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A Life Worth Living

Chapter 2

Harry Potter, age five, stood, frightened and shivering, with a strange man. The man led him into a room where seven other children stood, each one as frightened, if not more, as he. The man told him to wait there with the rest of them and he hesitantly stepped towards one with red hair.

The kid glanced at him, frightened, and Harry held his hand out. "Hi, I'm Harry Potter."

The kid glanced at him, as though assessing him, and shook his hand. "Ron Wealsey. Are you, per chance, related to Eva Potter?"

Harry sighed and nodded. Ron scrunched up his nose. "I hope you're not like her, she sucks. Worst attitude ever, if you ask me."

Harry sighed in relief. "I'm glad to meet someone else who doesn't like her. After she was pronounched 'Girl-Who-Lived,' my parents have neglected me insanely. So no, I'm nothing like her."

Ron smiled. "Good. I... uh, can you-"

He was cut off when a girl with bushy brown hair and buck teeth came forward, held out her hand, and said, "I'm Hermione Granger. Does anyone know where we are?"

Harry glanced at her, surprised, before saying, "No idea where we are. I'm Harry Potter and this is Ron Weasley. Nice to meet you. And before you ask, no, I'm nothing like my sister."

Hermione looked a bit confused at the last part but said, "Nice to meet you."

A deep voice was cleared and the kids, all five, turned to see a large man standing with his hands behind his back. "Welcome, children, to the Gryphem Order. My name is Cobalt Sthil. You were chosen from birth as the new recruits. The Gryphem Order is an acient order that protects excistence. We pick up new recruits at the age of five and train them for nine years. When they are fourteen they go on their first mission. Questions so far?"

A blond-haired boy raised his hand hesitantly. "Will our parents miss us?"

Harry almost snorted. Almost. Cobalt smiled and said, "Yes, they will, but you all were either abused or neglected or something close to it, so I don't think you have any reason to want them to miss you."

Everyone seemed satasfied with that, so Cobalt continued. "We will begin with the Ceremony of Induction tomorrow, where we will learn who holds what position. Until then you have free time to explore the house, eat, and go to sleep."

When Cobalt was finished, Harry wandered over to him and tapped him. He looked down and Harry awkwardly said, "Well, see, sir, I don't like being a Potter..."

Cobalt smiled at him and squated down. He reached out to ruffle his hair, in which Harry responded with a squeal of laughter, and said, "We'll see if we can do anything about it later, but right now we can't do much, huh?"

It was the next day and all of the new recruits were down in the manor's (that's where they had been taken to, Fawley Manor) great hall. They were in new pristine clothes and stood in a line, waiting for a certain woman named Riley to arrive.

The doors opened to reveal Riley, a tan-haired, tan-skinned woman of about thirty. She strode into the hall, holding what looked like a hand mold. It glowed with a faint aura and she smiled at Cobalt.

Riley placed the hand mold on the table and turned to the children. "This is, well, it's a hand mold, but it was made specifically to tell who would be the Alpha, Beta, Charlie, and Delta of the new recruits. This will tell us your position and we can speicalize your training and studies from there. Now, who wants to go first?"

A girl named Hannah Abbot timmidly stepped forward, hands visibly shaking. She gulped before putting her hand in the mold. After a few minutes, nothing happened, and Riley proclaimed, "You shall be an Omega, or team member. Don't worry. Can you please go stand over by Cobalt?"

She scurried to Cobalt and a boy named Ernie Macmillan was up. He was also an Omega. Neville Longbottom and Seamus Finnigan were the last two Omegas. That was when it started getting heated. A black-skinned boy named Blaise Zabini took a deep breath and pressed his hand into the mold. After a second, light green letters appeared in the air saying 'Delta' as well as a green form of a snake.

He looked down, almost as if dissapointed, and Riley smiled at him before telling him to stand by Cobalt. Next was Hermione, and as she pressed her hand into the mold, light blue letters appeared saying 'Charlie,' as well as a blue form of an otter.

She went to Cobalt, bouncing happily, and Ron took her place. He hesitated as he put his hand in the mold and everybody held their breath. After a breif second silver letters appeared saying 'Beta,' and a silver form of a Jack Russel Terrier.

Everyone's eyes turned to Harry and he approached the mold. Ron moved to the side with the others and Harry took a deep breath before putting his hand in. Gold letter appeared saying 'Alpha,' as well as a golden form of a pheonix. However, unlike the others, that was not the only thing that appeared. A golden form of wings also appeared, as well as a lion, snake, eagle, and badger.

Riley and Cobalt looked at him curiously and after a few moment of silence, Riley said, "You are not a mere human. Nay, you, sir, are a Lestran." (I took this Lestran idea from a fanfic called 'Sometimes, I Wonder.' Good fanfic, I reccomend you read it.)

Harry tilted his head. "What's a Lestran?"

The woman smiled at him. "A Lestran is an ancient magical creature that looks, more or less, like a human. They are incredibly rare and have wings."

Harry glanced at his back, confused. "Where are my wings?"

"You have to wish for them to appear. Then, to hide them, wish that they disappear."

Harry closed his eyes and wished for them to appear. He felt a painful stab before it ebbed away. He opened an eye and gasped as he saw wings protruding out from his back, ripping his shirt in two different places. (Just quick a/n: I'm listening to the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone soundtrack, try it if you're writing, and I'm practically dying in memories and, y'know, thinkin' of the good times.)

He opened his wings fully to the gasps of the others. The wings were strong and powerful, two times the size of him each. They were white with gold streaks scattered around. He glanced at Riley, who nodded at him eagerly, and flapped his wings. For the first time he was pretty good, but otherwise he was terrible. He touched down lopsided and almost fell five times.

He was practically bouncing and glanced at Cobalt happily. He smiled and Harry folded up his wings. He willed them to be hidden and soon they were gone. Harry glanced at Cobalt sheepishly, who was just shaking his head. Cobalt said, "Well, we're going to have to modify your clothes."

Riley left and Cobalt turned to all of them. "Alright, so, let's get started. You all get an animagus form of griffins. However, the Alpha, Beta, Charlie, and Delta get an extra animagus form in the form of the animal that appeared for them. So, for Blaise it will be a snake. Hermione, an otter, Ron a Jack Russel, and Harry a pheonix. Understood?"

Everybody nodded and Harry hesitantly raised his hand. "Um, what did the lion, snake, eagle, and badger mean?"

Cobalt studied him for a moment before replying, "Well, that means that you're literally the Prince of Hogwarts, the heir of all of the founders, and the rightful owner of the castle and, by all means, anything related to the caste. You also have the ability to transform into four more animals. A lion for Gryffindor, a snake for Slytherin, an eagle for Ravenclaw, and a badger for Hufflepuff."

Harry gazed at him, dumbfounded, while the others stared at Harry, wide-eyed. Cobalt paused before continuing, "We'll talk more about the others perks later, for now we need to keep an eye on the present. Training will start tomorrow, I expect you all down here first-thing-first. However, before you go do what you want, I must make squads. Harry, Blaise, Seamus, and Neville are Red Squad, while Ron, Hermione, Ernie, and Hannah make up Yellow Squad. Harry is First Commander in Red Squad while Blaise is Second. Ron is First Commander in Yellow Squad while Hermione is Second. If anyone has any problems with these arrangments, come to me. Alright, that's it, go."

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