WFROSE's first Non-Ranma fic in a long time!
Evangelion; Gendo's Masterplan
Gendo Ikari stared up through the reminants of Tokyo 3 with a manic, joyous grin. His plans had finally come to full fruitation; after all these years since loosing his beloved wife, it all had reached its culmination.

Fuyutsuki stared at the man he had served under, and thought he had come to know, but what was before him...

"You... you're insane," Fuyutsuki whispered in shock.

"Neglecting me, forcing us to fight the Angels, bringing upon us the Third Impact..." Shinji's voice cackled over the com, but his gulp was audible, "All for this? How could you, father?" Shinji's voice choked at the question, from the sense of ultimate betrayal, and morbid and twisted awe.

All the ranking nerve personel never dreamed of the full scale of Gendo's fiendishness and scheming cunning. He had outmaneuvered SEELE, pretending to play their game, just as he had his own on a totally different level. He had utilized trillions of dollars that were meant for the salvation of Earth for the Angels, helped create an organization with such clout and world presence, that held so much power it would be futility akin to suicide to challenge it. They all knew Gendo had his own agenda. Many speculated that he wished to rule the world, some assumed that it was for him to be reunited with his dead wife. Those that came up with the latter were close enough...

"You're a pig..." Ritsuko mumbled, as her eyes were held by the same thing that held everyone's incredulous stare. "You're a sick... twisted... loathesome, despicable, garbage wallowing swine."

As everyone watched the giant butt-nekked 14 year old Rei stomping around the remnants of the city.

"You know?" Kaji stated dryly, "A Realdoll only costs approximately $5,000..."

Gendo didn't bother to acknowledge him, as he allowed a dribble of saliva that had pooled in his mouth to run from the corner of his mouth and down his chin.

"Mine.... all mine..."