Joe, Stephanie, Ranger and friends belong to JE. "Perfect" belongs to Ed Sheeran. Mistakes are mine.


Joe's POV

Tonight is the night. Tonight I'm going to make Stephanie Michelle Plum my fiance. I loved her, and have loved her since we were children. Tonight is Senator Juniak's big fundraising ball for the TPD. Everyone who's someone will be there tonight. I'm going to propose when they play 'Perfect" by Ed Sheeran. The song perfectly represents my love for Stephanie. We have been dating for the last six months and it's been great. Ranger has been in the wind, which is part of the reason why Cupcake and I are doing so great. He's not around to poach and steal kisses from her.

I pick Stephanie up at her apartment. She is wearing a red, one shoulder dress that hugs her body from her toned shoulders, to her beautiful breasts, over her lovely hips and ass, and ends at the ankles with a slit that ends about four inches from the promise land. My God, she's gorgeous. She has on four-inch FMPs, which brings her height one inch below mine. Her crazy curls are contained in a beautiful, sophisticated twist. Her makeup is minimal, but it looks amazing on her.

We arrive at the fundraiser at Juniak's estate. I see that Rangeman is doing the security. I look and don't see Manoso. Thank God. Cocktails and dinner seem to take forever, followed by the boring speeches. Finally, it's time for dancing. I go to the band to request my song so I can propose to my Cupcake. A few minutes later, I hear the song start. I take my Cupcake's hand and lead her to the center of the dance floor. I tell her to listen to the lyrics while we dance together.

"The first time that I heard this song I thought of you. The lyrics express home I feel about you, Stephanie." I tell the love of my life.

"Joe, what are you try to say to me?" Stephanie asks, while looking around the room, her eyes searching for something or someone.

"Cupcake, I'm trying to tell you that I love you and that I want you to be my wife. I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side." I respond as we continue to dance.

As the song ends, I go down one knee, taking the 1 ½ carat solitaire set in platinum out of my pocket while saying, "Stephanie Michelle Plum, I love you; I have loved you for years. I want to be your husband and your provider. I want to be the father of your children. Cupcake, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife, of becoming Mrs. Stephanie Morelli?"

Stephanie is holding my hands, with tears in her eyes. She briefly looks up and freezes. I turn my head, afraid at who I'm going to see. Of course, Manoso is here. He looks at Stephane with that damn blank face on, staring into her eyes. Suddenly, Stephanie lets go of my hands and says, "Joe, I need a few minute to think this over. I wasn't expecting this tonight. Please give me five minutes." She turns and walks outside to the garden. I slowly get up, and follow her outside.