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It was biting cold as the wood elf made his way up the mountain. The area had long been cleared of Forsworn, primitive wretches that they were. The elf had been in Skyrim for almost a year, but he wasn't built for the cold. He was making his way to Skyhaven Temple. He was not looking forward to the conversation he was due to have, but justice had different meanings to different people. Now, he had to teach those who had, up until recently, been teaching him.

He was glad to get inside. It was still cold, but there was no wind, and thus, no bite to it. Delphine, Acting Grandmaster of the Blades quickly approached him.

"Is the deed done, then?" She asked.

"No." was the response.

"Then I'm sorry, but you are not welcome here." The Acting Grandmaster insisted.

"No." came the response again.

"Excuse me?"


"Now you listen to me. It's time for you to choose." Delphine was getting inpatient.


"You are either with us or with the graybeards. If you choose to be with us, then you must exact justice for Paarthurnax."


That one word brought with it power. So much power the entire temple shook. Dust and dirt fell from the ceiling. The rest of the Blades came out from their quarters to see what was going on. Delphine, for her part, was startled enough that she was speechless.

Finally, the elf spoke. "Thousands of years ago, Paarthurnax was Alduin's chief lieutenant, and he performed unspeakable acts of evil in Alduin's name. That much cannot be denied."

"And that is why he must die!" Delphine shouted.

"Paarthurnax turned his back on evil," the elf continued. "He turned against Alduin and helped the ancient Nords defeat him. He has spent thousands of years since then atoning for what he did. Including helping me defeat Alduin, this time for good."

"None of the good he's done can overcome the evil he did." Delphine claimed.

"That is open for debate," the elf replied.

"No, no debate, no talk. You either kill Paarthurnax, or you are banned from this temple."

"No." again, with the one word response.

"Excuse me? Who are you-"

"I am DRAGONBORN!" the elf said, again with power that shook the temple.

"Delphine, you helped me when I first escaped from Alduin. So did the Graybeards. So did Paarthurnax. I owe all of you, but I will remind you that you are only acting Grandmaster of the Blades, that you serve the Dragonborn, not the other way around. I am not your tool to be wielded as you see fit."

"I have never considered you a tool, but you must prove your loyalty."

The elf shook his head sadly. "You don't get it. Your pride and your ego have blinded you and as a result, you will be the last of the Blades."

"I won't be the last," Delphine insisted. "We are growing with new members."

"Members I have brought you," the elf pointed out. "Mjoll, Areana, Lydia, they are my companions. They have fought and bled at my side. They joined the Blades at my urging. I remind you once more that you are only acting Grandmaster. You can be replaced."

"By who? Who has the authority? The emperor does, and he was assassinated."

"Yes he was. Tamriel needs a new emperor. The question is, will the Blades fulfill their obligation, or will their acting Grandmaster let them fade into oblivion because of her pride and her ego."

Silent all this time, Esbern finally spoke, "My dear Delphine, maybe the Dragonborn is right. Since the return of the dragons, we've become consumed with only one of our original missions and forgotten the rest. Paarthurnax did cause great evil and justice must be done, but maybe it is not up to us. Maybe it is up to the Dragonborn as to what form that justice must take. Our numbers are few, our order all but extinguished. We should not let our pride be our undoing. Let's listen to the Dragonborn and hear what he has to say."

Delphine was touched by the old man's words. She was a hardened warrior, but she had a soft spot for the elderly scholar. She sat down and let out a sigh. "I don't like it." She said at last.

Esbern chuckled. "We never like keeping our pride in check, nor our egos, but it is for the greater good."

"And what is that greater good?" Delphine asked.

"Why, isn't it obvious?" Esbern replied. "Restoring the dragon blood to the throne of Tamriel.