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Where Do We Vacation?

            Usagi felt the beginnings of her first smile of the day and realized how tense she must have been for the past month.  Now, with the ocean on her right and a car packed with all of her best gal pals surrounding her, she felt the pressures of her sophomore year in college fade away into wisps of unpleasant memory. 

            "Mars to Usagi.  Come in Usagi…" Rei had reached over the seat and waved her hand in front of her friend's face causing the blonde to snap back from her thoughts.

            "Sorry.  Just thinking about how great this bungalow is going to be."  Usagi twisted in her seat to face the Priestess of Fire.  "It's so cool that Quatre offered…" Four different hands reached out and muffled the rest of whatever Usagi had been meaning to say. 

            "Ah, ah, ah, absolutely no talk about 'them'.  We agreed to make this a Ladies Only Summer Vacation.  Lord knows we need the break!"  Mina ended her sentence with an exasperated glare at the sky.  Every girl in the aging Ford convertible understood her action and commiserated.  When Sailor Pluto in her infinite wisdom had mind bonded the Planet Princes and Princesses, she had told them that they would learn to use their bond to enhance their powers and increase their unity in order to face a massive threat that loomed in the future.  So far the bonds had merely served to irritate the group enough to send each sex screaming for a summer break apart.  Only Ami had objected to the short separation.   

            We shouldn't run from this.  If anything, we've got to face this problem before our lack of unity turns into a total meltdown when the new Enemy comes knocking on our door.  Everyone had nodded at Ami's sage advise, but when Makoto had stated that, if she didn't get a break from the constant 'buzzing' of her Heero's suppressed feelings, she was going to fry the poor sucker who crossed her path, all had agreed that a small break was in order.  Just a small separation to let tempers cool and feelings reorder and then they could come back and tackle the problem.

            "Look, there it is!"  Usagi stood up in her seat and pointed to the beautiful bungalow that was tucked back on its own private beach.  Sometimes it paid to have a friend who was also a multi-millionaire.  The girls all ooh-ed and aah-ed as Makoto piloted her mint green Ford up the gravel drive way.  It was only when Usagi felt her clothes cling with static electricity that she realized that the Princess of Jupiter was upset.  Looking at the driveway and a sudden familiar tickling in the back of her mind unearthed the situation.  As Makoto came to a jarring stop and cut the engine, ten shocked voices ran out. 

            "What are you doing here?!"

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