It's been about a month since the Tournament of Power. Goku and Vegeta were sparring in the canyon they fought in for the first time. They had just grappled each other while in Super Saiyan Blue.

"Hey, Vegeta!"

"What is it, Kakarot?!"

"You complained that I wasn't able to use Ultra Instinct after the Tournament, but what about you!? You were able to use an awesome version of Blue, so why can't you use it now?!"

The two then started exchange blows at the usual fighting speed.

"Oh, be quiet! Don't you think I've been trying to obtain that form?!"

"Hah! Then it looks like we both need to do more training to obtain our new powers! To get even stronger!"

"What do you think we're doing now, you fool?!"

The two then punched each other in the face hard enough to send the other reeling. They both landed on top of a plateau. They both smiled as they got into their fighting poses, both having a blast.

"My, my. You two seem to be enjoying yourselves."

They both looked up while powering down to their base forms.

"Oh," Goku yelled out. "Vados! What are you- Huh? Hey. Isn't that... Caulifla?!"

The female Saiyan waved. "Yo. Been a while, Old Man, Pops."

"Even Kale and Cabba are here!"

Cabba bowed. "It's a pleasure to see you once more, Master."

"Hmph," Vegeta responded while looking away with his arms crossed. Kale looked as nervous as ever.

"I haven't seen any of you guys since the Tournament of Power! So, what are you guys doing here," Goku asked.

"Yes. What reason do you have for coming here, and interrupting my fight with Kakarot?!"

"I'm just gonna cut to the chase," Caulifla said as she flew down to Goku. "Kale and have been training to reach Super Saiyan 3 ever since the Tournament, but we haven't gotten any closer. And this wimp isn't being anywhere near useful enough to help us reach it," Caulifla said while pointing her thumb to a hurt-looking Cabba.

"So, the only idea I could come up with is to see the guy who showed me the form to begin with. So, I had Cabba fly me and Kale to the edge of the universe to find Lord Champa's planet. Hell of a ride, I tell ya. Anyway, we reached it, found Vados, and asked her to take us to you."

"In exchange for the chance to eat the delicacies of your Earth that my brother keeps harping about."

"Yeah. That. Anyway, I want you to train me, Son Goku," Caulifla said while pointing at Goku.

"Okay. Sure."

"Whoa. That was fast," Caulifla said with wide and surprised eyes.

"Why not? You've already proven to me that you're an awesome fighter and fast learner. But I have to know, did you master Super Saiyan 2?"

Caulifla scoffed before she immediately turned to Super Saiyan 2. "You tell me."

"Alright!" Goku then turned Super Saiyan 2 himself. "Then you'll be able to reach Super Saiyan 3 in no time."

"That's what I wanted to hear! Kale! Get down here! Learn to go 3 with me!"

"Y-Yes, sis," Kale said as she flew down.

"Wait, you want me to train Kale too?"

Caulifla looked at Goku. "That a problem?"

"Well... kinda." Goku looked at Kale, who jumped at his gaze. "Kale already has an incredible amount of power. She might be stronger than a Super Saiyan 3 as she is. In my opinion, she needs to learn how to master her powers first before even attempting Super Saiyan 3."

"Hah?! Kale can control her powers! Don't you remember the Tournament?!"

Goku looked at Caulifla for a bit before turning to Kale. "Could you turn Super Saiyan for me?"

"Eh," was Kale's response.

"Turn Super Saiyan, please."

"Uh... Um..."

"Come on, Kale." She looked at Caulifla. "Show this old guy how great you are so he can teach you to go Super Saiyan 3 with me."

"Y-Yes!" Kale then began to concentrate. Then, she gave up. "I'm sorry, sis."

"Aw, man. You were able to do it easily during the Tournament. You haven't been able to do it since."

"Maybe she has too much anxiety or something," Goku said. "Clouded mind or something. I'm not the best guy who can help with that, and neither is Vegeta."

"Watch yourself, Kakarot."

"I don't know anyone who can really help... wait. I do know someone! Piccolo!"

"The green guy," Caulifla asked.

"Sis, he's a Namekian, like Pirina and Saonel."

"Oh. Right. Wonder how those guys are doing. Oh, whatever. So, what does this Piccolo guy have to do with anything?"

"He can train Kale. He's way better at control than I am. He is the man who trained my son Gohan, after all."

Caulifla raised an eyebrow. "You didn't train your own kid?"

"Well, I would have, but I was kinda dead at the time."

"You were what?"

"It doesn't matter. It's not important right now. What is important is that we get to Piccolo. Oh! I almost forgot about Cabba! You're training with Vegeta, right?"

"It would be my honor to train with Master," Cabba said while standing up straight like the soldier he was.

"Hmph. Very well, boy. Come. We will train at my home. You had better keep up, lest you want to be nothing more than my punching bag."

"Yes, sir!"

"And Kakarot." Goku looked at to see his rival give him a challenging smirk. "Let us see which of us trains the better warrior."

Goku smirked himself as he pointed a fist at his friend and rival. "You're on."

With that, Vegeta took off at sonic speeds, surprising Cabba. "Wait, Master!" He flew after Vegeta at an impressive speed, but Goku could tell he would have trouble keeping up with the superior Vegeta.

"Now then..." Goku held out his hand as he placed his fingers on his head. "Grab on."

"Huh," was Caulifla's response.

"Come on."

Caulifla and Kale looked at each other before Caulifla shrugged her shoulders. The girls then grabbed Goku's hand.

Goku then looked at Vados. "See ya later. Hope you have fun on Earth."

Vados giggled. "Thank you. Caulifla, Kale, I wish you luck on your training."

Caulifla looked at Vados with a smirk. "Hah! Like I need luck!"

After Caulifla said that, Vados disappeared. In her place was a house.

Caulifla blinked in surprise. "That wasn't there before," Caulifla said.

"Nope. I used Instant Transmission to take us to Gohan's house. Thought it would be easier and faster."

"Instant what now?"

"Don't you remember? I used it against you in the Tournament."

"That's what you used to fight me? I thought you were just moving seriously fast, like that weird Afterimage move of yours. . . . I kinda wanna learn it."

"Instant Transmission or Afterimage?"


"Sure. We can do that. But first..." Goku used Instant Transmission again. "Hey, Piccolo."

"Whoa!" When Piccolo yelled out in surprise, Pan started to cry from being startled. "Dammit, Goku! I just got her to sleep!"

"Oops. Sorry."

"Hey. Who's the kid," Caulifla asked.

"Oh, she's my granddaughter."

Caulifla looked at Goku. "You're a grandpa? Guess you really are an Old Man." Goku chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head. "So, why's this Piccolo guy looking after her instead of you?"

"Oh, Gohan and Videl ask him to babysit whenever they want to go out together. He's an awesome babysitter. He changes her diapers and everything. He even makes baby food for her! Definitely the perfect babysitter!" Caulifla stared at Goku for a bit. "What?"

"You want Kale to be trained by a glorified nanny?"

"Watch it, you little brat," Piccolo said with a glare as he stepped away from the still crying Pan.

"Oh? Whatcha gonna do about it, Mama," Caulifla said with a challenging smirk.

Piccolo growled before turning to Goku. "Goku, what's going on?! Why is she and her little friend here?!"

"Oh, right! They came to train with us, but I don't think I'm the right guy to train Kale. She's already got plenty of power, but she still needs to learn how to control it, ya know? I couldn't think of anyone better to help her with that than you. You did train Gohan."

"Hmph. Be that as it may, I'm a bit busy at the-" Piccolo then realized something. He didn't hear Pan crying anymore.

He turned to see Kale rocking the baby while singing a soft lullaby. "There, there. That's a good girl. Hush now. It's time for your nap." Pan yawned in Kale's arms, making the Saiyan giggle. "See? You're sleepy. Time for bed." She then tucked the baby in. "Night, night."

Kale lightly petted the sleeping baby as she slept, smiling at the adorable face. She then realized she was being watched and looked to see two Saiyans and Namekian look at her with wide eyes. She blushed in embarrassment. "I-I'm so sorry," she said as she waved her hands. "She was just so cute! I couldn't help it!"

Piccolo smirked. "Alright. I'll train her."

"Eh," Kale said.

"Really," Goku said in excitement.

"Keep your voice down, Goku," Piccolo said in annoyance.

"Oh, sorry."

"Anyway, as long as she helps me with Pan, I don't mind training her."

"Alright. That just leaves me and Caulifla. And I know the perfect place," he said as he placed a hand on Caulifla's shoulder. "Later, Piccolo."

Caulifla looked at Goku's hand before looking up at Goku. "You're still gonna teach me th-" The two were then transported.

Piccolo and Kale looked at the spot Goku and Caulifla were at before turning back towards Pan.

"We'll start your training after we're sure Pan is asleep. We'll begin with meditation. No point in training the body if the mind is not strong."

"Oh. I see." She and Piccolo sat down in front of Pan's crib. Kale looked at the sleeping baby... and blushed. "So, her name is Pan."

When Goku transported the two to their training grounds, Caulifla felt a weight. "At. Whoa. Why do I feel so heavy?"

"It's the planet."


"We're on King Kai's Planet."

"King Kai? Who's King Kai?"

"That would be me." Caulifla looked behind her to see the man himself.

"King Kai is one of my teachers. He taught me some awesome moves like the Kaioken and the Spirit Bomb."

"Kaio what?"

"The Kaioken. It was my first transformation. In a way, it was like a precursor to Super Saiyan itself. You could say it started it all. It's a fighting technique that multiplies the ki in your body for a 'heartbeat'- increasing your strength and speed to inflict serious damage on opponents stronger than you. The only downside is that it takes a heavy toll on the body, leaving you vulnerable to enemy attacks. It's pretty much a double-edged sword."

"Sounds kinda cool, but I don't need it. I've got Super Saiyan."

"Actually, I think it'd be good for you to learn it."


"Super Saiyan Blue is all about calm ki control. Kaioken is also a technique that needs ki control to use. So, it's a good technique to practice a necessary part of Blue. Plus, there's a huge payoff."


Goku grinned. "I call it Blue Kaioken."


"Let me show you." Goku the turned Blue before yelling. Then, "Kaioken!" The Kaioken aura exploded from his body.

"Whoa," Caulifla shouted as she shielded her eyes from the pressure. When the air pressure was gone, she was amazed by what she saw. "So much power."

Goku chuckled. "See? If you let me teach you Kaioken, this form could be yours once you reach Blue. But I should warn you, it's very dangerous to try if you're a novice. With the amount of energy Blue gives you, if you mess up even a tiny bit-"


The two looked at a fuming King Kai. "ARE YOU INSANE, GOKU?! DO YOU REALIZE HOW RISKY THAT WAS?!"

Goku powered down. "Oh, come on, King Kai. I've mastered it... kinda. I still don't know how high I can take Blue Kaioken. So far, I can go up to ten. But I'm sure I can go higher."

"TEN?! YOU WENT UP TO... Oh, forget it. Look who I'm talking to. You've always done things your own way, Goku."


"That wasn't much of a compliment. Anyway, I'm guessing you brought this little cutie to hear my jokes?"

Caulifla's eyebrow twitched. "What did he just say?"

"Actually, I came here to train her. Is it alright if we borrow Bubbles and Gregory? I want to put her through the same training you put me through. I'm planning on teaching her Kaioken and the Spirit Bomb."

King Kai clasped his blushing cheeks. "You are?! You're spreading my precious techniques?! Oh, how glorious! I feel like a proud grand-pappy watching his son teach his kids what-for! Go for it, Goku! Make me proud! You can borrow Bubbles and Gregory!"


"Wait," Caulifla said. "Who's Bubbles?"

"He's that monkey."

Caulifla looked to see Bubbles dancing around. "How did I not notice him?"

"He was probably napping in the tree. Anyway, catch him."


"Just try it."

Caulifla looked at Goku for a bit before sighing and shrugging her shoulders. "Whatever. Come here, ya little fleabag." Caulifla then walked over to Bubbles.

Bubbles noticed her and started dancing the opposite direction.

"I said come here."

Bubbles then began to run.

"Hey! Get back here, dammit!" She started to chase the quick Bubbles. "You ain't getting away from me! Ora-ora-ora-ora!"

Goku was watching Caulifla with a smile while sitting down. King Kai joined him with some drinks. "She's been at this for nearly an hour."

"And she doesn't look tired in the least. It's like the gravity isn't bothering her at all."

"I dare say she has more talent than even you, Goku. After all, it took you three weeks to catch Bubbles."

"Oh, I remember. Wonder how long it'll take Caulifla."

They got their answer.

As Bubbles got trapped between Caulifla and King Kai's house, Caulifla saw it as a chance to capture the monkey. When she was about to make the grab, Bubbles jumped on her head and prepared to jump off from making Caulifla stumble. He succeeded in making her lose her footing... for about a second.

Caulifla was about to fall to the ground, but instead slammed her hand into it and spun around towards Bubbles. She then lunged herself towards the still airborne monkey... and caught him.

She stood up, looking right into the monkey's eyes as he made his adorable monkey sounds. Caulifla gave a giant grin before lifting the monkey high in the air as Bubbles gave a peace sign.

"Alright! I caught 'im!" Bubbles cheered in his own way.

Goku and King Kai were shocked. "W-Whoa! You caught him in an hour! You really are awesome, Caulifla."

"Heh. Damn right, I am! So, now what?"

"Oh, right. King Kai?"

"Right." King Kai then made a mallet appear. He then threw it to Goku, who easily caught it.

"Hm?" Goku tossed and caught the mallet repeatedly. "It feels heavier than what I remember."

"Of course! This girl is obviously much stronger than you were when you came to be trained by me. Of course, I'd make it a bit tougher for her. Can't let it be too easy, can I?"

Goku laughed. "Nope. That wouldn't be any fun." He then turned towards the beauty. "Here ya go," he said as he tossed the mallet to her.

Caulifla caught the mallet with one hand, but almost fell when she did. "Whoa. This thing's got some weight to it. What am I using it for?"

Goku grinned as he looked at King Kai. The King nodded before turning towards his house. "Gregory," he called out.

A ball of light slew out of the house and stopped right in front of the group. The light popped, revealing Gregory. "You called?"

Caulifla raised an eyebrow. "A cockroach?"


"Ooookay. So, what's up with him?"

"See that mallet you're holding," Goku asked. Caulifla just tossed it in the air and caught it without looking. "You're gonna smack Gregory with it."


Gregory felt a chill as he slowly turned towards the only female on the planet. He jumped in fear when he saw her smile and the gleam in her eyes. "My kind of training." Caulifla then jumped towards Gregory with the mallet over her head. "ORAAA!"

"AAAAAAHHHH!" Gregory then sped away like a bullet.

"GET BACK HERE," Caulifla yelled as she chased after the insect.

Two Hours Later.



Goku was laughing at the sight, enjoying what he was watching. "This is even better than when she chased Bubbles."

"It almost seems like the gravity isn't affecting her at all. She's quite persistent."

"Oh, you have no idea. She just kept coming after me in the tournament."

The two looked just in time to see Caulifla stop on her tracks, and got into what seemed like a batting position. She waited for a bit before reeling back the mallet. Goku and King Kai heard screaming and looked towards the direction. They saw Gregory flying right at Caulifla, trying desperately to stop before getting too close.

Too bad.

Caulifla swung the mallet with all her strength. She landed her swing right onto Gregory's entire body. After a few seconds, she sent Gregory shooting down Snake Way. He actually twinkled.

"Oh, yeah," Caulifla cheered as she helps the mallet up high. "How do ya like that, cockroach?!"

"Whoa. That was awesome, Caulifla. Looks like Lord Champa should have had you on his team during that baseball game we had."

Caulifla looked at Goku with wide and confused eyes as she rested the mallet on her shoulder. "The hell is baseball?"

"Some kind of weird sport. My friend, Yamcha, is supposed to be a pro at it. Anyway, let's get on to teaching you Kaioken."

Caulifla smiled as she threw away the mallet. "You won't hear any complaints from me."

"Actually, Goku..." The two Saiyans looked to see King Kai at the other side of his small planet, looking down. "It seems you need to return to Earth. Your son is looking for you."

"You mean Goten?"

"Yup. The boy is saying something about dinner."

"Ah! Is it that late already?! Caulifla, grab on!"

"Huh? What about training?"

"We'll continue tomorrow! It's time to eat now!"

Caulifla was quiet for a bit before she sighed. "Usually, I wouldn't argue against a meal, but I was actually looking forward to training here."

"I know. Don't worry. Like I said, we'll continue tomorrow. Come on! You get to try Chichi's cooking! I promise it's delicious!"

Caulifla sighed. "Alright." She then grabbed Goku's hand. "But you're gonna at least teach me this move tomo-" Goku and Caulifla disappeared from King Kai's planet.

Goten was walking around. "Dad," he yelled out with his hands cupped. "Where are you?! Mom says to come home for dinner!"

"Row." Goten looked behind him to see his dad holding a pretty lady's hand. The lady then looked right at Goten, blinked a few times, then looked at Goku with half-lidded eyes. "You've got to stop doing that while I'm talking."

Goku chuckled nervously as he scratched the back of his head. "Sorry about that."

"Hm?" Caulifla let go of Goku's hand and flexed her own. She then started hopping on one foot to the other. "Whoa. I feel so light."

"That's what happens when you train on King Kai's planet long enough. Experiencing ten times the gravity of Earth makes you feel pretty light-footed when you come back to the planet. If you think you feel light now, you should have felt one hundred times Earth's gravity."

"How did you train with that?"

"Bulma has a Gravity Chamber. Though, it's now technically Vegeta's, so you can only use it if he lets you."

"Tch. So Cabba gets to train in any gravity he wants now, huh?"

"Yeah. But we at least have King Kai's planet, so no worries."

Caulifla sighed. "Whatever you say."

"Hey, dad."

Goku looked down. "Hey, Goten," he said as he ruffled his son's hair, making him laugh.

"Hey, dad?"


"Who's that pretty lady?"

"Pretty," Caulifla asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Her? She's my student."

"Your student?"

"Yeah. I'm teaching her some of my techniques so we can fight one day. I seriously excited! We already fought once in a tournament, and she was one of my toughest opponents, and she was just an amateur at Super Saiyan! She didn't even know how to go Super Saiyan 2 before she met me, and learned it just with a simple explanation from me!"

"Whoa! She sounds amazing!"

"Doesn't she?! I plan on teaching her Instant Transmission, the Kaioken, Spirit Bomb, and Super Saiyan 3. After she's done with all that, I'm gonna help her obtain Super Saiyan God, and then help her become a Super Saiyan Blue."

"Um, dad?"


"What's a Kaio-whatever?"

"Oh. Right. You don't know much about it. I think you've only seen it when I fought Hit."

"Oh! That move that made you all pretty red and blue?"

"Well, I actually combined it with Super Saiyan Blue, but basically, yeah."

"You were awesome!" Goku chuckled when he said that. "So, you're gonna teach the pretty lady that, too?"


Caulifla cleared her throat, getting the attention of the two male Saiyans. "If you two are done praising me, didn't your kid say something about dinner?"

"Oh, right," the two said at the same time.

"Well, let's go," Goku said as he started to float. Goten and Caulifla followed Goku's lead. The three then flew to Goku's house.

"Hm. So you live near a mountain?"

"Yup. It's Mt. Paozu. I was raised here by my Grandpa Gohan. That's my house there."

Caulifla looked. "At the base of the mountain? It's kinda small."

"Really? I think it's pretty big. Not as big as Bulma's house, of course, but big enough. It was built by Chichi's dad, the Ox King."

"King? You're married to a princess?"

"Oh. Um, yeah. I guess I am."

The three then landed in front of the door. Goku knocked first before opening the door. "Chichi, we're home."

"Goku! It's about time! I was getting worried about Go," Chichi was stunned the moment she saw Caulifla. "Ten." A few moments awkwardly passed as Chichi stared at Caulifla.

"Yo," Caulifla said with a casual wave.

"Uh... Goku? . . . Who is that?"

"Her? She's Caulifla. My new student."

"Y-Your what?"

"I'm training her."

"Train-? . . . Goku? What have you done all day?"

Goku took a moment to think. "Well, the first thing I did after breakfast was go to see if Vegeta would spar with me. We then went to the canyon we first fought at to spar and did that for a few hours. Then, Vados showed up, bringing Caulifla, Kale, and Cabba."

"Wait, who?"

"They're Caulifla's friends. Vegeta is training Cabba, while Piccolo is training Kale while she helps him babysit Pan."

"You let a complete stranger babysit our GRANDDAUGHTER?!"

"Huh? What are you talking about? Piccolo isn't a stranger."


"Oh, her. It's fine. She's a great babysitter. You should have seen her, Chichi. She got Pan to stop crying by singer her a nice lullaby and tucked her in. Pan's in great hands."

Chichi was dumbfounded before she sighed. "I thought it was bad enough that Piccolo was being a better grandfather than you. Now it seems like some random girl is taking my role as Pan's grandmother."

"Anyway, after convincing Piccolo to train Kale, I took Caulifla to King Kai's to begin her training." Goku then did something that Chichi didn't like. He placed his hand on Caulifla's shoulder and brought her closer to him. "She was awesome! She completed King Kai's first training challenges in just three hours! It took me three WEEKS to just finish the first one! Caulifla's an absolute GENIUS!"

"Hah! Damn right I am," Caulifla said with pride.

"I can't wait to train with her tomorrow!"

Chichi was quiet for a bit. "So let me get this straight: You spent the entire day training, half of which was with a pretty, young girl?"

"Okay, what is it with everyone calling me pretty? It's getting annoying."

"Hm. Yeah. I guess I have. Why?"

"Then... you didn't... do any FARMING TODAY?!"

Goku jumped from Chichi's scream. "Um... no? S-Sorry, Chichi. It slipped my mind."

"You're a farmer," Caulifla asked. "Kinda lame." Goku laughed nervously.

"You keep your mouth shut, Missy!" Caulifla looked at Chichi. "Goku needs to farm in order to help provide for us! It's the closest thing to a job he'll ever get! But I bet you don't have to worry about that kind of stuff, do you, young lady."


"Heh. I knew it. You must rely on your pa-"

"I just let my underlings deal with money, usually Kale."

Chichi looked at Caulifla. "Huh?"

"I am a gang leader, after all."

Chichi's jaw dropped. "A... g-g-g-g-g-gang leader?"

"Isn't that what I said?"

Chichi was stunned. Then, "GOKU!"

He jumped at his name being screamed out by his wife. "Y-Yes?"

Chichi then grabbed him by the collar of his gi and started to shake him. "YOU BROUGHT A DELINQUENT TO OUR HOME?! WHAT'S MORE, YOU'RE TRAINING HER!? WHAT KIND OF EXAMPLE ARE YOU SETTING FOR GOTEN?! FOR LITTLE PAN?!" She then fell to the floor, crying. "My husband is an idiot! He doesn't care that our precious kids and grandkids will become delinquents at this point! He actually TRAINS them! He trains delinquents! Why me?! Why my family?!"

Caulifla grew a tick mark. "Okay, this lady is seriously annoying."

"It's alright, Caulifla." She looked up at Goku, who had a nervous look on his face. "She gets like this at times. She cried like this when she first saw me and Gohan as Super Saiyans."



Caulifla looked at Goku with a raised eyebrow. "So how will she react if I do this?" She then went Super Saiyan.

"I KNEW IT!" They all looked at the still crying Chichi. "SHE'S A DELINQUENT!"

"Whoa! You can go Super Saiyan too, pretty lady?"

Caulifla looked at Goten. "Too? You can do it, kid?"

"Uh-huh. Watch." Goten then turned Super Saiyan. "Cool, right?"

"Huh. Not bad, for a kid."


"Do you ever stop screaming, Granny," Caulifla said as she powered down.


Chichi would have continued yelling if Goku's stomach hadn't growled. Goten's and Caulifla's stomachs growled as well.

"I'm hungry," all three said.

Chichi glared at Caulifla for a while, growling while she did it, before storming back into the kitchen. At the very least, she wanted her family to have a decent meal, even with the uninvited guest.

Her decent meal turned into a decent show.

Goku and Caulifla were stuffing themselves silly. It was basically an eating contest between the two. Chichi hadn't even touched her food since she was too busy staring in shock at how much the two were eating. Goku was no surprise, but she couldn't believe how much Caulifla could eat, or how unladylike she was doing it.

Goten was watching with fascination until he got an idea. Using his chopsticks, he grabbed a piece of meat and prepared to throw it between his dad and the pretty lady as they ate. He saw the perfect opportunity when he saw the two shoveling rice down their throats and threw the meat.

What happened next amazed him, and horrified Chichi.

The two bit the meat in mid-air... at the same time. Goten thought it was hilarious, but Chichi didn't like how close Caulifla's face was to Goku's. The only reprieve she got was how the two ripped the meat perfectly in half and ate their respective pieces.

Though the rest of the meal was relatively normal, Chichi just couldn't get that scene out of her head. It bothered her enough to make her lose her appetite.

"Bwah! That was good," Caulifla said as she patted her still flat stomach.

"See? Didn't I tell ya Chichi's cooking was good?"

"Gotta admit, you weren't lying." Caulifla then stood up and stretched, showing off her still flat stomach and a nice figure, which really annoyed Chichi. "So, Old Man?"


Caulifla then smashed a fist into her palm. "Wanna do some after-meal sparing? Great way to digest."

Goku had his usual excited smile as he basically jumped up. "Would I?!"

"Only, let's just stay in our base-forms. Just good ol' fists and kicks. What do ya say?"

"Deal! Let's go," Goku said with a grin.

"Oh, you're gonna fight the pretty lady, dad?"

"Okay, stop calling me that, kid. The name's Caulifla."

Goten tilted his head. "Cauliflower?"


Goten nodded his head. "Yeah. Cauliflower."

"No. Cau-li-fla."


Caulifla groaned. "Repeat after me: Ca."






"Now say it."


Caulifla grew a tick mark as she clenched a now shaking fist. "Why you little-. You're lucky I'm about to fight your dad, or else I woulda decked ya. On that note, Old Man, let's go kick each other's asses."



"Yeah, yeah. Whatever, granny," Caulifla said, waving, as she walked out the door with Goku.

Chichi glared and growled the whole time as they walked out together. "I really, really, really, really, REALLY don't like that girl," Chichi thought.

Hours later, when the moon was at its highest, Goku and Caulifla came back inside, both beaten up, but also smiling and laughing.

"Now THAT was a fight," Caulifla said.

"Yeah! You were even more amazing than in the Tournament."

"Of course! What, did you expect me to get weaker?" Caulifla then examined her body. "Aw, I'm all sweaty and covered in dirt."

"Oh, no worries. I'll just get the barrel."

"Barrel? That's how you take your baths," Caulifla asked with a snicker.

"Yeah. It's kinda nice."

Caulifla had to suppress a laugh. "You know what, why not? The old ways ain't that bad every once in a while."

"Great. And don't worry, it's big enough for both of us, so let's take a bath together."

Caulifla looked at Goku with blank, half-lidded eyes. "Huh?"

"ABSOLUTELY NOT!" Goku jumped while Caulifla just looked towards the fire-eyed Chichi. "HOW DARE YOU, A MARRIED MAN, ASK AN UNMARRIED WOMAN TO BATHE WITH YOU!?"

"Huh? What does marriage have to do with bathing? Bulma and I bathed together when we were kids."


"You know," Caulifla started. "I honestly don't care. I was just caught off guard at how easily he can suggest it."


"Alright, alright. Sheesh. Do you do anything besides yelling?"

Caulifla's question made Chichi's fighting aura flare up. "This bitch is worse than Krillin's ex-girlfriend, Maron."

Goku laughed nervously before he turned towards Caulifla. "Well, you can use it first, Caulifla."

"Hm? Oh, thanks. I'll go now. Where's the barrel?"

"Outside. There's a river not too far from here."

"Thanks. I'll fill it up and bring some wood."

"Oh, don't worry. We've got plenty of firewood."

"Good to know. Later." With that, Caulifla walked out of the house... with Chichi glaring at her the entire time as she left.

After both Saiyans took their bath, with Goku sharing the water with Goten, it was time to go to bed. "Sorry we don't have a guest room, Caulifla," Goku said while scratching the back of his head nervously.

"Eh, it's fine. I'll just crash on the couch," She said as she actually got comfortable on it. "Night, Old Man."

"Yeah. Good night. We'll be getting up bright and early tomorrow to continue our training," Goku said excitedly.

Caulifla chuckled. "Looking forward to it."

"GOKU!" Goku jumped as he looked at Chichi. "Don't you dare forget about farming!"

"O-Oh, right. Sorry, Chichi. I'll do it after training."


"Y-Yeah. Sure."

Caulifla was looking at them with one eye opened, not impressed by what she saw. She then closed her eyes as she tried to get comfortable. "It's obvious to see who wears the pants in this crappy relationship."

"CRAPPY," Chichi yelled as she looked at Caulifla with actual fire in her eyes. "HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT?! GOKU AND I ARE HAPPILY IN LOVE!"

"Keep telling yourself that, granny."

Chichi practically snarled at Caulifla before storming off to her room with Goku. When the couple was in their room, preparing for bed, Chichi turned towards her husband. "Goku, how long is that woman going to be here?"

Goku didn't notice the venom in Chichi's voice. "Hm... I honestly don't know. She came to train with me, hoping to learn Super Saiyan 3 and Super Saiyan Blue. It took me a while to reach 3, but Caulifla's practically a genius. She'll have that form mastered in just a few days. She'll be a Super Saiyan God before you know it."

"Good," Chichi said as she got under the covers, back turned towards Goku. "The sooner she finishes her stupid training, the faster she can leave our family alone," Chichi mumbled under her breath.

"Well, night Chichi," Goku said as he got under the covers and fell asleep nearly instantly.

Chichi was awake for a while, thinking about what Caulifla said. "It's obvious to see who wears the pants in this crappy relationship."

Chichi tightened her grip on the sheet. "Our relationship is NOT crappy." She then turned to look at the sleeping Goku before turning back. "We're happily married." Chichi then closed her eyes, trying to go to sleep.

"Happily married." That was her last thought before going to sleep.


As Caulifla was sleeping, a thought came to her: "Wonder how the other two are doing with their training. Aw, whatever."

Meanwhile, with Kale.

"Pan! Please, slow down," Videl yelled as she flew after her laughing, flying daughter.

The baby was laughing as she flew circles around her mother before flying away. She didn't notice how her father appeared before her.

"Gotcha," Gohan said excitedly as he prepared to catch the adorable baby. But then, she flew around him in the blink of an eye. "Whoa! She's fast!"

"I got her," Piccolo said as he stretched his arm. However, Pan kept flying away from his grasp. She was even able to fly in a way that tied Piccolo's arm in a knot. "Wha?!"

Pan was laughing happily before she flew into something soft. She then felt a kind embrace and look up in curiosity to see a smiling Kale. "I caught me a cutie," she said as she scratched Pan's chin, making the baby laugh.

"Phew. Thank you, Kale," Videl said as she flew up towards the Saiyan.

Kale giggled. "It's no problem. She's quite the handful, isn't she."

Videl laughed. "Don't I know it." Videl then lifted Pan and smiled. "You shouldn't cause so much trouble for the grown-ups, Pan."

Pan laughed adorably. "Mama! Mama!"

"Here I am," Videl said as she playfully spun the laughing baby.

Kale giggled at the sight. "Well, Piccolo and I better get going."

"That's right," Piccolo said as he flew up next to Kale after getting his arm untied. "It's gotten later than I had hoped, and I need to begin her training."

"Alright. I understand," Videl said with a smile as she brought Pan to her chest.

Gohan flew up next to his wife and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Trust me, Kale. You're in good hands."

With a smile, Kale followed Piccolo, who had already begun to fly away.

"Kale! You're welcome to stay with us as long as you're here," Videl called out.

"The offer stands for you too, Piccolo," Gohan called.

Piccolo just kept on flying, while Kale actually turned towards them and waved as she flew off with the Namekian.

The couple smiled as their friends flew away, with Pan giggling as she waved. Then, "Picco! Ka!" The couple looked down at their daughter in surprise. "Picco! Ka!"

"D-Did she just try to," Gohan started.

Videl smiled. "Guess that shows just how much she likes them."

"Or how much we say their names," Gohan joked. The two had a lite laugh at the little joke.

Meanwhile, with Cabba.

Cabba fell on his back after receiving a punch from Vegeta. "Come on, boy," Vegeta said sternly with his arms crossed. "Are you not my student? You will not be allowed to fall at a mere one hundred times gravity!"

Cabba groaned as he stood back up and got into his master's favorite fighting stance. "Of course, Master!"

"Hmph. Good. You can still stand and are able to take that stance perfectly. You must always take that stance with pride, for only the Saiyan elites may use it. By the time I'm done with you, three hundred times Earth's gravity will feel no different from Earth to you."

"Understood. I will not let you down, Master!"

Vegeta's expression did not change. He then got into the famous stance himself. "You still have a long way to go, but when your training is done, you will be the greatest Saiyan of your universe. I don't care what kind of training he's giving her. When I'm done with you, you will far surpass Kakarot's student."

Cabba's eyes widened. "Surpass... Caulifla?"

At that moment, Caulifla's back appeared in Cabba's mind. The beautiful Saiyan turned her head, showing her usual scowl before it turned into a challenging smirk.

That thought alone fired up Cabba enough for him to go Super Saiyan out of pure instinct. "I'm in your care, Master Vegeta!"

Vegeta's eyes widened in surprise before he himself smirked. He then turned Super Saiyan and charged at his young student.

The fists of the master and student clashed, shaking the entire chamber. They trained all night, not even taking a tiny break, gradually increasing the gravity as time went on.

A/N: I've been wanting to do this. The only problem was that I wanted to wait until the Tournament of Power ended. I thought the ending would help me with writing this story a bit better, and it did. A perfect ending for the first half of Super, in my opinion. There have been a lot of theories saying that Goku's next major role in the series would be that of a teacher, and I liked that. Goku may be, by all accounts, a god; but like all of the other gods, he isn't immortal. So, he's going to need someone to pass the torch. Gohan and Goten are far too human to succeeded Goku as the strongest in the... well, multiverse (thanks to Chichi's parenting), so they're out of the question. Though Uub will appear and will be a worthy successor to Goku's title as Strongest Man on Earth, Goku will still need an heir for his title as the Strongest in the Multiverse, and a Saiyan would be best for that role in my opinion. So, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the story of Goku's heir. Hope you enjoy it, humans. Wait, did I just- Oh, crap. I shouldn't have said that. I REALLY shouldn't have said that.