I have no idea what I'm doing. This came to me a few days ago but not really sure how it's gonna go. It shouldn't be very long, maybe five or six chapters. But there's also the possibility of a sequel or just adding a part two to this fic. Also, if you've read my other fic jinXed, it'll be a little like that. Giving you clues. Also words in quotation marks and underlined is telepathy. And the italics in this chapter is the Sokovian language.

~The screams. Echoing. High pitched and in fear.~

"…The Wakandans were in Nigeria for an outreach program…"

~There's blood, thick, plentiful. It clogs the lungs, lingers in the mouth with a metallic aftertaste. She wants to throw up.~

"…people's blood spilled on foreign soil…"

~She tries to help but they scatter away from her. Every face is terrified. Looking at her with fear, horror as if she was a monster.~

"The question is what needs to be our response to the Avengers? They have no regard for the laws of society. They operate outside and above international law. If we don't respond that is our new reality. Who gave an enhanced like Wanda Maximoff, who if you may remember is not even a US citizen, legal authority to operate in Nige-"

"The first words out of your mouth better not be, 'it's my fault.'"

The words are spoken in familiarity but also for security purposes. There are only two people who speak Sokovian on the compound. Well two and a half. Old habits were hard to shake off. Even with the television turned off she could still remember the video clips, could still remember seeing the carnage up close in her memories. "If you turn the TV back on you can clearly see how specific they are being."

Finally she looked away from the darkened screen, seeing him standing in her doorway. Blue eyes watched her in concern. "I should have been there."

She let out a breath. "You knew it was my turn."

It's a deal between the pair. Unless they are specifically needed, the two of them trade off missions, one of them needed at the base. The reason for this pact started stirring awake in Pietro's arms as he walked into Wanda's room.

She held out her arms, cradling the child as her brother gently passed her over. The baby, a little over a year and a half, smiled at Wanda and reached out an arm to grab Wanda's hair.

The Sokovian gently touched the child's hand. "No, Jamie, we've talked about this. You know you can not grab people's hair. It is painful for them and dangerous for you."

Jamie stared at her, eyes a calm steel blue, seeming to absorb the words before she released her grip. "Sorry Ma."

Wanda smiled at the Sokovian endearment. Jamie squirmed in her arms and the young mother released her child, watching the curly-haired toddler jump off her lap to the ground, landing lightly on her feet and walking over to her small book case.

The pair of twins were silent, watching the youngest pull out a book and collapse gracefully to the floor, flipping the book open and starting to read.

"It wasn't your fault."

Wanda sighed. "I lifted it in the air, right next to a building filled with people. I should have known better. How is that not my fault?"

Pietro growled in frustration, arms crossed as he stood before her. "As opposed to the large crowd on the street? Besides, people like that, like those on the news, they don't understand the situation. They think it's a simple decision but that is far from it. I don't hear them talking about the dangerous biological weapon that could have killed thousands, maybe millions. They don't care about that. They don't understand. Civilians. People that have not seen war. They don't know anything."

"I may not speak Sokovian…" Wanda and Pietro both looked up, seeing Steve in the doorway. He gave them a slight smile. "…but I'm pretty sure he's saying the same thing everyone in the compound is thinking. It's not your fault Wanda."

"Salut oncle Steve." Jamie waved at the Avengers leader as she smiled, the left side of her lips quirking up just a bit more. The words were the same every time she saw Steve and Wanda had asked what she was saying. Hi Uncle Steve. It made Wanda smile every time.

Steve waved back, smiling and replying in the same language. "Salut Jamie."

That was one thing Wanda was intent upon. That Jamie learn all she can, one of those aspects being different languages. She already spoke Sokovian and Russian but was now learning French from both Steve and Natasha. Tony had been teaching her Italian but he'd been spending more time at his company so Natasha had taken on that mantle as well. After French, German was next according to Steve. Wanda herself didn't know French or German but she trusted Steve not to teach her daughter bad things. It was Natasha and Tony she had to watch.

Pietro arched an eyebrow at her before blurring over to sit next to his niece on the floor, leaving Wanda to face the Captain alone.

"May I?" Steve waved a hand around the opened doorway. She gave a nod of permission and he made his way to her side, settling next to her on the mattress. Before he could speak Wanda glanced over at Jamie.


The toddler and her uncle both looked up but only the child reacted when Wanda tapped her own ears. The little girl nodded and pressed the heels of her hands against her ears, starting to sing an old Sokovian song that Wanda and Pietro's mother use to sing to them. She would continue to sing more songs until she was told that it was okay. The noise would cancel out the talk the adults in the room were about to have.

Steve took that as his cue. "It was my fault. I was right there. I should have checked the vest, dealt with it before I did anything else, long before you had to. As soon as Rumlow said his name, I was gone. Sixteen years old, back in Brooklyn. That lapse cost people their lives. Their lives are mine, on me."

"It's on both of us."

"Wanda…" Pietro huffed at her but she ignored him.

"Listen Wanda, you too Pietro. Both of you. This job…being an Avenger. We try to save as many people as we can. And sometimes we can't save everybody. But if we can't accept that truth, learn to live with it, we might not be able to save anybody next time."

"It's true Wanda. You know this." Pietro's voice was soft, giving her a quick sad smile. She did know. It was how all this began, back in their home country. Sudden movement to her far left and narrowing of Pietro's eyes told her what had just happened. Both her and Steve looked over as Vision finished solidifying after morphing through the wall.

"Damn Toaster."

"Pietro." Wanda gave a quick scolding to her brother before turning to Vision. "Vis, we talked about this."

"Yes, Vision. We certainly did." Pietro was on his feet, tone agitated and sarcastic with his arms crossed. Jamie was also up, standing next to her uncle but giving a tiny glare to the third man in the room. The first time Vision had done this was late in the evening. They had been getting ready for bed when Vision had shimmered through their wall. It had startled Wanda, letting out a small gasp of surprise but Jamie had been terrified.

It was her screaming that alerted Pietro from down the hall. He'd blurred into the room only to find Vision in his sister's room, said sister dressed in a tank top and sleeping shorts. There had been lot of angry Sokovian swear words thrown around that night, ending with a diverted fist fight. Since than Pietro treated Vision with barely veiled hate. Jamie also shared the same thinking.

"Stupid Toaster man."

"Jamie." Wanda gave her child a narrowed look but she knew the stern scold wouldn't last. Her daughter remembered everything and held grudges. She still hadn't forgiven Clint for smearing frosting on her face on her first birthday.

"Yes, we had but the door was open so I assumed…"

Steve intervened, to keep the argument from escalating. "What's going on Vision?"

The android paused, seeming confused about the change in topics before continuing, "You wanted to know when Mister Stark arrived."

Steve nodded. "Thanks." He looked at the other two. "We'll be right down."

"I'll use the door."

Pietro started to nod, slight mocking tone entering his voice. "Yes, it's a good idea. Very smart of you."

"Pietro stop."

"Oh, and he's brought a guest with him."

Wanda shared a look of confusion with her twin before Steve spoke up for the three of them. "Who is it?"

"The Secretary of the State."

Wanda's eyes widen, looking down at Jamie before turning to Pietro. They were here for her, she knew it. He shook his head.

"They will have to kill me first before I let them lay a hand on you or Jamie. And that is only after I kill as many as I can."

Pushing back her fear, Wanda went to Jamie and lifted her daughter into her arms, needing to reassure herself with her child's baby scent. "I know."

Steve glanced at them, knowing they were having a conversation only they could hear but he seemed to know what Wanda was worried about. "Nothing is gonna happen. I'm gonna head down, I'll see you two there."

The taller man left but Wanda wasn't completely convinced by Pietro and Steve's words. She knew things were going to get worse.


Pietro's voice brought her back to the present and she took in a deep breath, giving Jamie a kiss on her forehead. "Sweetheart, it's time to play Wonderland. Okay?"

Jamie perked up at the word, her eyes calm and serious as she studied her mother. She nodded. "Okay Ma."


"Yes Wanda?"

"Initiate Protocol Looking Glass."


It was worse. Definitely worse. Wanda was silent, leaning back in the chair, running her fingers gently through Jamie's hair while the little girl was draped on her chest, reciting her English ABC's quietly to herself. Steve was reading the large document that Ross had left behind while Natasha and Tony were silent on the sides. The only voices in the room, Sam's and Colonel Rhodes', were biting at each other along with Pietro jumping in here and there.

"…has a Congressional Medal of Honor which is one more than-"

"That means nothing. He is also the man who hunted down your friend, yes? The doctor. Probably still hunting him." Pietro stood next to Sam, glaring at the military man. "You seem to have forgotten that he was the one behind the thing about Harlem. And you want us to hand ourselves over to him?"

Sam jumped in. "Not only that, say we do sign, how long before they LoJack us? Inject us with some kind of tracker? Give us our very own ID number? Hmm? It all sounds familiar."

"A hundred and seventeen countries want to sign this. A hundred and seventeen. But no, you two just wanna ignore that?"

Pietro's voice turned mocking, angry. "As far as I'm concerned, that's a hundred and seventeen governments all wanting a hand on the leash."

"I have an equation."

"Oh this will clear it up."

"Yes, let us hear what the microwave has to say."

Wanda didn't have the strength to scold her brother but considering he spoke in Sokovian, she let it past. Everyone glanced over at Vision sitting in the far end of the room.

He began speaking but Pietro's voice weaved into her mind. "Are you thinking about what I said?"

Wanda turned her head slightly in Pietro's direction, to let him know she was listening. "Honestly, yes."

It was something Pietro had been talking about for a few months now and it seemed like it would be her only option. To follow after Clint.

"Are you saying it's our fault?"

Pietro spoke right after Steve. "World ending events are not a result of us. We are a result of them. More than seventy years ago Hydra almost took over. They nearly did. There would be no you or any of us, if it hadn't been for Steve. Hydra was there before Steve ever changed into Captain America."

Vision tried to placate the room. But he only seemed to agitated Pietro more with the oversight comment.

"You mean like the governments of the one hundred and seventeen countries that want to sign the Accords? The same governments that no doubt may be corrupt. Or are you talking about how Hydra disguised as Shield almost killed millions of people two years ago. I know corrupt governments, it's the world Wanda and me lived in for years. Because of that I don't trust anyone. Who I do trust are the people in this room, but I feel like that is changing."

It was quiet before Natasha pointed out how silent Tony was. Which Steve then pointed out that Tony had made up his mind about the Accords. Wanda watched as Tony worked his way about the kitchen, muttering about coffee grinds before showing the group a holographic photo of a young man a several years younger than Wanda and her brother.

He then explained how intelligent and kind Charles was. And how the Avengers had killed him during the fight with Ultron.

"He sure knows how and where to throw his punches."


Her brother, mercifully, stayed silent as Tony and Steve traded blows. The Colonel joined in as well. Again, Pietro stayed quiet, even though Wanda could hear the angry, biting commentary running through his head as the others talked. She understood each of their sides but really, the only person who would decide her fate was the one quietly whispering her numbers in Sokovian against Wanda's neck.

"If we don't do this now, sign now, it's not gonna matter because it'll only be done to us later. That's a fact. And that won't be pretty."

Wanda's hands tightened around her daughter's back. "You mean to say that they'll come for me." And when they did, they would find Jamie.

"We would protect you."

Vision's statement was quickly shot down. Pietro stepped forward, his emotions causing his accent to grow heavier, "Oh yes, it's beautiful sentiment. Only too bad you signed Accords. Like Steve said, you don't have right to choose anymore. If they tell you, capture Scarlet Witch, you do it. If they tell you to take Jamie away and give her to scientists so they can study, you do it."

"They wouldn't-"

Pietro spun on Rhodes. "Yes they would. Did you read Accords closely? Enhanced. You all know. Jamie is not even two years of age and she runs and plays like she is seven. She is getting physically stronger every day. It took her not three months to learn Russian. She knows all her numbers and can read in three different languages so far. I caught her writing her own name last week. She is enhanced. But they won't care. They will doing testing and they will give her bracelet to wear, to track her every movement. Like criminal."

"Excuse me." Wanda's voice cracked as she suddenly stood up, unable to listen anymore. She clutched Jamie against her, moving around the coffee table and pushing past Sam and Colonel Rhodes.

She couldn't listen any more. Not when she knew that was her child's future. Pietro was right about that.

There was really only one decision. They had just gotten their freedom, she was not about to volunteer herself or her daughter to another Hydra.

Yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing. Also you're probably thinking what the Hell? Pietro's alive? There will be flashbacks or comments about him, about Jamie. To let you know why they are in the fic. It'll make more sense as I go. I obviously couldn't pick his name as a character for the list thing because it's the Captain America category. Peace out. -Mez