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A Life Worth Living

Chapter 1

Harry and Eva Potter, twin siblings, sat in their cage. Their parents, Lily and James Potter, were out at a Ministry Halloween party and had assigned their friend Peter Pettigrew to look over the twins. Little did they know that Peter Pettigrew was one of the Dark Lord Voldemort's followers and planned to let his lord have his ways with the children.

Lord Voldemort slowly entered the house and nodded to Pettigrew, who was looking at him with a mix of terror and respect. He strode up the stairs and sneered at the two twins in the cage. One, the girl, was asleep while the boy was awake.

"Well... guess I'll kill you first, you stupid brat," he sneered at the boy.

The boy stood over his sister defensively and didn't move at all. Voldemort let out a cold laugh and said, "You will die first on this night, yes, and then I will kill your sister." And with that he casted the killing curse, aimed at the boy.

However, something odd happened. The curse hit the boy on the forehead and... it killed Voldemort. The boy survived while Voldemort was banished from a mortal's existence. Little did anybody know, he was still alive. Not in the mortal's world, no, but still alive. He was living in a exsistence that we call the Horcrux existence.

The boy crumpled to the ground, unconcious, a lighting bolt scar bleeding on his forehead. He landed with his hair covering the scar so nobody could see it. When he fell, he woke up his sister, who, flailing her arms while crying and screaming, cut herself on her upper arm. When Voldemort had cast the curse at young Harry, part of the crib was destroyed and there were sharp edges and splinters galore.

When the Potters arrived back home with Dumbledore, knowing that their wards had been breached, they sprinted to the nursery. They found an unconcious Harry and a screaming Eva. They couldn't see Harry's scar, just Eva's nasty bleeding one.

Dumbledore took one quick look at the two before declaring Eva the 'Girl-Who-Lived.' Everybody forgot Harry. Everyone, of course, but Remus and Sirius. They lived like this for four years before anything happened.

It was Harry's, or more specifically, Eva's, birthday and Harry spent it hidden away in Potter Library. He didn't want to 'get in the way' of all of Eva's friends and admirers. Harry was a smart boy, always had been, with a large amount of talent. He spent most of his time in the library or his room, reading about all sorts of things. He could already do a decent amount of wandless magic and was already up to second year material.

Eva was almost the opposite of him. She always got a ton of birthday gifts, a fair amount of them books, which she never read. She threw out the books, claiming that she didn't need them, and Harry picked them up, put them in his special collection, and claimed them as his own.

Lily and James spoiled their daughter and it was as if they didn't know that Harry was even there. Yet they did, and they forced him to be 'invisible,' as they put it. Sometimes they forced him to do a lot of chores, even though they could have the house elves do them. (Also, I don't really think that they would actually be like this, but... for the plot it's necessary, so.)

Speaking of the house elves, they were Harry's only real friends, besides Remus and Sirius. They always made sure that Harry was well-cared for and fed. (I love every story where the house elves are really good to Harry.)

Harry glanced up from Occluemency: A Guide Through the Brain as the massive library doors cracked open, revealing Remus and Sirius. Harry quickly marked his spot before running towards them, grinning. Sirius scooped Harry up in his arms, laughing. Remus smiled and ruffled the boy's hair while Sirius held him.

"Well, pup, guess what? We have presents for you!" Sirius told him, grinning as Harry's face lit up.

Remus chuckled and pulled out two rectangular-shaped parcels. He handed them to Harry, who was back on the ground. Harry eagerly took them and unwrapped the first one. It was a book that he knew wasn't in Potter Library, after all, you wouldn't simply find Merlin's Magical Guide in a normal family library; it was a very rare book.

Harry squealed his thanks before turning to the second packages and unwrapping it to find... a large knapsack? He looked up at Remus and Sirius in confusion, who just smiled down at him sadly.

"Look, cub, we thought that if you wanted too, we could take you to live at our house. You wouldn't have to be in the background there, so we got you a knapsack to put all your belongings in. Or all the books you can fit in it, your choice. So what do you say?" Remus asked anxiously.

Harry's eyes widened. "Of course! I'll go pack now, thank you guys so much, you don't know how much this means to me!"

He ran all around the library, picking up a few of his favorite books there, before running to his room. Here he quickly put a small extension charm on the knapsack before throwing in all the clothes that he owned (not many), more books (all of 'his' own), and his few other personal items. Included in these items was a small pendant depicting a pheonix, one of Harry's favorite magical creatures.

He was just about to go back down to find Remus and Sirius when there was an extremely loud crack and a man in his mid-forties appeared before him. The man glanced at him, took his arm, and apparated away with him.

Remus and Sirius heard the crack and raced upstairs to find nothing in Harry's room but a circle of brown ash. They glanced at each other before slowly sliding to the floor, tears slowly running down their cheeks. Harry was gone.