Summary: The adventure at Duelist Kingdom just ended and Yugi and his friends are on their way home. But on their way, something valuable gets lost and is never recovered…until one day when it turns up in Reedington. From there, a new adventure begins with Yami Yugi seeking more clues to his mysterious past…and Yami Bakura continuing his sinister quest for the Millennium Items. And along the way, the Star Card Mistress and her friends will get pulled right in the middle.


~// //~ - Yami Bakura

Searching For The Past: Part 1

The battles were over. The King of Games had been determined. Holding the prized Ties of Friendship card designed by Maximillion Pegasus, fourteen-year-old Yugi Moto looked out the helicopter as he finally left the island of Duelist Kingdom. Having defeated Pegasus in a duel, it looked like little Yugi couldn't wait to get home. He looked so eager to get back to his grandpa in Domino City, who must have been coming to after having his soul restored. In fact, Yugi went so far as to hitch a ride with his rival, Seto Kaiba.

But for a certain stealer of souls, who had gone by many names in the past, this endeavor to Duelist Kingdom signified a much greater victory. Although it seemed like he was foiled after losing to the spirit of Yugi's Millennium Puzzle in a Shadow Game, the soulstealer remained within his host body, the boy known as Bakura Ryou. And he took a big step towards his ultimate goal by seizing Pegasus's Millennium Eye.

Sitting by the window of the helicopter, Yami Bakura couldn't help but revel in his victory. He took the Millennium Eye out of his pocket and stared at it, keeping it out of anybody else's view. This was his first step in collecting all of the Millennium Items and once he had them, he would take over the world.

~// Cherish your victory now, Yugi Moto. Because when you least expect it, you shall share the same fate as Pegasus. And your Millennium Puzzle WILL be mine! //~

What he didn't notice was that Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor, two of Yugi's friends who were sitting next to him on this flight, were starting to horse around.

"1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a thumb war!"

Joey and Tristan were throwing their arms around everywhere in their struggle to thumb wrestle.

"Hey, cut it out!" Téa Gardner growled. "You almost hit me!"

Yami Bakura wasn't paying attention as Joey and Tristan continued their inane battle. Of course, they couldn't keep their limbs still and kept them moving around. And it continued…until…Joey Wheeler elbowed the soulstealer's hand…knocking the Millennium Eye out of his hand.

~// NO! THE EYE! //~

Yami Bakura extended his hand quickly, but wasn't fast enough. The Millennium Eye fell to the floor…and out a small vent. The Millennium Item that he had worked so hard to steal from Pegasus was falling out of the helicopter and down to Earth.

"Oops, 'scuse me, Bakura."

Yami Bakura couldn't believe it. "FOOL!" Then he regained him composure. He didn't want to expose his identity to Yugi and his friends. "Joey…be more careful!"

"Eh, relax. It's not like you had anything in your hand…HEY!"

"1, 2…"

"Not so fast, Tristan! You can't beat my THAT easily!"

~// The Millennium Eye! GONE! And all because of these two…NINNIES! Once I take over the world, I'll have them scrubbing the foulest lavatories! They'll pay for their idiocy! //~

"Everything ok, Bakura?" Yugi asked.

Yami Bakura shrugged off his anger and put his façade back on. "Oh, I'm just fine, Yugi. Can't wait to get home."

"We should be reaching Domino City in a matter of minutes," Seto Kaiba said.

Yami Bakura couldn't believe his rotten luck. After going through all that trouble to get the Millennium Eye, it was now lost in who-knows-where. But he vowed he wouldn't rest until he found what was rightfully his.

He made sure to look back at Yugi and his Millennium Puzzle one last time. He chuckled to himself, knowing he had plans for Yugi Moto and his Millennium Puzzle.


The sun was shining down and the heat was unbearable. That wasn't a surprise, considering where ten-year-old Sakura Avalon was. She was in the middle of the Egyptian deserts. Although it did get her out of school for a while, she didn't want to find herself on another archaeological dig with her father. It wasn't that it she didn't like being on a dig with her father, but after the events of a few months before, the thought of being back around the Egyptian pyramids gave her the creeps, which is why she decided to stay behind in the tent while her father and older brother, Tori, were out digging.

Luckily, she wasn't alone in the tent. Her best friend, Madison Taylor, was right by her side, as she always was. And, of course, Sakura had another friend at her side. She had her faithful guardian beast, Kero, with her…although he was still in his stuffed animal form.

"Feels creepy being out here again, doesn't it?" Madison muttered, echoing Sakura's thoughts.

Sakura didn't want to remember what happened. She recalled being stuck inside an ancient pyramid and being chased by a mummy. It was all so terrifying, especially since she was shorthanded. She didn't have all of her cards with her. But although the Star Cards weren't on her side, she still managed to escape safely. The only thing that still troubled her was the fact that there were so many loose ends. Frankly, she didn't even want to think about it.

Kero raised his head from Sakura's pocket. "There's still something unsettling about this place. I'd feel better if we just left. If I ever see an Egyptian pyramid again, it'll be too soon."

"Still thinking about what happened?" Sakura asked.

"It's more than that," Kero replied. "It's the whole concept of ancient Egyptian magic. It wasn't something that Clow Reed was familiar with. And if he wasn't familiar with it, I wasn't familiar with it. It's a total mystery to me. All I know is…I sense some dark magic around us."

"I've honestly had all I can take of dark magic," Sakura grumbled. "If I have to deal with anything weird or creepy again, then I'll gladly go back to school."

"I don't know what you two are nervous about," Madison smiled. "We're safe in this tent. What could possibly reach us in here?"

Suddenly, a group of men came into the tent, creating a commotion. Something was up. Sakura stood up and tried to find her dad and Tori among the crowd. But they weren't anywhere to be found.

Aiden Avalon and Tori came in last. Sakura's dad was holding something carefully in the palm of his hand.

"Tori, find a place for me to put this. This could be extremely fragile."

Sakura's curiosity was starting to get the better of her. She walked through the archaeologists and reached over to tug on her father's sleeve.

"Dad? What did you find?"

Sakura's father stepped over and showed Sakura what he had found. It was a golden relic that was in surprisingly good condition. It had an ellipsoidal shape with circular and elliptical rings in the front. The shape looked familiar.

"What is it?" Sakura asked.

Tori took the item in his hand and put it by his eye. "Looks like an ancient eyeball to me."

"Tori, give me that!" Aiden chided. "It has to be studied before we can draw such a conclusion."

Sakura peered over at the artifact. "It's pretty. Even if it DOES turn out to be just an ancient eyeball. I wish I had something like that."

"What do you need with an ancient eyeball?" Tori smirked. "You'd probably stick it in your stuffed animal or something."

Sakura responded to that crack by shooting her brother a death glare. They were the very definition of bickering siblings.

"I think we can safely call this expedition a success," Aiden Avalon said proudly. "We can go home. Tori, come on outside with me. Sakura, start packing up."

Sakura's father and brother walked out, along with the rest of the archaeologists. That only left Sakura alone with Madison and Kero.

"How about that?" Sakura grinned. "We get to go home. That should make you happy, right Kero? Kero?"

Sakura looked down and saw that Kero had a blank look on his face. She started shaking her pocket frantically.

"Kero! What's wrong?"

Kero shook off the cobwebs. "There's…something about that thing your dad and Tori found. I…sense something about it."

"What do you mean, Kero?" Madison asked curiously.

"I sense…dark magic. There's something dark and mysterious about that old relic."

Sakura was about to ask Kero to elaborate, but she remembered what he just told her. Kero had never learned about ancient Egyptian magic. Clow Reed only had knowledge of Eastern magic. And that meant Kero was just as much in the dark about that item as everybody else.

But if Kero was worried about it, then Sakura couldn't help but at least think about it.


"Ha! And that takes your Life Points down to zero! Man, you're really bad at this."

Yugi sat by as Joey celebrated his latest victory. In fact, Joey was overdoing it. He was celebrating as much as an American football player did after scoring a touchdown. Yugi sweatdropped upon seeing his friend's excessive display. After all, it wasn't like Joey had defeated a top duelist. He had defeated an amateur.

And they didn't come more amateurish than Tristan Taylor.

"You know, it's not like I've been playing for very long," Tristan pointed out.

Joey stopped his victory dance in mid-pose. "Don't try and take away from my victory, Tristan. Just because I'm a world-class duelist…"

"World-class duelist?! You were just losing to Téa a few months ago!"

"Oh sure, bring THAT up."

Yugi sighed as the two best friends had erupted into another argument. They were the very definition of bickering siblings…even though they weren't related.

Yugi decided to bring his focus somewhere else. "Hey, Téa. What are you looking at?"

"Just today's paper. So many terrible things going on in our world."

As Yugi tried to look over Téa's shoulder, someone else joined them. It was Bakura Ryou.

"Hey guys. Uh…I guess I caught Joey and Tristan at a bad time?"

The argument between Joey and Tristan was degenerating into a wrestling match. Yugi sighed deeply.

So did Téa. "And this is one of their BETTER days." She looked back at the newspaper and gasped. "YUGI! Look at this!"

Téa pulled Yugi over and practically pushed his face right into the newspaper. He didn't know what she was looking at right away, but then he saw it plain as day. It was staring him right in the face. It was a large black-and-white photo of Maximillion Pegasus's Millennium Eye.

Yugi recalled what happened shortly after he had defeated Pegasus. He was confronted by a mysterious man known as Shadi, who had probed his mind with another Millennium Item, the Millennium Key. Shadi came because the Millennium Eye had been stolen from Pegasus. After questioning Yugi and Yami, the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, Shadi left, but not without letting them know just how imperative it was to restore the Millennium Eye to its rightful owner…and just how dire the consequences would be if someone gathered all seven Millennium Items.

But the Millennium Item that had recently gone missing was suddenly found…and it was staring Yugi right in the face.

"It's the Millennium Eye!" Yugi said slowly.

But how the Millennium Eye turned up out of the blue was a total mystery.

Next Time: Yugi and his friends take a closer look at the article and read more about the sudden discovery of the Millennium Eye. That's when we see a few flashbacks…and Yugi makes a big decision.

Author's Note: For those curious, read "Curse of the Pyramid", a story whose events will affect this story. In fact, later on in the story, we'll take a look at some scenes that were never seen in "Curse of the Pyramid".

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