066. July



Sara's favorite ice cream is vanilla bean swirled with thick, chewy ribbons of caramel stripes.

Mila learns this when they're edging into their late-teens, hanging around the boardwalk a mile out from the skaters arena by themselves.

Summer blisters Mila's skin with heat. "You're gonna be a ripe red tomato in an hour," Sara teases her, squealing aloud when Mila nudges the tip of her chocolate ice cream to her jaw.

"Crispino! Hey!" An unfamiliar boy with a gelled, shaved faux-hawk, maybe around nineteen, runs up to Sara. Mila doesn't appreciate the big, smirking leer on him. "Dude—what the heck happened to you?! You're a total babe now!"

"Hi… Danny," Sara mumbles, forcing the upward tilt of her lips and glancing helplessly to Mila who stares at this boy with increasing hatred.

"When I heard your name during the Ladies' Short Program, I thought it was someone else!" Danny belts out a awkward, cringe-inducing laugh that throws his head back. Mila glares harder. "I couldn't believe it, man! I thought the whole you turning into a girl rumor was just bullshit from—"

Mila's chocolate ice cream cone lands harshly into his face, smearing into his eyes and nostrils.

"Her name is Sara—you better start using it, asshole," Mila snaps, clenching her teeth.

She's about to punch him when Danny roars out in angry, swinging one arm, and he sputters, choking when Sara gleefully thrusts her own melting, cold ice cream into his opening mouth.

They run for it, dodging a kid on a skateboard and a pack of seagulls, holding each other's hand.

It's the best summer afternoon Mila remembers.



Yuri on Ice isn't mine. YOU ALL KNOW I HAD TO DO SOMETHING FOR MY BABIES. I MISS THEM. And my headcanon about Sara being a trans woman will continue to grace to the internet thank you very much I did my first one with Trans Woman Sara for "Beautiful In Knowing" so if you liked this one, please check out the first one! They're not connected but hey who doesn't love trans women! Hopefully everyone does! Comments/thoughts on this fic are deeply appreciated!