Sailor Moon Yu-Gi-Oh Crossover By Star Girl

Author's Note: I'm back with a whole new story!

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Summary: This takes place after the Sailor Moon Stars season. Serena is really from the Yu-Gi-Oh dimension. She is Kaiba's younger sister ((no Kaiba's brother does not appear in this fanfic)). After leaving Luna under Mina's care she returns home and is reunited with Kaiba. She has been dueling since a young age and is a well respected for her strategies. She holds one Blue Eyes White Dragon that was given to her by Kaiba. It turns out the Silver Imperium Crystal is the Eighth Millennium Item ((one thing stays the same, it was still created back in the Sailor Moon dimension)). Thus are story begins.


Home At Last

"Please Mina, where I am going Luna won't fit in," Serena complained.

"Why not," Mina said. All she had been told was to come to Serena's apartment to talk about something, and now she found herself arguing with Serena about taking Luna in for her.

"Trust me she just won't," Serena said. Luna yawned and glanced at the clock and said to Artemis, "How much longer do you think this will last?"

"I would give them another half hour," Artemis said.

"That is what you just said a half hour a go," Luna said.

"Oh yeah," Artemis said.

"All right, I'll take Luna," Mina said finally giving in. With that she scooped Luna up and walked Artemis following behind her glancing at Serena for a quick second before leaving the room.

"I'm sorry Luna, but I don't know how Kaiba would react to having you there," Serena says quietly wiping her tears away. She goes to her room grabs her luggage and heads to the park.

Once there she hold up her Crescent Key (the key used to transport her from dimension to dimension) and says, "Crescent Key I call upon your power, take me home!" In a brilliant flash of white light she disappears and finds herself in Domino City. A small grin appears on her face and she softly whispers, "Home at last!"

She headed to the Kame Game Store to pick up her deck she had left there.

~*~*~*~*~*~* Yu-Gi-Oh gang's POV~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

"So let me get this straight, Bakura is after the items," Joey commented leaning against the counter looking at the older Yugi and Kaiba.

"Yes, he has been taken over by something so be careful around him," Kaiba said.

"Hey gramps you still have my deck," came a familiar voice everyone turned to see a girl with blond hair in the strangest hairstyle and blue eyes standing near the door.

"Can you co," Yugi started but was cut off by Kaiba, "Serena what are you doing here?!"

"That was what I was going to ask you bro, who are your friends," the girl obviously named Serena said.

"BRO!" everyone but Kaiba and Yugi's grandfather shouted.

Kaiba blushed slightly before explaining, "Um, guys I would like you to meet my younger sister Serena, Serena this is Yugi, Joey, Tea, and Tristan."

"Nice to meet you," Serena said smiling.

"How can those two be siblings, they look and act nothing a like," Joey whispered to Tristan.

"Anyway, gramps do you still have my deck," Serena said.

"Yes, I'll go grab it," Yugi's grandfather ((okay he is now going to be called Gramps I am tired of typing that)) said going in the back to retrieve it.

"So you duel," Tea asked.

"Yes, have you ever heard of Serena the Duelist," Serena said sitting down.

"Yeah she was supposed to be a duelist who had been dueling since the age of 9, she was one of the first people to beat Pegasus, she mysteriously disappeared around 2 years a go," Tristan said.

"You know your facts Tristan, I'm Serena the Duelist," Serena said smiling.

"What!" Everyone excluding Kaiba and Yugi shouted. Shock is written on Yugi's face but he doesn't say anything.

"Here it is Serena," Gramps said returning with a briefcase.

"Thanks Gramps," Serena said taking the briefcase.

"I think we should get back to the matter at hand, if you don't mind," Yugi said slightly annoyed at this sudden disruption.

"I agree with Yugi," Tea said.

"Anyway Serena to fill you in there is a guy named Bakura who is after seven Millennium Items, Tea, Tristan, Joey, and I hold each one item, Bakuba unfortunately holds one himself, we believe that is how he got possessed by this evil in the first place, the other two we do not know where they are, the Millennium Items are powerful, and if Makuba gets all seven of them who knows what could happen," Yugi said.

"How comes this reminds me of Zoicite and the Seven Rainbow Crystals," Serena said out loud getting a few stares, "Did I just say that last thought out loud!" When she gets a nod of heads from the group she sighs and says, "Anyway just to explain that, at one point in my fighting evil back there, I had to fight this one person named Zoicite, who was trying to gather the Seven Rainbow Crystals, he/she was eventually killed, not to long after the Rainbow Crystal combined to form the Silver Imperium Crystal."

Yugi was staring at her with a look that seemed to say did-you-just- say-what-I-think-you-just-said before saying, "The Legendary Millennium Item is for real?!"

"The Silver Crystal is a Millennium Item," Serena said with an equally shocked face.

The End of Pt. 1
Author's Note: Heh heh! Cliffie! In the next chapter find out how the Silver Crystal is a Millennium Item. Whether Serena will start dueling, and what will happen to Bakuba!