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Chapter 12: The start to this may be the end to another

Black shot from her fingers as Vegeta brought Goku into his arms. Goku cried out. "What is it Kakkarot?" he whispered franticly, seeing new blood fall from Goku's lips. "No . . . Kakkarot." His fingers went to the bloody hole in his back. Tears crept out of Vegeta's eyes. "No, don't go, stay."

"I . . . Geta . . ." Vegeta tried to stop the bleeding but nothing helped. He brought his hands to Goku's hair and ran his crimson covered hands through its silkiness, smudges of crimson remained on his cheek and temple. Salty tears making lines through it.

"You're gonna be fine, you will. You'll be here when Videl dies and you'll be here when we wish everyone back. You will." Goku's eyes clouded over with pain.

"Geta . . . please make the pain stop . . . kill me . . ." His grip tightened on Vegeta's torn black sweater as pain surged through his body. " . . . Please . . . she'll die too . . ." Vegeta ignored his pleas. His grip slowly loosened.

"NO, Kakkarot, don't leave me alone. I-"

"Vegeta . . . my Prince . . . I love yo-you . . ." his voice trailed off as his last breath fell. Vegeta pressed his lips to Goku's as he pulled him close wrapping his arms around him.

"I love you too." Goku went limp in his arms, his warmth slowly fading. Warm fingers traced over the streaks down Goku's face. "I'm sorry." Vegeta sobbed into Goku's hair, so he never wanted to forget the soft scent of strawberries. Goku's eyes were open staring up at Vegeta; no tears fell from them. No breath came from his bloody lips.


His love dead

Everyone dead

A low cry came from behind him; he turned away from Goku's beautiful face to Videl. She staggered to her knees, blood draining down from her lips. "No-no this . . . this wasn't supposed to happen. I wasn't supposed to die." She looked over to Vegeta; Goku's lifeless body in his arms. She couldn't live with out Goku.

She Couldn't

She fell onto the grassy ground, her blood pooling round her. Her eyes stared at Goku and Vegeta. What a lucky man Vegeta was to have someone as pure as Goku love him. "Go-Goku" she croaked "I-I love you-" her eyes closed as her "heart" stopped.

Vegeta smiled slightly. She was dead.


Dende hobbled over to Vegeta, tears fell down his cheek as Vegeta continued to cry into Goku's hair, his tears quickly drenching it.

"Vegeta, it's time." Vegeta gazed up at the Namek; he forced a smile and his gaze fell back to Goku.

"We'll be together soon Kakkarot." He laid Goku's cold body to the crimson covered grass. He wiped his tears with warm fingers and followed Dende over to the Dragon.

"Vegeta we have to think this through carefully. We don't want Videl to be brought back." Vegeta nodded at Dende holding back the tears threatening his cheeks.

"If we bring back everyone that Videl killed she would be brought back because she killed Kakkarot and it caused her to die so that wouldn't work." Vegeta groaned and looked up to the dark sky, his mind wandering back. A thought jumped into his mind. "I know!" Dende glanced over to him, his eyes sparkling with hope. "We could wish that everyone that died, that is good, to come back to life. Videl is evil so it won't bring her back!"

Dende grinned with joy "You're right Vegeta that will work. We did that when we brought back everyone that was killed by Buu. I'll go make the wish." Dende walked closer to the Dragon; Vegeta followed him his head held high. He stepped over Videl's body not even sending a glare at it; it was not worthy. They soon stood under the looming dragon.

"Are you ready to make your final wish?" the dragon's voice boomed above them.

Dende nodded and spoke to the dragon in Namekian. The dragon nodded as Vegeta's eyes wandered over to Goku's body but it didn't stir. "Before I can make the wish one of them wishes not to come back."

Vegeta's eyes filled with tears, it had better not be Kakkarot. A tear caught in his bottom lashes. "Who is it?" he growled, balling his fists. If it's him I'll-

"Son Chichi wishes not to be brought back." Vegeta's heart leaped. Why would she not want to be brought back? Maybe she saw how much we love each other. "She says that she wishes the two of you the best of luck. You're wish has been granted. The bodies will be healed, my treat and will remain where they were killed." The dragon disappeared back into the orange dragonballs and they went into the sky, shooting into opposite directions. The sky turned to a lighter shade of black, the moon centered in the darkness. Vegeta turned and ran over to Goku's body, he watched as it slowly healed. Bones knitting back together with a loud snap. The dark blood remained.

Trunks, Goten and Gohan got up. "Whoa!" Goten and Trunks looked at each other and hugged each other.

"I missed you so much Goten." Trunks laughed kissing Goten on his cheek.

Red painted across Goten's face. "I missed you too, Trunks."

Gohan smiled at them "I guess I don't get a hug." Releasing Trunks Goten hugged his older brother. "I missed you too, I'm glad you're you."

"Yeah, me too." Trunks hugged him too.

Vegeta kneeled down next to Goku as his eyes fluttered open. He looked up at Vegeta through heavy lashes. "Is she dead?" he asked his eyes still red from tears.

Vegeta smiled warmly at him "Yes, when you died she died." Goku reached up and wrapped his arms around Vegeta's neck

"I love you Geta. I'm so glad she's gone and won't be coming back. Chichi isn't either." He frowned.

"I know." Vegeta kissed Goku's forehead. "Kakkarot, where do we go from here?" Goku's breathing hitched at the question.

"I don't know. Nothing is going to be the same, nothing." Goku mumbled into Vegeta's neck.

"I think we all will need a lot of therapy, especially you. But this kind of therapy only I can give." He purred; Goku laughed.

"So when do these sessions start?" Goku let go of Vegeta and stood up as Vegeta did.

"As soon as possible." He smirked.

"DAD!" Goten shouted latching onto Goku. "I'm so happy you're alive"

"I'm glad you're alive too." He ruffled Goten's hair. Trunks hugged his dad.

"It's good to see you son." He smiled at his soon. They were already almost equal in height.

Gohan smiled at his father. "You know I think we will need therapy. Not from Vegeta though." He shot a smile at Vegeta and Goku. Goku put his hand behind his head laughing.

"I don't think you'll want that therapy"

Gohan nodded as Goten went over and started to talk with Trunks and Dende. He stepped close to his dad "I'm sorry, for um you know." Goku straightened his shoulders.

"It's not your fault. It's alright Gohan. I never blamed you." He hugged his son. "Though it did leave disturbing images in my head."

"Likewise." Vegeta raised an eyebrow.

"What the hell are you two whispering about?"

"Nothing!" they both shouted in unison.

"Don't start keeping secrets from me Kakkarot. I have ways of getting these thing out of People. Especially Sayians like yourself." Goku paled so did Gohan.

"Uh maybe I should tell you later it's kinda embarrassing, you didn't see what happened between me and Gohan, Trunks, and Videl- I think that's all." Vegeta growled in his throat.

"That bitch, if she was still alive I'd rip her to pieces."

"Uh maybe we should go back to Earth, everyone else is probably very confused."

Gohan nodded at his dad. "Yeah, good idea. All the people that were at the hospital will be clueless. Videl did kill everyone there."

"What!" Vegeta yelled, "I didn't see any bodies."

"I didn't see any either."

"When Videl was in my body she was blabbing about crap. She said stuff about the spell she used to be able to have her spirit separate from her body. It was rather interesting. The sick part was she wouldn't stop saying what she was planning to do with you." Gohan shuttered. "Not a pretty picture." He sighed heavily and forced a smile "Know what the sad part was? She was truly in love with you and she kept on saying that she was doing it or you. So you could be happy."

"But I am happy."

Gohan shrugged "That's not what I heard from her."

"She said the same thing to me I ignored her of course. I did that when she was alive."

"Everyone is back, we should head back to Earth" Dende smiled at the Sayians.

"Yeah." Goku turned to Vegeta, his big black eyes sparkling. He took Vegeta's hand in his. "Let's go home". They all disappeared in a flash of blue. They reappeared at Capsule Corp. The group was already there (Somehow). They greeted them with smiles.

"We're so glad you're alright!" they hugged and chatted about what happened. Vegeta and Goku reveled their relationship and the Son family decided to move into Capsule Corp so they would be together.

"Videl is really dead?" Krillian asked hoping that she would stay dead.

"Yep, dead as can be." Goku smiled.

"How'd she die?" Eighteen asked, Marron in her hands.

"Uh" Goku looked down ashamed.

Vegeta saw this and spoke for him "She bonded with him" he pointed to the bite mark on his neck "When he died she died."

"YOU DIED!" Yamcha yelled in surprise.

"Yeah, I got shot; at least I think so."

"If he died that should be healed." Piccolo narrowed his eyes at he two pure blooded Sayians.

"It never goes away there will always be a bond between them."

"WHAT!!!" Goku shouted standing up from the couch. "I'M NOT GOING TO BE BONDED TO THAT CRAZED MANIAC!"

"You don't have a choice until you are bonded to someone else."

"Well then Vegeta, come on."

Vegeta raised an eyebrow "Come on . . . what are you babbling about?"

"Bond with me, now!" Vegeta shifted uncomfortably.

"Right now isn't the best of time to do that."

"Why not?"

"Eh dad, he's right you should wait til everyone leaves." Gohan blushed.

"Oh okay."

((You didn't really think I was gone did you))

Goku's eye went wide; his eyes darted back and forth. Vegeta frowned. "What's wrong now?" He crossed his arms, trying not to show how worried he was.

"I can hear Videl she's talking to me."

"Dammit, the bond. Now I'm going to have to do it now. Kakkarot follow me." He grabbed Goku's wrist. Goku walked behind him in the direction of Vegeta's room. Everyone watched in amusement.

"Look at the time, sorry Bulma but we have to leave." Krillian smiled motioning for Eighteen to follow.

"Us too" Yamcha, Tien, Chaoitzu, and Piccolo master Roshi, Dende and the others left too saying bye.

"Goten, Gohan, Trunks . . . maybe we should go to your house to get everyone's things." They nodded and quickly left.

Vegeta rested Goku on the bed. "Uh Vegeta what are you-?"

"Shh, don't speak. This is going to hurt . . . probably a lot, but you'll like it in the long run." Goku looked confused but I quickly faded as Vegeta pulled him in for a kiss. Vegeta quickly pulled Goku's shirt off.

((Damn him. He's ruining everything))

"SHUT UP!" Goku yelled. Vegeta jerked back in surprise. "I'm sorry Geta. She won't shut up. We're gonna hafta hurry up before she drives me crazy." Vegeta held back a laugh, leaned forward, and licked across Goku's soft lips. Goku grabbed Vegeta's silky hair and pulled him close. Pressing his lips onto Vegeta's and sliding his tongue into Vegeta's mouth. Vegeta moaned peeling his black sweater off, then his under shirt, they had to end the kiss for him to do so. Goku groaned in protest not wanting to be away from his Prince. Vegeta undid the buttons to his pant, pulled down the zipper and pulled them off. Goku stared in wonder. What is he doing? It's not like we can actually do anything. Vegeta pushed Goku onto the bed, so he rested comfortably.

"Uh, Geta what are you trying to accomplish?" he raised his eyebrows as Vegeta took off the gray sash on his pants. Vegeta smiled at him, his dark eyes meeting Goku's. "Men can't mate."

"That's where you're wrong Kakkarot" he tugged down Goku's black pants, leaving him in red boxer. He laughed to himself. Goku was different from him in many ways. Vegeta choose neutral colors while Goku choose bright colors. "Men can mate and bond."

"How? I mean- I don't have the parts that girls have. I am a male."

"You'll see . . . " He straddled Goku's waist, kissing down his neck and across his firm chest. His tongue caught Goku's nipple. He heard a low moan from Goku as he bucked under him. Vegeta moved to the other until he felt he was finished. Goku watched Vegeta's every move; this feels kinda weird with Vegeta doing this. Goku's breathing quickened as Vegeta's tongue stopped at the band of his red boxers. His warm fingers pulled the side of them down Goku's muscular legs. Goku's toes wiggled in anticipation. He gasped as Vegeta smirked at him.

"You've been keeping a lot from me haven't you?"

Goku shrugged "Chichi said that-"

Vegeta discarded his own boxers; this silenced Goku. He was uneasy about the whole thing, but he loves Vegeta so discomfort is worth it. Vegeta went back to sitting on Goku's hips. He positioned himself to enter Goku. "Kakkarot."


"Are you sure you want to do this?"

Goku tilted his head. "I love you my Prince, anything for you." Vegeta nodded.

"Alright but you might not like it at first it will be rather painful. Do you still want to continue?"

"The pain will be worth it."

Vegeta brushed his hands through Goku's hair. "You are truly beautiful, inside and out." Goku blushed at his words.

"Thanks Geta, so are you." He leaned up and brushed his lips across Vegeta's velvety lips.

Vegeta and Goku were lost each other's gaze. Silence filled the air as Vegeta thrusted into Goku. Goku's eyes went wide as he screamed at the sudden pain. Vegeta pulled Goku into another kiss as he took himself almost all the way out of Goku and thrusted in again. Goku bit down on Vegeta's lip. Vegeta jerked away blood draining from his lips. Goku was scared and in pain. "Do you want to stop?" Vegeta asked him as tears welded up in Goku's eyes.

"No- keep going I'll live." Vegeta frowned. He continued pumping in and out of Goku slowly at first. Then he quickened his pace. Goku whimpered into his neck kissing it softly. His nails digging into the tan skin of Vegeta's back. The pain soon turned to pleasure. Vegeta whispered to Goku as he started to rise to his climax. Vegeta's warm breath calming him. Goku moaned into his neck, his body shook lightly as his eyes closed. A smile crept across Vegeta's face; he stared down at Goku as he felt his insides boil with pleasure. He sped up move. Goku cried out at the sudden pace but adjusted and found it was better than before, the pain had turned to a dull throbbing. He felt Vegeta's hands take hold of his manhood. He gasped as Vegeta began pumping that too. He shuddered as he reached his climax. He yelled Vegeta's name as he came onto their abs. He clamped around Vegeta. Vegeta kissed the tender skin on Goku's neck around the bite mark. Sharp teeth sank into Goku's neck. Vegeta felt pain flare in his neck as Goku bit down too. He bit down harder as he came into Goku. The Sayian under him did the same, sucking on the sweet blood of his Prince. Their bodies shuddered in pleasure as Vegeta removed his teeth from his mate's neck. Blood spilling from it. Goku released Vegeta's neck.

"Wow that was wow!" Goku panted as Vegeta pulled himself out of Goku. Goku grunted. "Is that what Videl was planning to do to me in Gohan's, Trunks and your body?"

"It's- possible, that bitch- never mind her Kakkarot. Now we are bonded and you shouldn't hear from her ever again."

Goku sighed as Vegeta rolled off him and laid on his side. Goku faced him. "I'll always love you Geta." He yawned, "Mmm I'm tired."

"You should get some sleep." He raked his hands through Goku's ebony hair. Goku sat up and grabbed his boxer and tossed Vegeta's his. They slipped them on. Vegeta pulled up the silk sheets. Goku snuggled close to Vegeta; putting his arm around his thin waist. Vegeta kissed Goku's lips as his eyes closed and he settled into a dream. Vegeta smiled at his lover. The man he loved.

Son Goku

He always amazed him. Vegeta's eyes slowly closed as sleep over took him.

Goku cracked his eyes open as he heard a soft voice calling his name. He sat up and got out of the bed wondering who was whispering his name. The voice sounded vaguely familiar. He grinned over to Vegeta. Darkness still filled the room. He padded across the plush carpet to where he suspected the door was. The air shifted behind him. He turned but a hand clamped over his mouth and nose. A strong smell filled his senses; the fabric over this mouth and nose was the source. His head spun as darkness hazed his vision. He struggled against the familiar hand. "My lovely Goku did you actually think I would stay gone?" the voice hissed in his ears. "I thought Vegeta was going to protect you? Looks like he's sleeping."

No this isn't real, it isn't real. It can't be; there is no way, she is dead.


He thrashed trying to escape her grasp but his body wouldn't listen to his commands.


"Wake up" it was Vegeta's deep voice. His eyes could barely see Vegeta still sleeping on the bed. Videl raised her hand and Flames enveloped Vegeta. Goku screamed into the fabric as the darkness consumed him.

Vegeta shook Goku as he was began whimpering and kicking. He held him down so he wouldn't hurt himself or decide to do a Kha-meh-ah-meh-ah wave. Goku's struggling got weaker. Sighing, Vegeta let go of him. "Kakkarot you need to wake up" He jumped back as Goku bolted up a scream erupting from his mouth. He punched at the air and looked around.

"Geta?" he whispered.

"Kak-Kakkarot, you scared the shit out of me." Vegeta felt his heart would explode with fear.

"I had the most horrible nightmare." He wiped the sweat from his forehead, shivering from the sudden chill in the air.

Vegeta neared Goku and kissed his shoulder. "Tell me about it." Goku told him what happened. "I think you're going to need a lot more therapy than I thought." He smirked at Goku.

THE END . . .

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