Chapter Six


"So many people want to go to the moon," Martha said. "They train for years. And we just end up here! It's got to be extraterrestrial."

"Judoon," the Doctor said, identifying the aliens walking towards the hospital.

"So," Martha said as they ran. "People just call you the Doctor?""Most people do," the Doctor said."Where are your parents at?" Martha asked Harry as if she had just realized that the boy was without parental supervision in the middle of an alien abduction.

"They're not here," Harry said after a brief pause.

"You can come with me," the Doctor said.

"The Judoon are intergalactic police for hire, so I'd assume that they're looking for someone," The Doctor explained. "They brought us to the moon because they aren't allowed on Earth under galactic law. The moon's neutral territory though and judging by the fact that they're cataloging people, I'd guess that the person they're looking for isn't human. Which isn't good news for me."

"We found the files," The Doctor said."There's no need for that now," Martha's eyes were wide. "I found her."Before any of them could share any more information about the alien the Judoon were looking for, the door that they were standing next to was broken open from the other side. A humanoid creature wearing all leather and a motorcycle helmet came through."Run!" The Doctor yelled.Harry had to agree that getting away from the leatherman was a good idea and sprinted down the hall like his life depended on it and in all actuality, it likely did.


The three people ran down the hallway away from the man covered in leather. They barreled into a stairway and turned the corner headed down the stairs only to run into the Jadoon coming up the stairs. The three of them pivoted in their tracks and ran through the nearest door. Harry was in the back of the group.

The man in leather followed them through the door.

They ran down a long hallway. About three doors down from where they started, Harry looked back to see how close their pursuer was. In the process of looking back, Harry failed to watch where he was going. The first thing he saw as he turned back around was a medical cart, which would have been fine if he had seen it before the exact moment he fell over it.

Harry tumbled to the floor and rolled head over heels. The leather man was even closer then than it was when Harry had looked behind him the moment before. Harry jumped up with the intent of running after the Doctor and Martha, but when he turned around, they were already gone. Harry saw the stairwell open on the other side of the hallway and feared that it was another group of Judoon. Caught between a rock and a hard place with no visible escape route, Harry darted into the closest unlocked door.

Once inside, Harry slammed the door shut and locked it from the inside. He summoned his wand from the holster that Sirius had bought him for his birthday that year and then reached to the side where he always wore the small bottomless bag that held his invisibility cloak. He let out a string of curse words when his hand grasped nothing but air. He had left his bag in Sirius' room.

Harry got to the back of the room before the banging started against the door. The door splintered open and the leather covered man made his way through. With a yell, Harry began firing off spell after spell. Most of the spells were considered light, but when they weren't working, Harry started to use more neutral ones. Harry bit his lip in concentration and put all the power that he could into the spells. The man just continued to come forward through the spell fire.

Harry debated using some dark spells he learned from the Black library, but before it came to that, a sickly lime green ray of light shot through the door and connected directly with the leather man. Branches of electricity ran over the man's body, causing him to seize up before falling to the ground completely stiff.

"Harry?" Harry pried his eyes away from the, now motionless, hunk of leather on the ground to look at the person who spoke to him. He couldn't see anyone else in the room, but he'd recognize the voice anywhere.


"Are you ok?" Sirius asked as he pulled off Harry's invisibility cloak and rushed forward.

Sirius was already looking better than before but he was still paler than he should have been. At least this time he decided to get fully dressed before he ran out of his hospital room.

"Am I ok?" Harry asked, taking the cloak from Sirius. "You're still supposed to be in bed!"

"Harry!" another voice sounded from the door and the Doctor and Martha ran in.

"Oh my god," Martha gasped as she looked at the leather humanoid lying motionless on the ground. "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine," Harry said.

"Oh," Sirius said, crossing his arms across his chest. "So you'll answer the pretty woman and not me."

"Can we talk about the thing that Sirius just electrocuted instead of arguing about how I am?" Harry snapped. This was almost as intense as the worry he received from Mrs. Weasley. While it was nice to know that people cared; it was all a little overwhelming.

The Doctor seemed to agree with Harry about focusing on the unmoving leather man because he was already kneeling down beside it examining it.

"Just what I thought," he said as he stood up and took off a pair of glasses that Harry hadn't seen him wear before. "Just a Slab."

"Like a golem?" Sirius asked.

"Gollum?" Martha asked. "Like, Lord of the Rings?

"No," Sirius said. "It's a clay figure that's given life through magic."

"It's not actually brought to life," Harry added. "Just animated."

"Close to that, well, I wouldn't exactly call it magic. More of a jolt of energy mixed with a key set of programing, but still very similar." The Doctor said. "But these are solid leather, not clay, and they never travel alone. We need to locate the plasmavore, but before that, what are you two?"

Harry's back stiffened at the Doctor's words. "He's a dog sometimes," Harry blurted out.

"And my godson here is grounded," Sirius said, not even trying to deny his animagus form.

"What?" Harry exclaimed.

"I told you not to go looking for trouble other than pulling pranks. I get hurt and when I wake up, I find you about to be killed. What would you have done if I hadn't shown up?"

"I guess I would have used more lethal spells!" Harry said.

"You should have started with more lethal spells!"

"You still haven't answered the question," Martha pointed out.

Harry looked at Sirius, trying to convey his question and the importance of answering the medical student with that one look. Sirius picked up on the message and nodded.

"We're wizards," Sirius said. "We have wands and ride brooms and occasionally wear pointy hats."

"The hats are stupid," Harry mumbled before he added. "We are from Earth, though."

"Are there very many of you?" The Doctor asked.

"A whole society all around the world," Sirius confirmed.

"A whole society living right on Earth and I've never even noticed them! And from the talk of golems you all must have a similar system to other magic and psychic energy wielders in the universe. I wonder if there's a similar cause for it." The Doctor seemed to be getting excited over his new discovery. Before he could start interrogating Harry and Sirius on everything they knew about the wizarding world, Martha intervened.

"As interesting as this is," Martha said. "Shouldn't we focus on Miss Finnegan?"

"Right!" the Doctor was put back on track. "Which way to Stoker's office?"

"That way," Martha said.

The four people began to head down the hallway, but ducked into a room when they saw another Slab walking down the hallway. They all kneeled down.

"And there's the other one," The Doctor said.

Sirius pulled out his wand and aimed it at the Slab walking down the hallway.

"Wait," The Doctor hissed "It might lead us to the plasmavore."

"The what?" Sirius mumbled as he lowered his wand, looking like he had just sucked on a lemon. The slab continued out of the hallway.

"So are all four of you aliens then?" Martha asked.

"I'm from Earth," Sirius said. "Aren't we all?"

"Apparently he's not," Martha gestured towards the Doctor.

"You're not?" Sirius asked. "Well, that's–"

The Doctor jumped up before Sirius could finish whatever remark he was about to make. He turned to head to the stairwell, fully expecting his three companions to follow him, when he nearly ran face first into a Judoon. He took a step back his body tensing in preparation for the running that he anticipated he would soon have to do.

The Judoon raised his device and scanned the Doctor. The device made a disagreeable sound before the Judoon grumbled out, "Not human." The aliens raised their guns and prepared to fire.

"Run!" Harry yelled as he jumped up, pulling Martha along with him.

The Doctor was right on their heels and Sirius brought up the rear.

"What are those things? And why is there so much running?" Sirius asked as they all barreled through the stair door and up a flight of stairs. "I've been on the run for the past year. I'm actually on the run again! I need a vacation."

"Somewhere tropical and sunny," Harry agreed as they kept running.

"Yes," Sirius agreed. "With no wizarding society at all associated with the Ministry of Magic."

"Great!" Harry said. "We've got that planned out. Now we only need to find a way to get there."

"I suppose that I can give you a lift," the Doctor said. "Once I get back to my ship, that is."

"You have a ship?" Martha asked.

"What sort of an alien would I be without one?" The Doctor said as the four people came out into a hallway. People were sitting and kneeling on the ground, sharing oxygen. "They've already done this floor. Come on."

As the Doctor started to head off down the hallway, talking about the thickness of the Judoon as he walked, Martha paused and the two wizards stopped with her.

"How much more do we have?" Martha asked her fellow medical student who was kneeling with a patient administering oxygen.

The student shook her head with a quiet, "Not enough."

"Can we do anything to help them?" Harry asked Sirius.

"A bubble head charm might work if they're running out of air," Sirius said. "But it would break the statute of secrecy. Why are we running out of air?"

"Padfoot," Harry started in a patronizing tone, "We're on the moon."

"The what?" Sirius asked.

"The big round bright thing that you see in the sky at night," Harry said. "Gosh, Sirius. You told me that you slept through astronomy but I didn't know that you missed this much of it."

"You aren't helping your chances of being ungrounded, pup," Sirius said. "I know what the moon is. The part that I'm confused about is the 'on'."

"Well," Harry said with a grim expression on his face. "If you don't know what the word 'on,' means, I don't think that I can help you any."

"To answer your question Mr.-"

"Black," Sirius said. "Sirius Black. And might I know your name, fair lady?"

"Martha Jones," Martha said with more dignity than Harry would have thought possible with Sirius' awful flirting. "And to answer your question, Mr. Black, Harry is right. We have been taken to the moon by aliens, called the judoon, that are looking for someone that can change their shape. The- what did you call it?"

"Plasmavore," Harry filled in before the Doctor could answer.

"Right," Martha continued. "The plasmavore has already killed one person so we're trying to locate it before either it kills again or the judoon kill everyone. I think that that's everything."

"Yup," the Doctor chimed in. "That pretty much sums it up.

"But do you really think that the ministry of magic will find out what we do on the moon?" Harry asked.

"Probably not," Sirius conceded. "But we'll only do it if there are no other choices. Merlin, we're on the damn moon. Why are we going to this person's office again?"

"It's where I saw the plasmavore," Martha said.

"And we need to get to it," The Doctor cut in. "Where is it?"

"This way," Martha sounded breathless in her reply as she stood up from the floor.

"Hold on a second," The Doctor said. "How are you three doing on air."

"I'm just running on adrenaline," Martha said with a smile.

"I'm the same," Sirius seconded.

Harry knew what running on adrenaline felt like. It seemed like half of his school career was adrenaline fueled; but he was actually doing a bit better than barely getting by. In fact, he felt no different than how he usually did. He didn't voice all of that, though. He instead just let out a short, "I'm fine."

Sirius gave him a look that let Harry know exactly what he thought about Harry's state. It made Harry slightly regret saying that he was fine in the past when he wasn't because this time he really was fine but Sirius wasn't going to believe that.

"Good," The Doctor said. "Well, come on."

Martha took the lead and the four of them went around the corner into to Stoker's office. They found the owner of the office lying on the floor, pale, drained of blood, and very much dead.

The Doctor mentioned that his suspicions were confirmed and turned to leave, Sirius following behind him but Martha and Harry both paused over the dead man.

Martha knelt down and closed Stoker's eyes. She met Harry's eyes as she looked up and he gave her a nod of respect.

The four people left the office. The Doctor was thinking out loud trying to figure out where the plasmavore could have gone. Harry was attempting to figure out the same thing silently.

The Doctor let out an "Oh," of understanding and Harry realized why when an MRI sign caught his attention a second after the Doctor had seen it.

"That makes sense," Harry said to himself.

"What makes sense?" Sirius asked.

Before either the Doctor or Harry could explain their reasoning, the Judoon burst through the door that the Doctor had locked when they entered the floor.

"No time," The Doctor said as his eyes scanned over the faces of his three companions. His gaze landed on Martha. "You're probably the safest."

He then started to say something else to Martha but Harry ran off in the direction of the MRI lab before he heard it.

He followed the signs to a door marked MRI. Through the window he could see the MRI machine sparking with electricity. Harry figured that this electricity had nothing to do with the dark spell that Sirius had used earlier. So, like the fourteen-year-old Gryffindor that he was, he decided to go into the room to investigate.

As he began opening the door he heard the Doctor yell his name. He continued inside anyway, figuring that the alien would catch up.

As soon as he entered, he saw an older woman that he assumed was the Plasmavore. She was messing with some of the controls for the MRI that Harry was pretty sure she should not be messing with. Channeling his best concerned voice, Harry decided to alert her to his presence.

"What is even going on out there?" Harry asked. "I came in after getting hit in the head during a football game. I must have passed out but when I woke up, everything was knocked over and it's dark out and there's these rhino things in space suits. I think, I mean, I know it's stupid, but are we on the moon?"

"Harry!" The Doctor ran in. As soon as he entered he noticed that he had caught the attention of not only the teenage wizard, but also the plasmavore. He ended up doing the same thing that Harry already was doing, lying through his teeth in an attempt to bull crap his way through the situation. "Thank goodness I found you. I was worried sick when I got back to the room and saw that you weren't there."

"I just hit my head while playing football," Harry caught on to what the Doctor was doing and started to fill him in with what he had already said for consistency.

"That can be a dangerous injury!" The Doctor said with false concern.

"Or I could be fine," Harry countered.

"Teenagers," The Doctor sighed. "Every parents joy and dread. They always seem to be running into trouble. But this time I don't think it's his fault! I mean, what's even going on here? There are space rhinos with laser guns out there! And we're on the moon!"

"I was just asking the same thing," Harry said.

The plasmavore, who had up to that point been watching them quietly, finally decided to talk. She said two words.

"Hold them,"

A slab emerged from behind a curtain and grabbed both of them by the shoulder, forcing them together. Escape could have been possible, if difficult, but neither of them would have gotten far before they would likely be grabbed again.

"Am I supposed to go in that thing for my head injury?" Harry asked gesturing with his head to the still sparking MRI machine.

"If you don't stop getting hurt you will," The Doctor said. "But maybe not that one in particular. Is it supposed to be making that noise?"

Harry and the Doctor pretended to be a very dumb pair of father and son to keep the plasmavore talking and managed to get her to reveal that she planned on frying the brainstems of half of the Earth.

Harry shot the Doctor a worried look. He hoped that the man had a plan because Harry doubted that his usual blind luck would get him out of this situation.

He nodded along and agreed when the Doctor talked about the Judoon increasing their scans.

"I must assimilate again to appear to be human," The plasmavore walked around the wall and grabbed her bag.

"You could come over to our house for dinner," The Doctor said.

"Yeah. Mum's always happy to have people over to try out her recipes on. She actually makes really great tarts!" Harry was proud that he managed to keep his voice from shaking. He'd seen what this woman had done to Stoker and now he and the Doctor were laid out like an all you can eat buffet in front of her.

"I don't need tarts when I have my straw," The Plasmavore approached them.

"Straws are bad for the environment," Harry said. "Plus,

Mum's smoothies aren't as good as her tarts."

"But I make a good banana one," Even the Doctor sounded nervous.

"Steady the boy," The Plasmavore said.

The slab obeyed her and tilted Harry's head to the side at an awkward angle exposing his neck.

Harry's breath hitched as he body tensed.

"No!" The Doctor yelled as he tried to get free. "Don't hurt him! Don't kill Harry. Take me instead!"

The Doctor's words caused Harry to react. The words were so similar to what his mother said to Voldemort on that night. Harry started to struggle.

In response, the slab yanked his head even farther down. His neck made a popping noise and Harry stopped struggling in fear of his neck being snapped.

He strained his eyes to look up at the Plasmavore and watched as she pulled back her wrist to shove her straw into his neck. Harry let out a grunt as she pierced his skin.

After about thirty seconds of the plasmavore's energetic drinking, Harry's head was starting to get cloudy. He could still feel the Doctor struggling next to him but he doubted that his struggle would actually do anything to save him. Just as the world was starting to go black, the Plasmavore took her straw away and let Harry drop to the floor.

"I think that I'll leave him alive since I have some to spare. Consider it a gift. You two can die together. Steady him."

Harry slid his eyes over to the Doctor just in time to see the Plasmavore shove her straw into the Doctor's neck.

His initial alarm turned to amusement as he realized what the Doctor's plan was all along. He just hoped that her injesting his blood first wouldn't mess up the plan.

"I guess it will still work," he mumbled to himself. "After what happened last year." Then he did what many others would have done is his situation and passed out from blood loss.

Harry awoke to the lovely sight of the plasmavore being vaporized by the Judoon. He closed his eyes for a few minutes and listened to the Judoon say that they were leaving them to die from the MRI machine.

Harry decided that that didn't sound very good and somebody should do something about that. He opened his eyes to see who would handle the situation and saw Martha run out of the room after the Judoon.

"She'd be safer demanding help from a wall," Harry mumbled. "Judoon never care after they're done with their assignment." He wondered briefly where the information about the Judoon had come from much like he wondered where the rest of his strange new memories came from. He didn't spend much time pondering the topic though because as soon as he sat up his hand bumped against something that he was familiar with.

"Is that a sonic device?" In the future, Harry would be very glad that no one was in the room to hear him talking to himself. In the present moment, however, he couldn't care less. "I haven't seen a sonic in years! And it's a skrewdriver! I could have used one of these this summer in the library. Wait, the Doctor used this earlier to search the computers. It must have fallen out of his pocket. I doubt that he'd care if I used it though."

Harry pulled himself off of the floor onto his feet. He stumbled a bit as the world swayed around him but managed to stay standing. He made his way over to the control panel and lurched forward to lean against it as he once again lost his balance.

A part of his brain noticed that Martha had returned to the room and was trying to say something to him but his attention was on stopping the machine from killing half of the Earth's population. He attempted to push some buttons to shut down the machine. When that failed, he pointed the Doctor's sonic screwdriver at it. The screwdriver came on with a quiet whir and, after a few seconds of pointing it at the MRI machine, the machine went off with a hum.

Harry lowered his arm from the machine, put the screwdriver on his pocket, and turned to face Martha and the Doctor. Martha was doing CPR on the Doctor. Well, it was similar to CPR but not quite right. Actually, it seemed like a type that Harry had learned.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked in a still weak voice as he walked over to where Martha was trying to save the Doctor.

"CPR," Martha said between frantic breaths.

"Like that?" Harry gave a small gesture with his head to indicate the way that Martha was doing it.

"He's got two hearts," Martha continued with her CPR.

Two hearts.

"Oh," Harry said.

Two hearts. That could mean–no.

Harry leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor. He stared blankly at the other side of the room taking in everything that the Doctor also having two hearts could mean. He might finally have a lead on what happened. After searching all summer he finally had a lead.

The only problem was that said 'lead' was still lying dead on the floor.

"Move your hands down a bit on the left," Harry said from his position against the wall.

Martha gave Harry an odd look but did what he told her anyways. Within about thirty seconds the Doctor drew in a rasping breath followed by a fit of coughing.

"Harry," the Doctor gasped out once his breathing was strong enough. "Is he–,"

"Here," Harry said. "And alive. Hey Martha, where's Sirius?"

Before Martha could answer the question she collapsed to the floor from lack of oxygen. It seemed that adrenaline really wasn't enough to keep a human alive.

The Doctor hoisted himself to his feet, struggling to stand up the first few times.

Harry also stood.

"I have to find Sirius," Harry said.

At the Doctor's nod, Harry left the room.

In the hallway outside people were slumped unconscious against the wall. If there was anyone left awake, they were so close to passing out that Harry couldn't tell the difference by looking at them. Harry located Sirius with a quick look around the hall. His wand was out in his hand and was pointed towards one of the patients. It appeared that Sirius had decided to perform bubble head charms too late.

"Sirius!" Harry ran over to his godfather's side.

The wizard was just passed out for the time being but if he didn't get more oxygen soon he would die. Everyone in the hospital would die. The Judoon had to do something because Harry doubted that anyone else could. The feeling of helplessness moved in on Harry as he stared at his godfather.

"Why couldn't you have taught me the bubble head charm before this happened?" Harry addressed Sirius before returning to talking to himself. "Why couldn't I have read about t before?"

Harry's regretting time was interrupted by labored breathing coming down the hallway. He turned to see the Doctor carrying Martha down the hallway. The Doctor gave him a look that said to follow him.

Harry glanced at Sirius and decided that he would still be in the exact same condition whether Harry followed the Doctor or not. He got up and walked after the Doctor.

They stood near a window and watched as the hospital was returned to its home.

——— Line Break ———

"It's still better than my family," Sirius gave an apologetic look to Martha.

Once the hospital had returned and the people in it had woken up, Martha invited Harry and Sirius to her brothers party. They accepted after they realized that the Doctor had left without giving them their ride to their vacation spot. It was a fun evening until Martha's scheduling didn't work out and her parents and Annalise got into it again.

"Your's must be pretty bad then," Martha seemed resigned but not surprised at the arguments.

The fighting family took their argument across the street leaving Martha, Sirius, and Harry standing near an alleyway with no one else around.

No one else, that is, except for the Doctor who decided that that was a good time to return. He smirked and made an obvious display of walking into an alley. It was clear that he wanted them to follow him.

Harry looked at the other two still standing by the street and then followed the Doctor. Martha and Sirius followed him.

As soon as he rounded the first corner Harry could feel a connection to something. Something small and big and important. When Harry rounded the second corner he saw what that something was. A blue police box sat in the middle of the alley, the Doctor learning lazily against it.

Harry walked up to the box and gently rubbed his hand against it. In the corner of his eye he could see the Doctor giving him a curious look.

"She's beautiful," Harry wasn't sure if he was addressing the Doctor or the box with that statement.

"Yes, she is," the Doctor agreed. "It's called a TARDIS. T A R D I S. It stands for time and relative dimensions in space."

Harry nodded and backed away from the TARDIS.

"I never did ask while we were on the moon," Martha said. "But what species are you?"

"I'm a time lord," the Doctor said.

"Okay then," Sirius said. "Sounds about as stuck up as some of the pure blood lords on the wizengamot."

The Doctor smiled like he had thought that the title was stick up too but wasn't going to admit it at that moment.

"I promised you two a trip," he said, addressing Harry and Sirius. "And I thought that you'd like to come along for one as well?" The last part was said to Martha.

"Into space?" The medical student asked.

"If that's what you want," the Doctor said.

Martha began to make excuses but they were all quickly shut down after the Doctor demonstrated the TARDIS's ability to travel through time.

Finally, all four people entered the ship, which turned out to be bigger on the inside.

"How is this even possible?" Martha asked after running around the outside of the TARDIS to confirm that there were no fake walls or any other trucks to make it bigger on the inside.

"You two don't look very surprised," the Doctor said to Harry and Sirius.

"We have something really similar in the wizarding world," Harry explained.

Sirius agreed.

"Well that's strange," the Doctor said. "Things being bigger on the inside is a time lord thing. I mean, sure, other civilizations have it but they got it from the time lords. You all shouldn't have been able to just come up with it. You wouldn't have happened to have fun into a time lord around the time your expanding spell was made?"

Harry and Sirius both voiced that they didn't know so the Doctor let the matter drop. Well, he let the matter drop for the time being.

"So, where do you all want to go?" The Doctor asked. "I'll take you all on one fun trip and then drop Harry and Sirius off at their warm island and Martha back off here."

"What will you do then?" Sirius asked.

"Travel some more," the Doctor relied.

"Alone?" Martha asked.

"I prefer it that way," the Doctor said. "You all get one trip and that's all."

He would soon find out how wrong he was. Maybe, however, being wrong about that was a good thing.

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