1 Piece Luffy's different Mom

By: FunahoMisaki

(A/N: I own nothing and okay we've seen stories where Luffy's mom is Big Mom or a known, or unknown in some cases, Marine Woman or some woman in the revolutionaries…but how about a story…where Luffy's mother isn't Big Mom…instead it's one of her daughters? AU OOC to be expected STARTS OFF THE SAME AS MY OTHER STORY LUFFY'S MOM IS WAIT…WHAT?!)

Big Mom was enjoying her snack and waiting on the report she had ordered of Monkey D. Luffy's family. That ballsy brat had claimed to have eaten all of her candy from Fishman Island…and then said he would defeat her.

Now despite what most of the world thought, including some of her own subjects she knew, Big Mom was not easy to anger most of the time. A child like Luffy boasting big, she was used to hearing it. Honestly he wouldn't be the first to try and fight her, and he won't be the last she was certain…besides she has 85 children that she raised from birth until now. She was more than used to hearing them boast that they were going to be stronger than her back when they were younger, especially her boys. She never really took offense to someone claiming that they were going to kick her ass, honestly she has heard it hundreds of times before so why would she?

What pissed her off the most about the brat was the obvious lie to her about how he had eaten all of her Fishman candy and that he had the missing member of the Vinsmokes that she was going to arrange for her beloved Pudding to marry on his crew.

While she never truly favored one child over the other, although she found it impossible to look at and interact with her daughter Chiffon without flying into a rage thanks to her twin sister Lola's desertion, she did admit that she spoiled Pudding more than the others and gave her more attention. Thanks to her third eye giving her the ability to read poneglyphs, the very few who somehow found out about this ability and knew about the Red Poneglyph in her possession, often tried to kidnap or kill Pudding. Especially back when she had been a baby.

"Dolce! Dragee! What have I told you about pulling Anana's hair?" The voice of one of her elder children, Brulee her beautiful broken inside eighth daughter, demanded snapping Big Mom out of her thoughts and drawing her gaze from the small by comparison pastry in her hand to some of her younger children.

Brulee, the proud but scarred mirror user, was holding little Anana, her 37th daughter and a true little terror in the making, on one rather bony hip and was reprimanding the twins who were holding the remains from their balloons now and looking a bit miserable. Judging by the mirror shards it was obvious that Brulee had popped the boys balloons this time instead of Anana herself, probably for pulling their sisters hair.

"But Bru-nee she's a psychopath!" The twins protested in unison, like they so often did, and making Anana look upset with tears in her eyes and the older siblings to wince since they knew what that word did to their sister and they didn't mean the little one.

"What have I said about calling her that?!" Brulee demanded looking furious and disappointed with the two boys, and Big Mom as well as some of the older children knew why. Brulee had been interested in a rather good looking and wealthy son of a noble back when she had been sixteen but the boy had turned out to be a true sociopath and psychopath and kept it hidden for a few years. The day before the two of them were to be married on Brulee's 21st birthday, the boy had snapped and tried to kill his fiancée. He had cut off Brulee's nose and gave her a horrible scar that went diagonally across her face, just barely missing her left eye. It had only been thanks to luck and her siblings wanting to see their sister one last time before she was married that they had been able to get to her before she bled out, and managed to reattach her nose despite the fact that it was discolored now.

He had mutilated one of her babies and nearly killed her the day before she married him.

It was supposed to have been the happiest day of her daughters life and yet it ended up being one of the darkest. Perospero had been the one to get there first and had surprised most of them when his calm if not slightly unhinged personality went full on protective firey rage on the one who had dared to harm one of his baby sisters. It had taken Big Mom (who had been holding back greatly lest she risk crippling or even killing her eldest son), several dozen Chess Peacekeepers, Compote, and the triplets (Compote, Kakuri, Oven, and Daifuku were only assisting on their mothers orders and even then didn't give it their all and she couldn't blame them) to keep the eldest child from outright killing his sisters attacker.

He had been very pissed when he had been stopped and had stayed that way for over an hour… right up until Big Mom told him that she was sure all of Brulee's siblings wanted to show their…disappointment…in his actions to the man himself. Once the siblings were done, but left the scum bag alive on their mothers orders, Big Mom drained his soul slowly over the course of weeks to months until Brulee was finally recovered enough physically, emotionally, and mentally to see the man again. She had been jittery, nervous, even outright scared…but she had done it with her two favorite big brothers standing beside her for support.

Big Mom had left just enough of the man's soul in his body for him to be alive and knowing full well who had finally ended his misery and killed him.

Brulee had even been gracious, or cruel as some would say, enough to have used the very same knife her former fiancée had used to slash her face open and nearly blinded her in one eye.

They had never really told her that while the rest of the siblings old enough to take part tortured the man who had dared harm one of theirs, Amande and Perospero had been in such a towering rage that just torturing the man hadn't quailed their fury and desire for blood. To keep them from accidentally finishing the job that was Brulee's right to finish, Big Mom had given the two of them a new mission. Destroy that noble son's family and kingdom and make it part of their own as…payment…for the damage done to her daughter.

By the time the two were done they were covered in blood and hadn't left a single one of the man's family members or those who tried to stop him alive.

"Sorry Bru-nee." The twins said looking shamefaced and upset once Brulee finally was done reaming them both a new one for what they had called their younger sister and how they had been treating her. None of the youngest siblings liked the eighth sister being upset or mad at them.

"Am I a psychopath?" Anana asked quietly, looking up at her favorite big sister scared and tearfully. Brulee immediately began bouncing the little girl and rocking on her feet slightly as everyone watched, not that the eighth daughter cared in the least as she focused on the child in her arms.

"No sweetheart. You're nowhere near being a psychopath. You're just a little bit…sadistic…or perhaps a little more twisted in the mind than some of the rest of us but that's okay. We're all twisted in our own ways and some more than others. So what you like to cut things or pop their balloons? Maybe that means you'll take an interest in swordsmanship or at least knife wielding as your fighting style, or maybe you'll be more interested in being in the medical field like a surgeon." Brulee quickly began to softly sooth her little sister, well one of the littlest ones that is.

Despite being vain and arrogant around outsiders, seeming as if she only wanted to carve up every pretty face she met, she was actually very gentle and understanding with her siblings. All of the Charlotte siblings from 9th to 85th looked up to and had a bit of a soft spot for the 8th daughter, some of the littlest ones like Anana even saw her as a second mama. Katakuri may be the favorite big brother, and Compote may be the eldest sister…but Brulee was the favorite big sister. Often times she had used her Mirror Mirror powers to check on and keep an eye on her siblings who all had small mirrors in their possession at all times, and all of her siblings and even her mother knew that if they needed her to be there and simply said her name into a mirror…then she'd hear them and be there in less than a minute.

"Surgeons have to cut people up to fix them, maybe that's what you'd be into when you're older. But for now it's too early to tell and that's fine. You like cutting things, then you keep cutting things but don't kill anyone or anything living until you're at least thirteen alright?" Brulee asked bouncing her sister a bit more and earning a small smile and a nod from one of the youngest three girls in the family.

"Mkay." Anana said cuddling close to her favorite big sister, making Brulee smile warmly at Anana while Big Mom smiled fondly at her daughters.

"You'll make a very good mother one day Brulee." Big Mom said not for the first time, making Brulee's eyes widen and she blushed brightly as she looked away from everyone…but they all saw the small sad smile on her face even as her reaction caused them all to laugh a bit except for a few who looked guilty. She was so easily flustered by compliments, even back before she had been scarred she had been easy to fluster.

Sometimes her siblings would say different things or compliments just to watch their clumsy, ticklish, broken sister blush bright red and flounder about a bit. It was one of the less damaging but still a bit sadistic things the siblings liked to do, sadistic according to their targeted sister of course. Brulee has cursed her siblings out more than once when the younger ones couldn't hear for it while stumbling over her feet in embarrassment.

"Mama!" Tamago came rushing into the room as fast as he could, only ending up crashing into Brulee. The two of them went down in a swirl of growls, yelps, and curses while the rest of the Charlotte siblings in attendance either busted out laughing…or tried to hide the fact that they were laughing.

Leave it to their clumsy accident-prone sister to have that happen to her, although it seemed her Observation Haki was getting a bit stronger. Not many of her siblings had noticed it but Big Mom and the older siblings had. Just before Tamago had entered the room, Brulee stopped blushing as she looked at the door and quickly but carefully tossed Anana to the closest sibling who would catch her. In this case it was Amande, the third born daughter, who had reacted in a surprisingly fast pace and caught the tossed girl in her arms.

"Tamago you have five seconds to separate yourself from Brulee…and three to tell me why you were in such a hurry that you disturbed my time with my children." Big Mom said glaring at Tamago who hastily scrambled off of Brulee and away from the tall woman. Big Mom didn't often spend a lot of time with her family all together unless it was a Tea Party…and even then most of the time a few of her children couldn't make it due to attacking pirates and other such things. When she did spend time with all of her children, even though Katakuri was away at the moment retrieving a present for Brulee's birthday next week, she guarded it fiercely and jealously.

Tamago had been in service to the Charlotte family for a long time, since a year or so before Brulee's ex-fiancée tried to kill her in fact. He knew that although they didn't often show it openly, especially around others, most of the Charlotte siblings numbers 16 and up were very protective of the 8th sister to the point where some of them seemed to have a sister complex of sorts. The younger siblings were a bit protective too and very possessive, but they were that protective over all of their loyal siblings…the older ones were more protective of their broken sister than they were their other siblings.

"The information you asked for! On Straw Hat Luffy's family!" Tamago panted out making everyone pause for a moment and look at him while Big Mom's eyes narrowed and Smoothie helped her sister up with a small smile while Brulee scowled at her siblings who were still chuckling or giggling at her.

"Hurry up and spit it out." Big Mom said even as she had picked up her youngest daughter to sit on her lap when the little blond girl held her arms up towards her mother. Big Mom smiled softly down at her youngest as she handed the girl a small tea cake that was about the same size as the child's head, but the little girl had her mothers appetite as she devoured it in less than a minute.

"His father…Like they said at the War of Best! It wasn't a lie to aim the Marines at him!" Tamago hurried to rush out while Big Mom looked at him annoyed a bit, why should she care about the damn War? All she cared about was the fact that Whitebeard had died during it which had left Fishman Island ripe for the taking, and took it she had.

They had delivered the sweets on time ever since she claimed the island, right up until that damn Straw Hat had the gall to claim he had-

"His father is Monkey D. Dragon the Leader of the Revolutionaries!" Tamago said causing most of the elder children to jerk slightly as they stared in shock, a few turning towards Brulee who was frozen at that.

Damn Straw Hat….Had…Straw Hat…Dragon.

Everyone could tell when the information processed in Big Mom's mind as her eyes slowly widened her mouth dropped open a little bit as her gaze swung towards Brulee in an instant.

"Dragon…but wasn't that?" Smoothie trailed off staring wide eyed at her siblings that had been old enough to remember when the man had visited their home.

"The one who stole our nephew." Oven said his face set into a scowl as the floor heated up slightly underneath his feet at the reminder. That was one of his only and worst failures. Being unable to protect his newborn nephew and keep his sister from breaking.

"Stole our nephew?" Anglias, the youngest son, asked confused as he looked at his elder siblings. As far as the younger ones knew there weren't any nephews other than Chiffon's newborn son with her husband Bege.

"Monkey D. Dragon. Almost twenty years ago he had shipwrecked on our island. Brulee was the one to find him in the remains of his ship and bring him here for medical assistance. The doctors said that Brulee saved his life by doing that." Daifuku said scowling darkly as well although most of the older siblings and Big Mom herself were looking at Brulee in worry.

The Mirror woman was still frozen in place wide eyed.

"Over the course of a few months Brulee had fallen for him, and it seemed he had fallen for her as well and thus Mama allowed them to be married. He wasn't bothered by her scar, in fact he had said it just made her look better since it meant she was strong enough to survive." Amande said softly, looking at her younger sister in worry even as she set Anana down on her own feet.

"But then he left. He left all of a sudden and abandoned us. Because of something to do with the Revolutionaries. He promised he'd be here by my side, especially right then but he just up and left without a single word!" Brulee said clenching her eyes shut tightly as she tried to fight back the memories. The memories of the man who she had fallen for, even though she really should have known better after her first attempt at love backfired so horribly.

"Not just that but when he had come back…it was only so that he could steal his newborn son, Brulee's newborn son, right from the cradle. He stole your nephew, Brulee's son, and my grandson and then vanished off the face of the earth before we could find him and get the baby back." Big Mom scowled darkly at that, her powers beginning to surround her in a miasma of rage. Brulee would have been a great mother, she had been looking forward to the baby so eagerly even after Dragon had left. She had been so happy to have a baby of her own to love and care for like she did her little siblings.

"Tamago! Find out all information you can on Monkey D. Luffy immediately and then fetch Katakuri!" Big Mom ordered making the man run from the room immediately.

"Don't worry sis. We'll get your baby boy back and welcome him to the family with open arms." Compote was trying to reassure and sooth her younger sister who still had her eyes screwed shut and her arms wrapped around her own stomach where her scar was hidden by her dress. Brulee had been very thin even while pregnant, dangerously so. They had to cut open her stomach to get the baby out so that both of them had survived the birthing.

"You should be proud of your son Brulee. The Charlotte blood seems to run strong in him." Big Mom said softly to her Mirror Daughter who looked up at her confused and with tears in her eyes, causing her siblings and mother to be upset. They never liked seeing one of their own cry, especially not a strong if not clumsy woman like Brulee.

"He's only nineteen at the moment and he already has a 300 million Berry Bounty. I think that's a record for our family isn't it?" Amande asked looking at the others who tried thinking about it for a moment. They weren't sure what all of their siblings bounties were at the age of nineteen but their nephews bounty did beat most of theirs at that age.

"Although since he's a member of the Charlotte family then maybe he really did eat all of that candy from Fishman Island." Big Mom said thoughtfully and making Brulee snicker a bit although it was kind of watery. She was obviously trying not to break down in front of everyone.

She busted out in hysterical watery laughter at Perospero's next sentence then.

"Looks like our nephew has a sweet tooth then. He'll fit in just fine."