Chapter 11

Author's Note: Thank you so much guys for caring about this story and the characters. I own none of them but I do love them dearly. I figured that I would add some kind of epilogue to the story and this is my attempt at that, but I do have more ideas of where it could go so if you want the story to continue, please comment and let me know, and as always, feedback is welcome! Love you guys! I hope you enjoy!

General P.O.V.

It's been two years since everything that happened with the Serpent Brotherhood and Dulaque and the team still had a lot to deal with after they got home.

There was still a world to be saved after all, twice before Friday. Flynn and Eve never fully got over their loss, how Dulaque had stolen their first child from them before they had even been born.

They sometimes stayed up late talking about whether they had thought it would have been a boy or girl, names that they had loved, and healing.

They solemnly vowed that if they had another child that they would not let what happened to their child happen ever again.

Now, Eve was nearly nine months pregnant and she was nearing her due date and they did not know whether they were having a boy or girl, at Eve's insistence.

They had come up with names for a boy and a girl just in case, with Flynn coming up with names like Sigmund, which was taken off the table immediately, and Evelyn, which Eve felt was too close to her own name to work.

They had finally decided on names that they both felt were perfect. Meghan Audrina for a girl, and Benjamin Lucas for a boy.

Things were finally quiet enough for them to not be on edge about magic taking over the world while Eve was trying to give birth.

When it came time for her to actually give birth, Flynn reacted about as well as anyone could expect from him. He started running around trying to get everything together for what she would need for after, clothes for the baby, different stress relief tools for her and him, etc.

Eve was as composed as she could be during the birth, only crying out a few times, one of which being in relief when it was done and the cry of their newborn daughter pierced the air.

Flynn started to cry immediately along with the baby. Eve tried not to show her exhaustion, but failed. Flynn knew her too well for that.

He took the baby from the nurse and allowed Eve to hold her until she fell fast asleep and then Flynn took the baby out to meet everyone in the waiting room to give them the good news.

Everyone was overjoyed, but no one more so than Flynn himself. He had wanted a daughter with their first baby and now he had one, but they would never forget.

One day, Meghan Audrina Carsen would hear about what had happened to her sibling but not for a long time.

Both Flynn and Eve prayed that this child would never have to know the evils her parents faced for years before she was born. They would do whatever it took to protect their new little girl, fight harder than they ever had before if necessary. Every Librarian would.