Aztec will be at least watching closely, and the Norse usually come in around the peace conference if I remember correctly, with even more interest with what's going on in current events. I can't wait for Loki to show up and someone, probably Aizen, to straight faced ask him just how accurate the legend of sleiphnir is out of random curiosity and see Odin collapse from spontaneous laugh syndrome and Loki just barely not declaring war before the Kaos Brigade can show up and throw down..

With Sado being a descendant of Quetzalcoatl, the ones that still have any power (The Spanish did a real good job at wiping out most of them) are paying close attention. As of Loki and Sleiphnir….well I think Loki would just laugh and tell the story, that always seemed to me like the kind of god he was.




Not Quite Old Man

Please don't tell me that "Just because masaki (mom) said so" he will suddenly loose all the anger and hatred in his heart for the central 46?

More like Suppress it along with all the other things he had been pushing down, I am sure its not going to explode horribly at some point.

Since this version of Ichigo had never been able to "let go" (like with the Asia situation) so I hope that he directly does SOMETHING in response to this and not just let it go... Because it nearly cost him his family and friends and did cost him his entire town.

I plan on addressing this as the Three Powers conference.





Nice on berry finally getting his megalithic mommy issues fixed. Good to see masaki still retain the mom wisdom & skills even though she's younger than previous. Glad to see megalomaniac aizen has faced their past wrongs with a new outlook showing the human-side for a change. I don't think berry's harem needs to be any bigger as is borderline too much as is. Can't wait to see how dear old mom handles his girls & the chaos that entails.

Well, not quite fixed mommy issues but they are better. I also hope you enjoyed this chapter.




Omake By Zathol

Title 1- Bad guy to Bad girl

Title 2- Escape and still pissing everyone off

Aizen half turns to the assembled captains with a look of sheer smug superiority revealing a familiar box in her hands mockingly at them making many captains gasp in shock.

"Their magically delicious." Before walking through the dimensional door with a feminine laugh of victory.

"Aizen took the last box of Lucky Charms...To think his evil could grow to even this level." The Captain-Commander said gravely.

"Either he is mocking us or he ain't a he anymore Capt, she turned to a whole new level of evil..." Shinji lowered his head in shame seeing his nemesis escape again and even worse taking the last box of Lucky Charms.

"I don't care if he is a he or she! She couldn't have stolen the last box!" Zaraki roared out in fury. Today was his day to have a bowel!

Retsu answered, "It would seem so. We won't be getting another shipment from the west till the end of the month..." She said sadly.

The captains all groaned.

The Captain-Commander eyes hardened in silent fury. Curse you Aizen. Not only do we have enough problems but you took the only good thing we have for breakfast in the afterlife!


Aizen stepped through the portal in front of a grocery mart. She blinked before smiling.

"Good thinking Hogyoku-Chan, we will need fresh milk and a bowel and spoon. We can't start the day without a delicious breakfast now can't we."


"Yes, I'll make sure to get the whole milk. I haven't eaten since they imprisoned me, I'm starving!"