hey guys bulklock here and I've ran into a slight problem with this story. you see I've been doing this off of memory and YouTube and I have two problems 1: is that on YouTube I can't find a good episode beyond sideeffects . 2:my memory is not that good so I'm just gonna do my best and until we reached the side-effects episode once it's done this story will go on hiatus. but don't worry that's a long way from now. also in looking for someone to do a reading the book or watching the show version of this fanfic. I've read a lot of fanfics. but have never seen one for Ben 10 so just PM me If you want. also I forgot to mention how tall HackmonX3 is he's the same as omnishoutmon. I don't own Ben 10 or digimon I do own the fusions. now LET'S ROLLOUT!


""CANONBALL "" Ben yelled as he jumped into the lake.""aww yeah ten for ten Ben said to himself. ""nice going dofuss now hurry up grampa said its time for bed Gwen said. ""yeah yeah I'll be out in a second. ""unless a lake monster gets me he laughed. ""what ever idiot she said.as she walked to the the RV. ""Haha a monster in the lake get real. he never saw it coming.

Ben's pov...

monster in the lake get real theres no such thing.

i thought to myself. Suddenly I felt something grabed my foot . uh-oh i said as It dragged me under water. Water clouded my vision as I tried to grab my fusion loader.but I could'nt move my hands or arms I kicked and kicked I didn't what it did all I knew was that I was running out of air FAST! Then suddenly it let go but it was to late as I blacked out the last thing I saw was a dino like creature swimming towards me.

As I opened my eyes the first thing I saw was a monster like with lots of teeth starring down at me. ""Hay there it said. ahhh! I yelled as I bolted up and scored away. "" relax I'm not gonna hurt yay I just saved your sorry behind"" It said. ""who the heck are you i yelled! ("I'm Coelamon A champion level data digimon were ancient fish digimon who live in dark depths of the sea. our bodies are protected by our hard scaly skin. being ancient fish we poseses Dino digimon attributables we lunge at opponents with a large Set of sharp teeth for our special attack ancient bite.)(I don't know how to describe him but look him up his picture isn't to hard to find.) ""well it's nice to meet coelamon but a where's my fusion loader I asked? Doc's got it in the lab. come on I'll take ya to him . ""lab? just where are we anyway? ""we're in a cave in the lake Doc's been able to make a makeshift lap from any wrecked ships and tech I salvage. you wouldn't believe some of the stuff he's made he chuckled. "oh I said as we came upon an opened part of the cave like something from batman. with tech all around and thats when I saw five familiar figures. "guys I yelled ""Ben they all yelled as they came towards . "" you alright man we saw what happened to us man. hackmon asked. "im good hackmon what about you guys I asked?

"" we are fine Datamon and Coelamon have great host. Leomon said. ""Datamon I asked? ""indeed I have. said a voice behind me.as I looked behind me I saw a small machine digimon(i don't know how to describe what he looks like just look him up) "" you're Datamon I asked? "" indeed he is Andromon said. (" Datamon is a an ultra small virus therapeutic machine digimon that was once a vaccine digimon that repairs crashed computers until he was attacked by a powerfpowerful virus digimon.) ""pleasure to meet your acquaintance Mr tennsyon . nice to meet you to but we have to get back before my cousin and grandpa think I've gone missing.""nonsense I've already taken care of it thanks to a solid hologram . Datamon said ""okay but why are we here. I asked? "ah good question you see when we first arrived in this world coelamon was barely able to keep me alive due to an it was thanks to the Kraken the thing that grabed you in the water. brought us here to this cave where we made our home .datamon said "okay but what does that have to do with us I asked? "" you see there are poachers here under the guise of group known as fish for friends they've taken the Kraken eggs with the help of a ultimate level digimon. okay but I can't breath under water plus I'm trying to make sure my family doesn't find out I'm a general I said "especially until the plan is initiated hackmon said. "" yes, yes your friends have already told me of your predicament and your plan which I might add is quite bold for someone your age Datamon said. ""yeah I'll admit kid you got guts because that plan of yours will changes lives not just yours coelamon said""I know""i thought to myself. this whole thing wouldn't just affect me but Gwen grampa not to mention mom and dad back home. "" which is why we need your help. Neither myself or coelamon can fight them. I can't leave the cave and coelamon isn't strong enough to fight the poachers and the digimon helping them Datamon said. ""okay but that still doesn't help me breath under water or keep my identity a secret I said. already taken care while you were asleep I created the tools you'll need to get the job done Datamon said

as he walked towards a tube like container and opened it. and showed me what was inside.what are these I asked?your disguise he said.

small time skip later

""well what do you guy's think i asked? ""wheew looking sharp Ben Tankmon said. I now wore a long black long coat that went down to my ankles with thick green lines going down my arms with black combat boots,around my neck was a VR headset around my neck on the back of the coat was an emerald dragon that was shaped like hackmon breathing emerald fire. To tie it all together on my left hand was a fingerless glove with the same symbol on the back of my coat on my palm. (author note it's the outfit the main character of digimon hackers memory wears but black and green instead of blue and white ""so what am I wearing I asked Datamon?

""what your wearing are two things the VR set are to hide your face and voice know make it a bit deeper. as well as to help you with your hacking. the glove is a little invention of mine call the flareglove it's designed to turn your body cyber. ""WHAT! we all yelled. ""Relax its nothing life endangering. plus it's the key to breathing under water since you'd be digital. like a digimon since were not flesh and blood we don't need are. plus with you'll be able to enter data streams in the form of a power I call connect jump plus it with hacker skills like stealth hide"" the appicationtion of such a power are astronomical andromon said. ""you got that right I said. ""so Ben want do you think aquilamon asked? As I looked myself over a big smirk came upon my face. "" I think it's time the greenflare army made its debut.

time skip... Gwen pov (bet y'all didn't see that coming did you.

a simple trip to the lake was that to much to ask for i thought to myself. I don't expect to fight some poacher over see monster eggs as ripjaws . "" give up your not getting the eggs i said. "" I don't think so freak you see I got something you don't Jonah said. "" and what's that I asked. ""back up he said. "NOW! he yelled. as a small ball like creature with arms and legs wearing red boxing with metal studs on it's and red boots which have a steel cap with three claws. and punched me the face then suddenly BOOM!

as I was sent into a wall just barely dodgeing the Kraken.

""ugh what is that thing I said. "" I see you've met my my little friend mamemon Jonah said. "" he's been such a help with this operation. "" that things got a good punch on it. I thought to myself judging by how hard it hit me it would take fourarms or Diamondhead to beat it ripjaws doesn't have the physical strength to beat them. ghaa! what do I do i thought to myself. as mamemon changed me. Spiral cannon. a loud powerful voice s go shouted as mamemon was hit with two spiral shaped blast sending it into the ground. Mamemon! Jonah shouted who did that he yelled. ""nice shot HackmonX3. a voice said behind us. as we all turned to the voice our eyes went wide. standing in front of us was a was a mechanical huminoid but more beast had the look of a humanoid dinosaur it was a white color with red out lining it's arms we long with what appeared to be a large hidden blade attached to a long chain wrapped around it's left arm. it's right arm was bigger than the left with a large fist that seem to rotate with claws for fingers . legs were long with medium sized spikes pertruding out of the legs down to its pertruding out of the legs down to its human like feet feet. on its chest pointing out of a hole was a short but bulky cannon. pertruding out of its backwas a long mechanical tail on the end of it was what appeared to be small laser shaped like a spear it's head was shaped like dinosaur but a bit more humanoid and Sharp eyes and a face guard covering it's mouth it had a horn the size of a katana on it's back were two mounted cannons with spiral shaped barrels. on its shoulder was a young man with in a black long coat with green stripes going down his arms on his head he wore a VR set with a strange device in his left hand."" hey who are you friend or foe I yelled to him as he looked down on me.

Ben's pov...

as I looked down on my cousin I mental took a deep breath. "" who I am doesn't matter all that matters is that right now I'm your ally.

""what does that mean! she yelled. it means that you take the poacher while i take the digimon. ""Digimon she said to herself. as I looked at mamemon. ""Mamemon you do not belong here and it is clear that you have hostile intentions as such I'm sending you back to the digital world I said as it glared at me and the fusion loader in my hand. as it charged mewith a grin on its face. Smiley Bomb . it yelled as it fired it's glove ""HackmonX3 take him out. Spiral fist! he yelled as the attacks almost collide mememons attack explodes. forceing us back as it comes around and socks hackmonx3 in the face sending us back quite a bit. "" you guys are jokeing if you think you can catche me nobody can he said as mamemon said.

"" hold still you little jerk hackmonx3 yelled. "" make me mamemon yelled. as the two continued to dodge each others attack. "" guys got to calm down and think let him. "" right. hackmonx3 said as he took a deep breath and listened. nananabobob. mamemon said as he charged us prepared to use smiley bomb. "" NOW I yelled. Spiral fist! HackmonX3 yelled as we finaly caught mamemon in our attack sending him flying out of the lake. ""impossible how did you catch meeee! he yelled as he went fu flying. "" Well that takes there of that I said. ""we better check up on Gwen hackmonx2 said. ""your right let's go I said.

time skip... Ben's pov

""well, we'll I see you handled your part well I said. from the top of the wreckage . she had just left Johan. ""who are you and why did you help me,she said. ""very well since you helped me out I suppose who I am I said as. she looked at with her eyes narrowed. "" I am Zaxon leader of the greenflare army I said as. I threw a plastic card with greenflare's symbol on it I had made them as calling cards for hacking.

""what are you she said. All I did was smirk at here. ""you think your the only one with power Gwen you've become apart of a bigger universe you just don't know it yet I said. as I activited stealth hide and dissapered

time skip No pov

after switching out with the fake Ben got back to the others. "" have you found anything Ben. Gwen asked

""yeah but your not gonna like it. ""just tell me ALREADY! she yelled.

""now, now gwen calm down gwen. go ahead Ben.

"" aparantly the guys you met is world famous. ""well that cool right Gwen said.

""except this guy is a world famous hacker. this dude's hacked everything NASA foretnox the Pentagon and the white house you name.

"" so is he dangerous gwen asked. ""well I don't know this dud hasn't done anything illegal besides hacking. wherever he hacks he only leaves funny videos and cute cat pictures he doesn't steal or anything Ben said. "" well regardless of if he's dangerous or not I doubt that's the last time we'll see him grandpa Max said. "" I wonder what to that little guy he was fighting mamemon right Ben said? "" I don't know last I saw of him. He was sent fly by Zaxon hopefully he's gone for good Gwen said. yeah hopefully Ben thought ton himself.

meanwhile in the forest where mamemon landed.

agh dang that stupid general for getting in my way I guess the rumors of fusion army in the real world were true after all . all well at lest I got what I need he said with an evil smirk. that idiot Jonah didn't know he was being used the whole time thanks to his greed I was able to obtain all the energy I need to obtain my true form he said as he began to glow and chang in his place stood a. what looked like an evil version of pinocio with a large weapon that looked like a cross between hammer and a gun. (wikapida can't tell me how to describe him so look him up.) get ready world the dark master puppetmon is back. it's time to gather the others hopfuly there at the same level and this time no one will stop me ahahahah. he laughed to world full of malice.

arthours notes so what did you guys think was it good

I feel like the fight scene should have been better hopfuly the next one will be better also to those that quote Ben said. have a data cookie :) but seriously the flareglove allows to do the hacker skills see in the cyber sleuth games.

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