Sailor Moon Yu-Gi-Oh Crossover Pt.4
Star Girl

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Pt. 4

Serena's Story Unfolds

Flashback from the last part

She turns to see the senshi looking at her with more confused looks then ever and Sailor Venus speaks for the group, "Serena, you realize you have a lot of explaining to do!"

On to this part

'Oh boy, I guess I better take them to Domino City, after I tell them to pack up for the trip,' Serena thought to herself and saying out loud, "Uh guys I want you to pack some clothes and stuff and meet back at the park because you are going to be going out of town for a while."

The group's faces get even more confused but they do as told. Around a half an hour later the group was back at the park in citizen form along with the two cats.

"So now what," Luna said.

"Okay form a circle holding hands someone take my right hand and another person on my left side grip on to me somehow while not gripping on to my left hand because I need that hand, Luna and Artemis get on to someone's shoulders," Serena said. They got into a circle with Raye on her right side while Amara was on left side, Artemis got onto Mina's shoulder while Luna got onto Serena's right shoulder since Amara was gripping Serena's left shoulder.

"Okay everyone ready," Serena asked when everyone nodded their heads she said, "Okay then here we go hold on tight!"

She took out her Crescent Key which when Trista saw it her eyes widened before Serena said, "Crescent Key I call upon your power, take us to my home!"

In a flash of white the group disappeared and reappeared in Domino City while Serena and Trista managed to land on their feet ((surprise, surprise)) while the others landed on top of each other do to not having practice with traveling from dimension to dimension.

When the whole group was back on their feet again Amy was the one to ask the question that was on everybody's mind, "Serena where did you take us?"

"Everybody, I would like to welcome you to my hometown, Domino City, Japan," Serena said who had been previously looking out on the city twirled around and looked at them and smiled.

"Domino City," Amy asked, "But Serena there is no place called that back home."

"Speaking of home, Serena didn't you call this your hometown," Raye said.

"To answer Amy's question, Domino City doesn't exist back there for several reasons, and to answer Raye's question I called it my hometown because this is my birthplace and I lived here until my senshi days rolled around," Serena said who had turned around again to look at the city.

A long silence was all that followed that which Lita finally broke, "So your really from this dimension Serena?"

"Yes," Serena said not turning around, "So do you want to meet my brothers?"

"Serena I thought you didn't have any living family members," Mina said tilting her head slightly.

"My parents died back when I was young and we were adopted by the head of Kaiba Corp, our adopted father passed away a while back and my older brother Seto is now in charge of the company," Serena said still not turning around.

Another long silence followed that which Hotaru finally broke, "So why don't you go and introduce us to them and any friends you have?"

Serena turned around now faintly smiling, "Okay!"

With that the group started heading down the hill and headed towards the Kame Game Shop.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Yu-Gi-Oh Gang's POV~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

By now Mokuba had joined them and Yami had handed control back over to Yuugi and Seto was pacing back and forth wondering where in the world Serena had gone off to.

"Calm down Seto I'm sure she is fine, she has been living on her own for the past three years right," Yuugi said.

"Yeah but still," Seto said.

All heads turned at the sound of the door opening and closing. Serena walked in followed by eight girls and two cats.

"Uh Serena, who are these people," Seto asked eyeing them.

"These people are my friends, the blue haired one is Amy, the raven haired one is Raye, the brown haired one is Lita, the blond hair one is Mina, the one with the short brownish blond hair is Amara, the one with the aquamarine colored hair is Michelle, the one with short dark purple hair is Hotaru, and the one with the green hair is Trista, and the two cats are Luna and Artemis," Serena said pointing at each in turn, "Everyone this is my two brothers Seto the tall brown haired one, and Mokuba the short black haired one, and my new friends Yuugi, the one with the hair that defies gravity, Joey, the blond haired one, Tristan, the one with the brown hair done in a mowhawk style, Tea, the one with short brown hair and blue eyes, and finally Gramps, Yuugi's grampa."

Serena finished introductions and Mina leaned over and whispered into her ear, "Your brother is one hell of a hunkster." Serena sweatdropped at that comment.

The next hour and a half was spent telling the sides their stories. Somewhere along the lines of the Deathbusters the door was heard opening and closing and none other than Pegasus himself walked in.

"Pegasus what do you want," Yuugi said in a very low voice before switching over to Yami.

"I am here to challenge Ms. Serena here to a duel," he said nodding his head at Serena. Serena sweatdropped again and shook her head while thinking, 'Here we go again!'

"All right Pegasus, I accept your challenge," Serena said.

"Serena are you sure, you remember the last time you dueled Pegasus," Mokuba said.

"Yes I do, but it won't happen again," Serena said determination in her voice she could sense the others were staring at her but she ignored it as she prepared to get ready to duel.

The End of Pt.4

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