Author's Note: Hello fantastic readers! This is my second real fanfiction (technically it's my third, but my second was just a school project that I decided to post on this site). This is a fic that I adopted with permission from Savya398. I first got permission to adopt this fic on May 10th 2015. I tried to write it back then, but I couldn't get past the prologue. I decided that I wanted to try to write this story again in the fall of last year so I made sure that I was still allowed to adopt it. I have just now finished the first chapter. The prologue is probably the most similar part to Savya398's chapter 8 of Stories For Adoption. I tried to keep the original story line in the chapter while not just straight out copying it.

The timeline of this for Doctor Who is almost directly after The Runaway Bride and features the Tenth Doctor. For Harry Potter, this takes place in the third book.

Once again, the original idea and the plot of the prologue and first chapter are Savya398's.

Now, without further ado, Allons-y!

Two Hearts Are Better Than One


A blue box floated in the vastness of space. Within her four exterior walls was impressive technology that could shake any human's perspective on reality and space, and an ability to travel through time and space. Even more impressive than the technology and the boxes capabilities though was the lonely man that the box had stolen.

He was alone again. He often was alone, even though he sometimes had companions.

He was the last of his kind. The very last of the once great race known as the Time Lords. Anyone else would break under the all of the loss that this man had gone through, but the Doctor was stronger than his loss. Still, some moments the loss and loneliness was overwhelming and overpowering and he wanted only to succumb to his sorrow. He often wished for a more permanent companion who would not leave him as all of his companions in the past had.

"Where to now?" the Doctor asked the TARDIS as he stroked her console.

The TARDIS hummed, seemingly trying to come up with a time and place to cheer up her Time Lord. They were connected, her and her Time Lord, and she could feel his pain. It was nearing the level of pain that he felt directly after the Time War. The pink and yellow human known as both Rose Tyler and Bad Wolf had saved the Doctor when the Doctor saved her from mannequins in the shop Rose worked in. She gave him a reason to show off and see the happy things in life. They once again saved each other when Rose absorbed the time vortex into herself to save him and he did the same to save her, but now Rose was gone.

The loud red human called Donna came to the Doctor suddenly. She appeared within the TARDIS and pulled the Doctor out of his sadness of losing Rose by distracting the lonely Time Lord. The distraction did not last long though, as Donna declined his offer for her to travel with him. The Doctor was once again alone.

Before the TARDIS could pinpoint a destination, the Doctor stumbled backwards with a shocked cry. Another presence brushed against his mind. It wasn't just the presence of any mind though, it was a distinctly gallifreyan. It was the mind of a juvenile male gallifreyan to be more precise. It was strangely familiar, yet somehow different. Before the Doctor could try to properly contact the young Time Lord, however, the Doctor was forcibly thrown away from the younger's mind. The only thing left from the brief contact was a strong sense of fear and panic.

"What? How? What?" He exclaimed as he ran around the console of the TARDIS trying to lock onto the traces of the mental signal before it was gone.

"It can't be possible," The Doctor said, hoping he was wrong. It had to be some sort of trap or a cruel lie, but it couldn't be. Nothing could so accurately imitate the mental call of a young gallifreyan in such distress.

"No, no, no!" The Doctor hit the control panel. "How can we not track the signal?"

The Doctor began wildly typing in coordinates with only the vaguest idea of where the boy could be. Even if his search took years, he would find him. The you Time Lord was in trouble and here was a possibility that the Doctor wasn't the last anymore.

"Maybe I've just finally lost the last of my sanity," The Doctor said. Only a few seconds after saying those words, he threw the lever to set him on his search. "But I have to try."

Chapter One

It had been a progression of many things that led to thirteen-year-old Harry Potter flying on the back of a Hippogriff with Hermione in an attempt to save his innocent godfather. So many things had went wrong that year, just like they had in the two years before it, but everything in the rescue seemed to be going well.

The two teenagers had managed to save Buckbeak the Hippogriff from an unjust execution. The only things that the two friends had left to do of their plan was to first pass the Hippogriff off to Sirius and then return to the hospital wing before they were found missing. Harry was saddened that Sirius would have to go on the run, but without Pettigrew as evidence they would be unable to clear Sirius' name. At least with Sirius away and alive they would have a chance to find a way to clear his name later.

Buckbeak was flying high into the air as they soared over the forbidden forest towards the direction of the tower that Sirius was being held in when the plan went askew. Hermione was sitting behind Harry, holding onto his back tightly to try to still her racing heart, when her fear of flying was proven logical. A strong gust of wind picked up causing the large Hippogriff to tip sideways. Buckbeak quickly righted himself, but not before the two riders slipped off.

Hermione screamed and almost lost her grip on Harry entirely before Buckbeak grabbed her in his strong talons. The only thing that was keeping Harry from falling to his death was his too large shirt which Hermione had clutched in her hands.

"Harry!" Hermione shrieked. "I can't hold on to you! You're slipping!"

Harry tried to swing around and grab onto Hermione's arm, but his blind grab missed and he was only able to grab the time turner which had fallen out of Hermione's shirt during the fall. Harry's sudden movement only managed to make the situation worse. Hermione lost her grip on Harry's shirt. The chain of the time turner snapped and Harry went plummeting, possibly to his death, for the second time that year. This time, however, there was no headmaster there to save Harry. All that he had was a small time turner that he held against his chest as he fell into the forest below.

Harry tumbled as he fell and slammed into many tree branches. The thinner branches gave way with loud cracks as he hit them, but the larger ones were not as kind. When Harry hit one of the large branches, the impact was enough to shatter the time turner in his hand. The glass from it was driven into his chest dangerously close to his heart. The time sand entered with the glass and made its way into his bloodstream.

Harry fell around ten more feet before he finally hit the ground. He laid on his back, breathing shallowly. The pain in his body was intense. He figured that he must have multiple broken bones and possibly a concussion. Just as Harry began to try to take in the full scope of his injuries, a pain greater than all of the injuries combined tore through his chest.

The golden time sand had reached Harry's heart and was being pumped all throughout his body. Every cell in his body was being destroyed and rewritten. The pain was intolerable and Harry was no stranger to pain. The worst pain of all ripped though his chest. It felt like his heart was being ripped in two.

As Harry slowly awoke the sound of running water filled his ears along with other sounds of the night. Harry inhaled sharply. His lungs didn't inflate, but he still felt something in his body fill with air. His pulse quickened to a rate which should have killed him and he felt beating coming from both sides of his chest.

Harry's eyes fluttered open and although he knew that he lost his glasses in the fall, he was able to see and take in more details than he ever had before. He could see every vein in every leaf on every branch on every tree. Looking past the trees, he could see the stars in the sky brighter and clearer than ever before. Names that he couldn't recall learning floated through his head for them.

In a state of near panic, Harry tried to bring his focus back to his current location on Earth. He quickly found that that was the wrong decision. Figures and knowledge flooded his mind. He suddenly knew his exact location in not only Scotland, or the Earth, but the entire solar system. He registered how fast the Earth was spinning and revolving and exactly how many seconds it had been since he had passed out.

It was all too much for the teenager. He called out, both vocally and subconsciously in his mind, for help. Although the cry from his mouth went unanswered, he quickly felt another mind brush up against his own.

It was ancient and powerful, full of loss and rage. But it was also kind and held a promise of help. The brush of the other mind against Harry's own felt both comforting and foreign. After only a few seconds of being connected, Harry yanked himself away from its touch in fear.

Harry sat up and tried to focus on the reason that he was in the forest to begin with instead of anything that had happened since his fall. He managed to block out the overload of information as he pulled himself to his feet, using a small tree for support.

Harry tried to take a step forward, but instead fell to his knees. He pulled himself back up and tried again, this time managing to get a few feet away from where he had landed from the fall.

Harry walked through the forest in the direction he knew that Hogwarts would be. A nagging feeling in the back of his mind was telling him that something was wrong, but he didn't register what it was until he heard the howl come from his Defence professor. Harry had gone back in his own timeline again during the fall.

Harry came to a clearing and saw his past self standing with Hermione, Ron, and Professor Snape as Lupin turned into a wolf. He quickly hid behind a large tree, knowing instinctively that his past self seeing him there would be disastrous. From his position behind the tree, Harry was still able to see Lupin and the rat.

The rat.

Suddenly Harry had an idea. He saw Pettigrew take off in the distraction of Lupin's transformation. Harry took off after him, his veins and mind full of adrenaline.

The teenager reached for his wand, but decided not to test it yet at the last moment. He instead bolted ahead of Pettigrew, managing to get ahead of the rat without being seen.

"Got'cha," Harry said as he grabbed the rat off of the ground.

Pettigrew started squealing and screeching in Harry's grasp, but with a quick thought, Harry willed him to be silent and still.

Harry tried not to spend too much time wondering about what he tried to reason away as wandless magic. He instead stuffed the rat in his pocket and made his way back through the forest towards Hogwarts. He stopped just within the forest and waited until he knew for certain that he had passed the point that his past self had fallen.

During the time that he waited, Harry tried to take in what had happened to him. The fall should have killed him. Even if he had managed to survive it, he should have died of the injuries that he had sustained before anyone could find him. What he should most definitely not have been able to do was walk away on his own.

Harry turned his focus inside. He found that he had more control of both his respiratory and circulatory system then he ever had before. Harry tried to take his pulse, but found not the rhythm that he was used to, but a strange new one.

Harry began to panic once again. He swiftly veered his mind away from his present line of thought. Those thoughts were stored away for a later time, almost successfully dammed up in the back of his brain.

Once Harry knew that exactly enough time had passed, he continued on to the castle. He made his way to the top of the tower where he and Hermione had planned to land and say goodbye to Sirius. Both his godfather and his best friend were already there. Hermione was shakily trying to tell Sirius what had happened.

"Hermione," Sirius said as he tried to both calm the panicking girl and understand what she was telling him. "I need for you to calm down and tell me again what happened."

"It's Harry," Hermione said between sobs. "He was coming with me and he fell. Merlin! Mr. Black, he couldn't have survived a fall from that height. He's dead!"

"No," Sirius said in disbelief. "I just got back to him. He couldn't have died."

Harry heard the end of the conversation as he came up the stairs.

"Who couldn't have died?" Harry asked as he walked up to them from behind.

"Harry!" Hermione slammed into him for a hug causing Harry to grunt in pain. "How are you alive?"

"Careful Hermione," Harry said as he slightly pulled away. "I'm a little sore."

"Don't think that you're going to get out of answering me, Harry," Hermione's voice was stern, but there were tears in her eyes and a smile on her face.

"The time turner broke when I hit a tree branch," Harry shrugged. "I got sent earlier in the night and just landed on the forest floor."

Although the story was partially true, it didn't answer Hermione's question. She was too relieved to notice the logical flaws in the explanation though. Harry was thankful for that.

"Are you ok?" Sirius asked.

"Just a bit bruised," Harry said looking down. He then noticed the blood on his shirt. "I also got a bit scratched from the glass of the time turner breaking."

Harry didn't know what had happened to him. He did know that he wasn't ok though, but he was alive and if they waited too long he wouldn't be able to say the same about Sirius. Harry pushed his problems to the side once again that night. They could wait.

"Mr. Black," Hermione said.

"Please call me Sirius," Sirius interrupted. "Mr. Black makes me feel old."

"Sirius," Hermione started again. "You need to go. Harry and I have to be back in the hospital wing soon and you can't be here when they come to give you the kiss."

Sirius looked apprehensive about leaving.

"You really don't have to leave," Harry stuck his hands in the pockets of his oversized jeans.

"What do you mean?" Hermione asked.

Harry pulled the stunned rat out of his pocket and held it up by its tail.

"I can't believe it!" Sirius exclaimed. His grey eyes widened in his skeletal face.

At the same time Hermione looked at Harry in shock. "You aren't supposed to meddle with time."

"This was ok to change," Harry said, and somehow he knew that it was true. "We should probably bring the rat to Dumbledore before the aurors come for Sirius."

Sirius transformed and followed the two teens to the hospital wing, leaving the hippogriff hidden on the roof. They arrived just before Dumbledore locked the door.

"I take it that you were successful?" The old headmaster asked before he saw the black dog following behind them. "What's this?"

"Sir," Hermione said. "We need to go to your office."

Harry once again held up the rat.

"It seems that we do," Dumbledore said as he led the way to his office. "It also seems that I have some aurors to call."

Events moved swiftly after the aurors were called. The head of the department, Amelia Bones, showed up on the case first. Minister Fudge came as soon as he found out. The minister spent the rest of the time both trying to cover his rear and insisting that Black was guilty. Sadly for Fudge, with Pettigrew in custody, there was little to no doubt about Sirius' innocence to any of the aurors. Harry and Hermione were questioned indepthly and Sirius's name was cleared of all charges within an hour.

"Could you inform Mr. Black that the charges against him have been dropped and the kiss order has been called off?" Bones asked. "We'll just need him to come in so that he can be officially exonerated."

After she said that, Sirius came out from under Dumbledore's desk where he had been hiding as Padfoot. He transformed back.

Fudge was outraged that Sirius had been there the entire time. He tried to say that he should be arrested for being an illegal animagus and any other crime that he could accuse Sirius of. His accusations, of course, fell on deaf ears and Bones simply told Sirius to register when St. Mungos declared him healthy enough.

Sirius flooed to the ministry with Bones, Fudge, and Dumbledore. Harry and Hermione were reluctantly left behind.

"You should go to the hospital wing and let Madame Pomfrey check you," Hermione's words barely registered to Harry.

"I'm fine 'Mione," Harry assured her. "I'm just really tired. I think I'm just going to go up to the dorm and sleep for a while."

It took a few more minutes of insisting that he was just tired for Hermione to let him go. During that time, Harry's focus began to slip. The parts of his mind that he had suppressed started to slip past their bindings. Thoughts and theorems and things that he shouldn't know began rushing through his head.

Hermione said that she was going to go and check on Ron. After she left for the hospital wing, Harry somehow managed to make his way back to Gryffindor tower and up to his bed. He kicked his shoes off and climbed in.

As soon as Harry's head hit the pillow, he was asleep, but even in sleep, Harry couldn't escape what had happened to him. His time of rest was filled with dreams that seemed more like memories.

He saw burnt orange skies and silver trees. Domed cities, and academies. People in silly hats, and otherworldly creatures. All of that, however, was just the beginning.

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