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Agent 182: this is the sequel to Valentine's Day so if you haven't read it, this won't make too much sense so I advise you to read it so here it is

Chapter 1: Sweet Dreams

"Good night Geta." Goku whispered as he rested his head back on the pillow. Vegeta looked back at Goku and left the room. Goku closed his eyes and was almost asleep when the bedroom door opened. He looked towards the door, the room was dark, and he couldn't see much.

"Hello?" he said weakly, he didn't get an answer. "Geta is that you?"

The light turned on, shortly blinding him. He groaned as he slowly opened his eyes a woman stood in front of him. "Who- who are you, are you the nurse?" he asked she smiled at him, pushing her blonde hair behind her shoulder and leaned down. Her eyes meeting Goku's those eyes blue.

Those were Videl's eyes, he could see the evil, but that was not Videl. "Videl?" his bottom lip quivered with fear, Kami no please don't let this be her.

"Yes my sweet Goku, it is I. I have came back for you. This is my new body; I was hoping you would like it. Do you?" Goku stared at her his eyes wide.


She cut him off. "I doesn't matter, I'm here to finally make you mine and with the help of the dragonballs on Namek. I will make my dream come true. You will love me." She caressed the side of his wet cheek as he screamed.

The blonde hair woman jerked away; she hadn't expected him to scream. His breathing labored as he mumbled something. "Please let this be a dream, please let this be a dream please-"

"It isn't a dream." She leaned forward and tasted his soft lips again; he weakly pushed at her, causing pain to flare in his arms. She chuckled as she heard the sound of people running down the hall. She pulled back and stood up putting two fingers to her forehead. "It'll be fun killing them all again." She smirked as she disappeared in a flash of blue.

"NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!" Goku screamed as the doors burst open. He tried to get out of bed, to follow her but the doctors held him down. The first thing he saw was the syringe. His eyes went wide. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH NEEDLE!" he struggled against them but to no avail. The doctor jammed the needle into his neck and released the clear liquid, his eyelids weighed as he tried to stay awake, his body shuddered as he thrashed again the darkness blurring his vision. He finally calmed. He panted as a doctor stood over him.

"Everything is alright, you've been through a lot, we need you to stay calm. We called your friend that visited earlier a, uh Mr. Vegeta. He told us to call him right away if anything happened so we did and we called your wife." The doctor took out a tissue and wiped the tears from Goku's cheek. "You're going to be alright." Goku's eyes closed as he heard the doctor say "Sweet dreams".

Vegeta groaned as he heard the telephone ring. His fingers searched the dresser and picked up the phone. Him and Bulma had separate rooms and phone lines so she wouldn't be disturbed. His eyes caught sight of the clock as he brought it to his ear, 1: 13 who'd be calling at this time? "Hello?"

"Is this Mr. Vegeta?" an unfamiliar voice asked.

"Yes, what do you want?" then he heard the screams; it was Goku's voice. "What's wrong with Kakkarot?" he shouted as he sat up and got out of the bed.

"He woke up from a bad dream screaming and he freaked out more when we tried to give him a sedative." The screaming stopped. "He's probably resting now . . . You told us to call you if anything happened and I think he would sleep better if you were here, are you two-?"

"I'll be there in a few minutes." Vegeta slammed down the phone and pulled on a pair of blue jeans and a black sweater. He opened the door and was almost nose to nose with Bulma.

"Where you going and what was all that yelling about?" she yawned her blue hair sticking up.

"Something's wrong with Kakkarot and I'm, going to check up on him." Bulma's eyes followed him as he passed her.

"Vegeta." He stopped and faced her. "You love him don't you?" The corners of Vegeta's lips raised. "Ha, I knew it."

Vegeta soon got to the Hospital. A doctor greeted him. "Hello, my name is Doctor Metra I am Mr. Son's doctor as you might have concluded. We had to move Mr. Son to a separate room because the sedatives didn't seem to be working. He freaked out more and kept on asking for you and saying that she was still alive. He didn't say, but I'm guessing it's that women that-"

Vegeta crossed his arms "Can I see him now?"

The older man itched his gray mustache "Yes, but he has been restrained for his and others safety." Vegeta's eyes narrowed as they continued down the hall in silence and soon got to the room Goku was in. Vegeta could hear him yelling about something. They walked in and Goku turned their way.

"Geta, help me they think I'm crazy." Vegeta went to the bedside and kneeled down.

"What would make them think such a thing?" his eyes watched Goku's, they darted back and forth, something had obviously scared him.

"Videl- I- she- she's still alive I saw her but she was in another girl's body. She said she was going to go to Namek to get the Dragonballs and-"

Vegeta sighed "Kakkarot are you sure you weren't dreaming? It does sound a little farfetched." Goku's eyes saddened as he looked down. Ebony hair falling into his eyes. Damn, I can't stand when he does that, it makes me want to take him right now.

"You don't believe me either."

"It's not that, it sounds like you had a bad dream."

"I didn't it really happened you've got to believe me." Vegeta wanted to believe him but with everything the other Sayian had been through . . .

Vegeta smiled at Goku. "Maybe you should get some rest-"

"Please you have to believe me!"

"Kakkarot, I want to I really do but it sounds absolutely crazy." Goku stared at him in disbelief. "I'm sorry".

"Heh, it does sound crazy huh?" Vegeta nodded at Goku. "Maybe it was a dream but I didn't realize."

"Maybe . . . hopefully." The door behind them opened as Chichi, Gohan, and Goten rushed it. Chichi hugged her husband. Vegeta growled. "Hey, give him some room!"

Goten and Gohan smiled at Vegeta and backed away as they heard a low growl. "Sorry, mom maybe we should give him some room." Gohan moved his mom away from his dad as he said this.

"Why is he held down like that?" Chichi asked, "My husband should have food in front of him"

"Um, Chi. This is so I don't hurt anyone on accident or get hurt and I'm not really hungry." There was a knock on the door and the doctor let a woman in Goku instantly recognized her. The body that Videl was in. His eyes went wide; then he closed them. "Wake up Goku, Wake up" Vegeta looked over at him his eyebrows furrowed.

"Kakkarot, what's wrong?" Everyone stared at him even the women in the room.

"It's Videl."

They all turned to the woman with blonde hair. Vegeta sighed Goku was going nuts. "Kakkarot, that is your nurse. That isn't Videl, she is dead." Goku cracked open his eyes as the nurse neared her eyes a light brown.

"Wh-what is going on? You had blue eyes."

To be continued . . .

Agent 182: so whaddya think of the first chapter? I hope that it's not a bad thought unless its Hentai anyways is Goku really going crazy? Will anyone ever believe him, what will it take to make them believe? Well find out later; thanks for reading and as always reviews are nice.