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and to jss2141: his plans are a secret but you will get hints be that are hidden in this chapter read it real closely . his big plan will start in the episode Kevin 11. also about Ben personalty Is a sort a anti,hero like arata sanda from the cyber sleuth games as for the generals like mikey and Christopher they will not meet ben this is not really a crossover but a bit more of au. I don't own Ben 10 also I just got back from camping so sorry If I'm late on updates or reviews.there are hints to Ben's plan. now let's ROLLOUT!

no pov...

all I'm saying is that I at least should of gotten a thank you.Gwen said looking out the window . she had just got done saving people from a burning building and stoping robbers as heatblast however the watch had timed out

oh let it go dweeb Ben said

on the computer looking at cool motorcycles. At least you caught the robbers right. shut up dofuss Gwen snapped at him. now now Ben's right Gwen. being a hero isn't about getting thanks or fame it's about helping people. grandpa Max said. I know but still a thanks would be nice.

(we all know the seen with animo and the landlord right because I'm gonna skip it)

well here we are Megamart

scene skip

all right we got every thing we need right Max asked. yes grandpa ben said good let's go he said. Boom! the store shook. when Ben and the others arrived to scene they saw some guy on a mutant frog. he was an old guy with almost green skin and what appears to be a arrange device on his head. Behold the genius of doctor animo he yelled clearly mad . now witness my genius he yelled as his helmet flower and shot some gerbales thus mutating them into mutant monsters. now go my parents and get my supplies he yelled as the beast attacked.

Time skip...

anything yet Gwen asked Ben. not yet Ben said . I can't believe I couldn't get that book I wanted and the fact that all Ben wanted was a bunch of fruits Gwen said with her cheeks puffed . now enough of that think of the good you did Max said. what do even need all that fruit for any way Gwen said. you have hobbies I have mine. what ever Gwen said. got it Ben said what you got Ben Max asked apparently animo was a vetrinarin who did horrible experments behind scenes and was up for a popular awared but when he didn't win he flipped and vowed vengeance

he hasn't been seen since Ben said. sounds familiar Gwen Ben said. Gwen just glared at him. waite he said washington BC right so he's going to the national history museum Gwen said good job you two let's go Max said.

Time skip by a lot

Ben! Max yelled forget about me get animo I'll catch up Ben yelled.

Ben's pov...

finally there gone now it's time for me to deal with bird brain. I thought to myself

as I grabbed the bird by the leg and bit it. as it let go I quickly realized that was a mistake as I fell from the sky. ahhhhh I yelled as the parrot dived down on me prepared to eat me. then I stopped as something caught me it turned out tto be a large bird with Ram like horns. who the heck are you i asked. I'm aquilamon he said don't worry kid I got you thanks I said as we landed and hackmon and andromon realized. No problem we were looking for you anyway he said as two others joins him one was a lion type man and the other was like a tank with guns for arms and tank treads and a long tank barrel as a nose . greetings I'm Leomon and these two are tankmon and aquliamon he said . Chaaaa! the patriot screeched. it's coming back hackmon said. we need to fuse will you joins us. andromon asked all three noded. then let's do thisI yelled. transformation sequence)

hackmon I yelled :ready

andromon: yes sir

Leomon : of course

Digifuise I yelled as the fused to to form a new being. ( it was similar to HackmonX2 but more beast like its head looked dragon like it had a a horn the size of a katana had a lion's on the top as like a mane on its neck it's hands and claws on its hands and feet on its back were two mounted cannons with a spiraling barrel

as it yelled out to.) HackmonX3.

as aquilamon and tankmon fused they resembled a metal bird with bull horns on its head while it's entire body was like a machine it'beak and face was organized along the wings were thrusters at the tip of the wings were little miniguns as it shouted war,aquliamon

now guys take it out. spiral cannon. HackmonX3 shouted as its m9unnted cannons fired spiral beams.

gliding bullets. war,aquliamonshouted he fired multiple rounds of energy bullets. as they blasted the bird knocking it out of the sky well that was fun I said so why did you guys help us. we knew you had and wanted to join you Tankmon said. I sighed and figured that was the reason. fine you guys can come i said. you know Ben if keep letting digimon join you then why not form an army hackmon said. an army I said quite surprised. in deed I heard tales of other army's in the digitalworld like the fusion fighters who work to protect zones from bagra andromon said. I thought about it hard and made up my mind. sure but we have own agenda to guard this world but to also protect the digital one from humans i said. do you guys understand. they all noded. good then here's the plan I said as we all huddled together. that's a bold plan Ben Tankmon said. it's risky even even if you have us aquilamon said. the chances of pull this off with out us is astronomical andromon said. I know and honestly I was scraping the idea when my cousin got that watch which is a big reason it might not work even with us were a lot stronger than her aliens but she's got more varity than us hackmonsaid. then we'll grow get new members with more abilitys but if we want complete our objectives this the only way I said. they all noded. But what do we call ourselves

every army needs a name Leomon said. what about GreenFlare Hackmon suggested. my hacker name I said confused why. simple we are the flame that burns away all evil and our spirits shine as brilliantly as an emerald hackmon said. Alright then all those in favor of the name greenflare I said everyone raised their hand wing or claw . then it's decided today we are officially the greenflare army I said with a small fist bumped and a large. yeah they all shouted hackmon did a llittle dance and andromon and Leomon gave small smiles.

time skip.

let me go I deserve that award , I want it, I've got it coming to me animo yelled as the police put him in the police car. some how that sounds familiar Gwen said yeah it does Ben said. it took a bit but after a quick ride on aquilamon he got there just in time to see animo arrested. by the the way Ben I got you something for you know for not coming to get you she said with a small smile. I told you guys to go on without me he said. I know but still she said as she handed him something. thanks but he said as looked down his eyes went wide. no way a super sumo slamers delux golden card this is incrediblely rare where did you get this he asked. I grabbed it before the building collapsed she said with a smirk. thank you really Ben said sincierly

sumo slamers were the only thing that mad him feel like a kid. due to not having any real human friends . thanks she said walking off.

Ben's pov

thanks Gwen but this doesn't Change anything nothing you do will stop me. i thought to myself as I watched her walk off

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