Final Update

AN: Hello there, you beautiful people. Just wanted to give a quick heads up in case you may not have noticed.

"The Last Time Lord and the Impossible Girl" is officially getting rewritten. Hence why "Classic Edition" is added to this version and "Modern Edition" is on the new story, which is just a play on words with the two distinct eras of "Doctor Who".

I will quickly say, no, this version, the original version of this story will not be deleted. It will still be left up, but it will not be updated.

The main reason as to why I wanted to do this rewrite is because I do not think that the quality of a lot of my previous chapters holds up anymore. Not that I think they are bottom of the barrel awful, but my inexperience in writing back then has honestly showed itself. Plus back then, I had no idea what "Proof Reading" and "Editing" were, and…that is most definitely something I want to do better this time around.

I can also tell you that…when I say, "I will rewrite this story", I do not mean that the story arcs or characters and their stories or the episode order will change, no. This is just about taking what I have and vastly improving it.

The only chapter I will warn you about in that it will be quite different to how I wrote it originally will be "42". This one I kind off saw coming because…while I liked the idea of what I was trying to do, I do not think "42" was the place to do it.

One thing I will change is how I let you know on when a new chapter is coming out, which instead of adding a little update sentence at the end of the latest chapter, I'm going to temporarily add it into the story's description. This would be done roughly when the chapter has finished the writing stage and is into the polishing stage.

So anyway, do go check out the start of the rewrite. It is already up, but if you have any questions regarding the rewrite and what it means, do please ask and I will be happy to answer. So…I'll see you later. :)