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The classroom sound noisy with student who want to go home or attend club activity. Class already end some minute ago and now not much student stay in class aside of one boy who sleeping in his desk. He don't care with his surrounding, although he care, they won't be notice him and ignore him like always. So he just sleep not care for the world until a cap landing in his head. He wake up to look at a red haired boy who smiled at him

"Class end some time ago and why you just sleep in here?" He asked irritate cause he always need to come to his friend's class to drag him out, if not, he won't out from the class until dark

"It's just comforting. In this empty class with sunset and the wind. All of this are just comforting to take a nap" The green haired boy reply and his friend feel more irritated

"I never know what the thing in your brain so I won't ask cause I will only get mad but seriously hurry and get out! Everyone wait for you! We promise to study in my place tonight, don't we?" The red haired boy said

"You right, Miracle must be mad at me, we must hurry" He stood from his desk and running out from classroom

"Hey, don't leave the person who came for all the trouble to pick you up behind! Sometime I really confuse why I can be friend with you" He said

"Don't say something like that! You just stabbed my heart" The green haired boy said

"Hai...hai... my fault, you know I never really hate you" Said the red haired boy, his friend just smile

"Ne, Kirara! Thanks for become my friend" The green haired boy said to his friend

"You know you don't need to say that, that is my pleasure to be able be friend with you, Ryoma!"


A boy running through empty building to safe his life and found his two friend. All of his body covered with blood and he holding his broken right hand with his left hand and still running

"You won't be able to escape" Some voice rang and when the boy turned his head, his eyes turned horror at image before him "It's the time for the angle to leave this world" The voice said took out a gun from his pocket "The Miracle should be disappear and this is the time for the angle to lost their wing" He said "Good bye" And a loud voice can be heard through the building


A boy open his eyes that he himself didn't know since when they close. The sound of train really make him sleepy. The calm sound of near empty train really calmed his soul until he heard a loud voice in front him

Some highschool student practice their grip on the train. The arrogant one inform his friend the right grip which in fact are the opposite. He really don't know tennis well to make mistake like that. so, as he feel irritated he correct that student mistake which obtained the glare from that highschool student

But he just to tired to comment so he just get out when the train stopped and walk away don't care at all. He want to see his ability in tennis street tournament but it was his first time to walk alone in the place he not know at all so he doesn't have clue where his destination was. And when he see a girl stand alone in one of pillar he decided to ask her

"Excuse me, do you know Kakinokizaka tennis court?" He ask her

"Ah, you are from before..." The girl pointed her finger at him while the boy blinking his eyes cause can't remember when and where they meet before "Ah sorry, I am also want to go to Kakinokizaka tennis court. Are you playing tennis? It was my first time see tennis tournament" She answer or maybe just talking nonsense and the boy just regret it feel like he choose the wrong person to ask

"So, where is the place?" The boy ask again with flat tone. She realize that she make the boy discomfort and apologize

" leave the south gate and walk straight" She said. She want to said something but before she can said anything the boy leave her

"South gate right? thank you" Said the boy walk away. He doesn't have any intension just afraid if the girl talk nonsense again and waste his precious time. He can't get along with person like her

In other place the girl look at the boy who walking away from her. She want to say thank you from what he have done before. In the train she sit across him and the high school who practice before. The racket can be hit her if the boy doesn't stop them so she really thankful for that. she look at that boy and read the name in his bag

"Ryoma? So his name was Ryoma-kun?" She said in soft voice "Hope we can meet again" She said to herself. After waiting for long time the person she awaited came. The old lady who is the girl's grandmother "You are late grandma" The girl mad at her

"Sorry Sakuno, there is a little problem so let's go" She said and they started to walk away but they walk in the different path Sakuno walk to south gate and her grandma walk to north gate

"Grandma, isn't the tennis court in this way?" Ask Sakuno

"What do you mean Sakuno? To the Kakinokizaka tennis court we have to go to the north gate" Said the grandma

"Eh, really? But just before..." She don't know how to react because she give the wrong direction to the boy "What have I done?" She really feeling uneasy


(in Ryoma's place)

Ryoma walking for some time but he still didn't saw the tennis court and finally he gave up and ask person where came out he really wish he didn't talk to the girl before. According to the person he ask about. The Kakinokizaka tennis court located in the direction he came before and the person also said that the court not too far after the station which mean he should be leave the north gate not the south gate

He remember the horoscope from television this morning that says if his zodiac in the last place and he will have a bad day. He was not the type who believed in the horoscope but this will be right. he ran as fast he can but he still late for five minutes and he was disqualified. He lay down in the grass and close his eyes

He can't do anything about this right? and he can't possibly go home not know what will his father says to make fun of him. Think back, a twelve year old boy who came to participate in the u-16 tournament with confident disqualified for five minute because take the wrong direction from random girl. This will be the most hilarious thing in the world for someone like Echizen Ryoma.

He use this time to think again. Is this decision is the best? He can't be sure for some reason. He know that he running away but he cannot stay with them, at least not until he get back what he lost. He came to this journey leaving behind all of his friend who support him since he can't remember when, without a word or just good bye. He just disappear because he know they won't leave him alone if they knew it

"Miracle, why am I always in the tough situation? My life always full of problem" He murmur to himself and open his eyes looking at the blue sky above him. He can feel the wind blows on him "I am sorry, Miracle. As I though I didn't suitable to be the leader" He laugh


(7 years ago, Echizen Ryoma. Elementary school entrance ceremony)

He walk alone in that park. All of other student meet with their parent to take a photo or just talking happy to enter one of the elite school in America. But, he don't have parent to talk about. Don't misunderstand, he have a parent. A father and mother and also sibling. But, his sibling sick and both of his parent must sent her to the hospital so they can't appear in their child's school entrance ceremony

After buying a can of ponta he going to the rooftop where he can get some silent. But when he open the door to the rooftop it here. A boy with white hair lean on the fence while eating a sandwich. From the coat he was wearing he also the first year student like Echizen Ryoma, a boy who was walking alone.

"Oh, hei! I can't believe someone was here. I think all of you meeting with your parent or something related?" The boy said and Ryoma ignore him going to the opposite direction of him and lean on the fence while drank his ponta

"All of them who parent did came. And they don't belong to me" Ryoma answer him with his flat voice like always

"Oh really? Then we are the same. My parent also can't come because some urgent business" He said but Ryoma ignore him. For some moment the air feel strange "Aren't you lonely?" The boy asked without warning make Ryoma look at him

"Lonely?" He though for himself, when the last he has that feeling? He had been alone for long time until he didn't know anymore the mean of lonely "I don't think I understand that word" Ryoma reply "I don't have friend or something like that to begin with, so I don't really feel lonely" Ryoma said

"Really? You must be pass through something hard, I can see the loneliness in your eyes. The same eyes as me" He said

"Huh? What are you saying? You don't even know me, so how do you know..." Ryoma said but being cut by the white haired boy

"Echizen Ryoma, right?" He said make Ryoma fell silent. "I saw you sometimes in the party. That's really amazing of you, I won't be able to bear it if it were me" He said

"That's nothing" Ryoma said while drank his ponta "So, are you have business with me? if not, I will go" Ryoma said pointed that his ponta already empty

"No, I just want to talk with someone. I think we get some identical personality, right? me too don't have many friend or can I remember a name that I recognize friend?" The boy said something funny that make Ryoma laugh

"I think you are funny, I never heard someone said to me like that before" Ryoma said

"You are also funny, I don't think my sentence are worth for laughing but you are laught. Your humor really nasty. But, maybe we can get along well. My name is Miracle Astrew. You can talk to me if you get lonely or want to talk to someone" The white haired boy said

"I have doubt that I will search you for thing like that. but it will be horrible to not know anyone in school so I will remember your name. the third son of Astrew group. I wish we can get along well" Ryoma said with smile and he get out from the roof

"You must tell me if you know who am I?" Said Miracle. He know that Ryoma just fake the fact that he didn't know him. "You really are troublesome don't you?" He said that and lean on the fence again. The reason why they know each other is because they saw each other sometime. Miracle maybe the third son but he often follow his father or brother to the company party and he often saw him. A lonely child who stand alone with fake expression. He often want to get to him but he can't and now when he saw they are in the same school he try to befriend him

In other hand Ryoma stopped behind the door and thinking. He can't believe he saw Miracle in this school, he mean he know someone like him must be attend this school but he can't believe he would saw him in the first day of entrance ceremony. Ryoma saw Miracle sometimes in the party, a child who always follow his father or brother everywhere in the party, he seemed like obedient and cute child but the expression he made was fake. That innocent smile, he is not different from Ryoma, maybe if he with him he will be able get the thing that lost

The two has lost something important so they want to find that and change together without knowing that first meeting was the reason someone's heart broken. The world was beautiful but cruel, friend and foe, trust and betrayal. That first meeting was the start of the tragedy some years later


"Ah, it's him" Said Sakuno when she spotted a boy with red jacket and white fila cap lying in the grass "I'm sorry about before, are you able to attend?" She ask

"I was late for five minutes so I was disqualified" Ryoma said with flat tone, he didn't feel mad or anything, it's normal for anyone to tricked him. It was his fault to believe someone he doesn't know.

"I'm really sorry, I will buy you some juice to apologize" Sakuno said made Ryoma confused but agree and when the two arrived in front of vending machine Sakuno search for her wallet and found nothing

"Why? You didn't have your wallet?" Ask Ryoma, he stare at her worried face and move forward to bought two can of ponta and gave one of them to Sakuno

"I am really sorry" Said Sakuno but Ryoma just fell silent. It was a horrible day to Sakuno because not only she make someone lost his tournament but also because she have a same boy who lost his tournament because of her buying her drink

"Don't apologize, it's not your fault" He said when a can flying through him. When Ryoma look above him, he found three high school student stand there and smirk to them

"Hey, look! It's the so smart boy from before, look like he doesn't have a match. Hey boy, are you lost already? If so, don't acting like you know anything" The one of high school student said. Ryoma just look at them and finally recognize them as the one he taught about western and eastern grip in train this morning

"Hmm" He doesn't feel afraid when one of them walk to him and swing his racket in front of his face. He just stood there in silent like he knew that racket won't be able to reach him

"Act cool right?" Said that student called Sasabe. When his friends call him to go to a court he refuse them and said that he want to beat this little boy in front of him

"You want to have a match? Okay, it's so frustrating to not have a match after going here so here we go..." Said Ryoma and the two of them walk to the nearest empty tennis court to have a match

The match was leading by Ryoma but Sakuno feel worried because his opponent was a high school student until a woman appear beside her

"So, there you are..." She said watching the match

"Oba-chan! Don't just stood there, stop this match, it was dangerous because the opponent is a high school student" Said Sakuno to the woman who is her grandmother

"What are you saying Sakuno? Don't you know who he is?" Said the woman

"Oba-chan, do you know him?" Ask Sakuno and there was in the field Ryoma already score a point with awesome return

"He is a prince of tennis, he was winning four tournament in America. His father was my student and I heard their family already came back to Japan" Said the woman

"Four tournament? That awesome" Said Sakuno when she watch Ryoma score a point

"He said he want to try this tennis tournament and I recommended him to try u-14 instead u-12, but he choose u-16 instead. What a troublesome boy" Said the woman

"That's so cool" Said Sakuno


"Umm, this tournament really boring, aren't there any awesome player who can entertain me?" A boy walk alone in the road while his eyes watch every match with bored eye, in his mouth was a lollipop and he brought a racket in his left hand

"I want to quit tennis but I can't find anything more interesting" He said to himself and he realize he walk too far from the main arena "I think I walk too far, there is no way any match in there" He said and want to turn away when he heard a sound of ball

"That sound, is there any player who play there? Maybe they just train before match, but I think there is no problem to just watch" He said and walk to the sound

"Ryoma-kun!" He stopped and stand silent when he heard that name

"It was impossible, he won't be here, there was many name Ryoma in this world, not just his name" He said to himself "But, what if there was really him?" He walk fast to the sound and found a boy on the ground and touch his bleeding face "What the hell!" How in the world he can injured like that? unless his opponent intentionally hurt him. He watch the opponent who was a high school student and he look at the boy with devil eye

"Oops, sorry, my hand slipped" There was no way his hand slipped like that. even the most stupid one will recognize that he had an intention to hurt him from his stupid face

"Oh, I see, your grip really weak then?" The boy stood up and pick up his racket "Then, I must teach you again" He said and throw a ball above him and hit the ball

The boy outside field was surprise when he know that he was hitting a twist serve "Hoi..hoi.. is that true, how in the world he can hit the teist serve? I think his age was same as mine"

Not long so far he really surprised when the old woman in the court told something "You won't be able to beat Echizen Ryoma, because he was a left handed" Said the old woman

The boy shocked and drop his lollipop. What was she saying again? Echizen Ryoma? And left handed? this was so much but look at Ryoma's face, the boy know that he was not illusion, he was really Echizen Ryoma, a person from his school in America. Why he don't say friend? Because they were never really became friend

The boy smiled at him "I think I found an interesting show, I hope we came to the same school, it is will became interesting like that" He walk away to go home, not interesting anymore at the tennis tournament


"Ryoma-kun, are you alright?" Sakuno ask Ryoma who the faace still bleeding although not much

"There was nothing to worry about, bye" Ryoma said and walk away from Sakuno

"Wait Ryoma! Sakuno, can you back alone? I must tell something to him" Said Sakuno's grandma

"Eh? I go along, I want to said something to him" Said Sakuno

"No, I need to talk to him alone, if you don't want to going back alone, wait for me here" Said her grandma. Sakuno don't have choice and wait there when her grandmother follow Ryoma

"Ryoma, wait" Said the woman when she catch up with him in a silent place

"You are..." Ryoma stopped and look at the woman

"I'm Ryuzaki Sumire, I am certain you have already heard about me from your father" She said. Ryoma thinking for short time and he remember the woman

"Ah, you are oyaji's couch when he was in junior high, right?" Ask Ryoma

"Yeah, I hear about you from your father, I really sorry for you" She said

"There was nothing to be sorry about, I came here without any connection from that incident" Said Ryoma

"I know, I heard you will attend Seigaku?" Ask Sumire

"I don't have much choice, oyaji forced me to attend that school of him" Said Ryoma "And I will join the tennis team, so please guide me. you are the couch, right?" Ask Ryoma

"As always to the point. By the way, your match really awesome, as expected from you, you can beat the high school student easily"

"That was nothing, he was just older from me, just because they born before me, don't mean they more strong" Said Ryoma

"Really, you are very awesome, don't you" Some voice came behind Ryoma who looked surprise a little. Behind him, there was stand a boy with black hair and green eye, he was wearing a jersey and brought a racket in his left hand

"Who are you?" Ask Ryoma because he was acting like he know him

"You are kidding me, right? don't you remember me? I am Mizuki Kanata. We are once in the same club before you leave a club some year ago" He said

"There is no way I can remember you if I quitting long time ago. But, it means you are from Hirai gakuen?" Ask Ryoma

"You are so harsh as always. But, it was the interesting fact about you. You said you will attend Seigaku? That was nice, I will also attend that school too" Said Kanata

"Jaa, Ryoma. I must go somewhere. Maybe you need some time with your friend? I heard from your father that you don't have many friend" Said Sumire

"I don't but he was not my friend, I don't know him before" Said Ryoma but Sumire just walk away

"Don't you know that you were really harsh? You once saved me from that hell and here I was act nice to you. Maybe you blinded by that incident so you forget all about your surrounding" Kanata said

"That incident? What do you mean?" Ask Ryoma

"Well, we are never friend from the start so I won't blame you, and... I really feel sorry about what happened to you. The fallen angel" Kanata said makes Ryoma's eye grow wide

"You... why are you know about that?" Ask Ryoma

"I know everything, you don't have to know from where I have these info. Just for your information, I am not your enemy. If you still don't remember me, are you remember about the incident in tennis club? That time, you saved me who don't have courage to do anything" Said Kanata

"Mizuki Kanata" Ryoma tried to remember "You are... that Mizuki?" Ask Ryoma

"You already remember, right, you must be surprised because you saw me touch the racket again. it was not like I have trauma in tennis or anything, and I think I really love playing tennis although I have a nightmare about it" Kanata said "I think you are same as me, although we don't have same though but our feeling toward tennis was the same. So, Echizen... please treat me kindly from now on" Said Kanata

It was very nostalgic to Ryoma, he feels like long time ago, something like this has happened. A boy who he never know anything but name appeared before him and he have a similar situation as him. They knew each other but never really became friend so they introduce themselves and start a friend relationship

Ryoma closed his eye, yeah it was really nostalgic, that meeting was a beginning for the beautiful story which end with tragedy. He never ever forget that day, when all his important thing crushed and taken away from him, his world crumbled and he feels like his time stopped there. Is his meeting with Kanata this day would end up the same as last time? He never able to predict future but he want to break a curse in him. A curse that brought him to a dark world and never let him see a light. He will break that curse and maybe this meeting is a first step to do that

"Can you do something for me?" Ask Ryoma to Kanata

"Hah? Are you in need of something?" Ask Kanata

"No, but I think I need your help. You know that I really hate my life, I hate my birth to this world. Why I must born with this curse? My life was wrong from the very start" Said Ryoma

Kanata laugh softly "Maybe you think your birth to this world was a cursed, but don't you know that you already saved many life? Like me and your little group" Kanata said make Ryoma surprise

"You know that your little group was full of people with darkness past, but you bring a hope to them, a wish to life. That was so awesome about you." Said Kanata

"That was not the answer I was searching about, I don't have intention to make you friend but I just want you to know something" Said Ryoma "I running here from America to avoid that little group you talking about. I don't want them to see me like this, so for the cost to entertain you, can you keep me from doing crazy thing?"

"Hah? Entertain me? crazy thing?" Ask Kanata

"I know you are not a stupid. You are not a type who loyal to another person, if my memory are correct, you just do it to entertain yourself" Said Ryoma make Kanata laughing again

"Ha..ha..ha.. you really interesting, I thought you don't remember anything about me, but you know me like that" Kanata said

"No, I just remember you as tennis club member, but Mikazuki often tell me about you that you are a dangerous rival for him" Said Ryoma

"You really skilled at making people heartbroken but reputed as rival by Mikazuki makes me feels great. Alright, I admit it. I just got bored with all of this, there was not much of interesting thing around me so when I saw you I think maybe if I am with you, I will get out of boredom so it was like that. so, about your condition, I accept it" Said Kanata

Ryoma don't know how will this last but he want to believe about better future. that a same thing won't happen again. he hoped that all thing will be alright and no more victim in his already complicate life. Can he hoped like that? or is he too egoist to want a normal life?


Hello minna-san! This was my first time making English fanfiction so there must be so many grammar error. Oh, and for my story, this story tell about Ryoma's secret life. I just feel like Ryoma's cold attitude was because of a tragedy in his past so it was about that tragedy

This story have an OC that is Mizuki Kanata. He will be Ryoma's best friend in Seigaku because I feel it was strange for him don't have any best friend in his age. I know he close to Momoshiro but I feel like he need a best friend in his grade

And for Mizuki Kanata, he was in the same school as Ryoma when in America but when he is five grade, he move to Japan. He also play tennis and some awesome player who Ryoma recognize, but due to some past, he don't want to play tennis serious anymore, he play it to entertain himself when he feel bored so he never attend a competition or tournament. One more, Mizuki was just a person Ryoma knew, they are not a friend in past. So, they not close, but due to Mizuki was a person who knew the real Ryoma, Ryoma feel safe and get close to him during his time in Seigaku

The other OC mention above like Miracle and Kirara was Ryoma's best friend. they have some problem who will be mention in next chapter. In short, Ryoma don't have many friend, he make a little group and that group was his only friend, that group contain ten people with him who have dark childhood and avoided by other people, so they only have themselves to depend each other

I am sorry if you get confused in this story, so I will try to explain a flashback above that write in italic. The first flashback was a random story about Ryoma's past. The second flashback with underline was a story that change Ryoma's life forever, the fallen angel incident. And the third flashback in the story was Ryoma's story about his meeting with his friend that in this chapter was Miracle. I will try not to enter much flashback so you don't get confused with the story

That is all from me, so happy reading and please leave a comment about your opinion so I can increase my ability in next chapter and make the story more interesting. Feel free to leave any comment but just don't too harsh to me because I am still learn to be better, you know that no one in this world was perfect, right?