1 Piece Luffy's mom AU

By: FunahoMisaki

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Everyone stopped and stared as Akainu's body and Luffy both dropped to the floor and more than one person held their breaths. For one horrible moment everyone thought that Amande had messed up. That they would see her fall to her knees in horror when she realized that she had killed her younger brother as well.

"You okay baby bro?" Amande asked as more and more marines around them fell, each one having parts of their body cut off. Most of them were decapitations and others were straight up cut clean in half as they fell to the floor like flies with the strange fish mark on them somewhere. Everyone sucked in a sharp breath of air, had she screwed up? Was Luffy badly injured or even dead and she couldn't tell because of Akainu's body being in the way?

"I'm fine but he's heavy!" Luffy whined slightly as he untangled his arms and rolled Akainu's headless body off of him. Everyone let out a breath of relief at that. He was truly okay. She hadn't killed him even though he was at ground zero of the attack and literally right behind the man who she had decapitated with a sword that was more than long enough to have hit him as well.

"What the hell kind of move is that? You just killed at-least twenty marines in one move that no one can even see." Whitey asked surprised and impressed as she moved away from a few of the dead marines around her. There was a bit of blood coating her body and outfit now as she moved closer to Amande and Luffy but none of it was hers. Nope it was all from the marines that had suddenly been sliced apart while she had been in close proximity and their disgusting blood had sprayed her.

"You'd be surprised what one could do with a Meito they've been learning how to wield since they were five." Amande said with a smirk as she stepped next to her brother and checked him over for any dangerous wounds with her eyes. Thankfully he only seemed to have some scrapes and a few bruises, he was bleeding a bit from a sword swipe from one of the now dead marines that had grazed him when he and Whitey had landed in the plaza but it didn't look like it was dangerous.

Merely a small graze on his upper torso. Amande let out an unnoticeable breath of relief. She hadn't showed it but she had been scared that she had lost control for a moment and had injured her baby brother.

"Five? You've been able to swing that thing around since you were five?" Whitey asked in disbelief as she stared at the woman who snorted as she was pulled away from her thoughts.

"No. It was a birthday present from mama when I was five so I learned how to fight with a sword until I was strong enough to pick it up, I didn't start using Shirauo until I was eight." Amande said earning a nod from Luffy who thought that it was perfectly understandable while Whitey sweat dropped. That wasn't much better. What kind of monsters did Big Mom produce?

"Let's get out of here. I want to check on Peros-nii." Amande said after making sure her baby brother was okay as her mother finished playing with the giants and she literally meant playing with them.

"Wow she sent that one really far." Luffy said wide eyed and following the giants progress with his eyes as his mother punted the giant off into the distance.

"It's good!" Vivi called from the ships, raising her arms as if in a football game, and earning more than a few laughs from the others. Big Mom's laugh was the loudest however and she grinned slightly.

What an interesting princess. She might have to have her join the family.

"Badass, knows sports, and beautiful. I think I'm in love." Monte-d'Or said causing Galette and Opera both to stare at him before they began cracking up.

Oh he was never going to live this down.

"That was a dirty trick Amande." Perospero was conscious again and waiting for them when they had finally made it to the ships, the pirates easily knocking out or cutting down any marine in their path that tried to stop them.

"Pirate." Amande said without hesitation as she looked at her oldest brother who did not look amused as he crossed his arms in front of his chest, his candy arm being green and standing out greatly against his blood stained and slightly ragged yellow coat/dress.

"That is not an answer for everything!" Perospero said looking annoyed while Luffy's crew immediately rushed over to check on their captain who smiled and laughed as he reassured himself that they were all fine and reassured them that he was alright while also introducing Whitey as a new crewmember.

"Luffy?" Amande called making her rubbery brothers head pop up to look over at her with a half chirp sound that she learnt meant he was acknowledging her. Her brother had a lot of weird quirks, and she had only learnt a few of them since sailing with them but she was getting better at deciphering what each of his chirps and hums meant.

"What do pirates do?" Amande asked making Luffy tilt his head.

"Whatever the hell we want." Luffy didn't hesitate in answering despite how curious he was as to why his sister asked a question she knew the answer too.

"See?" Amande asked Perospero as she motioned with one hand towards Luffy, whose crew was snickering and laughing and so were more than a few others who had been nearby enough to hear that.

"Love Rival!" Hancock had appeared out of nowhere however and was glaring darkly at Whitey with a miasma of rage surrounding her.

"Eh?" Whitey asked blinking before quickly ducking when Hancock tried to kick her.

"How dare you kiss my beloved Luffy!?" Hancock began screeching at Whitey who was dodging her attacks looking completely confused while those nearby jaw dropped as they stared at the cat fight that was starting to happen.

"Eh? Hancock? Why are you attacking Whitey?" Luffy asked confused as he looked at the Snake Empress who immediately turned towards him with a blush on her face and was positively gushing.

"She took what was mine Luffy. Only I get to kiss my beloved husband to be." Hancock said making everyone stare wide eyed and in disbelief at what they just heard as everyone looked between Luffy and Hancock.

"Oh! You wanted a kiss too! Okay." Luffy grinned brightly as he grabbed onto Hancock and leaned up. She was positively atomic red at the moment as everyone gaped and Whitey frowned. That snake hussy was going to be flash frozen in a minute.

"Chu~" The small sound effect did not ruin the overall effect Luffy's innocent kiss on the cheek had.

Hancock's face flared even brighter and she mumbled something about marriage before she outright fainted in happiness making Luffy look confused and alarmed.

"Did I do something wrong?" Luffy asked blinking at everyone confused at Hancock's reaction while Chopper sighed and moved over to check to make sure she was truly okay.

"You shitty rubber captain…" Sanji was torn between a miasma of death and rage, and sinking to the ground in sorrow and despair.

"What? Aren't I only supposed to kiss people on the cheek?" Luffy asked confused and making Amande smirk slightly as she patted his head.

"Why do you say that?" Galette asked torn between disbelief and amusement. She wasn't sure if what she just saw was real or some sort of strange post-war hallucination, but damn was it funny to see the looks on the others faces.

"Cause don't girls get pregnant when you kiss their lips?" Luffy asked tilting his head and then seeming to remember something as he looked at Whitey.

"Wait why'd you kiss me on the lips then?! We didn't know how we'd be saved and you would have had a baby in you when you died if Sabo-nii and Twig-nee didn't save us?! Wait that means you're going to have a baby now!" Luffy began panicking at that as everyone stared, his crew losing the fight with their laughter.

"Who taught you that?" Oven asked his baby brother who merely pointed at Amande.

"Ama-nee!" Amande shrugged at the looks on their faces as they stared at her while Luffy kept panicking over Whitey.

"What? I wasn't going to tell him how babies were actually made." Amande said making quite a few people twitch or gape at her.

Most of her siblings and those that knew Luff however looked positively horrified at the mere thought of teaching him about such a thing.

Yeah they couldn't fault her for the blatant lie there.