Part XXII: Malcolm

One night I woke up in a cold sweat and Hoshi asked me what was wrong. I had dreamed of another case of Tucker Interruptis and Archer the Badger, with guests, starring the Mischievous Mayweather and Kinky Phlox. I only woke up after T'Pol showed up, quite out of the blue, and drop-kicked me upside the head!

She laughed. And laughed. And laughed.

I wasn't quite sure what was more traumatizing, that bizarre dream or the fact that the love of my life could laugh at me for ten minutes straight. But what of vengeance? Surely it was the reason for the dreams!

Hoshi told me she had it covered.

To this day, she still won't tell me where she found the anvils.

The End.


Thanks for all the feedback, hope you had a good time with the wacky duo that is Hoshi and Malcolm. They're fun to torture, you should definitely try it sometime.

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