It has finally happened, my fellow DBZ fans. Thanks to my friend, Maxg95, Goku's True Heir is now officially a manga. And I freakin' love it!

Here's the link: chumpchangedraws User Profile | DeviantArt

And just in case fan fic won't let the link be visible for some reason, just go to Deviant Art and look up chumpchangeddraws, or just look up Goku's True Heir on Deviant Art.

Just know that he took some creative liberties, but I really like them, personally. He somehow made Caulifla cuter, Kale is as beautiful as ever, and he added his own funny moments. If you enjoyed my story, I'm sure you'll love his manga. In fact, he told me that he already got fans that are translating it to Spanish! Isn't that awesome?! If this keeps up, we might even get it translated to Japanese itself!

Hell, one of our goals is for the big fan manga critics to, well, critique it. We both REALLY want Blackscape to see it, so after he uploads a few more chapters, spread the word, people.

Oh, and to the reviewer TigerVolcano5000, I'd like to say... f***. You're right. Maybe I jumped the gun giving Caulifla Ultra Instinct. Oh, well. Can't change the past. I just thought that since she's basically a female, brasher Goku, I'd give her Ultra Instinct. It felt right at the time. But, what's done is done, ya know? And as of now, it doesn't feel right, taking it away from her. Please understand, dude.

Oh, and one last question. Hopefully, Maxg95 himself will see this, but do you think he should open a ? I personally thinks he deserves it for his work, but he's on the fence. I suggested waiting a bit longer, say if he gets 100 followers or something, but what do you guys think?

Anyway, that's the announcement. Enjoy yourself some Goku's True Heir!