My name is Douglas Malcolm Beckett, or at least that's what I was born as, but I know way back we were Hayes. I asked my family and they said it was okay to change it back, so I did, and now I'm Doug Hayes.

I've been in the Tactical Department of the Discovery for a while. It's a good ship – a little weird. But that's okay. I'm an Ensign.

When we flew the spore drive the last time, we were rocketed into a different universe.

What they don't know is that I know. Me, yeah, me, personally.

I was born in December of 2229 and here it is 2256. My father was Jay Hayes Beckett, and his father before him was Joss – Jeremiah – Logan Beckett. Joss's parents were Lili O'Day and Douglas Jay Hayes Beckett.

There's a book; it's called The Human Pioneers of Lafa II. And in that out of print book it says my great-grandfather Doug, for whom I am named, that he was from a mirror universe.

I know now that this is the same place. I can feel it in my bones. It's dark and violent here. There are far more men than women. Everyone is cruel but it hides their fear. They medicate themselves with sex and synthahol. A part of me is from here. But most of me isn't, and I would give anything to get back.

I don't know if we will get out of here. I can feel the fear; I can taste it on my tongue, and it's bitter. Last night I dreamt of a man whose face I only know from the video wall of family pictures – Doug. And he told me to keep my mouth shut and my eyes open, and to hold tight to what I hold dear, whatever it is. He gave me courage, and told me we could get out.

And then a woman joined him, pale and opalescent – Lili. She said if the ship can't get back any other way, we need to head to the Lafa System. The current High Priestess should be able to find a way to help us. And then she hugged me, and it felt so real, as if she was really there and not some dream phantom, some ghost or apparition.

Acting Captain Saru says we will find a way home, and I believe him.

But if he ever needs any help, or if Stamets can't do it, then I'm going to step forward. Because, no matter how wacky it sounds, I've got the inside information, and I am more than willing to share it.