April fools

Warnings/notes : suggested Omi/Nagi, Ken/Farfarello, Yohji/Schuldich and Aya/Crawford, a bit ooc-ness (especially Farfarello), very predictable plot.

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 24th march 2003, by Misura


It was an absolutely perfect morning, Ken decided as he looked out of the window. By the looks of it, the weather would, for once, not ruin his soccer-match this afternoon.

When he entered the kitchen, he found Omi sitting there, having breakfast.

"Good morning, Ken-kun!"

"Good morning, Omi. Aren't you a bit later than usual?"

The blond boy shrugged. "I wanted to take a good night's rest."

"Oh." As far as Ken knew, nothing tiring (like say, a mission) was planned for today. He wasn't going to show himself a complete ignoramus in Omi's eyes, though.

There was a short silence. Then : "I have a date tonight you see."

Ken blinked. Twice. "A.... a date? With whom?"

Omi bristled. "A date, yes, why are you so surprised at that? You think I'm too young?"

"No, no, of course not. I'm just curious. You never mentioned any girl that was more to you than 'just a friend' or 'someone you knew from school'."

"It's not a date with a girl, Ken."

"Not....with a girl?"

Omi sighed. "No, that's right, not with a girl."

"With....with a guy then?"

Another sigh. "Yes, with a guy, Ken."

Ken took a few moments to absorb this information. Then : "Do I know him?"

Omi looked thoughtful. "Sort of, I think."

"Huh? Either I know someone or I don't. How can I 'sort of' know someone?"

"Well, you wouldn't normally consider him a person you know."

"I don't get it!" Ken complained.

"It's Nagi." Omi confessed.

"WHAT! You're dating one of our enemies?! Are you out of your mind?"

"He's very nice once you get to know him." Omi replied calmly.

"I can't believe this." Ken muttered as he started to make himself some breakfast.

"By the way, have you seen what day it is today?"

Ken looked at the calendar. It was the first day of April.

Now wait a minute.....

"April fools!" Omi shouted delightedly, before starting to laugh.

"That's a good one! You really had me fooled for a moment." Ken chuckled.

"What's all this general merriness about at this early hour?" Yohji informed, walking into the kitchen and looking about ten percent awake - if you looked at it positively.

"Omi and me are both having dates this evening." Ken declared, while Omi looked at him puzzled. "And I bet you'll never guess whom with."

"Since I can't imagine anyone wanting to date you when they can have me, that's undoubtedly true, Kenken." Yohji replied arrogantly. "But do enlighten me to the identity of the poor loser you're going to spend an evening with. Oh and Omi, congratulations. About time someone noticed you."

Omi blushed.

"I'm having a date with ... with Farfarello!" Ken declared brazenly.

Yohji and Omi looked at him.

"What? He can be a very decent person if you take the time to get to know the real him."

"Oh puh-lease Kenken, if you expect me to fall for that, you're even dumber than I always thought you were. I never heard a lousier April-fools joke in my life!" Yohji said.

Omi nodded, glaring at Ken for using 'his' prank and ruining it so completely.

"Still, I bet Aya could fall for it." Yohji continued. "He's rather oblivious to that sort of things. I bet we could really freak him out by claiming we were all having a date with a member of Schwarz this evening. Especially if we let cute, innocent Omi do the talking."

They all looked at the clock.

"He should be here any moment now."