1 Piece Luffy's different Mom

By: FunahoMisaki

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"Wow!" Luffy had stars in his eyes as he and his crew attended the party that was originally meant to be a wedding. They were turning it into a mix between a party to welcome Luffy back to the family, and a going away party for Brulee and Amande.

"You've never been to one of mama's tea parties before so it's no wonder you're amazed. What can I get you to drink Luffy?" Smoothie asked looking at her nephew with a small smile on her face. She could see why Amande would actually smile and all around her rubber brained nephew.

Luffy was cute and kind of naïve but he truly didn't see anything different about a normal person, a Snake-Neck, a Long-Leg or even something like Pudding's third eye and Piore's teeth. Smoothie was pretty sure that he wouldn't even see anything strange at all about Katakuri-nii-chan's teeth and mouth.

"Hm?" Luffy asked tilting his head up at Smoothie who smiled at him for a second longer and then reached for the giraffe. The sound it made was sure to make her nephew laugh given what she knew of his sense of humor from the past few days he stayed at the Château with them.

She was right as she twisted the giraffes neck and her nephew busted out into peals of laughter that caused his crewmates scattered around the roof to relax and glance over at him with smiles on their faces.

"Thought you'd find that funny." Smoothie said with a small grin as she handed him the full glass only for him to hug her leg before taking it.

"Thanks Aunty!" Luffy said cheerfully as he took the glass and threw it all back in one large gulp much to his aunts amusement.

"Oh our guests are here. Welcome. Can I get you something to drink?" Smoothie asked glancing up from her rubber nephew and spotting the underworld leaders that had just walked through the doors. When they remarked about having some of the giraffe, Smoothie grinned as her nephew busted out laughing at the noise it made when she juiced it again.

Two of the underworld men busted out laughing as well as she began to hand out the drinks to the group before refilling her nephews glass, this time with the meteor rock.

"Thank you!" Luffy said brightly grinning up at his aunt who merely patted his head gently and shooed him away.

"Any time Luffy. Why don't you go see how Compote-nee is doing?" Smoothie asked spotting her oldest sister talking with some of the others invited from some other islands.

"Okay!" Luffy said draining his glass and then bouncing off towards his oldest aunt who caught him in a half hug when he tried to using a Gum Gum Rocket to hug her.

"Nice try runt but you're twenty years too early to try and sneak attack me." Compote said grinning as she held him in one arm easily while he whined slightly before perking up when his arms stretched around her in a hug.

"Hugs however are a different matter." Compote said smiling wider as she hugged her nephew close before letting him down onto his feet, only for him to bounce up onto her shoulder.

"You're tall! I can see everything from here!" Luffy said laughing a bit and causing Compote to blink before shaking her head in amused fondness. Her nephew knew almost nothing about boundaries, especially the ones that most of the family grew up learning with their uncaring mother and their army of siblings.

"Of course I'm tall. You have seen mama right? With her being so tall, of course her kids are all tall too. Why Anana is one of the youngest and she's already up to your shoulders!" Compote said making Luffy look over at his grandmother who was laughing with some of the other guests.

"True." Luffy said nodding and earning a smile from his aunt.

"Don't worry though. You're probably just a late bloomer. In a few years you'll be up to my shoulders I'm sure!" Compote said trying to reassure her unusually short but powerful nephew.

"I could just stretch!" Luffy said bouncing down from her shoulder and then stretching his legs and stomach and chest until he was roughly the same height as her.

"Don't stretch yourself too thin Luffy." Amande said as she was passing by them and causing Luffy to snap back to his normal size in a way that had the others wincing at the snapping sound.

The ones Compote had been talking with stared in disbelief as the famous rookie that had been so casual and comfortable with Compote just as quickly launched himself at Amande and wrapped himself around her while she let out a small hissing laugh as she caught him easily instead of trying to cut him like many thought she would.

Why was this rookie so casual and comfortable with the feared Big Mom Pirates? How was he able to get away with being so casual and touchy with them? Why were they letting him?

"Ah there he is! Luffy come here so you can meet some friends of mine!" Big Mom called making the boy disentangle himself from Amande and Rocket himself straight at the large elderly woman.

Luffy ended up bouncing off of her shoulder and going rolling across the floor until he landed in front of his mother who was standing with Katakuri and Perospero.

"Did you forget that Mama has an Iron Body?" Brulee asked raising an eyebrow at her son who looked up at her looking a bit dazed still.

"Nope but now I'm seeing three of uncle Mochi." Luffy said with a dazed smile as he tried to focus on his uncle who gently picked up his little nephew and carried him over to Big Mom who was laughing at what had happened.

"That was quite the tumble. Do we need to get Brie or that reindeer Doctor of his to check over Lu-chan, peroin?" Perospero asked even as he licked the large lollipop he was holding.

"That was awesome!" Luffy said happily as he bounced out of Katakuri's arms and over to Big Mom who was still laughing.

"That was funny. You'll have to do it again." Big Mom said grinning at her grandson who grinned back as he hopped up in her lap.

"Everyone I know you came here for a wedding but something more important happened." Big Mom announced as she stood up, causing all talking to cease as she held Luffy up in one hand. The boy being positively tiny in her hand as he grinned at everyone.

There were gasps of shock, more than a few murmurs of disbelief and one loud cry of 'big News' from Morgans at Big Mom's next words.

"My grandson has returned home! Monkey D. Luffy here is the son of my eighth daughter Brulee and has returned home to us!"